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  1. Add me to the group who finds Nick odd-looking and Luke dreamy.
  2. I re-watched. Man, Madeline Brewer (Jenine) and Ann Dowd (Aunt Lydia) and Alexis Bledel (Emily) really bring it. I love Elizabeth Moss...but I think there's been a saturation point and it's not her fault. With all the trouble she's caused I don't see Jenine getting another assignment. Now that we know these breeding farm prisons have been established she'd be sent there. Yet I could also see Aunt Lydia wanting to keep her close and hand-picking an assignment? Once pregnant Jenine might be easier to control? All I know if Jenine is pregnant again, she better keep her baby. I think I could
  3. This is a little into the "worldview" category but was most prevalent in the last two episodes. I know they really need all our characters to be together in Toronto. I get it. That's where they all escaped to and we WANT those moments where the Waterfords are confronted by June, Rita, etc (remember that scene with Fred and Luke "you RAPED my wife"). We can't lose that for storytelling reasons. BUT.....if the USA-in-exile capitol is now Anchorage? The Waterfords would be extradited there and standing trial. I'm envisioning a bullet proof plexiglass box in the middle of the courtroom l
  4. I totally bought an existing pro-Gilead, pro-Waterford crowd. The most screwed up, recovering fundamentalist I ever knew (his parents forced him into conversion therapy for being gay, and it was borderline kidnapping: sent thousands of miles from home, phone taken away, no money, lockdown, the whole works) was indeed Canadian. HOWEVER, there would have been counter-protestors. We've seen over and over again Canadians protesting their neighbor to the south. In fact, it would have been more powerful to have Fred and Serena exit the building, look around and assume it's still the same
  5. That house isn't the same one Luke was living in from the very beginning is it? He had a fellow refugee (blonde woman) roommate then.
  6. I too have always wondered if most Marthas weren't former Econowives with grown kids and no husband around anymore (killed in war, older and died, etc)
  7. You know, the "Republic of Texas" mention in this episode....the fact Florida seems to still be in play ("wait, we have oranges? The war must be going better in Florida"), the fact somewhere in the Midwest/Rocky Mountain West seems to be an awful nuclear power accident called "the Colonies" all put together actually makes some the Canada/Gilead writing that previously I thought ridiculous make more sense. It seemed so unrealistic *our characters* had so much hinging on them with the Mexican delegation, the boycotts, the appeals for Baby Nicole, the talk of war with Canada over the "kidnapped"
  8. They've not explicitly said this on the show, but I think the reason why the world has to be so touchy about riding the line between peace with Gilead and the remaining USA is because I suspect the USA-in-exile (Anchorage) still controls the huge overseas military presence. US Navy, nuclear subs, bases in Germany, Japan, Korea...
  9. I liked both Patty and Emily and think that's the only cool doppleganger plot the show has had aside from Katherine and Marge. Jack and Emily really did have a unique chemistry that's never really been matched. Not sure if this is an Unpopular Opinion or not: While Kyle the character has been boring, circular plots lately (I skip so many episodes) and annoying writing I think Michael Mealor is THE Kyle Abbott after all those recasts. If they are smart they won't lose him. This was a legacy character they need some stability with and he's a good actor,
  10. Not quite getting this vibe from the show yet, but based on the books and documentaries I've always felt a little sorry for Missy LeHand. Devoting her life to her boss, no romantic life of her own that I know of. I've always got the sense Eleanor felt a little sorry for her too. By this point in their partnership and marriage she knew what was what. FDR clearly loves being the center of crowd, being doted on, flirting, small talk--even shallow gossip in the middle of a world crisis. The Roosevelt marriage always seems to be the epitome of a natural introvert (Eleanor) and natural extrovert (FD
  11. Was completely riveted this first episode! I get it they wanted talented, Norwegian-speaking actors (and they are all good) but the beautiful Sofi Hein does seem a smidge too old to have kids that young back then. Prince Olav reads as thirtysomething to me. Production values were top notch and so was the pacing. Can't wait to see more of Harriet Sansom Harris as Eleanor Roosevelt. They should get creative with camera angles to make her seem TALL. Eleanor and Michelle Obama both were/are about 6ft without heels.
  12. Didn't Jana go nuts and affect a super flat speaking/emotional style before she exited stage? Chelsea going to do the same? I'm super behind on the show so maybe it already happened.
  13. Whoa @ Steve Burton! Good for Sasha Calle! She really is good, they just need to do more with her character. LucindaWalsh: WandaVision is still good even if you're a virgin to the backstory. If your SO can do a little of the backfill? Probably okay. That's how it worked with me and my hubby. Fair enough since I got him hooked on Y&R when he was recovering from surgery--back in the GC Buzz days!
  14. Has anyone wondered if certain actors are able to be/request to be "stricter" with COVID/social distancing than others? I feel like in some scenes I can barely tell we're in this era (could be camera trickery?) but that Michelle Stafford and MTS always seem very noticeably distanced?
  15. I too thought the secret was going to be that Theo and Kyle were crazy partiers in their NYC days and had a one time hook-up (maybe involving molly? Remember when it became all about that girl dumped at the ER she showed up with ecstasy and drugged the Grand Phoenix opening party...where did that come from?). That sort of would have made more sense why Kyle acted so cagey around him.
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