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  1. Let's face it...these women are downright nasty to ANY guest that they don't agree with. It's so much part of their nature that they do it to each other! IMO, they are ALL a bunch of mean girls, pure & simple.
  2. Maybe he's trying to tell us something? 🤷‍♀️
  3. Disclaimer: The above quote is used as an example, and not necessarily as a reply to the poster. I agree that ANY guest on the View should be treated with respect in the same way as you would if you invited them in your home. And if you think Megan is rude, hateful and loudly expressing herself by cutting off guests, then you really need to be reminded of how Whoopie and the gang treated Judge Jeanine Pierro. Not only were they hateful towards JJ, they threw her off the set!! Now that's disgusting and more than rude. I'd rather see Megan cross her arms all day long than all treat a guest the way JJ was treated.
  4. The difference between Ben & Xander is that Ben's behavior was due to a mental illness, while Xander's behavior was due to being rejected by Uncle Vic. Completely different motives.
  5. I disagree. I think showing emotion shows a sign of growth. Punching something or someone is violent, and doesn't sync with the "new" Xander who took care of Sarah and her child until Eric banished him from their lives.
  6. As much as I like Denise on the show, I'm sure all the manufactured drama IS stressful. I'd rather see her on B&B were at least the drama/acting is written in the script.
  7. Or you can just turn on your close captions and enjoy at a reasonable audio level.
  8. Whoopie, STFU about "I'm the only one Joy makes lasagna for". We know, you don't have to keep rubbing salt in the wound. And Joy, please stop with the bullshit that you all like (or love) one another. We all know you're lying, otherwise you'd make a pan of lasagna for the others to share, thus shutting the others up about it once & for all. You claim it's easy and "really no problem", so prove it. Bring ONE pan to work and let them all enjoy it. Otherwise, I call bullshit...and you secretly enjoy aggravating the situation.
  9. It's not insulting if it's true.
  10. If Carson Kressley rolled his eyes anymore, they would have permanently gotten stuck behind his head. The poor guy looked like he was mentally saying "please get me out of here!" ...and I don't blame him one iota.
  11. Simple answer: Because he can. It's a for-profit business. A good example of an overcharging business is new home options. The same upgraded flooring that we can buy retail for $3 sq.ft. will cost you $10 sq.ft. if you have the builder install it.
  12. Producer driven, and maybe Patti was "done". Let's face it...the appeal of this show is guessing who's behind the mask. We, and the judges, knew it was Patti from day one. You can't hide that great voice. Judges continually guessed Patti, so maybe she thought "what's the point?" "I'm not fooling anyone"...And maybe she had other commitments.
  13. It was. His credit was rolled at the beginning.
  14. Gia, go back to school. "one years old" Really? 🙄
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