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  1. Agree. I was only addressing the Will comment.
  2. Ben didn't get a pass for murdering Will, since Will is alive & well.
  3. I agree, but what about what older folks might like? Before Real World, there was the Loud Family...the original cinema verite. Some interesting subjects came out of that show. Perhaps not a lot of action, but definitely enough drama to hold one's attention.
  4. While I expected a few torture scenes, Days went over and beyond today. It was more than disgusting to watch, and as someone upthread said, I felt bad for the actor (Robert). This is NOT what I want to watch on a relaxing afternoon...ever.
  5. UO, but I like Gwen. I think she had some interesting chemistry with Chad.
  6. Exactly! Scaring people on purpose (esp. when you know they don't want to be scared) is very mean spirited. Psychologically speaking, there's something radically wrong with her in the fact that she gets such a big kick out of doing that. I forget who it was, but I read a while back that someone told producers to ask Ellen NOT to do that bit, and yet Ellen scared the shit of the guest anyway. What a sick mofo!
  7. I disagree. While they may want to get the most bang for their buck, these flashbacks started way before the wedding.
  8. Yes. I believe they are trying to extend what they already have so they can keep airing just in case things don't work out as planned for shooting new episodes.
  9. Right..."allow" was the wrong word. I should have said "encouraged". Wyatt could be confident going in and for what he thought might only be maybe a month or so. BUT, if Sally's plan had come to fruition, he might have lost Flo over it, as I seriously doubt Sally would have been as generous and "encouraged" Wyatt to continue a relationship with Flo.
  10. Allowing my boyfriend (Wyatt) to live with his ex and cater to his ex, at the cost of putting our relationship on hold is plenty enough compassion for Sally in my book.
  11. For that to have happened, you'd need Martin Scorsese directing and a 5 million dollar budget....
  12. Thank you! I couldn't agree more with all that you've articulated. It's really a shame when some folks decide to "hate" a fictional character so much...that they wish the actor ill harm or worse.
  13. what did those poor abs ever do to you? 😜
  14. ...or you can just cup your hand to get a mouthful of water and rinse with that.
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