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  1. Dumb question...what exactly is "cookie butter"??? I understand cookies, and I understand butter. Never heard of cookie butter, or whatever that stuff is in the middle.
  2. Effects from cocaine. She gets to keep her boyish figure and still remains loud. Allegedly.
  3. Since when does anyone move out and/or sublet their apartment before going into escrow?
  4. Please...she's already ruined one show for me. I don't need her here too.
  5. True, but we can certainly say she's stuck up, egotistical, full of herself, thinks her shit don't stink, etc...among other narcissistic traits.
  6. And unless I'm mistaken, before that she was on Suddenly Susan.
  7. Exactly. And that ass of hers (real or otherwise) has definitely seen better days. Ugh.
  8. They can still practice in separate rooms and be ready on Monday if they BOTH get cleared. Anything they can put together is going to better than dancing in separate living rooms.
  9. Is Paris in heat or what?!? Paris, a nice cool shower(head) should do the trick.
  10. Quite frankly, I don't think they're gonna like anyone who has an opposing view.
  11. Good question. I think initially he was being a rebel of sorts with the mentality of "I'm doing something everyone else does behind closed doors even if it's illegal...and you can't stop me". He's been talking about how it should be legal for so long, then once it actually happened he was so elated, and his enthusiasm went overboard.
  12. MsTree

    The Sopranos

    My guess is because this was his first acting job. And not just because he looked like a young Tony, but because he got the voice and mannerisms down pat too. For someone who just entered/started his acting career, I thought he did an excellent job.
  13. Maybe they resemble one another physically, but I'm sure their personalities must be different...otherwise, what's the point? Based on what we've seen so far, Heather appears to be a lot more affectionate and so far, no eye rolling 😉
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