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  1. JasonCC

    S03.E08: Unfit

    I'm choosing to believe that was just ONE moment of Aunt Lydia's life before Gilead (or during the transition to Gilead) and not the be all/end all of how she became who she is. I think it was a gradual progression with many moments: leaving family law, etc.
  2. JasonCC

    Unpopular Opinions

    Wait, does he have one too? I've been noticing something is up with CLB/Michael's hair recently for sure. Couldn't decide if it was lighting changes or a dye job or what.....
  3. JasonCC

    Unpopular Opinions

    I have to confess I begrudgingly admire Daniel Goddard's social media/fan interaction HUSTLE! You do what you have to do to keep a job!
  4. JasonCC

    Unpopular Opinions

    I am loving the town Carnival set too, it feels like old Y&R where there was usually a Autumn festival set that ran October-ish and then it would be repurposed to a Christmas-tree lot for a few weeks in December. So far I'm not minding Stafford back. Her Phyllis is more over-the-top, my other half only knew GT Phyllis and it's been interesting getting his impression. He actually finds her spin on the character more comical than anything. Speaking of Stafford I'm sure they are going to put her and Mark Grossman in the opening credits. While they are at it can they add Kyle, Traci and at least one of the Rosales? (whoever they think is sticking around, I'm still not sold on them but they are growing on me)
  5. JasonCC

    S03.E06: Household

    I found the headless Lincoln Memorial chilling, actually. The episode itself was all visual for the sake of plot-of-the-moment and too many incoherent retcons. The headless Lincoln would have also made more sense had they kept the viewpoint from the book that Gilead was also a racial Apartheid State and had successfully implemented the Children of Ham Relocation Project.
  6. JasonCC

    S03 E05: Unknown Caller

    Did I miss some subtle moment with Luke at the bodega when the call was coming in? Seemed like there was something happening....like Luke WASN'T buying beer for a change? Or that he was using the "refugee stipend" just mentioned? Could just be wishful thinking on my part, that taking care of Holly has helped give him focus. Last season I thought showing Moira and Luke being depressed/slightly destructive was a realistic touch.
  7. Nick did feel especially out of his league in those scenes with his siblings. It's like the older he gets the more he does the frat boy posture? I mean, he's solid Y&R family and so I would never want rid of him but man he shouldn't be front and center too much.
  8. JasonCC

    S03.E04: God Bless the Child

    PamelaMaeSnap: No I meant the flashback scene at the airport---before it was full-fledged Gilead and Emily was attempting to leave with her wife and son but was denied. They'd already repealed any recognition of Emily as the child's legal mother and they were asking some really creepy questions about how he was conceived (IVF? whose eggs?). I remember people here speculating it probably was an early Gilead method of sussing out which "gender traitors" (lesbians) could be "salvaged" as Handmaids before Gilead gave the green light to start rounding up homosexuals for execution/the Colonies. The airport flashback is before that started happening--and Emily was trying to leave legally/normally (not refugee) as the spouse of a Canadian citizen (Sylvia).
  9. JasonCC

    S03.E04: God Bless the Child

    It was indeed a Boston to Montreal flight that Emily was denied access to during that heart-wrenching, chaotic people fleeing at the airport scene. But, that doesn't mean Sylvia was from Montreal or intending to end up there necessarily. I image when the final USA-to-Gilead transition caused a chaotic, mass exodus of anyone with a foreign passport (like Sylvia & her family) people got on whatever the next flight was to said country regardless of final destination. That scene still sticks with me.
  10. JasonCC

    S03.E04: God Bless the Child

    The little moments in the Canadian scenes got me the most, like when we saw Sylvia putting her wedding ring back on. The complicated feelings and awkward emotions of everyone there were just done exquisitely. I did pause for a second about "would June REALLY have done a baptism?" but overall it did make sense in the not-really-a-believer-but-in-today's-tumultuous-times-let's-return-to-tradition sense. Remember the birth rates were plummeting (the empty hospital) and I think (unlike the Gilead marriage counselor nonsense) Luke, June, Moira and June's Mom all hit the right beats writing-wise on a lapsed, not-really Catholic anymore baptism. June's mom was especially great in that scene. I'm biased because I was just godfather with my husband (I'm a gay male) for his/our niece. Priest knew what was up although nothing was overtly mentioned--he was just happy he had a young couple (my in-laws) who are still into the tradition and at least nominally members of the church with a young, growing family. Also, writers seemed to make a flashback point what ever religious residuals June (barely) had it was Catholic (not Gileadean) with that Church shown and the priest. In the pilot episode wasn't there priests hanging on the wall and a Cathedral being bulldozed?
  11. I would love BM back, but you're right some storylines would feel weirder. I'm assuming there is supposed to be a dramatic moment coming up when Victoria finds out Billy slept with Summer and is pissed? Or did that happen and I missed it? I think with MS back they could bring Daniel back if the actor wanted to. I just want to forget about Daisy and that baby and all that crap though.
  12. Yes, I remember for a hot second we were meant to think that Nikki was a possibility and that the original Cynthia Watros Kelly was too. She portrayed the character as very damaged/shifty, then it felt like they changed gears.
  13. Anyone notice the same hot blonde big hair, LA-looking dude who is ALWAYS in the background at Society? He was also in a Crimson Lights scene in the background a few weeks back and he was in the audience (but dressed up, suit) at some special media announcement Nick hosted at the Dark Horse set a while ago. Hey, being an extra is great work (my retired mother in Albuquerque does background scenes on "Better Call Saul" now and then, filming today actually!) but when you start to notice they are using the same one in multiple settings? He's pretty, just make him Abby's new bartender/host if you want to keep him around in a limited, non-speaking role? I seem to remember Hillary had a couple non-speaking regulars (interns?) at GC Buzz: a bearded Portland-looking hipster 20something and a really pretty African-American female 20something,
  14. The show is just kind of in a strange place now. There is actually quite a bit I like, and I think new Adam does really well on screen with the characters. Loving Lauren & Jack's interactions (but unsure where it will go) and intrigued by the Traci's novel storyline too. It's odd, and it's Cane, but if they are going to keep the character around maybe they should age him to more where he really is and get him in the adult/business orbits again. He was good as a jerk during the whole Juliet phase. My other half does not have the long history with Y&R I do and was asking why Phyllis is being made into the town pariah screaming harpy. I'm like......Stafford's coming! PS: I say this as someone who likes original recipe Phyllis and Stafford, but in SMALL doses.
  15. So what day is the switch back to Stafford?