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  1. Didn't see this whole episode but was glad Owen was setting a trap for the arsonist. Was very, very happy Billy was not the arsonist. I find him a compelling actor and want to enjoy him on Lone Star. For better or worse I love Rob Lowe too. I think even though the show is centered on the Owen character that the other stories are interesting and I like just about all the other characters. I just know Gina is going to bring it concerning Tommy and Charles. Tears are probably going to flow(says the person who can cry watching a commercial) LOL. But as others have said Charles' conditio
  2. On social media platforms and YouTube. It is appalling. I find the actors and show runners on Hallmark and specifically WCTH to be kind, generous and upbeat. No real person has been harmed in a fictional story. I have only seen people here discussing the show with manners and civility. It is a very good look for Primetimer.
  3. Here's hoping the hate, the attacks on writers and actors stop soon. WCTH and Hallmark, for me are like an oasis in the desert of silly, profane and gratuitous offerings on other networks. With a show filled with several characters it is easy to find something to root for and watch.
  4. I, also, have never been a Nathan fan. But to be fair, he is a good guy. This seemed to me to be Hallmark's way of smoothing the waters of contention that were sure to come over the unexpected choice Elizabeth made. To see the Mountie graciously clue in his romantic rival as to his having lost out was a way for the two to begin to move past rivalry to friendship. I think it served to stop Lucas from running away from his heartbreak as well. At this point, he had not received the note from Elizabeth. Some viewers are taken out of the story by little things that are not quite correct w
  5. I salute Hallmark for not going to expected route of Elizabeth with another Mountie. To me it was like trying to redo the Elizabeth/Jack romance. People are just not interchangeable. For myself I love Lucas and his puppy dog eyes looking at Elizabeth, his many demonstrations of his love and patience while wooing her. His decision to step back and allow Elizabeth to chose the man she wanted without his influence was the clincher to me that he was the man she should choose. Loved their scene on the bridge. I think of that as their "place". How perfect for them to give in to love there
  6. I watched "Chopped" on demand earlier this week. The episode was titled "Waste Not". One of the chefs was Lauren Von Der Pool, I think her name was. She was about the most horrible person I have ever seen on the show. Chefs are often arrogant. While annoying, it can be overlooked if the chef is phenomenal. This woman, though I could see she had skills, was the meanest person ever. She complained constantly about the other woman chef. Then when she was cut, she had the nerve to argue with thee panel about her food and put down that other chef as a defense. I don't think I have ever
  7. I did not enjoy this episode at all. It had a list of things that rang "off" to me. Billy Burke pinged to me as the arsonist because of his loss. Owen never seemed to consider that at all. BB is a good actor but after his evil character Philip Stroh in "Major Crimes" it would be nice to see him as not a villain. Owen being so blind to what he should and shouldn't do just came off as wrong. The widow who lashed out at Marjan was also wrong. She was there. She had to know it was only by the grace of God that she, too, did not die. Finally the arson investigator was too invested in Owen
  8. I totally agree. Now the wicked witch is ruining Carter. Years of friendship down the drain for this worthless, awful woman. Cheating is ugly and destructive. Hope everything bad happens to Quinn but I'm sorry Carter was so stupid.
  9. Do not like the Sally/Jack thing. And she can never erase that she stirred up all the mess with Ashland Locke and blackmailed Kyle. Just NO! Nick again was a total jerk today. Who wants to bet Adam will have just the right rare blood type and be the one to give Faith a kidney??? Josh telegraphs everything. Wish Rey was leaving and Lola was staying.
  10. I agree Marceline. Tommy is wonderful and fits in the show so well. Michelle had to guilt about her sister weighing on her and that overshadowed much of Michelle's time on the show. Tommy is take charge, positive and so empathetic. Gina Torres is always delightful to watch. I remember her on "Hannibal" with her ex-husband(Lawrence Fishbourne) and she was great on there, though she was not on often. I have to agree with most posters. The ice cream scenes were excruciating for me. So horrific and then the added insult of those callous teens laughing at the other two people's pain. I
  11. I thought the episode was interesting for many reasons. However, I will say that I do not like how some writers on tv inject politics into everything. I don't watch scripted drama to be lectured or "informed" as to how I should think or feel about politics. Politics are personal, imo. There are numerous shows, publications where people may be informed and educated about political issues. I watch dramas as escapism from all that. The fact that individuals have the right to choose was included in the script made it a little more palatable. Asher is a sensitive and caring person, as is
  12. I got a bad feeling about the sickle cell anemia trial. Hope I'm wrong. HATE Cain. He deserves to be ignored and punished for his venal, selfish ways. He is a terrible person. He is worse than Bell ever was. Rose should be too smart for this waste of skin. I will miss Mina and her hard edges. She was a unique character to me. It was nice to have an episode where Conrad was not off the reservation doing something totally against the rules. Maybe Nic has been a good influence on him to not be so impulsive.
  13. But I have a feeling that is just what they will do. Lucas has been kind, loving and thoughtful with Elizabeth from the beginning. Nathan has been a huffy, snarly, shadow with secrets and a bratty niece. We were given sweet romance with Lucas but all that will be unimportant when Elizabeth does a neck-breaking 180 and just can't live without her red serge complete with annoying child. Oh the thrills that are sure to come. With each episode and what I read here, I think my decision to stop the pain of watching was the right one. If I am wrong, I will be pretty happy but all I see is m
  14. I wonder what unbelievable plot twists the show has in store for this Sunday. I just wanted some sweet romance and good friendships. This has been a season of frustration and unrealized pleasure. Reading what may happen is so much better than the pain of watching.
  15. It is sad that a show that I once loved has devolved into the mess that WCTH is now. As a viewer I should not want to shake Elizabeth and tell her how utterly stupid she is acting. I should not hate that brat Allie(because she should not be written as a brat in the first place). I should be able to enjoy the romance and romantic gestures of Lucas without the sinking feeling this show is going to throw mud all over him or just have the nitwit dump him for a sullen, immature jerk for no reason whatsoever. Btw, I have officially quit watching as I cannot stand what I am seeing. As ho
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