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  1. Catching up and the last several episodes. Glad its back. Seriously!! Um, Donny Boaz (Chance) clearly has a home gym. He so goofy and unattractive to me but when the shirt came off I kind of get the appeal. It's harder for guys that tall to get some serious muscle definition. Marissa's contract must not have brought her back for one final episode. Chelsea is still the most superfluous character to me. Quarantine sure didn't change that. Although maybe bring Anita back since poor Daisy Duke lost some residuals for sure over the last 6 months. I almost wish they wouldn't re-pair Nick and Phyllis and JUST do the "Phyllis bought dinosaur bones online" storyline. She's better when she's over the top and feuding....almost a comedic side-character? I do like her banter with Abby! Sharon's storyline is really hitting me, but for personal reasons. During quarantine/COVID era I had someone once very, VERY close to me reach out about a cancer diagnosis. Soaps still have that ability in many ways to hit a nerve and change your tune. A plotline you eye-rolled at or merely tolerated is suddenly the one that puts a lump in your throat!
  2. I think Adam looks better with a little meat on his bones!
  3. Speaking of Fenmore's and department stores and sets....is Michael & Lauren's condo set gone now? The last time I can remember seeing it was a Xmas episode some time ago when Gloria came back to town. Watching the first episode yesterday, the Foster's home looking legitimately working class Midwest I have to say. I would like them to replay whichever episode was the very first we see the Chancellor Estate--I read somewhere at the time that was the most expensive set built for TV. So is the Holt Renfrew in Toronto gone pearlite? I went there years ago and it felt very glamorous.
  4. Thanks for the clarification Joimiaroxeu that tacky place Lauren and Gloria were working in wasn't the real Fenmore's of all these years but a pop up boutique. Although that seems weird now how opposed Lauren was to Billy's Jabotique idea a couple years ago.....she was adamant it would hasten the decline of the traditional department store. Loving this department store look talk. Living in Seattle the Nordstrom flagship store does indeed have live piano music (ironically, as peacheslatour knows, Nordstrom flagship downtown Seattle is in the old Frederick and Nelson's space). I didn't live here when F&N was a thing. Not to be too Pacific Northwest centric, but in my head Fenmore's was more akin to The Bon Marche (before it got gobbled up by Macy's).
  5. Wow on that recent episode with Katy Perry....Fenmore's? What an ugly store. Why those record-as-decorations and music theme? So loud and tacky. It's definitely NOT how I pictured Fenmore's all these years (as a classic department store).
  6. I think having Evelyn as the older sister worked vs the book too....Winona Ryder is beautiful, but the clear implication in the setting of the show was that she had "missed her chances" by taking care of the mother, dating married gentiles, etc and was 42/43ish. Thus, more susceptible to believing everything and looking the other way at so much because she was being given a late-in-life 2nd chance to shine and have admiration and clout. I think for modern audiences that works better by having her as the eldest, unmarried sister.
  7. Yes, I remember when ATWT was replaced by The Talk at first the Nielson ratings of the replacement talkshow were slightly lower and some folks on Twitter were TOLD YOU SO! REGRET IT NOW CBS?! However, the COST of a static set talk show is such a fraction to what As the World Turns was CBS knew full well what they were doing.
  8. I wonder about 2nd class too. How much do they interact with First? I found that jury situation a few episodes ago interesting because the First Class juror seemed legitimately excited to meet her counterparts from 2nd and 3rd. Post apocalypse I'd probably be willing to trade a few luxuries in exchange for new people to meet. It seems like the young people are already slumming it in Third right?
  9. That is so true. She probably--after an initial shock--would have been satisfied being "in on the plan" with Melanie posing as Mr Wilford so long as she got all that adoration and feeling loved and needed from First Class. She would have been a wild card, though, and I can't say I blame Melanie for not telling her. The longer working with her, I suspect Melanie respected her less and less. Or else just didn't think of Ruth much at all (certainly not as someone worthy to be a trusted insider on the plot). Ruth's fairly sudden flip to hating Melanie (especially after you reminded me of the brush off the episode before this one, blackwing) made me think of an Edith Wharton quote from "The House of Mirth": “It is less mortifying to believe one's self unpopular than insignificant, and vanity prefers to assume that indifference is a latent form of unfriendliness.”
