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  1. Billy has become insufferable. No disrespect toward Jason Thompson's acting ability but I still wish Billy Miller would come back. Is Leslie Theo's aunt then? I wonder if she knows about him?
  2. They've always been a little coy with religion of the main families on this show. The exception being the Williams family = working class Catholics (Patty and Paul's brother is a priest, Father Todd) but over the years they have seemed to imply the Abbotts are Catholic too? I remember that topic coming up in the boards when Colleen died..Father Todd was around a lot and Patty actually spoke to him in confession but he didn't know it was his sister.... The Chancellors were Protestant (Brock became a pastor) but Father Todd did reside over Katherine's funeral. When they've done religious m
  3. So Leslie Brooks is returning? https://www.soapsindepth.com/posts/cbs/leslie-brooks-the-young-and-the-restless-janice-lynde-156850
  4. I seem to remember Phyliss making out with Kyle in a car once too.
  5. I liked Carmel and Lars moment together but that's about it. Lamest episode so far, agreed this might be a show that would benefit from a one binge?
  6. Robert Adamson is more my type than this new guy (and yes, he's pretty) might give the writers freedom to do more. I felt they just never wrote ANYTHING for Noah. When we didn't know what was up with the new Theo character? I thought maybe making him gay and get with Noah was the way to go. Did Noah do anything of note after Tessa dumped him?
  7. I'm a man pushing 50, but I think what is tough in this industry is people will compare you to how you used to look. Kidman looks great but does she look like 90s Kidman? No. If she was a new actress seeking roles for fortysomething characters I don't think we'd even comment (aside from her shitty Russian accent and bad wig). However, because we all have a soft spot for "Far & Away" era Kidman we judge her face based on that. She doesn't look like that anymore. She also doesn't look like our 54 yr old coworker. Gossipy moment? My sister in law met her in Nashville (she lives there pa
  8. SweetPea59: Ahhh that makes a little more sense then. I do feel like the last few years there's been some Brooks false alarm tidbits thrown our way, but nothing ever happens. I always felt Theo should have A) stuck around and B) pulled more clout in GC as a Brooks descendent not just the Abbott-by-marriage connection. If JW/Jill was on more, he could have pulled her into that. ETA: Wait THEO as Ashland's son? Would that un-do him as Dina and Stuart Brooks' grandson? Or tie Ashland to the Abbotts? I'm so confused now.
  9. I want Ashland to stay. BUT the show needs to stop with the uncovering of past (telling not showing) stories involving people we didn't know until 2 minutes ago. Amanda's I'll let pass because it was trying to clean up the fiasco of Hillary/Amanda twins. It's almost as bad as Dylan/Stich/Avery days where they kept wanting us to care about stuff that happened off screen, 5 years ago, with characters we didn't know then. All that said (and I've missed a couple episodes so tell me if this is impossible) that seemed kind of weird when Summer mentioned seeing one of the Brooks (Lorie?) in
  10. I agree. It's like they need a teen character to have an after-school job at Crimson Lights or in the kitchen at Society or something. Mattie and Charlie were SORAS'd a little too fast (or Faith too late?), would have been interesting to have them all in High School together. Those two actually did grow on me.
  11. I didn't see where/when Mariah was kidnapped/locked up. She was about to take a little weekend trip or something though? Because clearly she had her travel cosmetics/toiletries bag and a change or two of clothes with her in that room? Maybe that's why people are suspecting Nina and/or Mariah is actually in the Chancellor house? She is not seeming like a true prisoner under lock and key in a cell, but more like how Nina was back in the late 80s when she was ensconced away, lonely, pregnant with Chance, in a back bedroom of Katherine's. LOL
  12. Hated Lauren's jumpsuit but loving her hair these days. COVID helped her (and Michael's) look, it really did! Seems more natural and the hair of an older, beautiful woman who works in fashion and still has the nods to her wild rock star days! No more Irish Setter weaves. I am getting flirting vibes with her and Jack BIG TIME too. I also liked Victoria's low cut top and seedy bar white belt/bottom. But it definitely did not seem like an outfit to wear around your employees at the office, more like when you're looking to get free coke from the dealer at the bar!
  13. You know, I like MS's Phyllis in small doses. I do. Anecdotally with my real life lapsed Y&R fans I think what happens sometimes is they watch the occasional episode and get a really over the top Phyllis moment which is fun. Then they don't watch day to day and don't experience how exhausting it can get if it's not tempered/spooned out with restraint.
  14. Elena was originally a paramedic who got into med school right? Wasn't Stich also originally an Army medic who got into med school? He knew Dylan from serving right? Do we know WHERE Mariah's locked room is? I seem to see a lot of speculation it's actually on the Chancellor Estate/in the house itself? If Esther was around there would be no way that could happen. She's a ditz but she would know every room of that house.
  15. Ketamine really does make you kind of zone out and let things happen to you. So if Armond's young employee had never tried it before or thought he was doing cocaine? Whoa.
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