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  1. This movie is about 5 years too late, BUT I love Black Widow and am so.freaking.in. Great trailer.
  2. I saw this earlier today and thought it was quite fun and enjoyable. The twists were pretty predictable and I think the screenplay wasn’t super sharp overall, but I really enjoyed the actors’ chemistry (surprisingly, as I’ve never liked KStew in much of anything before) and the tone was perfect. Just good clean fun. I know the box office has been bad but I kind of hope we get another one—I’d go see it!
  3. Several Pats receivers had brutal drops, too. Brady hasn't looked sharp in a while but this game is definitely an outlier. That said, too, this Pats offense suuuuuucks compared to past years.
  4. Wow...Garrett has to be done for the year, at minimum.
  5. Gemma Whelan is HILARIOUS in Gentleman Jack, but that is...a LOT of actors to add to the S3 cast.
  6. Yeah, I was TOTALLY waiting for the reveal that the Major was Dyson's son, and then it never came! I would love to know if it ended up on a cutting room floor someone or if that was never the intent....
  7. Where is everyone seeing that Emergence has been canceled? I've been looking for an official announcement and can't find it. The closest I've found is this Deadline article stating that Emergence has always been designed for short seasons--so it was never in contention for a back half season order--and we'll probably have to wait for the spring to know for sure whether it's officially renewed or canceled. Right now, absent any official word (that I can find at least!), I think it's a real toss-up. Emergence's ratings are worse than average--BUT they're okay for a time slot ABC has really struggled with (I think better than whatever was there last year actually?), AND apparently Emergence--along with Stumptown--is kicking ass in delayed viewing, which is becoming increasingly important in renewal decisions. And--who knows whether this matters at all--but critical buzz has been fairly positive. So imo it feels like a real toss-up. I don't think this show will see a Season 3, but I could see ABC greenlighting a Season 2 as schedule spackle if nothing else. As the Deadline article indicates, feels like it may also depend on what ABC thinks of its crop of pilots next spring....
  8. This week I also noticed that the front door of Jo’s house is a vivid blue.
  9. Another really solid episode, though I think I missed some stuff because I was working while watching. To start off: my spidey senses were tingling when Kindred was so easily taken down--I definitely knew there had to be more coming--but I did NOT see the Emily twist coming! In some ways it's really a shame, as I thought the actress was quite likeable and bounced well off the rest of the cast. But it feels like there is a whole new layer of the story that just opened up. As an aside, Emily has the best one-liners. "He has the mind of a god and the emotional stability of a ferret" cracked me up, as did "It's not NOT fun" and "Action Jeeves" (or at least I think that's what she called Benny?). I also kind of love the running gag that the station turned into Emily and Benny's house, ha. Chris had a great (non-)reaction to the AI reveal, as did Jo to his non-reaction! I totally guessed that the "dead" partner wasn't dead a hot three seconds into the episode, but I can't lie, the hunt for him kind of dragged for me. The character didn't tell us anything we didn't already know and it feels like that was just a means to an end (apprehend Kindred so we can get to the Emily reveal). IDK why exactly, but the subplots worked better for me this episode than did the main plots. Mia and Piper continue to be just a totally winning couple for the show--unlike many kid actors, they are just so darn likeable and their little bond is legit the cutest thing ever. Piper echoing Mia's sulky teenage "fine!" was HILARIOUS because it's so something a younger sibling would do! I also enjoyed Abby being like "oh no no no, that's not how this works" when they tried to hustle her, hee. Still crackshipping Jo/Abby. Really can't blame Alex for insisting that Mia stay with him (inevitably that will only last an episode, but still) and thought Jo's conversation with Ed was a highlight of the episode. I wonder if the Piper reveal is going to help change Ed's mind about getting treatment, or if Piper will just heal him. This really is an enjoyable show.
  10. stealinghome

    MLB Thread

    Basketball is probably also the most instant gratification-oriented of the five major sports played in the US as well as the most "three second clip of something awesome" friendly, which seems to me not a coincidence.
  11. I just got back from the movie and thought it was really, really intense and enjoyable. I do agree it's a better action movie/blockbuster than a Terminator movie, if that makes sense, but on the whole I thoroughly enjoyed it and would absolutely sign up to see more movies with Sarah and Dani. The movie's main problem is that it has too much. Too many characters, too many OTT action set pieces, and too much exposition of things that would work better hinted at but not shown or explicitly told (aka most of the Grace backstory/Dani's future). At the same time, it handwaves major plot points a little too much ("Carl" grew a conscience and has been living a normal life all this time? Really???). I do wonder if some moments got left on the editing room floor for time, but I also kind of think the screenplay was just a mess. More broadly, this movie loses sight of the fact that what made the original Terminator and T2 great wasn't their five hundred set pieces (admittedly very well done) but the human moments in between. And when this movie slows down and lets its characters breathe, it is really affecting, it just needed to do that more. That said, it never drags--it's long as movies go these days but it doesn't feel it at all. In fact it flies by. The adrenaline is fairly nonstop. Linda Hamilton was the movie's MVP. She gave a really solid, moving performance. Her realization that another dystopian future is upon her in the hotel room, and then her scene with Dani in the woods later, were probably the best scenes of the movie. She just owned what Sarah would be like 20+ years later after having had to watch a preteen John die in front of her. OTOH, Arnold totally phoned it in (I haven't seen the most recent few Terminator movies but this definitely felt like his goodbye/like he's ready to be done with the franchise). I liked the girl who played Dani well enough, but the one future scene where she's the inspirational leader was not great. It pains me to say it since I liked her in HACF, but I didn't love Mackenzie Davis in this. The Grace part was underwritten in some ways, but she didn't do a ton with it either. Not sure how much range she has. I do love how, even if the future/savior/leader changes, Sarah Connor still ends up raising or at least mentoring that person. And Dani is John, but she's also Sarah. Some really interesting recursion there (though that may well have happened on accident...). I will give the movie props for surprising me with the end--I thought for sure everyone else would die protecting Dani and she rides off into the future alone a la Sarah in Terminator 1, or Dani would be left with Grace, but I didn't predict Grace dying and Sarah and Dani being the duo at the end. Also, I thought all the callbacks to the original Terminator and T2 were great, as was the end scene, which I take to be a callback to the Sarah Connor Chronicles (really appropriately given the events of this movie). I would definitely recommend this, and would go again if I had time in the next few weeks.
  12. stealinghome

    MLB Thread

    Congrats to the Nats!! Very exciting to see a new team win it, especially since they were so counted out all season. Rendon and Strasburg should be co-MVPs. Wonder if Taubman is still "so f***ing glad" Houston signed Osuna. Can't believe the home team lost each game, and in such a lopsided fashion in most of the games.
  13. He just bought it, solely for the shade of blue. 😉
  14. stealinghome

    MLB Thread

    Ball Don’t Lie. also that Nationals pitcher looks like Seth Rogen and it weirds me out. ETA: Joe Torre is doing no one any favors by trying to claim that was the right call. Just shut up, Joe.
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