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  1. Lorelai sure didn't help in that regard. You watch your child grow up and you can see their strong points and where they need work. It was blatantly obvious that Rory didn't have the passion and drive for reporting that someone like Lucinda Franks has. Lorelai should have given Rory better guidance.
  2. Buttbicuit's ruminations remind me of that terrible Johnny Depp fragrance commercial. "Where I am going? Which way? What am I looking for?" He just needs more eyeliner. So there is this big storm in GC right now. I really didn't hear any wind, rain or thunder. Shit, now Dark Shadows, they knew how to throw a storm.
  3. Was it Cleopatra's jewelry? Fella could have quite a weekend in Vegas on that.
  4. Jeez, we're right here. You don't need to yell. 🙂
  5. It's out there. I've seen it dozens of times already.
  6. You have to understand. These are formal cowboy boots. You would only wear these to the Opry and the Annual Barn and Horse Hockey Appreciation Society gala.
  7. Are you me? We were also living together and got engaged a week later. I'm not a jewelry person either, I would rather have had a new rose bush or ornamental tree. My gold and diamond necklace got stolen as well. Of course it was my own fault. DH was in a band and we always had a lot of musicians and assorted hangers on around and I left my necklace in a little box in the bathroom. He eventually bought me another one but I don't think it's as nice.....and I should probably take this to Small Talk.
  8. Well that's scandalous. Pfft, Uncle Ben is old enough the be Aunt Jemima's grandfather. And then you have Dr. Pepper and his neer do well younger brother Mr. Pibb. He never got his degree and his father Dr. Scholl disowned him.
  9. It's probably really cheap. If they switched it would cut into their bottom line. I mean human suffering can't get in the way of huge profits.
  10. I heard she was also seeing one Mr. Frank Redhot. And what of Uncle Ben? Eh, what?
  11. And the constant eating out and ordering pizza, Chinese, etc. That's a ticket for the poorhouse right there. You'd think a young woman with a child to raise would have learned to cook the way Lorelai learned to sew. But when you look at their living conditions at the Independence, when they were living in the gardeners shack, there was no kitchen. So, maybe her learning to cook was delayed by that, she still moved into a house when Rory was eleven, you'd think at that point, for the sake of her child she would want to make healthy, home cooked meals. It would have been an important life skill for Rory to learn too.
  12. Well, as i said in my previous post, my husband gave me a gold and diamond necklace after we'd only been going out for three weeks but we were living together by then, If I didn't like the guy, I don't think it's ethical to accept it. The kind of crap I used to get form guys was usually stuffed animals on my porch, hanging baskets of plants, flowers.
  13. I'm telling you, there IS someone in the walls. If not JT then one of Victor's hired goons. After JT was hiding in his walls, Ol' Scratch was inspired.
  14. Lol, she was too busy knocking the glass balls off the tree and batting them into the stone entryway where they would satisfyingly go SMASH. Little brat. Mayhem, indeed.
  15. I used to get an orange and some nuts like walnuts and hazel nuts. When I was a teenager I'd also get a can of crab to share with my cat.
  16. I remember that show, wasn't it on right after Happy Weeks?
  17. ⚡Aha! I've got! it ! JT is living in the wall at AA's! He got so used to crawling around in walls, it's the only way he can live now.
  18. Is it still going or did it get cancelled? I don't have any streaming services. I'm a dinosaur.
  19. So, like in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen?
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