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  1. "cheesy factor of the extras"???????? I'm sure most of you have probably heard by now. "There are no small roles ----- only small actors." Burt's buddy in "Deliverance", "Rudy" 's dad, his excellent performance in "Network", over 100 performances ---- but he'll always be Otis as far as I'm concerned. More of an annoyance than an actual threat His tuba music "inspired" Bulk and Skull's theme over in "Power Rangers". Rest in peace, Ned Beatty.
  2. Well Titans, it's time for another multi-part adventure, this time with the DC SuperHero Girls. Greetings, Titans!!! Control Freak!!! What are you doing here?? You're not even in this adventure! I know. It's just that the guy who is writing this wants me to point out how stupid this adventure is. Well, both are you are wrong!!! This is the greatest adventure team-up ever!!! First off, all the heros pick our bedrooms, and we give Bumblebee the crappy one. Huh, that sounds familiar. Um, yes, well, next, we go on a madcap adventure when Jessica loses her po
  3. You're Getting Your Own Documentary, Charlie Brown!!!! Actually, it's mostly a documentary about Charles Schultz, but you knew that. Featuring all-new cartoon footage as Charlie Brown (and company) are asked to write a report on who they are, to which, someone, no doubt, will ask "Who Are You, Charlie Brown??" Only on Apple TV+.
  4. I knew it!!!!! Gibbs is secretly Jason Bourne this whole time!!!!!! 😄😄😄😄😄😄 See you all next fall.
  5. They also could have given Sabrina more to do. She has a live-action show to make fun of as well, you know.
  6. The majority of the special is Season 2 (much like Power Rangers, I see the "spin-off" of the Pussycats cartoon as just being another season) of the Pussycats cartoon combined with the movie "Alien". Rachel Leigh Cook actually voicing Josie (which I'm sure many of you have heard by now) was a nice touch. "Why is there coconut smoothie everywhere?"
  7. Bruce Timm is finally bringing back our hero; however, it's a reboot. His (costume) ears are definitely longer, and as yet no word on whether Conroy will be doing his voice.
  8. As I told anyone who is viewing the "Spitting Image" thread, they had an American version back in the late 80s, created by the Kroft brothers called "DC Follies". They had puppets interspersed with real people (all comediennes). It's a little late (mostly) to be making Trump jokes, but I hope this show starts to focus on Hollywood celebrities, especially the Kar-trash-ians.
  9. OK, let me be the first to say it -------- These three contestants don't know diddley.
  10. So, DC Comics invented Arthur Brown aka The Cluemaster when they decided to have Riddler briefly retire........ (Seriously...... he bought a warehouse, and opened up a museum dedicated to the oversized props that the Gotham criminals would use "back in the day"). "Over to your left is the giant coffee pot and cup that Catwoman used one time, and over here is the giant sno-cone machine that Mr. Freeze used on the Caped Crusader. Now, come with me and I'll show you my collection of hats that belonged to Mad Hatter." Cluemaster ultimately gave up on leaving c
  11. Since "Sheldon" couldn't possibly exist with another person who is just as intelligent as him, One of them would probably point out that since the moment of "duplication", both "Sheldon"s would technically be leading separate lives; therefore, one of us would arguably be just slightly smarter than the other, then the two of them would be arguing over which one is the smarter one. "I own the subscription to Science Weekly magazine." "I read that magazine too." "Yes, but I was the first to read it. That's makes me slightly smarter." "How does that make y
  12. Never mind "only a cameo". Melissa is going to portray Abby Stone. It's questionable if the show will wind up on network TV itself, but Peacock will no doubt have it as part of its streaming service. All of these streaming services are hungry for more content.
  13. In the late 70s and early 80s, they gave us a teenage Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm, which eventually led to "I Yabba Dabba Doo". Just pointing that out for the people "complaining" about "ruining" a franchise that has seen everything from aforementioned teenagers, little kid versions of Fred and Barney, and even Fred and Barney meeting the WWE wrestlers. Ahem.............. Bedrock will catch up with the Flintstones two decades after the classic cartoon was set, with Fred on the brink of retirement and twentysomething Pebbles embarking on her own career. “As the Sto
  14. All I can say is............. When they show clips from past Oscar shows in the future, after they show the streaker, and Sally Field screaming "You Like Me!!!", then they are going to show you-know-who howling like a wolf. Congrats!! You just earned Oscar immortality.
  15. It's a good thing she left before she got to the part about Lot and the city he lived in. (I'm not 100% certain but something on the lines of..........) The neighbors asked Lot to bring his two (angel) friends outside so that they can have sex with them. (Well, it's called sodomy for a reason). Mary would have had a conniption fit if Missy started reciting that.
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