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  1. Thomas Miller, executive producer of "Full House" and many of the other TGIF shows (remember, at the end of "Perfect Strangers" and "Step by Step", someone would say "A Miller / Boyett production") has passed away at the age of 79. I wonder if he saw "Full Quarantine" before he passed away. Thank you, Mr. Miller, for making us all laugh back in the 90s. RIP
  2. Gene, of course, was voiced by Jaleel "Urkel" White. Quack Pack, of course, was also the name of that 90s cartoon that everyone wishes never existed.
  3. Not exactly an ending that I hate (Game of Thrones, RoseAnne, HIMYM) not exactly an ending that I loved (Friends, Six Feet Under, M*A*S*H) Let's just call it an ending. Care to add your own I liked it better than ___________ but disliked it more than _____________.
  4. It reminded me of the hilarious somber version of "America! F@CK YEAH!!!" (Not to mention the ridiculously somber version of "The Touch") The producers have claimed that this second half will show Red having "fun" a lot, and I agree. I like it when Red looks and acts like "The Chessmaster". HA HA HA HA
  5. Rhode Island officers stopping incoming New Yorkers to force quarantine Joe: Peter, I'm not sure this is legal. Peter: Get out of here, New Yorkers!!! The leaves don't change until the fall.
  6. So this and the last episode were supposed to run back to back originally, but due to basketball getting shut down (among other things), they decided to break it up, which IMO was good because the two episodes barely have anything to do with each other. "Hello, special guest star. Are you actually going to do anything??? Even Evander Hollyfield pretended to do something when he guest starred on NCIS: LA a few weeks ago??" "All I need to do to look awesome is stand here and hold this axe. Why??? Because I'm-------" "YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, we KNOW who you are!!!!"
  7. Dembe is Red's second in command or assistant. I trust several if not all of the other people on the island also have assistants / bodyguards. Red was pointing out (to us, especially) that he had broken off the tip of the swordfish and then proceeded to stab him with it. But yeah, the guy was stupid to look, but, as I pointed out, WE needed to know where he got the sharp thing.
  8. I have been constantly saying that this show NEEDS to come out with a soundtrack album. If "Guardians of the Galaxy" can come out with a silly compilation album, then they can make a "Stumptown" soundtrack.
  9. So now, in the tradition of "The Twilight Zone" and "The Outer Limits", it appears that Spielberg's anthology show from the 80s is also getting a reboot. We still remember the original quite well, and, just like TZ and OL, we remember all of the "faces" of stars of past, present, and future. How about Kevin Costner in that episode about the WWII fighter plane??? or Dom DeLuise as the God of Guilt with Loni Anderson as the Goddess of Love??? and who can possibly forget Weird Al as the incredible Cabbage Head Alien???
  10. Goldberg and "The Real Deal" both guest star and yet they do "NOT" fight each other. I feel robbed. When the FBI agent shot the guy "off camera", you just knew that he was crooked.
  11. Catherine Bell (for those of you who don't know, she portrayed Mac on "JAG" many many years ago, and original recipe NCIS is a spin-off of "JAG") will be reprising her role as "Mac" once again on an upcoming episode of NCIS: LA (I guess I should have mentioned that she reprised "Mac" on last years' finale / this years' premiere)
  12. The man with the most awesome voice is back on TV again. Nice to hear your voice again, "Goliath" (or do many of you prefer "Spawn") or maybe Dr. Facilier or.................. I really enjoy seeing (and hearing) this man.
  13. Jorge Garcia "may" be done with "Hawaii Five-O", but he is NOT done with Jerry. An upcoming episode of "MacGyver" has Jorge guest-star as Jerry, his character from "Five-O".(As you may recall, there was a cross-over earlier in which Mac himself went to Hawaii and met some of the "Five-O" task force members (and for some "strange reason", Kamekona traveled back with him and cooked everyone a feast)). P.S. As you know, newbie cast member Henry Ian Cusick was on the show "Lost" with Garcia.
  14. So, there has been "a few" comic books that were drawn in the style of the 1990s Timm-Verse cartoon. The comic books also claimed to be "based" off of the cartoon. First, a comic that (mostly) featured "one-and-done" stories, then a comic that featured many new characters that were never shown in the cartoon. It even had (at first) an on-going story-arc that had Bruce (as Matches) infiltrate the False Face Gag (led by Black Mask). It hilariously had henchman Eel O'Brien (pre Plastic Man) as a mook. Even Andrea showed up eventually and tried to attack Batgirl. Now, Volume Three is coming. DC Comics has announced an all-new Batman Adventures based off of the 1990s cartoon, and drawn in the style. This comic is going to feature even MORE characters from the "main" Bat-Verse that were never shown in the cartoon, like Jason Todd and Azrael. The article is even claiming that the main reason they are doing this is to make (and sell) more of the (slightly bigger--- slightly better looking ------ and slightly more expensive than the original 1990s) collectible figures that they have been selling for a couple of years now. Well, this is a comic book character; the whole point is to make money, I guess.
  15. It's still coming --- there's nothing you can do ------- Despite Cartoon Network shelving it for an entire year Despite awful reviews Thundercats Roar will debut on the 22nd on Cartoon Network. Somewhere, Grandpa "Panthro" Huxtable is turning in his grave thinking "First Bill, and now this."
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