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  1. Yes, unfortunately I came here first.
  2. Survivor definitely played a part in Elizabeth's fame. Within a reasonable time after her gig on Survivor, she auditioned for her role on The View as one of the panelists...where she remained for quite some time. I recall Barbara Walters and the other ladies "voting" her in on parchment paper in the same way that survivors voted people off at tribal council.
  3. ...and she'll be gone after the first battle round.
  4. I like Joy, but I have to admit that there was a lot less anxiety-riddled responses, and fewer interruptions, without her there today.
  5. Off the top of my head -- Dr. Travis Stork from the Bachelor. He is/was one of 4 doctors on a weekday program called "The Doctors".
  6. Totally agree. I think the problem with Ron is that he writes this shit thinking the actor(s) will be gone in a few months. Then all of a sudden the actor or actress clicks with another character and/or the actor/actress becomes popular (i.e. Luke of Luke & Laura), so now the writer is between a rock & a hard place, so what to do...especially if the writer wants to keep them on board? I believe that's where/when all his redemption stories are written/told. Even I have to cringe re: some of them! That's why I try not to get overly emotional about ANY story. Doesn't mean I don't enjoy the show or feel something during a particularly emotional storyline. It just means that I don't take it seriously, and just try to enjoy it for what it's worth...from purely an entertainment prospective.
  7. Poor choice of words on my part. Hard to explain that while I enjoy certain emotional scenes, I don't get overly emotional to where I question "what is the writer thinking?" I watch strictly for entertainment value, and because I've developed this hard-to-break 50-yr old habit 😉
  8. Could you share some of the fakery with us?
  9. I don't think you're supposed to feel sorry for anyone. Writers write a story. You can take it with a grain of salt or follow it the way you follow any drama without getting emotionally involved. Let's face it, all stories have heroes and villains. Not every actor gets to play a hero. So unfortunately, that leaves many actors playing villains...and some do a damn good job doing so.
  10. Problem is, Tamar, you are more than just a "cast" member, you are their sister. Whether right or wrong, all reality cast members talk about their family. Whether it's the Housewives talking about their kids, or your sisters talking about you, it's their "reality".
  11. I wish my cable company carried REELZ, but apparently it's only available via satellite ☹️. I DO, however, subscribe to Reelz NOW (via Prime), but it only has older content....nothing from 2020, and only one or two shows from 2019. Everything else is from 2018 and older...all of which I saw when I had DirecTV 2 years ago.
  12. I saw that episode...and didn't know Stefanie had died. When did she pass? What was her cause of death?
  13. Thanks, Dani...now I understand. I wonder if he knew, but tried to explain it away because maybe he felt that her drinking & drugging contributed to her death?
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