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  1. Marai Nagasu should be there tonight. What a travesty.
  2. I feel like I have come home. Reading the posts in this thread make all my feelings while watching Chicago Med completely validated. I detest that arrogant douche Halstead. He is so jealous of Dr. Rhodes that is smells. His constant hangdog love face around Manning is gross. For most of the season, Manning was extremely pregnant and Dr. Douche's lust was stomach churning. I loved it when Annie Potts/Mrs. Mother-in-law gave him the bum's rush. If this show is trying to make this jerk a hero and the audience root for him to best Rhodes, skate on breaking the rules and winning the heart of the newly delivered widow they have missed the mark by a mile. I hate him. Btw, I love Dr. Rhodes and feel so much for him. I also love Gregg Henry as Dr. Superstar. He is always worth watching. His love of surfing and Hawaii is so cute. Even Julie Berman is doing a great job as the uber top-of-the-class doctor. Dr. Choi is easy on the eyes and a good guy but troubled. Epatha Merkeson is straddling a fine line between being a compassionate doctor and good administrator. She has a hard job but the character is very likeable. Oliver Platt makes me smile every week. His Dr. Charles has common sense and great sensitivity for the patients and doctors. He is a joy. D.W. Moffett is a wonderful villain. He is effective playing hero or villain. Here he serves to make us understand Conner so much better. This show has so much going for it. Just drop the unrelateable Dr. Creep and all will be well.
  3. It is about three years too late but HALLELUJAH! Bye
  4. My take on Day's 50th storyline is not good. While I enjoy seeing characters who have been absent, beloved sets reappearing and the idea of a town celebration, the overall tenor of stories has been horrible. Let's review. Steve and Kayla are at odd with no sense that that situation will be resolved anytime soon. The somewhat romantic story of Aiden and Hope trying a second time to find happiness has been blown to smithereens by a murderous, nonsensical plot about Aiden the gambling addict, who never showed one hint of that previously, now determined to kill Hope for money while claiming to truly love her. Jennifer is just going around mothering and has no story whatsoever. Naggie looks on while Victor watches every breath Caroline takes. The Caroline story has been good and I loved seeing PM being stubborn, sneaky Grandma escaping the hospital. The Abe/new girl story was so predictable and the new character is so dull that I don't care one bit about that story. I love A Martinez and wish his story would be expanded. He is very watchable. TPTB have turned Justin into an annoying, vengeful man. Those dimples are wasted on that meany. Lucas and Adrienne make me laugh. Please. I was disappointed that Clyde had such an unceremonious exit. The actor made the most of Clyde. Salem needs a resident villain. Stefano is too old to even take seriously. Such a shame. Andre has come off as just a sycophant trying his best to get Daddy's approval. What should have been a wonderful celebration for Salem came off as a tacky costume drama. I won't even comment on the trials and tribulations of Abby's vagina. She brought all of this on herself. Ben is a murderer because he loves Abby so much. Yeah that's it. Nevermind he is totally insane. Chad is not a DiMera in any sense of the word or in the way he looks. So I don't care what happens to him. In short, there has been non-stop misery during what should have been a happy celebration of the life of a once venerable, entertaining show. Where is the celebration? I'm still waiting.
  5. So many threads left hanging. It's DA PLOT, I tell you. Where viewers see rich opportunity for payoff and good drama, a bad writers sees nasty truth that will interfere with where he wants a story to go. That is the shame of soaps today. The best stories explore most of the aspects and follow the natural path. In making heroines out of trollops and heroes out of non-heroes, the stories suffer greatly. Viewers should not have to imagine characters getting what they deserve, they should see it. Viewers should not have to see characters do things they would never do just to further a plot. The thing that really ticks me off about this necktie murder story is that it is all to make obstacles the Abifail and the NonDiMera , Smirking Chad. Trouble is, I don't care one thing about either of them. Thinking about characters were expunged for them makes me angry. Though I hated Clyde, James Read is wonderful and made an excellent villain. Stefano has lost his bite and the DiMeras are decimated. Andre may not be able to provide enough "evil" to make things interesting. Oh my, what will the GOOD people of Salem do?
  6. This episode was very satisfying and yet sad. I love that Walt has all his answers now. I love that Barlow got his just reward, but he was eaten alive by what he had done so Walt did him a favor. I'm sad to see Gerald McRaney go. He is such a presence in any cast. As Barlow he was a powerhouse. Still blown away that Branch is really gone. Did anyone find it odd that Cady was as unaffected by his death as she was? It always seemed that Branch was in love with her and perhaps more invested than she was but still I found her lack of grief odd. Walt seemed more moved and devastated by the loss of Branch than she did.
