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  1. I have one and it's not loud at all...no more than a pocket door. My barn door is between the bedroom and the entrance into the master bathroom. The john, toilet room, water closet (whatever you want to call it) has a separate hinged door, so there is no need for privacy 😊
  2. Technically, only Reese SOLD Beth. Flo wasn't involved until it happened. The 50K was to keep her mouth shut and pretend to be the baby mama. And yes, she DID keep the secret, but what about all the others, like Zoe & Zander, who knew and didn't say a word. I'll bet people are still talking to THEM.
  3. Totally agree that taking out a pocket door (love them too!) and replacing with a barn door is sacrilegious. However, I disagree with the thought of how it started. I believe a barn door is the perfect solution when you have a pass-thru opening (say between a master bedroom & master bathroom) and would like some privacy, for whatever reason. Many new homebuilders are leaving this pass-thru as is (just drywall), and unless you pay for a door before construction, you have no other alternative unless you hire someone to frame the opening & install a new door. Many homeowners aren't that handy, but by the same token, many can and do install a simple rail for a barn door.
  4. Mellowed with age? Secure in her position? Likes ALL the ladies on the panel? Brainwashed?
  5. UO, but kudos to Rand for not taking any of the panel's bullshit. It has always pissed me off when they ask a guest a question, and then proceed to talk over them before they even get a chance to answer the damn question. Thank you, Rand, for shutting that shit down today.
  6. I don't know, but assuming he's the board president, he can influence the votes of his fellow board members. And if there's an even number of board members, sometimes the board president gets to make the deciding vote.
  7. While Chelsea Clinton would be an interesting addition, the show would be completely boring with an all Dem/Liberal panel.
  8. Thanks so much for taking the time to tell us firsthand of all your encounters. As far as I'm concerned, you could continue on and take up an entire page 😁 I truly enjoyed every single word of your stories. The only thing missing was the year of your encounter πŸ˜‰ Curious as to what you were selling, but understand if you prefer not to divulge. Meanwhile, if you remember any more celebrity encounters, I would love to read them...as I am no living vicariously through all your excitement 😎
  9. Nothing on either show was mentioned about Leah being an original co-host of the Talk. BTW, Leah was extremely irritating on DWTS. If you saw just a small glimpse of her antics on DWTS, you'd immediately know why she was let go from the Talk. Now I finally get it😞😡
  10. Please NO! We have enough of these ridiculous smashed names on the soaps. Let's not perpetuate the irritation in primetime. Is it so hard to type Dan & Lu...5 whole letters?!
  11. I believe they gave him 4s to balance out Leah's ridiculous 7! I don't care how sorry she felt for him, that's not how judging is supposed to work. If she wants to over-score people, stay in the audience and vote like the rest of the general public. I like Leah, but she sucked tonight!!!
  12. Did they ever say why she was missing? I fast-forward the intro, so I must have missed it.
  13. Were you glad when Patch left the show? NOTE: I know the actor technically didn't leave, but for all intents & purposes, Patch is gone.
  14. OTOH, that's more than likely precisely why she taped 'extra' scenes and worked until her due date...so that she could comfortably enjoy her maternity leave without worrying about her job.
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