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  1. This post is very late but I didn't catch up on CM until recently. First I must admit I do not like the characters of Will or Choi. Will was so desperate about Natalie in the beginning of the show it turned me off big time. Then as time went on he just kept breaking rules and it was ridiculous. Will is the poster boy for bad judgement. Look at his drug addicted doctor gf. What a mess. Then he totally screwed up with the drug trial before Natalie even stole the drugs. I wish Will was going to Africa for Doctors Without Borders or something. His cowboy antics might make a difference
  2. Well it is Sheila. KB can really bring a lot to the show if the writing is there. I, for one, am glad it is not Quinn. She is fun for causing trouble but I detest her as a person. She needs to be surgically excised from the Forresters. Just stick in Carter's bedroom and leave her there. I found yesterday's show to be overly saccharine myself. I want to like Steffy and Finn as a couple but I find them fake, boring and not entertaining. So far, Finn is a total zero. I get no fire, no passion nothing from him. And Steffy has more passion for her now hidden giant LeeeeUm poster than
  3. I thought for a first day DF did a fine job as EJ. James Scott is a hard act to follow and no one should be expected to replicate his style. That said, DF seems to have an idea how to make EJ his character. It would have helped if EJ had more time alone with Sami rather than have to contend with an interfering chihuahua constantly. Having seen the sides, I do think Dan looks better with a bit of a beard. He sort of has a baby face and the beard makes him look tougher. EJ needs an edge. I look forward to how EJ evolves as the new actor settles in. One of the reasons EJ has alwa
  4. Stopped watching Days quite a while ago due to horrendous stories. For instance, Jack has been ruined by the Gwen story. Ugh EOB is a good actress but I do not care for the character whatsoever. I can really love a villain but not her. Screechy Sarah is finally gone. Yay! Liked the actress on B&B but on Days-NO. Xander is much better at plotting and skulking around than as a love interest, jmo. PT is a jewel, however. I find it preposterous that Great Grandma Kate is still sleeping her way through Salem and again with a much younger man. Ewwww. And Lunkhead aka Rafe is still sno
  5. I must say this season finale was far better than last year. Like many others, I still am still smarting over killing off Melendez. I love the actor and he brought so much to the show. Love, love, love how the team adapted to the confines of surgery in a third world country. They were inventive and excellent. The smiles they brought to those they served was so gratifying. The story of Lea helping the young mother with her sick baby was a good way to start the healing for Lea. Running away is never the best option, imo. I was shocked that Lea proposed to Shaun. When she asked h
  6. Good but very sad episode. We often forget how very blessed we are to have access to excellent medical care in this country. The stories certainly pulled at my heartstrings. I thought the two Guatemalan doctors were excellent given the limited resources they have. Necessity really is the mother of all invention. So Lea is going to be gone for a while. This screams a way to cause more drama for Shaun and Lea. She will be gone. Some woman will take a shine to Shaun and start to make inroads and voila, Lea returns. Certainly this would be possible with a regular couple. Not sure
  7. "The early days were so good. It's not on Netflix anymore but I feel like I'd enjoy watching season one and then would just stop. " Sadly, Netflix took WCTH off their service. I have all the seasons recorded :)
  8. I recently started watching this series from the beginning. It has evolved. In the beginning the town was muddy, dingy and the weather seemed to be perpetually overcast. Of course the mine disaster was fresh and it was shown to be a hard scrabble life in a remote mining town. Henry was definitely the villain. Elizabeth was adorable in her clumsy attempts to be a "regular" lady in town. Her cooking was ghastly. Florence was a mean witch. But the romance with Jack and Elizabeth was so sweet and cute. I'm sad some of the original characters left. So far, (still in season1) Jack h
  9. A good episode but not one of my favorites to be sure. First I just could not empathize with the parents of the young girl with the growth. They had YEARS to have it dealt with. When they finally did seek help it was an unholy mess and they tried to blame the doctors. Only at the end did they seem to take responsibility for what happened to their daughter by their cowardice. Nice touch to have her tell them she loves them regardless of the blunder they made Ah Claire. Part of me loves her and the other part hates her hypocritical, one point of view thinking. I see her Dad as a
  10. It is odd. I felt little suspense in this season finale. The midair crash was a little unbelievable in that most of those types of accidents cause explosions from the jet fuel. I don't think I've ever heard of a midair collision that had survivors-ever. It was amazing that the jerk, abusive captain could not ever see how much Chavez accomplished in the crisis and how well he did it. To me, there is no place in the First Responder world for people such as this captain. Ah how did Billy wrangle Owen's job right out from under him? And what a total jealous loser he is. Sorry B
  11. CatLady

    S04.E14: Survivors

    I loved all the outcomes of the finale. Last week was so unnerving and shocking that the show needed some resolutions and some happy scenes to counter all that gloom. Athena really heard Bobby and showed him in the most demonstrative way how much she loves him. And of course, the whole family, complete with Daddy and his boyfriend at the end was great. Harry and May are so lucky that Athena and Michael are so willing to work together to be present together in their lives as opposed to how many divorces with children work. Who can pull at your heart quite like Christopher? Gavin Mc
  12. CatLady

    S04.E14: Survivors

    So far Eddie is hanging on. But, Buck is flipping out. That climb up to that guy so high up made me queasy.
  13. Derek Webster(Charles) has filmed a new tv series called Mayor of Kingstown. Hopefully he has an ongoing role in the series.
  14. CatLady

    S04.E13: Suspicion

    This gives us a more accurate placement of the shot. It is the chest but near the shoulder. It had to have collapsed the lung, perhaps hit the pulmonary artery. The blood loss looks great but blood loss is often magnified by the viewer. It could go either way. Looks grim but this is tv.
  15. Just an addendum. Hiro Kanagawa was s sight for sore eyes. Loved his part in "The Man in High Castle". Now that was a great series!
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