  7. How great is it having Walt and company back? It's hard to believe I never heard of "Longmire" while it was on A&E. I gobbled up all the episodes on Netflix like candy and was so disappointed to have no more. Now it's back. After having watched two episodes last night, I'm sadly convinced it was Branch whose body Walt found. I held out hope it was someone else but in the autopsy when his body was shown with the scars from Walt's repair, I knew he was dead dead. I will so miss Bailey Chase. I loved his secret affair with Cady, his attempts to please his father to become sheriff and his sad awareness that his father is a very bad man. It makes me doubly sad to see Gerald McRaney play such a cold-hearted killer. He killed his own son and never flinched. Oh my. Barlow you are a dog. I love Henry so much. LDP is such a good actor. The bond between Walt and Henry is so strong that it warms my heart. Poor Henry just cannot be left alone. Malachi is such a nasty customer. Graham Greene does a great job playing against type to make Malachi so hateful. While I understand the enmity between Native Americans and the white man, it seems to me that Walt has proven to be fair to all of the citizens in his county. I do hope the us vs them is not an overriding theme this season. Is anyone else sort of feeling queasy about Vic having a crush on Walt? Boundaries in a law enforcement job are important. I'm not feeling good about this turn of events. Lastly I love A Martinez. He makes Jacob Nighthorse come alive. He makes things interesting around Absaroka County.
  8. Well well. I feel used and abused as a viewer. First off the lesbian kaleidoscope sex went on too long and almost made me think artsy-fartsy clips were inserted to cover up the sex and steam. Go there but be tasteful and make the audience feel it. My eyes almost crossed with the endless prisms. Bedelia is a real snake-able to wriggle out of any situation. I did love it that she let Hannibal know she knew she would have eventually been on his menu had circumstances not intervened. Snakes are smart. The chemistry and adoration between Hannibal and Will is quite compelling. Then Will pulled the knife. The knife led to Hannibal's disappointment and that led to the saw. The character in Red Dragon was loathesome that I quite enjoyed the squeamish scenes where his brain was excised and prepared. Ray Liotta was wonderful. Will, on the other hand, made me immeasurably sad even though Hannibal did not complete his malevolence. The show has become so tense with no relief that it is work to watch it- not to mention the badly it scenes.
  9. I have to say that I though the manner of Jack's attack on Hannibal was very understandable. Using his fists was very personal, as opposed to the sterility of a gun. For all the characters in this story, Hannibal changed all the rules. Hannibal is a unique criminal. Typical feelings and reactions don't seem to apply. To me, when Jack attacked Hannibal and relentlessly beat him, I saw it as a sort of catharsis for all the pent up anger, frustration, hate and pain. It must have been immensely affirming for Jack to batter Hannibal almost to death. Will, so far this season has been a total bore. I find it hard to connect with him. He seems to have slipped into this other world of total capitulation to Hannibal's influence. What has been shown makes Will seem so weak. Despite the overuse of artsy diversions, I am still compelled by what happens next. Hannibal should live on in a cable outlet. It would be a shame for the show to just fade away unresolved.
  10. This season has been exquisitely beautiful and interesting but a little over the top esoterically speaking. But "Fannibals" are not satisfied with shallow simplistic plots. I have felt the separation of all the characters very keenly. Hannibal and Bedelia being together is a bit soothing but a lot like a very tense chess game. I do love the dynamic of the Lectors though. Mads and Gillian look so good together. The timing the actors have is very, very good. My heart bleeds for Will. He is so alone, save for the ghost of Abigail. He seems lost and without purpose since Hannibal left. The scenes with Jack and Bella were so poignant. I'm sad to see Bella go. But Jack is free to pursue Hannibal without fear of what may happen to Bella as a result. Alana seems more than changed. I do think I preferred her as naive and unsuspecting of Hannibal. Of all those who were hurt in Hannibal's escape I feel the least sorry for her. She chose Hannibal over Will and got what she deserved- bit obvious that I do not care for Alana. Love, the smarmy Chilton's return. I miss Michael Pitt. He plays chilling and soulless so well. The new guy is not menacing whatsoever. I bet even the pigs will find him uninteresting. Hannibal is a fascinating and visually beautiful show. Its failure on network tv is disappointing. I guess schlock is what the masses enjoy. No thinking required.
