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  1. and we get to see "Super Well-Endowed" Frank Castle.
  2. Vacation - Connie Francis (V-A-C-A-t-i-o-n) Vacation - The Go Go's Vacation - Young Jezzy Vacation - Dirty Heads Vacation - Alphabeat Don't Let Me Down - George, Paul, John, and Ringo Don't Let Me Down - The Chainsmokers Don't Let Me Down - Angela Lansbury (Bedknobs and Broomsticks) Don't Let Me Down - Eskimo Joe Don't Let Me Down - The Farm Don't Let Me Down - Leona Lewis Don't Let Me Down - Will Young Don't Let Me Down - Idina Menzel Don't Let Me Down - Michael McDonald Don't Let Me Down - No Doubt Don't Let Me Down - Twisted Sister
  3. Another reason why I like this show is the family friendly quality. I've stopped watching Steve Harvey at least a few years ago. (I love how some of the people who have not watched Family Feud for years are watching the primetime Celebrity version (another of which will soon start) and are "shocked" by some of the "questions".) I know that many people will point to other game shows (like Gene Rayburn's "Match Game") and will say that Family Feud is not hardly the only one, but I prefer to sit and watch game shows with my family (especially my children) and not have to constantly be uncomfortable. Goodbye forever, Steve Harvey. I'll just stick to this show, thank you.
  4. And they show a commercial featuring those two right after Anthony walks away.
  5. For what it's worth, Ike's dad said "dot-dot-dot, dash-dash-dash, dot-dot-dot, dash-dash-dash.", which is technically neither answer (he was saying S-O-S-O), but I do believe that Ike's dad WAS "trying" to say that the answer was "B". It's a good thing that Ike then took the 50-50, which eliminated option "A".
  6. During the comic book story-line "Cataclysm", (in which an earthquake rocked Gotham and its immediate after effects) when the earthquake starts to shake Gotham and all of the skyscrapers, including the Wayne Foundation, the co-workers inside the Wayne Foundation start to panic. Lucius calmly walks to the windows and tells everyone loudly not to panic. HE MADE SURE that, despite being on the East Coast (I mentioned in a previous ep thread that it's in JERSEY), all of the modern buildings owned by Bruce Wayne were constructed to withstand earthquakes. (And I thought Batman was "crazy prepared")
  7. Jungle Love - Steve Miller Jungle Love - Prince (and The Time) Jungle Love - Krizz Kaliko
  8. Of course you mention that right after Eddie Vedder performs...
  9. Even the team was pointing out that Red sells guns to "foreign armies", so it's OK if he does it. Yeah, we've seen some of the rag-tag militias that he sells guns to. You honestly don't believe that at least one person in these militias hasn't used his weapon to bully a innocent woman and then abused and raped her. Take a look in the mirror before you go throwing stones out of your glass house, Red (or something like that).
  10. Fresh prints Not since Watson and Mr. Holmes Have two minds (two minds) So fine (So fine) Looked under every stone I bet some of you didn't know that (just like Ducktales (nice moves, Queen Bey)) Chip and Dale has a second verse (and is actual much longer). It would be like if you never saw the Ghostbuster movie or were alive back then, and you just saw the cartoon and someone pointed out that their song was longer too.
  11. So, the original "Double-O Duck" episode of "DuckTales was supposed to be the "Back Door Pilot" episode of Lauchpad's spin-off. Lauchpad was to rejoin the agency and was to "help" a real suave secret agent overcome evil forces. The idea of an "ace" hero saddled with a bumbling sidekick is nothing new. (Blue Falcon and Dynomutt, Mighty Man and Yukk, Space Ace and Astro's Space Mutts just to name a few) However, with the "less than stellar" response to Timothy Dalton James Bond and the incredible success of Michael Keaton Batman, it was decided to turn the main hero from a Bond expy into a Batman expy and the episodes that were written involving the spy stuff were "tweaked" and DW was now assisting a secret spy agency as a freelance employee. I was waiting for the joke in which after they show Gadget in the video, they then show Chip and Monterrey helping her, and then they show Dale, who is making faces at the camera, at which the woman then replies, "We decided to experiment with him and only subjected him to the ray half as long." DC Comics has had a similar problem with Donna Troy. The 2002 Teen Titan cartoon only showed an extreme close-up of her face on a monitor and even "The Judas Contract" animated movie could not mention her name at the end.
  12. Timothy Brown, who played "Spearchucker" on the TV series (and he played Cpl. Judson in the movie ) passed away at the age of 82. I do realize that the show had a limited budget and could not afford a multitude of characters, but I still wish that the show would have kept some more of the characters from the first season.
  13. Thomas Miller, executive producer of "Full House" and many of the other TGIF shows (remember, at the end of "Perfect Strangers" and "Step by Step", someone would say "A Miller / Boyett production") has passed away at the age of 79. I wonder if he saw "Full Quarantine" before he passed away. Thank you, Mr. Miller, for making us all laugh back in the 90s. RIP
  14. Gene, of course, was voiced by Jaleel "Urkel" White. Quack Pack, of course, was also the name of that 90s cartoon that everyone wishes never existed.
  15. Not exactly an ending that I hate (Game of Thrones, RoseAnne, HIMYM) not exactly an ending that I loved (Friends, Six Feet Under, M*A*S*H) Let's just call it an ending. Care to add your own I liked it better than ___________ but disliked it more than _____________.
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