  10. I can't decide it Ruth is more upset because she is a true Wilford believer or she is angry she wasn't let in on the secret all these years, and feels like a fool for not figuring it out. Honestly, Melanie's reasoning for leaving without Wilford (I still think he's in a drawer, though) was a good one that made me feel a lot of sympathy for Melanie. She did all the work to actually make Snowpiercer into a rescue mission for humanity when he just wanted to live the high life off the ticket sales with what years he had left. I think 7 years really is about the breaking point where you have to come to some sort of dialogue about shared resources. Things like "I paid for season passes to the sauna" are starting to look ridiculous. Plus, there is a generation of those (all classes) who were underage when they came aboard and aren't going to cling to pre-apocalypse values. A more benevolent Wilford....er, Melanie...should have been starting (slowly, not too fast) an integration plan based on skills or something. Healthcare, education, & basic nutrition for the Tailie children at the least. Slowly doing some minor redistribution and human rights advances if not because it's right, then because it's the way to avoid a bloody revolution on your hands. Sort of a Snowpiercer New Deal. As mentioned upthread it really was bad writing not to explain or hint why Tailies were allowed on in the first place--even if the initial reason was diabolical on the part of train security. It almost feels like we're missing something.
  11. It's funny I could see Terry Lester's Jack as more the more one who---so young in Vietnam--could do that. The character of Jack had grown up a bit by the time PB played the role. Also, Terry Lester's Jack always read as a little bit older to me, probably because of the glasses and 80s look. Sadly, I can see them ignoring because of the classic aging vagueness with soap characters. By making the Vietnam War so central to that plot they boxed themselves in for recasts and the "perma-59" thing so many soap characters have (after jumping from being perma-45 for like two decades). Otherwise I could see a 30something Henry Golding-type arrive in GC as Keemo to clash with Kyle and Theo! Especially now.
  12. Wow! He does look better with the grey/scruff. Yes, younger too,. Keep the look CLB! I too had no idea that the other Kyle was on a primetime show.
  13. I hadn't really remembered Gina's restaurant that much to be honest, it all kind of just blended in with the dark wood and lighting that's classic Y&R. But, with these vintage episodes running I've got to say while I don't love it, it DOES feel like what a Midwestern Italian restaurant from the 80s would be! I was a bit thrown off by people dancing in it on Monday's 1984 (Victor's Mom/Traci's suicide attempt) episode. That was Gina's right? I grew up outside Madison, WI more years ago than I want to admit and our house had many of those spindles like in the GC restaurant/bar separating the dining room from the kitchen and then (on the other side) the dining room from the "family room" (AKA TV room or den...but NOT the living room which was a separate deal and had no TV in it). My little brother and I made sure GI Joe and He-Man and She-Ra climbed those spindles like they were prehistoric trees often! We could leave toys "out" in the family room but not in the living room LOL
  14. Monday's 1984 episode: wow! I had no idea Beth Maitland/Traci was the first acting win for the show. LLB was so bad (especially when juxtaposed in an episode with Oscar-nominee Dorothy McGuire), it was clear she was brand new. I didn't start watching as a teen until later but on all those Michael Damien/Danny close-ups this episode I think I finally get the appeal--he truly was handsome. I think the voice, character, and hair always overwhelmed it for me and made it difficult to acknowledge. I always thought Phillip III/TB was more appealing (but this was a few years later when Cricket was more front and center and the pencil-drawing intros were cheesier and in color). I know I shouldn't think about ages but....was Cricket in High School and Danny/Traci/Lauren all supposed to be around 22/23? Actually, in 1984? That wouldn't have been quite as weird, I feel high schoolers had more autonomy then for good or for ill. They all seemed like babies....except the guy who was asking about Traci? Was that the baby daddy? He seemed too old for her. Was the African-American girls with the 80s textbooks in college with Traci?
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