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  1. Vigilante sounding off against those white supremacists was a mood! 🤣 God, Chris's dad is the absolute worst! Sooo, has he been a butterfly this whole time, or is it a recent development?
  2. They've shown M'gann a few times since Conner died. And it was easier to watch her pain because she had other characters to play off of. Gar is harder to watch because he's more isolated. Six episodes of Gar depressed is a lot, and I think it was a mistake from a pacing standpoint for there to be that many. Most entertainment (I hate to say this, but...) know to skip over the rougher parts of showing clinical depression. It's boring and irritating, and it isn't engaging to watch at all. While I appreciate the care and detail put into Gar's ordeal, it sure ain't fun to watch.
  3. Gar is frustrating, and if I'm being honest, and hypocritical, it is a pain watching him right now. But I like how YJ shows how messy handling someone in the depths of depression can be. And from personal experience, I can say they're putting a painfully accurate representation of it on screen. It's a little triggering.
  4. Filip is a lil bitch. There. I said it. And I hate saying it because real bitches get shit done, and that lil bitch could never. But he a lil bitch. Loved Holden slipping and calling Clarissa Peaches. And I don't think I appreciated how fast Clarissa is when she juices, because damn she took that guy out fast! Aww, and she's crew now! My girl Naomi is going to have so many more issues to work through by the time this is all over. When she was talking to Monica in their last scene, I wonder if Avasarala was thinking about that Belter she had tortured back in season one? O
  5. The only slack I'll cut people who won't wear masks and anti-vaxxers is I won't cheer when they die from Covid. Still, I didn't hate the overall message Trey and Matt tried to send with the specials.
  6. Wait. So, Cartman converting to judism isn't a long con? I am stunned.
  7. Same. I always liked him, he seemed so upbeat and kind irl, but this sort of attitude coming from him is a complete let-down. Damn disappointing.
  8. As far the 'Time Lord' goes? I don't know. But she betrayed Loki's trust, for sure.
  9. Holy crap! All He Who Remains did was talk, and I was terrified! Jonathan Majors is amazing! I mean, he plays bug-fuck unhinged really, really well. And he was right. Maybe some super team will find a way to fix things in a less fascistic way, but until then, he was right. Freaking terrifying. Sylvie, how you disappoint me with your sudden, but inevitable betrayal. Poor Loki. Lost his potential love interest, his new best friend doesn't remember who he is, and Loki's smack dab in the lion's den. Hey, at least he learned something from this journey. Got some real character growt
  10. I stopped watching GH years ago, but I still think about how legendary the show used to be from time to time, and Stuart Damon and his generation was a big part of why GH used to be one of the greats. I'll miss him.
  11. steelyis

    S01.E03: Lamentis

    They probably had family who were allowed onboard, but only if they protected the Ark from the riff raff.
  12. Dammit, Sharon! I was actually pretty jazzed to see Walker finally don the U.S.Agent suit. I also liked when he literally dropped trying to be Captain America and saved those hostages from falling to their deaths. Not as jazzed he works for Val, but shit, a job is hard to come by these days. Zemo, you scamp! Seriously though, Sam being Captain America was pure fan service. Damn near everything he did as Cap was cool as hell! Up to and including setting up Isaiah Bradley's monument in the Captain America Museum.
  13. He was in an episode of Hannibal wearing a speedo, and my goodness was it a treat!
  14. The first tweet is dead on, but that second tweet, though... OMG!
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