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  1. That was such brilliant acting that her scenes are still shown in acting classes.
  2. Look at little Delia. All grown up!!!
  3. I’ve been watching from the beginning and I remember when they would look out at Phillips grave. I think the inscription said “always remember how very much we love you”
  4. This pic was on Twitter recently, brought back memories. I was confused for a minute, "why was Mariah there", duh it's Cassie!.
  5. No just voiceovers in commercials, I recognize his voice. Don't ask me to remember which ones, lol.
  6. PB does do voice work.
  7. Oh, I'm sorry, I rarely ever watch the show, so I guess last time I saw him he was a girl, lol! I just checked, the boys are different actors from the ones playing Johnny, no relation.
  8. Douglas is played by girls.