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  1. Appreciate the definition, but it's still quite obscure since there are only two genders. Unless fluid means a permanent attraction change (and I didn't get that from Chanel), then that definition is still somewhat vague.
  2. Agree and understand what you're saying. But as far as her kids watching this, they are now 13 years old, and seem mature for their age. I have a feeling the ARod breakup was a long time coming, so probably not such a big shock to the kids anyway. As for exes being exes for a reason, that depends on the exes. Time & maturity can work wonders. And if addictions were part of the original break-up, sometimes that maturity gives them a second chance at love. Not saying it will last forever, but it has worked for some couples. All we can do is wish them the best.
  3. I noticed that today too...and thought the same thing since JJ had her "new" pulled back hairdo that she introduced this season.
  4. It's obviously that JLo doesn't care about how it "looks" to anyone. She's said many times on several entertainment/talk shows that she's "in love with (being in) love". And if that means having a man at her side all the time, that's her prerogative.
  5. As you should...😉
  6. Most likely had porn on another screen/window or monitor, during the meeting that obviously bored him.
  7. I don't recall seeing that episode. Do you remember what season/episode number it was? Or maybe what year it was released? If so, I'll try to find it as HGTV runs consecutive episodes quite often.
  8. So are all the other women of late night (i.e. Chelsea Handler, Joan Rivers, etc.)
  9. The entire season of "new" shows (for me anyway) only consists of one new case per show. The 2nd and/or 3rd case is usually from 4-5 years ago. Is everyone getting this season's shows that way, or is it just me (NV)??
  10. Totally agree. And what kind of friend (Lisa) tries desperately to out a long-term friend (Denise)? Lisa is a piece-of-shit friend for whatever she was trying to do, and regardless, it was never any of her business to bring ANY of Denise's secrets out in the open. Lisa's behavior almost makes me want to have Kim Richards back on the show, if only to harass and stick it to Lisa "about the husband"...just so Lisa can experience exactly what that "truth" feels like.
  11. Both ET and Extra reported the payout as $25 million.
  12. But hey, times are hard all over the place, so that's probably all they could afford.
  13. Thanks, I will correct that now.
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