  11. Now I know viewers of daytime love their lovemaking,sex, romp scenes. Some are funny, some are sexy and some are just kiss and fade to balck. EJ and Sam were not everyone's cup of tea but in sexy scenes they had a lock. EJ seemed to have all the moves like Jagger. Poor FauxChad was stumbling, and moving in bursts and spurts during his "let's do it on the ground" seduction. I had a huge laugh. Young actors should be sexy and easy to watch. Not these two. Duckface does not pass for sexy Abifail. Stumbling and bumbling only works if you are a nerd, not a supposedly smooth DiMera. If that is the best Days has got, they need to can that crap. Wait for Bo and Hope or Steve and Kayla to show the audience what sexy is.
  12. The scenes of Abifail and Chad trying to be sexy just made me laugh. What does anyone see in a judgmental girl who constantly puts on a duckface and lives to play men off against each other? And she does this all while playing Miss Lily White. Despise that twit. Eric is written so badly that I can't even express it. GV is wasted on DOOL. Getting rid of Xander was stupid. The show needs some characters like him. Can Days even remember what a true romance story should be? Hello. Women are the main demographic. Women like romance not cheating, sleazy stories.
  13. I am totally bitter about a show with such a rich history has been reduced to a cheap, sleazy, predictable mess. So many wasted opportunities for stories that would entertain and show how people evolve and grow have been ignored. Black and white with no shades of gray is so boring and unrealistic. Shame on Corday for ruining a great legacy. Point in fact: Abifail uber hypocrite/slut touted as a good girl/prize. Theresa the unrelenting bad girl with no redeeming qualities. Xander the loony, charming, oily bad guy dtiched for what? Stefano is too old to be very menacing. NewChad with his too big suits and short stature pretending to be a DiMera is a joke. Nicole who is no longer fun, funny or entertaining. Maggie the Magnificent who knows all, is mother to all and has reduced Victor to lapdog status. FakeWill who is stomach churningly unwatchable and unrootable. Lucas and Granny fall in love. Please. Eric, the hypocritical bore is a waste of a legacy character. The sets are a joke. One office for all, one hospital room for all, mansions that are now closets and fake trees is all Days has anymore. How sad and laughable. Still, for all that, some good writing might shine the show up a bit but I'm not holding my breath. KC still holds the reins and he has proved to be unrelentingly blind as to what is good or what is bad.
  14. Hannibal is just such a unique show. Clearly one of the best in NBC's paltry line-up. Visually stunning. Mads and Gillian are superb together. The chilly, simmering sexuality is fascinating. Indeed, Bedelia is evolving. Hannibal loves to play master. The sketchy reference in other seasons to Bedelia's assault has been expounded yet I think there is more to come. Why call Hannibal and not the police if what happened was self defense? It is so compelling to watch Bedelia's attraction and repulsion dichotomy. She is truly torn but she has made a choice. How far will she go? This episode was a nice departure from the Will/Hannibal cat and mouse game. It was necessary to see what has happened with the Lector's since the great escape. What a joy it is to watch such beauty, great writing and superb acting in a tale of twisted evil.
  15. I will begin by saying DWTS producers have a job and that is to get viewers. That is understandable. Shows are ratings driven but...it has been painfully obvious over several past seasons that those producers will do anything to find a "hook". The recent trend for using handicapped "stars" to that end has been very unsettling to me. Of course viewers have sympathy and admiration for those of us who are so challenged physically and for whom many things that we take for granted are so much more difficult. But to my way of thinking if this is truly a dancing competition, one must be able to keep up as the dances get harder and more refined. The judges are totally to blame for the predicament the show was in last night. If they had only judged Noah more fairly instead of pimping and blowing smoke about his "amazing" dances, there is no way Willow or Nastia would have been sacrificed. Yes, Noah got lots of votes but part of that is in play because of what people heard on the show. No one wants to demean a man whose life was torn apart serving his country but patronizing him with outright lies is just as embarrassing. Willow was a spunky and good dancer. She is little more than a child yet she took all the challenges and did a fine job. Nastia was technically and artistically wonderful but she never connected the audience. I do think that hurt her. Rumer was a good dancer from the start. I felt the judges scored her lower more than once in the waning weeks. It seem obvious to me there was a push to insure Noah stuck around regardless of whatever better dancer was bounced. It stinks and has really put a pall over what used to be a fun show to watch. The concept has never been perfect but the Noah Debacle of 2015 is the worst. I feel the shark has given the show a geivous blow.
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