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  1. I was wondering why Ellen was there. So...... the one year that Weird Al does NOT have a new album "dropping", that's the year that Grammy actually decides to SHOW the Comedy category. Anyway, congrats, Dave; you the funniest out of all of the people this year.
  2. Hello, my name is Ethan Phillips and once again, I'm stuck on a spaceship floating around endlessly for several years. Somebody please kill me now. This time, that guy from "House" is pretending to be in charge of the ship, and I do mean that. It turns out, he really IS an actor who was hired by the "real" captain (who is dead now) because the real captain did not like "socializing with people". The ship got knocked off course, and now we're on a long way course to nowhere. If you get this message, please do me a favor. Don't forget to feed my pet tribble.
  3. Cherry Pie - Warrant Cherry Pie - Sade Cherry Pie - Marvin & Johnny Cherry Pie - J Lo
  4. Give It Up - Alice Cooper Give It Up - Hothouse Flowers Give It Up - The Good Men Give It Up - Wilson Phillips Give It Up - Michael and his brothers Give It Up - Ariana Grande Give It Up - AC / DC Give It Up - Badfinger Give It Up - Boney M Give It Up - Steve Miller Give It Up - Talk Talk Give It Up - ZZ Top
  5. and non-Christmas edition Joy to The World - traditional Xmas song covered by many Joy to The World - Three Dog Night
  6. Also from the TVLine article: My "Philosophy" on the "doppelgangers" is this: Who says that they were all destroyed or merged??? It has already been confirmed that there are still multiple Supermen, a couple of Flash(s), and The Legends met Stargirl on Earth-Prime back in the 40s, so there is (well, was) more than one of her. All of the doppelgangers (All the Harrys, all the Laurels, all the...........) could have been (possibly) "recreated". No one is saying that they are all gone. Some of them could still exist. We will just have to watch and wait. (And I am not just saying that because out of all of the Wells, they keep this jerk.)
  7. Legion of Doom?????? (Not that crappy-proto "Legion of Doom" with just the triumvirate of Zoom, Larry and Curly, but a full-blown Legion with Lex, Tobias, Zoom, Savage, Deathstroke, etc.........) or maybe......... DARKSEID COMETH????
  8. Lex was a Paragon like the others, so it is still the same Lex only now he's being told (like the others) that everything is different. Lex is definitely the master of karma Houdini. "I'm in charge of WHAT and I'm about to receive WHAT now????" Speaking of the Paragons, only they were unaffected by the worlds merging, so ................... I hate to ruin a tearjerker moment, but BL saying that he never met Oliver should not have been true. I'm sure that he must have worked with GA at least at some point during this "We were here all along" merged Earth. Much like Old Man Steve Rogers, I hate to ruin a tearjerker moment, but that technically makes no sense. Well, the COIE comic did merge all of the alternate realities together, only to have the DC writers almost immediately start creating new ones. "So, let's take Blue Beetle, Captain Atom, and The Question who we just acquired and merged into the mainstream comic world, and, despite the fact that we just merged everything into one world so we would no longer have this problem, let's create an alternate reality where NOT Blue Beetle, NOT Captain Atom, and NOT The Question are completely dysfunctional, ............... oh, and Richard Nixon has been the President for, like, forever." "Clark, will you come home already??? The kids want you." "My kids???? ................ is definitely something I should not be questioning because I too was not a Parag........" OK, SERIOUSLY, STOP WITH THE NITPICKING!!!!!
  9. You apparently have not seen "all" of the commercials for that Portal device yet. The Muppets have been "shilling" stuff for quite some time. Remember Jessica Simpson and the Pizza Hut commercials???? How about this classic "Don't leave home without it" AM EX commercial with Jim Henson himself??? Of course, Jim was having "proto"- Kermit shill coffee way back during the days of black and white TV.
  10. Thirty years ago, when Keaton Batman was dominating the box office, Disney decided to create a superhero to compete with the Caped Crusader. He did not. Now, thirty years later, Disney is buying superheroes, but amazingly, Disney is also bringing back and imagining this dud of a hero........... with a cute kid twist. Seven-year-old Kit Secord learns she is secretly next in line to become The Rocketeer, a rocket pack-wearing superhero who can fly. Armed with her cool new gear and secret identity, Kit takes to the skies to protect her town of Hughesville (remember, in the film, Cliff met Howard........... yeah, you remember) and its residents from danger. Assisting her on her heroic adventures are her best friend Tesh, bulldog sidekick Butch, and airplane mechanic grandfather Ambrose Secord. Long live the Rocketeer!!!!
  11. Boy, you are really going to hate the "Crisis" crossover. Maybe DC Comics and the CW will come out with a special DVD that only has all six episodes of this mega-crossover. Meanwhile, have you ever watched the original recipe Magnum crossover where he meets Jessica Fletcher???? (Yes, this actually happened. They were both on the same night on the same network, so, just like Hilton Lucas, Doug Heffermann, Raymond Barone, and John Becker all meeting each other (yes, that too happened, for the same reason), the network execs said "Hey, why not??") In the original back-to-back primetime adventure, Magnum gets arrested for murder (????) and Jessica has to solve the case during her hour, but in the syndicated version of Magnum (as Pushing Up Roses explained), Magnum catches the bad guy and then wakes up from dreaming the whole thing holding a Fletcher book in his hands, so as not to have a unresolved cliffhanger when you watch it in syndication. (or on the DVDs) Interesting way to work around that.
  12. How many times can "The King" remake this????? I have all three versions (and don't forget the sequel). Now, FX is making a limited series. OK, Stephen, we get it; you like this story. Bring on the blood bath.
  13. Apparently, it will be for adults. Think of it as a more goofy version of "Survivor". It will be filmed in an actual outdoor jungle setting. I wonder if they will be able to find and get former actual contestants who (of course) are now adults.
  14. Correct!!! Your turn. Let's keep this thread moving again.
  15. Gene Rayburn hosts a 30 minute game show at the local Renaissance Faire for a chance at the Iron Throne. Charles Nelson Reilly co-stars as the foppish court jester with a little secret of his own...
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