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  1. I am so very sorry for your loss. May Madison’s memory be for a blessing.
  2. Just like in his own mind he believes that Lana is madly in love with him and that his black leather coat is fashionable.
  3. I didn’t see Varya saying she needed more time as a no. It was just, slow down, we have only known each other for two weeks. He gaslit the shit out of her blaming her for ending the relationship when she really didn’t. That was Geoffrey manipulating her by deliberately misunderstanding what she said to get even with her. He is such an abusive fuck.
  4. I think his behavior is beyond stalkerish. He strikes me as someone who could absolutely be a rapist. He feels entitled to what HE wants and cannot bear the idea that Lana is, first of all, a person and second of all, NOT at all into him. He needs a translator app that simply says, “Stop bothering Lana!” He is truly frightening.
  5. I LOVED the acting. I thought Jim Parsons was fantastic and Patti LuPone is my personal hero.
  6. I thought Patti LuPone was divine in this. I have seen her onstage and she is thrilling. Have you ever her Patti LuPone sing? If not, do yourself a favor and listen to her sing “Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina.” Or anything else!
  7. I sure as fuck the wouldn’t want to live like that, and I can’t imagine that she does. American lens or not, she has no indoor plumbing and a concrete floor. If she is desperate enough to pin her hopes on Big Ed, things are dire,
  8. I think her sister is watching Prince. I feel terribly for her. Abject poverty is horrendous and most people can never break the cycle. If she is looking at disgusting Big Ed as a way out, things are very desperate. Also, I hate Ed with the fire of a thousand suns.
  9. Those “jerk” children would be in Miss Hannigan’s orphange if Sobbin’ had her way.
  10. As a Jewish New Yorker, she would have definitely known the song, “White Christmas.” It is kind of considered an in-joke among us that Irving Berlin managed to write one of the most iconic Christmas songs ever. It irked me the same way in the first episode that Midge bought the lamb from a non kosher butcher. It would never happen. Their research seems convoluted. As for Benjamin, I knew they wouldn’t end up together because of the episode titled, “Finishing the Hat.” “Finishing the Hat” is a song about the artist deliberately choosing art over relationships.
  11. Poor Darcey. She needs a new tribe because her sister and friend were totally shitty. And Tom was shitty, too. Who DOES that? Tom is not as sexy as he thinks he is, and I know....Darcey is the oldest teenager in the world, but having her friend and sister betray her like that is awful.
  12. I completely disagree. Larissa was looking for validation. And also, yes. Move out! Get a car with ac in Las Vegas! Debbie is Coltee’s real wife and Larissa knows it. The two of the, have been working on breaking Larissa since she got here. Coltee exercises power over her by threatening to deport her and we know that Deb is so jealous she could scratch Larissa’s eyes out. It is an abusive setup and I want to know Larissa is okay. You might not like her, but she doesn’t deserve what she has gotten, either.
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