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  1. I wonder if this is Belichick's way of trying to do Newton a solid--instead of making him a backup, he cuts Cam loose and lets him go pursue other potentially starting options. Newton has made it clear that he wants to be a starter still so. I say this mostly because you can't convince me the Pats are better off with Brian Hoyer as their backup than Newton, and with players that they clearly respect--and I do think Belichick respects Newton--they do try to treat them right. Though I agree the Covid stuff can't have helped Cam's case at all. The best ability is availability.
  2. I finished the show this evening and thought it was okay but not great, and I don't understand why so many professional reviewers/critics are absolutely drooling over it. As others have said, the tone is a serious problem. It was marketed as academic satire/parody, but it's really a dramedy that is heavier on the drama than comedy--which is a problem because The Chair is least successful when it's being a drama. Its best moments are when it leans into the absurd comedy and the academic satire/parody, but there aren't enough of those (sustained) moments to really carry the show. If it comes bac
  3. Joan continues to be by far my favorite part of this show. When she showed up “undercover” to the library stake-out I died laughing. I would absolutely watch a spin-off of her and the IT guy trying to sleuth and solve crimes, and quote Chaucer along the way. Also, Joan, if you were super passionate about all the dick/fart/sex jokes in Chaucer like this in class, your evals might be better…. Ji-Yoon needs to act like the chair and yank the old white male Meville professor off of Yaz’s tenure case, because he clearly is tanking her unfairly. Ji-Yoon at this point is not doing her job if she
  4. Joan is easily the best thing about this show. Lighting the evals on fire—and then starting a fire!—was uh-may-zing. And her sleuthing efforts to find the commentator on ratemyprof is hilarious. She is definitely the show’s MVP. The show really wants me to be more interested in Bill than he warrants. You could see coming from a mile away that he was going to bungle the town hall by thinking he can show up and just ooze charm and not really engage with the students. Everything tied to him is just so tired trope-y, even Ji-Yoon. I feel for Ji-Yoon but she needs to start throwing her we
  5. I think the issue I’m having with his character (I’m two episodes in) is that they have him indulge in caricature-ish behavior but then want him to also be a “real” character like Ji-Yoon. But the other characters who are caricatures are treated by the show as just that: full-on caricatures. So there’s some mixed signaling the character is suffering from: “don’t take him seriously…but also take him super-seriously!”
  6. When the car started moving, I laughed HARD, and kept laughing when it ran over Bill's foot. Well done, show, because I did NOT see that coming! Ji-Yoon's difficulties with her daughter are really compelling. I cringed so hard when she made the speech high--embarrassment humor isn't my thing--but good for her for awarding Yaz the Distinguished Lectureship despite the dean trying to blow her off constantly about it. She's the chair!
  7. I watched the first two episodes tonight and think it's solid but not spectacular so far. The hot mess professor isn't as funny--or endearing--as the show wants him to be, but Ji-Yoon's travails at the department meeting made me LOL (all too true that faculty meetings are like herding cats) and the enrollment problems/antiquated professors problem is all too real. This is definitely written by someone who is familiar with academia! You can see coming from a mile away that the fusty Melville scholar is going to tank Yaz's tenure case. Too. Real. "What was the last time you looked at y
  8. Agreed. I would put Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek in the tier of "name will draw some people to a movie they otherwise know nothing about" A-listers. The others, TV/movie fans will know, but they don't have that kind of drawing power (yet). I'm not a Marvel completionist, but all the trailers for Eternals IMO have been compelling, and it's probably the Marvel movie coming out in the near future that I'm most interested in. It's just all going to depend on the Covid situation come November....
  9. Yeah, I have zero interest in this movie EXCEPT Jodie Comer, but dammit, she might just be enough to get me to see it. Maybe.
  10. I agree with all these points. I just got back from seeing the movie (my first since the pandemic!!!) and I thought it was solid but not great; I had higher hopes for the only Natasha movie we’ll likely get, though I appreciate she at least got this as a swan song—much better than the awful end they gave Nat in Endgame. I also agree that this movie took too much inspiration from CA:TWS (especially in the third act) and wasn’t as good so ended up feeling like a dollar discount version, but I also wanted this movie to be a real gritty spy thriller like CA:TWS flirts with, but it never had that v
  11. I've never gotten that at all from the films. The Warriors Three might have given Loki a hard time for being a magician more than a warrior (though I've always thought that was more about big brother's friends teasing tag-a-long little brother than anything else), but that's very different than Odin "encourag[ing] an environment" in which Loki was habitually put down. I mean...Loki learned his magic from Frigga. I highly doubt Odin walked around encouraging everyone to put Frigga down. And Odin, as others on the thread have said, raised Loki telling him he was just as worthy of being king as T
  12. This movie was better than I thought it would be, but I didn't find it to be overly special--not a movie I've thought about after we turned it off. Davidson was good but I'm pretty sure just played himself...not sure how much real acting was involved. Thought the best performance was from the stepfather.
  13. Yeah, I've never gotten the "Odin is a terrible father, poor little lamb Loki!!!!" thing. From what I can tell, Odin's worst "sin" as a father was seeing that Loki wasn't leadership material (which he wasn't, as Loki himself went on to demonstrate in spades), and therefore not making Loki his heir. What a mean dude, who didn't want to make his crazy, betraying, psychopathic son the ruler of his land after he was gone!
  14. Don't forget that Marvel made a point of casting big-name actors in the supporting roles to prop up the unknown leads, though. Thor had Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins, Rene Russo, and Stellan Skarsgard, just off the top of my head; Captain America had Tommy Lee Jones, Hugo Weaving, Stanley Tucci, Toby Jones, and Richard Armitage.
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