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  1. Slappy: Let me get this straight, Skippy. You're reviewing someone who's reviewing someone who's reviewing a movie. Skippy: Yeeessss. Slappy: That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
  2. My two cents regarding this.............. First off, yes, I know, this is a "dumb" (by which I mean, a figurative term to describe the "slacker" comedies (like the "Wayne's World" movies as well) which later also became the "stoner" comedies (everything from Seth Rogan movies to "Dude, WMC??" to Lebowski), in which the comedy in said movie is so "stupid" and "simple" that you can't help but laugh) comedy and you just should not over-analyze.......... having said that............ It would have been an "interesting" idea if Bill and Ted did NOT become famous during their lifetime ------ Some individuals did not achieve "greatness" during their lifetime, only to be appreciated years, if not decades, later. Scott Joplin and his "ragtime" music was not appreciated until decades after his death (look up Robert Redford's "The Sting") F. Scott Fitzgerald actually died penniless, believing that his "Great American Novel" was over-rated and worthless. It would have been REALLY FUNNY if the "song that united the world" in the future.............. was actually the song that they played at the wedding.
  3. Hi, I'm Jack Reacher. Before you say anything, let me tell you EXACTLY what will be happening. First off, in a couple of months, Amazon will be making a TV series about me starring that guy from the Titans. It will be based off of that one novel about me called "The Killing Floor". Then, some time later, Amazon will no doubt make a second season, based off of yet another novel. Your phone is about to ring. It's your friend, who also wants to tell you this news. You better pick it up.
  4. For what it's worth (seeing as though The Beatles and Springsteen are both mentioned above), I personally DON'T LIKE artists namedropping their previous songs. IMO, it seriously just screams desperation. "Hey, remember this great song. Don't you wish I was playing that instead of this one???" Here are two examples that definitely "fit the bill": (M.C.) Hammer has a song called "Burn It Up", in which he is constantly saying '"GET IT STARTED was part one / part two is Burn It Up" and then he goes on what I describe as a "tirade" at the end, mentioning seven of his songs, including "Get It Started", "Pray", "Here Comes The Hammer", "Turn This Mutha Out", and, of course, "U Can't Touch This". The Beach Boys (from "Summer in Paradise", that "Mike Love album" that everyone hates) have two songs where Love just tells everyone about all of their previous songs ----- "Summer of Love" has Mike singing about "Excitations" and references "Surfing U.S.A.". The "title" song, "Summer In Paradise", has Love referencing "Fun, Fun, Fun", "........ Rhonda", and "Barbara Ann".
  5. But most of all, the reveal was complimented by the return of "YOU GOT ROGU'D!!!!!" Can't wait for Hayley to get Rogu'd someday. And, sure enough, when Steve did not deal with the overflowing toilet at the beginning, I knew that the B-plot was going to end with a callback to the toilet (although I was expecting the toilet (complete with a huge cascade of water) to come crashing through the ceiling). Expect Roger as a duck to be in the passenger seat of the car next year. I am wondering what Roger was saying to the other ducks. "Gotta go. Carry on without me." ???????????
  6. Nope, nope, nope, and nope. They are selfish. This is one of those "No rewatch" films. Just watch it one time only; otherwise, you can see the flaws. These young adults decide that just because a small group of people were "mean" to them, that everybody on the planet are a bunch of jerks, including the innocent kids in Japan, and everyone has to die now. I saw the film in theaters, and I thought that they were going to sacrifice themselves just to show the one surviving person what a bunch of jerks that organization was (and then have the zombie kill her!!!), but no, the movie picked the selfish jerk ending, and I left the theater dissapointed. I have seen this film a few times since, and the ending just infuriates me more.
