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  1. That's actually surprisingly sensible where the NFL is concerned, imo. And it's not all that often you can say that about the league!
  2. Super happy for Brady and the Bucs, but wow, was kicking that FG the worst sports decision since Kevin Cash taking out Blake Snell in the World Series. What was LaFleur THINKING? You have Aaron Rodgers at QB for fuck’s sake!
  3. Cavill is actually pretty great in The Tudors—he stole the show right out from under Jonathan Rhys-Meyers in the first season. Maybe the key is just casting him in a similar kind of role? (I agree I have been a little underwhelmed by him in the DC movies, but then again it’s not exactly like he’s working with high-level material there. He hasn’t really played Superman for most of those movies...he’s played Zack Snyder’s “Superman would be much cooler if he was Batman” version of Superman.)
  4. I am 99.9% sure that it has never happened before. If you want to be really technical, the possibility exists EVERY year, it’s just that no team has been able to do it before. Though given that the NFL so tightly controls ticket sales for the SB, I’m not sure how much of an edge being “at home” would really provide—it’s not like NO fans would be able to have the Superdome rocking like in a normal home game, for example. The advantage would be more in the logistics leading up to the game than anything else—being able to work out in your own facilities, etc. I wonder if a “home” SB team would still have its players move into a hotel for the week so they can really lock in on the game itself and not get “distracted” by being home with their families and in their normal routines.
  5. Yeah, the original GOAT debate was definitely Brady-Manning, way back in ye olden days when Rodgers was just a wee pup. (Want to know something crazy, which I just looked up? Rodgers became the starter in GB in 2008, just three years before Manning’s last season with the Colts, the one he had to sit out with the neck injury. Over the course of Rodgers’ starting career, Manning was the starter in Denver longer than he was the starter in Indy. It’s actually also wild to me that they overlapped for that long...somehow Manning and Rodgers belong to just totally different eras in my head.) anyway. IMO Brady is the GOAT but Rodgers is probably the most physically gifted QB who has ever played—though Mahomes may well give both a run for their money for those respective titles before he’s done as long as he stays healthy. I’m happy the Bucs beat the Saints but the D is going to have to replicate this performance, and the O is going to have to be a lot better, to challenge the Packers. On the AFC side, I’ll be happy for whoever emerges from Chiefs-Bills, I just want Mahomes to be able to play (and not cheat the concussion protocol to be able to do it!).
  6. Except when it's 3rd and 1. Then invariably the Bucs call for like a 50 yard deep shot (which never works!).
  7. That was an absolutely BRUTAL drop by Godwin. It would have been a really nice catch...but you HAVE to make that catch in the playoffs.
  8. Justin Tucker did NOT eat his wheaties this morning. Has he ever missed twice in a game??
  9. Oh man, now I can’t unsee that description and it’s grossing me out!
  10. "YOU USED UP ALL THE GLUE ON PURPOSE!!!!!" I grew up watching it and absolutely love this movie. I can rewatch over and over--it's so satisfying every single time. For me it's the parents who make the movie. They're just pitch-perfect.
  11. Oh come on, that's just not fair. The Browns are CURSED.
  12. And it’s not even an issue of translation from TBBT to YS: Sheldon was shown to be a pretty unreliable narrator/describer of other people even on TBBT. The way he often described his mother, for instance, didn’t do justice to the Mary we saw on screen. Ditto for how he often talked about Penny, Leonard, Howard, etc., versus who and how they really were. Since Sheldon often reduces people to extreme caricatures when he describes them, I can totally buy that George was far more complex and not as extreme as adult Sheldon characterized him—especially since all of Sheldon’s memories are filtered through a child’s perception and understanding of the world, and most especially since Sheldon has never been the greatest at understanding human behavior and seeing shades of gray.
  13. And then he was so exasperated when Georgie didn’t get what he was saying that he was just like “GTFO.” Ha!
  14. I have a feeling this game may just never get played....
  15. I agree with this. I am NO Steelers fan, but the league has had other teams play while missing several players (sometimes key players) due to Covid, so why doesn't that apply to the Ravens? And it's not fair to continually screw Pittsburgh because other teams can't get their shit together. I wonder if the NFL might have helped itself by just clearly establishing a rule about a certain number of infected/at-risk players triggering an automatic reschedule. Like if you have 7+ players who test positive or are in quarantine due to exposure, you reschedule automatically; if it's 6 or under, you play as scheduled unless there is something else leading you to believe that playing is unsafe. There could have been other corollaries, too, like if a team has an outbreak and continue to get 2+ positives a day up until the day before the game, it's an automatic reschedule. You could word such rules in a way that allows some flexibility in enforcement, but I suspect that establishing a baseline set of expectations would have gone a long way toward alleviating frustration around why some teams are forced to play while missing a number of/key players and why others get to reschedule and wait until they're back at full strength to play. Also, it goes without saying, had the NFL scheduled an extra 1-2 bye weeks to allow for make-up games, they would have really helped themselves. The league is just so dumb sometimes. The easy, obvious things they can do to help themselves are...easy and obvious. And yet.
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