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  1. As far the 'Time Lord' goes? I don't know. But she betrayed Loki's trust, for sure.
  2. Holy crap! All He Who Remains did was talk, and I was terrified! Jonathan Majors is amazing! I mean, he plays bug-fuck unhinged really, really well. And he was right. Maybe some super team will find a way to fix things in a less fascistic way, but until then, he was right. Freaking terrifying. Sylvie, how you disappoint me with your sudden, but inevitable betrayal. Poor Loki. Lost his potential love interest, his new best friend doesn't remember who he is, and Loki's smack dab in the lion's den. Hey, at least he learned something from this journey. Got some real character growt
  3. I stopped watching GH years ago, but I still think about how legendary the show used to be from time to time, and Stuart Damon and his generation was a big part of why GH used to be one of the greats. I'll miss him.
  4. steelyis

    S01.E03: Lamentis

    They probably had family who were allowed onboard, but only if they protected the Ark from the riff raff.
  5. Dammit, Sharon! I was actually pretty jazzed to see Walker finally don the U.S.Agent suit. I also liked when he literally dropped trying to be Captain America and saved those hostages from falling to their deaths. Not as jazzed he works for Val, but shit, a job is hard to come by these days. Zemo, you scamp! Seriously though, Sam being Captain America was pure fan service. Damn near everything he did as Cap was cool as hell! Up to and including setting up Isaiah Bradley's monument in the Captain America Museum.
  6. He was in an episode of Hannibal wearing a speedo, and my goodness was it a treat!
  7. The first tweet is dead on, but that second tweet, though... OMG!
  8. I love the inherent darkness of the scene. With Zemo singing and luring the kids over with candy, the only thing missing was a nasty, rusted-out van with its windows spray painted black. So, unbelievably creepy of Zemo. I wish someone had done more than tell walker not to mess with Dora Milaje. Someone should have told him even with the serum he probably wouldn't have won that fight. The Dora are, in every canon, the most well-trained fighters in the world.
  9. WandaVision and The Good Place. Why couldn't two shows I'm totally gaga over have happier endings? At least The Good Place's ending was bitter sweet. WandaVision's ending is just hurt. I don't wike it! I know folks have suffered tragedies with grace, but Wanda not crying after her husband and kids disappear? No way she walks away from that so calmly. And Wanda losing everything again is not good for her; I don't care what anyone says. And where the hell did milk 'n cream Vision fly off to? Agatha was wrong about Wanda being broken before, but I think she is now, and the post cre
  10. Right? Long downward spirals tend to end in death. Especially for characters who are women. DNW!
  11. I was so keyed up from the previous scenes, I didn't even notice how lifeless and listless a lot of the Westview denizens were! Good catch! And Hayward is so, so dumb, which all but guarantees his scheme is going to go FUBAR! Guys. Guys. I just need Wanda to come out of this happy, okay? Seeing all the tragedy she suffered back to back was so damn hard to watch. Like, give home girl a break! Let her raise her magic-spawn and snog her tall, dorky robot husband in peace! Is that too much to ask?
  12. Xander/NB did look good in Go Fish, but he just doesn't do it for me, even in that scene. I think it's because I was struggling with accepting my bisexuality at the time, so I didn't often acknowledge I was attracted men. Plus, I kind of put Xander in a box--NB, too, I guess--and only saw him as the funny one.
  13. NB, going by his past statements and interviews, didn't seem to have much privilege, or power of any kind BTS. Maybe he had it everywhere else, but he was no one's favorite BTS of BtVS. NB didn't seem to have much of a voice when it came to his character's development, or appearance, either. He was literally told to stop working out because Xander wasn't supposed to be in shape for some reason--it was a weird and intrusive thing to ask of any actor. I remember watching a BTS recording of NB doing voice over for Chaos Bleeds, and Nick was either drunk or hungover, and it was obvious it
  14. I was shouting "Oh!" after each reveal until she got to Sparky and I literally screamed, "Oh, you bitch!" And how she gonna say she bit a kid once and not a explain? I'm mad about that, too! She gave us an epic superhero landing, too! Hell, yeah! I think this episode is the funniest one so far. I legit burst out laughing at a lot of the humor. It's strange, because it had such a Modern Family/The Office vibe, and I never vibed with either show. I'm hyped for the next episode!
  15. To be fair if everyone wasn't pressing every major cast member to come out and give a comment, then no one would be interested in NB right now. I mean, people are really on him to say something regardless of his condition, so I feel like it's his right to, ahem, let it all hang out right now. Not gonna lie: I could have lived my whole life not knowing what his surgery was for.
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