  7. If you grew up during the 80s, then you remember the Ruby-Spears logo. Joe Ruby, the co-creator of Scooby-Doo, and the writer of several of the episodes (of several incarnations) has passed away at the age of 87. In addition to Scooby Doo, Ruby-Spears Productions is also responsible for: Dynomutt, Fangface, the Plastic Man cartoon, Mighty Man and Yukk, Thundarr the Barbarian, Goldie Gold and Action Jack, that cartoon about a Rubik's Cube (???), the Mr. T cartoon, the 80s Alvin and the Chipmunks cartoon, remember all those cartoons about 80s video games (Kangaroo, Frogger, Pitfall, Donkey Kong, Dragon's Lair and Space Ace) The Sectaurs, the Punky Brewster cartoon, the Centurions, the Rambo cartoon, that cartoon about Chuck Norris, the Police Academy cartoon, and that really weird cartoon about actual cows being cowboys (?????????) Thank you, Mr. Ruby, for creating my childhood.
  8. We've been quietly ignoring the big elephant in the room, instead focusing on other things like the cameo appearances in The ArrowVerse's "Crisis on Infinite Earths", but now, that elephant is about to make some noise, and there ain't nothing we can do about it.
  9. Both of the shows are already part of the Disney Channel Live Action Universe (yes, that is what they call it), but now, this Friday night, the "six degrees of separation" become none as Raven and her family get lost on a road trip and wind up at Camp Kikiwaka. Raven About Bunk'd (Boy, these "cute" crossover titles just get sillier and sillier each year) premieres this Friday, July 24th. As for the previous degrees of separation that I mentioned, let's see......... "Bunk'd" previously (in the first few seasons) had the Ross children as its stars, who, of course, were the co-stars on the show "Jessie". On one episode of Jessie, Jessie met Mr. Moseby, from the "Zach & Cody" shows. (In case you don't get the joke (from the clip), Jessie is portrayed by Debbi Ryan, who portrayed Bailey from the aforementioned Zach & Cody show) and finally, the cast of the "Zach & Cody" show met Raven during the first big crossover event. (But........... where does Kevin Bacon fit into all of this????)
  10. and we get to see "Super Well-Endowed" Frank Castle.
  11. Vacation - Connie Francis (V-A-C-A-t-i-o-n) Vacation - The Go Go's Vacation - Young Jezzy Vacation - Dirty Heads Vacation - Alphabeat Don't Let Me Down - George, Paul, John, and Ringo Don't Let Me Down - The Chainsmokers Don't Let Me Down - Angela Lansbury (Bedknobs and Broomsticks) Don't Let Me Down - Eskimo Joe Don't Let Me Down - The Farm Don't Let Me Down - Leona Lewis Don't Let Me Down - Will Young Don't Let Me Down - Idina Menzel Don't Let Me Down - Michael McDonald Don't Let Me Down - No Doubt Don't Let Me Down - Twisted Sister
  12. Another reason why I like this show is the family friendly quality. I've stopped watching Steve Harvey at least a few years ago. (I love how some of the people who have not watched Family Feud for years are watching the primetime Celebrity version (another of which will soon start) and are "shocked" by some of the "questions".) I know that many people will point to other game shows (like Gene Rayburn's "Match Game") and will say that Family Feud is not hardly the only one, but I prefer to sit and watch game shows with my family (especially my children) and not have to constantly be uncomfortable. Goodbye forever, Steve Harvey. I'll just stick to this show, thank you.
  13. And they show a commercial featuring those two right after Anthony walks away.
  14. For what it's worth, Ike's dad said "dot-dot-dot, dash-dash-dash, dot-dot-dot, dash-dash-dash.", which is technically neither answer (he was saying S-O-S-O), but I do believe that Ike's dad WAS "trying" to say that the answer was "B". It's a good thing that Ike then took the 50-50, which eliminated option "A".
  15. During the comic book story-line "Cataclysm", (in which an earthquake rocked Gotham and its immediate after effects) when the earthquake starts to shake Gotham and all of the skyscrapers, including the Wayne Foundation, the co-workers inside the Wayne Foundation start to panic. Lucius calmly walks to the windows and tells everyone loudly not to panic. HE MADE SURE that, despite being on the East Coast (I mentioned in a previous ep thread that it's in JERSEY), all of the modern buildings owned by Bruce Wayne were constructed to withstand earthquakes. (And I thought Batman was "crazy prepared")
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