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  1. I had a weird Chip moment IRL. One of my high school’s biggest BMOC (he was dreamy) got a much envied job at the mall movie theater back in the day. We used to go see any movie (Including Weekend at Bernie’s) just to see him and have what was always a dull conversation with him because he wasn’t exactly a genius. FFWD literally (LITERALLY!) 30 years later… I run into him while back home visiting my family. He was still handsome, and I was like, oh, hello. Then we chatted and after a few moments I joked, “So, are you still working at the movie theater?” And much to my shock he proudly said yes,
  2. Eh, I think I'm done. I loved the book - and generally, Moriarty's humor really doesn't come across when they adapt her books for TV, and this one is starting to really not resemble the book at all - which I thought did an amazing job of telling each story. This crap is just kind of a waste of talent. I love Melissa McCarthy and she is perfect for her role, and I love Bobby Canavale too, and he's great - but eh. I don't think it's worth it. I'd rather watch reruns of Frasier or something. Bummer, I was pretty psyched about this becoming a series, but it just lost me.
  3. Was that Dan Cortese from MTV Sports? Were my eyes deceiving me? He was funny! “I always teach children crime.” 😂 OMG I love Parker. I know we won’t see a ton of Hardison, so I’m glad we got a good helping of him. Aldis Hodge is just so damn delightful. I am shocked that I really kinda love Briana. The whole DJ bit was hilarious. Enjoying the hell out of this show. I will always love Dr. Carter so I am loving Mr. Wilson. I’m glad he’s a scuzball looking for redemption. He’s good at slimy. Really enjoying the hell out of this.
  4. I mean, it’s how he ate steak at Ross’ second wedding. 🤣
  5. My sister and I first crushed on Matthew Perry when he was on Sydney when I was in high school. We were all, could he BE any funnier? 🤣 When previews came out for Friends, we were like, the guy from Sydney, Alex P Keaton’s better girlfriend, that cute guy who was on Married With Children, and the really funny pretty girl from The Ben Stiller Show. We were psyched. 💥 One of my favorite things to do when I rewatch old Friends seasons is watching a season finale and premiere back to back, and try to point out all of the different hair, clothes, and in Perry’s case, weight. Monica legit had t
  6. Omg, Witherspoon’s bad wigs are so distracting I almost quit after episode 3. And she seems to have only 3 facial expressions. Aniston is so much better in her role.
  7. I recently rewatched the first season of Episodes and it was even funnier the second time around. LeBlanc was really, really good. I think Episodes and The Comeback are the best of all the post-Friends work. Agree that Kudrow is the most versatile. I was just watching her on Feel Good and she elevates every scene she’s in. I really liked Go On and thought it was a great show for Perry. He is kind of one note, but the one note he plays is so very damn good and layered. I was super disappointed when Go On didn’t catch on. I feel like Perry was able to stretch his one note a lot th
  8. Nick wanted some Tim Horton's coffee. 😁 If Nick is in Canada, will he stay? Is he allowed to stay? Does Canada know he's there? What Did Nick DO???? All of these questions had better be answered, lol. I love this show, but the bungling of the Nick storyline is just bonkers. And so help me god if they try to do any sort of "love triangle" BS, I'll scream. This is not the appropriate time for romantic tension!
  9. Yes! That’s the perfect way to describe her. I do feel like she is “ours.” Everyone I know who watches this show loves her. We need her. If anything happens to her I’ll cry real-deal, Poussey-level tears. It would be gutting.
  10. Was that a Nick utterance? Will he do more than mumble and look tense? I truly cannot wait. Ah, June and Luke, they have to try but they are just going to get their hearts broken again.
  11. I pretty much expected June to act how she’s acting. Of the Canada folks, she’s done the most Gilead time and has gone through and done some shit that you just can’t talk away - the fact that anyone would expect her to NOT be full of rage and vengeance is nuts. I love Moira, but she needs to take some of her own advice and understand that she actually didn’t experience the same things June did. Not trivializing Moira’s plight, but she’s had literal years to get to a more peaceful place. June is still looking for a fight, and I can’t say I blame her. Luke is back to Luke-ing. I have s
  12. Mallory can be tolerable and her scenes with Kate are nice, but she is just off. She demanded a lot from her 2 friends, and then turns into the go-to awesome friend of a girl she hated and was jealous of? Mallory meeting Kate in the therapist’s waiting room struck me as weird - was Mallory done with her appointment and just hanging out? I just feel like there’s more there there, but who knows? Could be thinking this because the actor playing Mallory is just not very good. Jeannette and Kate are doing all of the lifting in their scenes with Mallory. Kate’s mom really is just the absol
  13. I was like...did she print multiple copies in case one blew away? 🤣🤣 And then thought nobody would ever try to de-jam the printer?
  14. Does sound like plausible stuff. Oh, Mrs. Keyes. I mean, we knew it wouldn't be good for her, but ugh. I like the actor and would be interested in seeing where the character goes, but I also feel like she's been through enough and just want to think of her petting kittens. I like Janine as a scattered, hapless leader, because I feel like there's no way to actually "lead" things well in this situation, so a handmaid hunger strike? Sure, man. I hope they play the Temple of the Dog song. I love Janine and am just glad to have hope that she's still alive. I am so torn about Aunt L
  15. I feel like Luke was probably told not to rush her - didn't we see some of that with Emily and her wife in earlier seasons? I was impressed with both actors during the scene where Luke and June saw each other again because it was so insanely awkward and heavy, and the moment he realized how guilty she felt was powerful. I've never been Luke's biggest fan - I'm with Moira and think June could have done better, heh, as super handsome as Luke is - but I like what his character has developed into, as little as we've seen of it. There's enough guilt between the two of them to power Vegas. I h
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