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  1. James Scott OUT. I guess this makes sense in view of Alison Sweeney's departure, but wow! According to the article he wraps up his scenes today and will be gone before Alison. http://www.soapoperadigest.com/content/exclusive-james-scott-done-days
  2. boes

    Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    That's really terrific, Snaporaz. I don't think you need to worry about the squirrel getting too trusting. I put food on the fence for ours every day, and while they don't run away when I approach, they do hightail it outta sight if anyone other than me does it. That squirrel knows you won't harm him. I totally get how you feel about another animal after Boris. If it changes, you'll know it, but till then I think you're right to pay attention to your feelings.
  3. Remember when Jack was looking for some Chancellor DNA (before that horrific scene of Kyle digging up Philip Chancellor's body and stealing his thumb or something), he contacted both Philip in Australia and Chance to see if they would donate some and found out that Philip and Chance were off on a long vacation mountain trekking in the Himalayas. So I guess he's out of WITSEC.
  4. But it's still attached to Nick's head! That'll work....
  5. I wonder who it originally belonged to before she harvested it?
  6. Is there any real difference between her and her character? Both seem pretty repulsive to me.
  7. So Show is now "Nightmare on Elm Street", and Phyllis is being played by Freddie Krueger's twin sister? So did she eat the shoulder of her top or did it just dissolve coming into contact with her scales?
  8. It seems that the Young and the Restless has fallen and hit itself on the head and now thinks it's a Wisconsin curds and whey version of "The Sound of Music". I guess, if this HAD to happen, it's better Show went with the musical theme from the movie rather than emulating Maria teaching the children how to perform that most necessary of bodily functions, (Why they cut her song, "Everybody Poops" from that movie I will NEVER understand....) But I warn you, Show, we will only put up with this for so long...... And then, action WILL be taken.... NinjaPenguins, I had a thought today too! What if, WHAT IF, Phyllis and ButtBiscuit are the same person? Oh, I know Phyllis has a screechy, nail-on-chalkboard voice, a nose you could ski off of, arms a bit too long for our species, legs that look like they were ripped off the Shadow Man and a personality type that the doctors at that world-renowned Genoa City mental health facility, Fairview, refer to as "Deep Dumpster Syndrome". But, that also describes BUTTBISCUIT! Modulate that whine of his that sounds like a gas leak, put him in an orange schmatta and before you can sputter Abra cadabra, Snizzle me schizzle, they are the same person. I'm sure I'm right about this because I have the exact same symptoms every single time I see either one of them. Strange things happen in this world. Awww, wasn't that sweet of Rey Rey to let Sharon apologize for having the gall to make her own decisions? His "We all make mistakes" and "Sometimes we even learn from them" might not have been the smartest thing for Rey Rey to say to her, since if Sharon HAD learned from her mistakes, his skanky Nicolas-lite baboon buttbiscuit wouldn't have gotten past the front door. He's as humorless, judgemental, brimming with misplaced self-regard and as pleasant to be around as Dylan ever was. Yeah, Rey Rey, you should be thanking God Sharon hasn't learned from her mistakes. Another day of Nick stomping around in a pisk, pursing his lips, adjusting the junk, and blaming Victoria. It would be sort of sweet, watching Josh Morrow trying to AKT all tough guy and Super Dad and Buzynuss Man, except it's not. It's really not.
  9. We need an "Oh, Brother......" emoji.
  10. I also was expecting a lot more from the memorial episode than we got. I couldn't help but compare it to Alice's memorial - is it really that long ago? I don't for one second begrudge Alice her memorial, with all the character returns and the time spent on it, but I was expecting something along those lines for Caroline. I knew it couldn't be as rich but surely more than we ended up getting...... There were moments yesterday, ones you've all mentioned - Kayla with Victor, Hope with Victor, and some of the speeches at the Pub, and combined with how beautifully Roman and Kayla reacted the day before, that struck the right emotional note. But overall, it was a pretty shit sendoff for both the fictional matriarch of a long term anchor family and for a long time cast member. They don't make 'em like that anymore. ETA - yeah, what's up with that "there won't be a funeral" nonsense? Caroline will certainly be interred next to Shawn, there will undoubtedly be a mass, so ???? Was that Show's way to telling the audience, "THIS IS IT and don't expect more"?
  11. I thought the same thing. She looked like a senior instructor at Clown College.
  12. Yeah, what was that all about? Devon needs to have his underwear resized because something is really rubbing him the wrong way. For once, I'm glad Ana gave him some attitude. Okay, okay, Schmoopies, I thought the ring fiasco was going to be where cute went to die but much to my surprise, I still have enough good will towards Kyle and Lola to have enjoyed this little garbage dive. BUT, don't push it. There's cute and then there's edging into Sherry and Lamb Chop territory. That shit will get you killed. Happy to see that ButtBiscuit changed from his all white tennies to his formal pair, with the dark tops and the white soles when he went to kneel at Delia's graveside, knees bent like a grasshopper ready to jump. He was squeezing those lil' charcoal button eyes so tight I thought they were going to pop out. But then, who shows up but the Asshole of Death. It's useless for them to cry over Delia's grave anyway, since she isn't there. She hauled undead ass over to Colleen's plot and dug in there, secure in knowing she's hiding out at the grave that NOBODY EVER visits.
