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  1. They had him in one episode of "Gotham" back in the second season. Remember that scene in "Dark Knight" where "Tiny" Lister takes the remote from the officer and tosses it out the window??? "Tiny" Lister was actually portraying Amygdala. You can see "the scar" on the side of his forehead. He has a very sparse history in the comics. Not much to say, he's a big huge guy who beats heroes up. Doctors were able to treat him "for a time" and he moved to Bludhaven and coincidently became a boarder at the same building that Dick Grayson lived at. That was several years ago, before the reboot. He hasn't been used much post reboot. They even have an action figure of him. It's very hard to find and purchase.
  2. and isn't it just like a pastor to say that the one thing that proves that your stupid rule is a bunch of hooey is naturally forbidden as well.
  3. Not very much chatter about the second season. Morgan Freeman, Tara Lipinski, Axl Rose, The Flash loses the coin toss between him and Superman (You lost, Barry. Besides, I had to appear on the stupid Brady Bunch cartoon) and Sandy Duncan still looks the same (sic) after forty years.
  4. and, of course, "Family Guy" makes a joke at the end of the episode pointing out how their crass humor is now part of the Disney Corporation............. you know, several months after Bart Simpson mooned everyone dressed as Mickey Mouse. Stan Smith: Classic Family Guy.
  5. Mike has a bit of hosting pedigree. He was the host in the later seasons of the competitive reality show "Beauty and the Geek" (remember that gem, folks??). He also hosted a season of GSN's "Pyramid". But, as stated, he is obviously more known as an exec behind the scenes at "Jeopardy".
  6. I also remember wayyyyyy back (when most of us were on TWOP) that Criminal Minds had Gideon creating a bunch of rules as well (which led to us making up a bunch of silly rules ( Rule #47 - Reid should not tell knock knock jokes ) ). I miss that. I think earlier this season they had a member from another agency actually say to Sam and Callen that they were going to "have a word" with their supervisor, to which Callen did reply (paraphrasing) "If you find her, tell "US" where she is."
  7. Do I need to show you "THIS" picture again???? Seriously, looking at that picture, you would guess that the OTHER guy is the celebrity, and the OTHER guy is the druglord.
  8. Both Sting and former Genesis bandmate Peter Gabriel are singing in the background of Phil Collin's "Take Me Home" You ever wonder which Beach Boy sang the main refrain of "Barbara Ann"???? None of them. Dean Torrence (from the group Jan and Dean, whom Brian Wilson wrote "Dead Man's Curve") sang lead in the recording studio alongside the Wilson brothers. and Slash (from Guns & Roses) performs guitar on "Black and White". Being the daughters of SoCal rock royalty has some privileges; for example, Joe Walsh of The Eagles played the guitar riff on Wilson Phillips "Hold On" This is fun.
  9. I couldn't disagree more, but we all have our opinions. THIS Zsasz was finally the comic book Zsasz that I have been waiting to see, not the generic "#2" henchman to Cobblepot, nor the very unremarkable killer in BOP. (I sometimes need to be reminded that was him in that movie).
  10. Am I the only one that is upset that Gibbs (and us) never got to see the tree "shaped like Dolly Parton". It probably was a tree that had two branches at the same "level" that --- because they were protruding out toward the road ----- had to be cut back until they were just two stubs that slightly stuck out so that they kinda looked like --- well, you get the idea. "What are you talking about, Casey??? A tree that looks like Dolly Par--- oh, never mind, I see it now."
  11. You guys do know that "Booky" is original recipe T.C., right?? (Yes, I know. He was in an episode last year as well, which some of you acknowledged). It just makes me wish more for Tom Selleck to make a special guest appearance one day.
  12. The photos of the Simpson family members sitting on the couch alone during the end credits had several objects lying around each family member: Marge --- three eyed fish, police officer cap, portrait of Ringo Homer ---- Grammy, bowling pin, model of "The Homer". Bart ----- black facemask, red ball cap, Krusty doll Lisa ------ saxophone, tie-dye T-shirt, hockey helmet, statue of Buddha
  13. Last year, they gave us an entire collection of holiday episodes; apparently, we are now doing a collection of team-up episodes. Cartoon Feud "Like, wow, Scoob. Why does Robin not sound like me anymore??" Ghost With The Most "Hey, Teen Twerps!! It's SHOWTIME!!!!" Huggbees "Much like Tiny Toons and Animaniacs, I, the wackiest superhero ever, have returned. Wait, this is just for one episode??? Nut Bunnies!!!" Superhero Feud "Soooo .... Cartoon Network wouldn't allow you guys on "Justice League" fifteen years ago because of so-called "continuality errors"; yet, despite you guys showing Wonder Woman as a full-grown adult, and us showing you guys as little toddler tweens, Cartoon Network thinks THIS team-up is perfectly OK???????"
  14. "There is no such thing as a female Ninja Turtle!!!" (POOF!!!!) "Hello, Sheldon. I am you, from the future." "Oh, hello, Sheldon." "Hello, Sheldon. I have brought you some news from the future regarding a "female Ninja Turtle" that you will probably find most distressful. You may want to sit down." "Oh, OK. I'm just glad that Star Wars is probably still awesome." "Oh, Sheldon. You DEFINATELY NEED to sit down now."
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