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  1. I remember this toy back in the 80s. (No, it's not Teddy Ruxpin, although I hear he's back too!!!!) It was that truck with the claws that came out of its tires. I'm sure many of you guys who were little boys back in the 80s had this truck. I still remember that commercial back in the 80s as well. Now, I sit through a commercial break, and lo and behold, IT'S BACK!!!!!
  2. and so it begins......... We've been gone for so long, so let's get caught up the fastest way possible. You mean by singing a song? Exactly!!!!
  3. and now Apple has "given in" to the "outcry" and will allow A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and A Charlie Brown Christmas to air on PBS, so, disaster has been averted, please continue to enjoy your holidays.
  4. Has it been so long that we are forgetting the craziness that was "Ally McBeal"???? And don't forget (though I'm sure many of you have) the complete insanity of "Eli Stone"?????
  5. and now, goodbye, Mr. Spears. I pretty much said it all just above a few months ago. These two gentlemen are responsible for many cartoons of my childhood. May both of you rest in peace, and thank you once again.
  6. Wow, the very first episode. Hi Kate!! (and Tony and Abby too) They all sure look much younger, don't they??? So, CBS is going to be showing "classic" NCIS eps during the 10 PM (let's face it, 10:30 - 10:50) time slot this fall on Sunday. Journey back to a time where Tim was a "probie", Tony had never heard of a woman named Ziva, and the head of this operation was a woman.
  7. So, Spectrum changed the image graphic --- that was fast. For all of you who are not Spectrum customers, allow me to explain. When I call up the guide on Spectrum, they show a image graphic of the show that you have highlighted. to the left of the synopsis of the specific show. The image graphic is the same for every episode of the show. They show an image of all six actors (and the title) when you highlight an episode of "Friends", they show an image of Lucille Ball (and the title) when you highlight an episode of "I Love Lucy", etc. They changed the image graphic of "Two and A Half Men" when they had their shake-up. Spectrum shows an image graphic of Ashton and Jon (even when the episode is pre-Ashton). Anyway, Spectrum (just a few days ago) would show an image of Allison leaning over Anna, but NOW they changed it to show an image of just Allison.
  8. Does anybody remember the American version???? Sometime around 1987, Sid and Marty Krofft ---- yes, the guys who made those weird Saturday morning kids TV shows like HR Puf N' Stuff and the Bugaloos (They were also the guys who made that puppet rock band on the Mandrell Sisters variety show from the early 80s--- (FF to about 28:35) those puppets looked like other country music stars like Cash, Denver, Nelson, etc.) (and I'm obviously mentioning that because of this) these guys decided to make an American version of this show --- DC Follies. The show "took place" in a bar in downtown DC. Fred Willard was the bartender and proprietor. (Puppet versions of) the three ex-presidents would constantly frequent the bar, and Nixon was always "trying" some new "get rich quick" scheme of some sort. Reagan would usually show up as well (sometimes just at the end). Toward the end of '87, Bush (Sr., of course) would show up more (obviously because the '88 election was approaching), and when Bush eventually made his VP pick, the show became all about how Quayle is an idiot. Despite "taking place" in DC, Hollywood (puppet) celebrities would constantly frequent the bar as well. Quite often, the three big talk show moguls would be at the bar --- Donahue, Oprah, and Mort (Good God -- MORT!!! -- remember him, everyone??? He was like "political" Springer) Anyway, a "real" actual comedian celebrity would show up in each episode as well, from Phyllis Diller, Steve Allen, to even Betty White. What a blast that show was as well. I hope that some people are planning a revival of this as well. I would love to see puppet versions of the Kar-trash-ians and other reality TV people getting mocked, as well as a few modern singers and celebrities. Sorry about the long post -- just wanted to give the Yankee counterpart some love. I really loved the original version of this show as well, and I'm watching this new one.
  9. We're tiny, we're toony, we're all a little looney, and now this cartooney is RE-invading your TV!!!!! First Yakko, Wakko, and Dot, and now Buster and Babs............. could Freakazoid be far behind?????? So, let's post some of our favorite moments from Acme U as we await the all new "semester" that is soon coming.
  10. and still more people are discovering that "It's The Great Pumpkin" is not on their TV lineup this year. Yes, but HERE'S THE THING.............. you sign up for a free trial for seven days, you then cancel the trail after the third or fourth day so you don't have to pay for the entire month............ BUT HERE'S THE THING............ they are saying that the other specials are available "for free" as well........................ BUT................ since the Thanksgiving special "window" is less than a month after the Halloween "window" (and the Christmas "window" is less than a month after the Thanksgiving "window")........................ you will NOT be able to get another "free trial" less than a month after canceling the previous trial YOU MUST SUBSCRIBE TO APPLE TV IN ORDER TO WATCH ALL THREE SPECIALS (at their designated holiday times)
  11. Good Grief!!! Will the Peanuts holiday specials air "for free" on network TV this year???? or will we have to subscribe to Apple TV????? Apple TV (which has already created the very funny and informative Snoopy In Space series and is also fast at work on yet another Peanuts series) apparently has purchased the rights to the holiday Peanuts specials. Does that mean that all of us will be getting a rock for Halloween this year??? Stay tuned. Apple TV also states that they are interested in making yet MORE Peanuts holiday specials revolving around Earth Day and Mother's Day among others.
  12. Or something like that....... (Hilariously, I had written almost the same thing in a now-mod-deleted subtitle), but, no, it's more like That kids Transformer cartoon where the Rescue Bots are helping the human family while standing in "complete awe" with what a sundae or a basketball is. (Do foxes actually trot????) According to the article (which I should have read a little better), Batman, Robin, and the whole Bat-family are still battling the human enemies of Gotham City --- They are just being assisted by sentient vehicles. (who are going to be in "complete awe" by what a sundae or a basketball is) Did I mention that it's a cartoon aimed at little kids????
  13. Coming soon to HBO Max --- where all the other DC Comics shows went after the DC Universe streaming service went kaput---- and also to Cartoon Network, just in case you don't subscribe to a streaming service, it's "Batwheels", the adventures of a group of sentient crimefighting vehicles in Gotham City. (Why they haven't made a comic book about that yet I have NO IDEA) Bam (The Batmobile) protects Gotham City with the help of his (I assume he is male) friends----- BIbi (The Batgirl Cycle), Red (Robin's Redbird), (it's a car in the comics but in the fourth 90s movie it was a bike so who knows??) Jett (The Batwing), and Buff (The Bat Truck). I assume they will be protecting Gotham City from the Jokermobile, Penguin's limousine, Catwoman's motorcycle, and many other evil vehicles. I know Cartoon Network "adores" programs aimed at little kids, so this show will no doubt replace "Teen Titans Go" as the show that they air eighteen times every single day.
  14. "Hey Guys!! Look!! A Magic 8 ball! What's this on the side??? Property of B. Simpson??" (Yes, I know. He smashed it up against Millhouse's head and it broke) "That's great, Peter. See if you can find some other plot devices from them that we haven't used yet in there." So how come we can get two people that sound exactly like Carl Carlson and Cleveland Brown but we STILL can't get anyone that sounds like Kermit the Frog. "Yeah, we didn't write ANOTHER ending, folks." At this point, Seth and Seth, just tell us when you DO actually write an ending for your episodes.
  15. HBO Max is now going to be "the place" for all the DC Universe stuff, with the streaming service now becoming a "glorified" forum site. I wonder if HBO will allow us to see the previous seasons of Young Justice and Titans soon???
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