  13. Mishael Morgan, yes. Hillary, no pleasegodNO. If Show wants to bring on some long lost twin who's not toxic and permanently unpleasant, have at it. But old Hillary, nonononono NO.
  14. So Show ended today with a dump truck filled to the brim, dumping a load of ripe manure on the viewers. I don't know what else to call it when Victor says, with a straight face, that he's never made other people miserable, that he's never blamed anyone else for his mistakes. I'm not even going to bother with a partial list of the bullshit that disproves THAT particular dingleberry of dishonesty. If you have any roses, spread today's load of crap around the base of your plant, work it in lightly and then water. If you don't have any roses, just get yourself a pair of rubber gloves and toss it back at the screen every time Victor and Adam are on, they'll absorb it like the emotional leeches they are. If you have any left over, save it for Nick. So Paul is now Nikki's confidante about Victor! Before, this would have been Jack's burden, I mean, job. Show done good by freeing him from that thankless duty. Poor Paulie, though....... first he has to listen to Nikki, then he has to go home to Cricket.
  15. Mine too, mine too. I just finished the episode and I'm still wiping away the tears. Josh Taylor and Mary Beth Evans were just spectacular. The way Roman stood there, hands clenched on the table, unable to look at Kayla when she came over, so overcome with the shock and the sadness of it......he was so, so good. He reminded me of how heartbreaking Bryan Datillo was after Will's murder. Then, Mary Beth Evans, with little more than the dawning realization of what her brother was telling her, the sadness and shock welling in her eyes, then those two holding on to each other - absolute killer quality from both of them. Damn....... Will's scenes in the Pub, everyone, Sonny, Marlena, Roman, Kate, Lucas, Sami, so very very good. And as usual IMO, Rex reacting with compassion and honest feeling makes me like him even more. Sarah was good, too. I was afraid there for a moment that Eric was going to promise God some new idiotic bargain to save Will's life, the way he did when he promised God to stay away from Sarah for some reason I don't remember anymore. At least today he wasn't such a bonehead. That boy just ain't right, though. It isn't possible for me to care less about Ciara and Tripp, though Claire was also massively annoying today. But then again, Ciara appalls me on a regular basis and considering what a moob Tripp is, he really should be Eric's kid, not Steve's. But to be fair, pretty much any of the ancillary storylines would have been an unwanted distraction today for me, taking time away from Caroline's death and Will's recovery. Good job, Show!
  16. I'm pulling a chair up at that table. What he did to Ashley and Sharon not only indelibly stained him, my feeling for Sharon took a sustained hit when she got involved with him. It's just like Victor replacing Jack with the doppelganger, Kevin trying to kill Colleen, Neil and the boat house, and Phyllis just being alive, some things can't ever be really erased. There are some steps too far....
  17. I think she was asking him if he remembered that Rex had worked with Dr. Rolf but the dialogue wasn't really clear, I had to go back and listen to it a couple of times.
  18. Shane just can't get that button to work.
  19. And storywise, Patsy not being there makes sense. Kim has been fighting cancer and the few references we've heard made it sound like she was having a very rough time of it. So since Caroline was living with her and her family when she died, and Kim is in rough shape, they can be written as having said their goodbyes but she's not up to the rigors of a plane flight and the rest of her family want to stay with her.
  20. I thought the same. Also, how did Phyllis drive anywhere, since all of her belongings, clothes, car keys, purse, credit cards, makeup, etc., were all left behind in her hotel room, as we saw last week. Did she pull the change of clothes, money, keys and car out of her ........oh, let's say, "hat"?
  21. Well, I do think Michelle looks best with long hair..... Really, really, REALLY long hair..... and one smokin' bod.
  22. Well said. Nick isn't father of the year, his Father's Day cards should be written in invisible ink, but Adam has picked a parental lane and he's going at breakneck speed down the Count Chocula Parental freeway. Christian sure is one cute kid! Now, as for him not having a leg to stand on..... (Fill in your own caption)
  23. Yep Yep Yep. Today's show....... I pretty much skipped over all the Ciara/Tripp scenes, took a quick look at Claire and Eve but couldn't take my eyes off any of the scenes with or about Will. Every one of them did a stellar job. Damn.....when Show does it right, it does it right.
  24. You should take a look at Salem's park on DOOL - on second thought, don't do it to yourself. The farm set I had as a kid had more realistic foliage, and was bigger, I think.