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  1. Twilight Man

    LSSC: Season Four Talk

    Why is "that guy" on ALL THREE late night talk shows at the same time??? Is he seriously thinking about doing yet another movie???? The second one was really stupid. Oh well. Hollywood rule of three. First one great; second one not so great; don't even talk about third one.
  2. Twilight Man

    Same Name, Different Song - er, ah, I mean, Movie

    Here's a real old movie that shares the same title with one of the sequels. Fast and Furious (1939) - Joel and Garda Sloane go on a vacation, and wind up having to solve a murder mystery. Fast and Furious (2009) - After a less than impressive third movie, "The Brotherhood" returns to reignite the franchise.
  3. Twilight Man

    S05.E13: All's Well That Ends Well

    The children with incurable diseases could not be "cured" of being zombies, so Liv and Major are now living on "Zombie Island" with them.
  4. Twilight Man

    Game: Same Title, Different Tune

    Gloria - The Lumineers Gloria - The Cadillacs Gloria - Enchantment Gloria - U2 Gloria - Mando Diao Here's some more............ Dreamer - SuperTramp Dreamer - Ozzy Dreamer - Dennis Wilson Dreamer - Europe Dreamer - Livin Joy Dreamer - Tune In Tokyo Dreamer - Axwell Λ Ingrosso Dreamer - Martin Garrix and speaking of dreams................. Daydream - Lovin' Spoonful Daydream - Avril Daydream - Miranda Cosgrove Daydream - John Denver Daydream - Journey Daydream - Smashing Pumpkins Day Dream - Lisa dal Bello Daydream - Robin Trower Daydream - Judy and Mary Daydream - J-Hope
  5. Twilight Man

    Game: Same Title, Different Tune

    Tragedy - Thomas Wayne & The DeLons Tragedy - Paul McCartney (and Wings) Tragedy - The Brothers Gibb (Shouldn't it be the Bees Gee????) Tragedy - Hanoi Rocks Sailing - Rod Stewart Sailing - Christopher Cross (He's singing with N'Sync, whom covered it much later.)
  6. Twilight Man

    Same Name, Different Song - er, ah, I mean, Movie

    My Blue Heaven (1950) - Betty Grable and Dan Dailey have decided to try adoption. Their third movie together. My Blue Heaven (1990) - Steve Martin is a former mobster recently inducted into the Witness Protection Program. He is under the watchful eye of Rick Moranis.
  7. Twilight Man

    The Twilight Zone

    Still disappointed that SyFy doesn't show the marathon anymore. My package does not include Decades.
  8. Twilight Man

    Toonami: Anime for Insomniacs

    Doug Walker (The Nostalgia Critic) reviews the classic Toonami lineup, including that one show about the hamster.
  9. Remember when Netflix was seen as the "backup" or last resort when cable TV passed??? Now, cable channels are picking up canceled Netflix shows.
  10. Twilight Man

    Celebrity Family Feud

    Oops, sorry, I didn't bother with a big "preview" spoiler this year, folks. OK, and we're back. Right now, it's Tiegen and Legend vs. Team Vanderpump. Lots and lots of celebrity families are waiting in the wings. Who are you most excited to see this year???
  11. Finally some news that will make Donald Trump truly smile.......... This summer, Comedy Central will roast Alec Baldwin. In addition to making fun of each other, the "roasters" will then spend just as much time making fun of Billy and Daniel before finally making one or two jokes about him.
  12. Twilight Man

    Jaws (1975): 40 anniversary special release! (2 days only)

    I keep telling people "That production company is called that because of a quote from JAWS." They keep doubting me; maybe because they are now using a logo that pays homage to "The Usual Suspects"; a while back they actually did have a logo that "showed" that scene.
  13. Twilight Man

    Jem and the Holograms (2015)

    So, this almost happened............. Could you imagine a movie where "The Rock" teams up with a CGI robot and this sad excuse for a JEM incarnation???? With the success of the MCU, and DC planning their DCEU, plus talk of the Godzilla universe as well. Jon Chu (the director of this crap movie) had visions of............. a HASBRO live-action movie universe!!!!!!! In case you still haven't heard, there are subtle "easter eggs" throughout the various HASBRO cartoons from the 80's that many fans are using to claim that The Transformers, GI Joe, and JEM actually live in the same reality. Apparently, a news reporter named Hector Ramirez can be seen in episodes of GI Joe, Transformers and JEM. Meanwhile, in the comic book front, there was a "weird" story in which SYNERGY was an alien artificial intelligence that needed Jerrica's help to compose the "Music of the Spheres", while they both would aid GI Joe, The Transformers, M.A.S.K., Action Man, and even Stretch Armstrong(!??!!???) So, yeah, the idea of JEM and the Holograms working with GI Joe and the Transformers is not so ridiculous as you might think. We can now only imagine a reality with a JEM movie done right, where a team-up movie would occur afterward, where SYNERGY would help the Autobots and GI Joe.
  14. I remember back in the 80's, I constantly saw dozens of young teens and even some children singing the infamous song about masturbation, "Relax (Don't Do It)" by Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Weird Al even put a "snip" of that song (including the lyric) in one of his polka medleys. I kept thinking to myself back then "You people are aware that he is NOT saying "C-O-M-E, right???"
  15. Twilight Man

    The Weird Al Yankovic Topic

    It appears as though Weird Al will be a panelist for at least one episode of "To Tell The Truth". (I think that's him at the 13 second mark when they show the four panelists). Maybe he will be on some of the other shows as well. Previous summers have had some celebrities "jump" from one show to the other and appear on several. ABC (as usual) is very sparse with details.