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  1. While that may be true, ultimately it was Claire's decision to go on the show. Claire has been part of bachelor nation for quite some time now, so she should have been familiar with producers and how their main goal is to create drama, drama, drama...and yes, at the expense of her looking crazy and/or having hurt feelings. Sadly, that is what this show has become. It is no longer Trista's bachelorette days.
  2. Not really a "fan" of anyone on the panel. I watch to hear all sides (as I assume the program was intended) and not to diss one or the other. If that was the case, then I'd be waiting for the next Rosie/Bitsy split screen.
  3. But in "Gabby"s mind, she is/was not married, which made her free to sleep with Stephan. I read somewhere that Judi prefers playing Bonnie because that character is more like her own personality, whereas Adrienne is pretty dull IMO. Plus, there would be no way to explain Adrienne's change of personality if all-of-a-sudden she became "un-dead".
  4. I read another article that said Dale wanted to stay in his hometown, while she wanted to settle in her hometown. So not only was it a matter of geography that they couldn't agree on, it also implied that Dale wasn't really ready to settle down and start making babies. Let's face it, Claire is needy and VERY high maintenance. She also wants her own way, every day, all the time. Dale is/was over it.
  5. Agreed. His short term memory loss is akin to Cosby being blind. Bullshit to both.
  6. Yes, and after "stereophonic" there was "quadraphonic" ... didn't last long, but always fun hearing the cash registers go from one speaker to the next on Money. Actually the entire DSOTM album in quad was a total trip!
  7. ...and I think it's gonna be a long, long time....
  8. If Cass isn't with her, then she's no longer Felicia Gallant...
  9. True...but covid's not helping any either. It's hard to create and see any chemistry when the actors are standing (or sitting) 6' apart. And whenever there's a hug or kiss, it's awkward to say the least. Without the actors sharing a single screen shot, I don't see how they could have created any type of love story even if they wanted to.
  10. RE: Ken Jennings...just because he's a wiz at trivia doesn't mean he's a good game show host. No way he should fill Trebek's shoes permanently.
  11. In Christina's opinion, a mantle leans towards the rustic side. And since she is a contemporary girl all the way, she like the clean/sleek look of tile, all the way up to the ceiling.
  12. Anyone who hates Lani. Since half of this forum's members fall into that category, it could be any one of you 😜
  13. Forgot to mention another good recast (IMO) is Abigail. I like Marci's acting 1000 times more than KM...and hope Marci stays for the long haul. Plus, Marci is now more believable (resemblance) as new Jennifer's daughter.
  14. I disagree. Some decent recasts are Chad, Kate, Jennifer (so far, so good) and Brady. Let's face it, not every recast will be a hit with viewers, but at least it gives the character(s) a chance to tell the rest of their story. I, for one, would welcome an EJ recast. That said, I totally agree Eve is/was the worst recast in Days history.
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