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  1. Oh my God. Alex's family suuucks! I do like Rosa and Isobel's burgeoning friendship. It works in a weird sort of way. However! The show needs to remember Maria is Rosa's friend, too. They should be interacting on screen way more often. Diego is rather attractive and seemingly likable, but I don't really care much about the character. I have zero interest in love triangles, or watching him pine over Liz. The cast is big enough, adding more is unnecessary. Kyle is rapidly becoming the character I look forward to seeing. It used to be Micheal, but Kyle's decency and humor continually surprises and delights me. I still don't like Steph, but their scene together was good. The acting was solid, but their chemistry is weak compared to the chemistry Trevino has with other members of the cast, platonic or romantically.
  2. She better not kill off Maria! I haven't given up on the show. I've grown a bit attached to the characters, so I'm invested in future stories, but if Maria dies that's a deal breaker. Killing off Kyle would also affect my interest in the show.
  3. It's been a while since I watched a show that made me ask: "What is happening?" so many times. First when Isobel flirted with the barista, then when she started to flirt with Kyle. Then when Maria and Alex suddenly ended up in a horror movie. Next, when their stalker turned out to be an evil twin, and after that they had a threesome with Micheal. The episode was full of unexpected crazy! I think I like Max better when he doesn't remember all his Liz angst. And I'm pretty sure I don't like the blue-haired guy, or the girl Kyle has a crush on. The guy because I don't think the actor is great, and the girl because she rubbed me the wrong way by going on about how the ACA is bad--she sounded like a republican and I'm not here for it.
  4. I always sensed McGee's distance from the rest of the cast, even back when the the show was on the air. In some of the BMW bloopers and outtakes McGee rarely smiled and didn't seem to be having as much fun as the other actors. I thought it was because she was more mature and wanted to be more professional, but after finding out about everything that happened BTS McGee's apparent lack of humor explains a lot.
  5. Alex and Maria are super cute together! I loved the expression on his face when Maria sat on his lap. It was weird seeing him smile so much--nice, but weird. So, it was de-aging CGI that made Max's skin look so unnaturally smooth? I'm not down with Liz being let off the hook so easily. While Alex made a semi-good point about people having the right to keep their secrets, Maria had the right to know her whole body was being used to get at the squad. That's when Liz, as a friend, should've known keeping it secret from Maria was unequivocally wrong.
  6. Liz and Maria were everything when OG Roswell was on the air! They are the standard to which I judge female friendships in media. The only reservation I ever had about their friendship is how third wheel-ish it made Alex sometimes. Yeah, Liz is friendly, but not a friend to her human pals. I think she could leave leave town and not miss them. That's why I felt zero satisfaction when Maria called her out. Because to me their friendship is about as deep as a puddle, which made Liz's betrayal equally as shallow. I agree Rosa being around changes the historical chemistry between the characters, but I think her presence adds some much needed warmth to Liz's character.
  7. I love that scene! Alex was ice cold. It was great! Micheal and Maria's chemistry is off the charts, but they're not going to work for me until I see evidence Micheal isn't using her to get over Alex. She deserves better than that. On a more positive and shallow note: Heather Hemmens was too freaking hot in the outfit she wore to her Woman as Warrior seminar. Good lord! Legs for days!
  8. It really was, wasn't it? Their interactions were great! Michael was stand-offish with everyone else for reasons, but allowed himself to be relaxed and glib with Liz. And it was also fun watching him and Liz be science bros and figure out alien physiology. Zombie, now and forever, slaps!
  9. I almost couldn't bare the reunion because the joy and nostalgia I felt seeing Will and Deanna again was overwhelming! I adore Kestra! I have never, ever shipped anything in Star Trek, but damn if Hugh and Elnor didn't make my shipper sense tingle! And why kill Hugh, show? What the fork! I really wanted him and Seven to meet. Not cool.
  10. I was enjoying season 3 until the "Reaper Lady" reveal. I only finished the rest of the season because I wanted to see how the story ended.
  11. Seeing Sandra get to be happy is just what I needed after The Good Place finale. Her and Jerry singing their version of Creep was so cute! Loved Garrett's best man story. I'm not sure Mateo deserves Eric, but they're sweet together. Carol's misdirection fooled me. I know what she's about and I still fell for it. Biggest surprise was Dina letting Sandra hug her, and she even half hugged her back.
  12. Watching our heroes scratch their heads, and wonder why someone with anti government leanings reacted badly when a LEO belligerently violated their rights, was surreal. At least they could have wrote it so there was something obviously suspicious in the trunk, that way the cop's illegal search wouldn't look outrageously jack-booted.
  13. Holy shirt! After wiki'ing Hypatia, I wondered if it wasn't a good thing her memory was foggy. That was a horrible way to die! Still, it was cool to discover how respected and loved she was by her community. I'm not used to reading about women back then being celebrated for their intelligence.
  14. Did not see Micheal becoming God coming. He's probably below Judge Gen in the cosmic hierarchy, but he runs actual heaven now. That's one heck of a come up. Please, please, please, let the show end on a happy note! I do not want anyone walking off into oblivion. I want forever after for all my dear, little cockroaches.
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