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  1. People change as they age...and living on the edge isn't as attractive in your 60s as it might have been in your 30s.
  2. Well, their money is saying they do...whether real or imagined.
  3. Thanks, Jaded!
  4. Pardon my ignorance, but when/where was this reunion held? I used to have a major crush on David (John Hudson) and I'm so sorry to hear of his recent stroke. Also used to get a kick out of Tom Eplin. He's too young to be retired, right? Please refresh my memory as to the character Amy played. If you have any photos or a link where I could see the "gang", I'd really appreciate it. Also, any further info you can share about the reunion. Thanks in advance.
  5. I believe many people (esp. the west coast) don't care about audience participation (voting) shows anymore. For one thing, folks on pacific time never have the opportunity to vote. More importantly, DWTS has nothing to do with dancing, but more about popularity. Dancing just happens to be the by-product of a popularity contest. Personally speaking, I would rather see only the judges vote while the viewing audience just gets to enjoy the dancing and watch the "stars" get better each week. Same should apply to singing competitions.
  6. There probably aren't too many flippers out there, so Producers (the ones you really should be thanking 😉😁) figured they'd go with it instead of nothing at all.
  7. To me it sounds more like she's back to "introduce" Gwen into the storyline, since they're friends at the mental clinic.
  8. There's a small discussion on this topic under "other TV shows, specials and one-offs"
  9. Maybe she'll hit up Brooke's Bedroom at Forrester Creations 😉
  10. Totally agree. Admittedly, RJ indicated he has/had a temper and was extremely jealous of other men paying attention to Natalie. Something definitely happened between Chris & RJ that Natalie was witness to. What happened after that remains a mystery.
  11. Very disappointing! I realize this was broadcast on ABC, but if your doing a story about SOAPS, how about equal time for ALL of them? This was just a heavy handed pat on the back for ABC soaps, with only a sprinkle of CBS & NBC dotted here & there. If not for a couple of quickie flashes of AW and the Doctors, there was hardly any mention of them at all. And sure, Luke & Laura were a super couple, but how about Doug & Julie who were actually on the cover of the Time magazine? Not a peep about that either. And as someone above pointed out, there was no mention of Peyton Place, which was the original nighttime soap.
  12. I agree with Marcya. His public persona reminds me of Howard Stern. You either love him or hate him. There's no gray area.
  13. Where would she be getting booze and/or pills in prison?
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