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  1. Did anyone notice at the airport, the camera lingering on the sign that said “Oversize bag drop off”? They hate her.
  2. Tinfoil Hat

    S06.E04: Big Girl, Little Bus

    That ass crack picture, Jesus. Im trying to work out the logistics of it. First, I’m guessing no underwear, because the pants are really wedged up in there. But how? I mean, I have various pants I wear to yoga and they are tight and in order for them to be in my crack, I’d have to physically put them there myself. So does she hold her cheeks apart and someone else does the wedging, or vice-versa? Or is this something that happens naturally when one is of....wider stature? Maybe she enjoys having her clothes fit like that, since she can’t reach that part of her anatomy easily to attend to her basic hygiene. In that case, the pattern on the pants camouflages whatever might be on the inside of the pants. Just sayin’.
  3. Tinfoil Hat

    S06.E01 Who Knows Better Than I?

    I was turned off by the beginning. Yes, we get it, Suzanne has problems. The hallucination scenes went on and on and ON, without really adding anything to the story. Lots of new characters—seemed to sort of, I dunno, water things down somewhat? Already sick of Piper.
  4. Tinfoil Hat

    S02.E01: June / S02.E02: Unwomen

    I watched these last night, holding my hand over my iPad during the ear scene. I can handle all manner of movie gore, but that was too much. Not understanding why they insisted she cut off part of her hair—she was still recognizable. When June found the Globe employee’s second shoe, all bunged-up and bloody, I almost lost it. This morning, reading this thread brings back the same feeling of horror and dread, as if this is really happening somewhere. And it is, in places. And it doesn’t seem that far removed from the direction the U.S. is now taking. I expect I’ll watch the second episode again tonight.
  5. Tinfoil Hat

    S06.E13: Schenee's Story

    My guess is that Freddy is paid to be a caretaker for her, and since that means he doesn’t have to look for or go to a traditional job, Schenee thinks it means she’s supporting him. Perhaps she thinks that he wipes her ass out of love. Maybe he does. I can’t imagine that taking care of her would be easier work than a job in a convenience store, or sweeping sidewalks, or even shoveling horse manure, for that matter.
  6. Tinfoil Hat

    S05.E04: Buddy's Missing

    That was my guess, that he’s gone to rehab of some sort, and didn’t tell Whitney because he’s aware of how toxic she is. Thats what I hope, anyway.
  7. Tinfoil Hat

    S05.E04: Buddy's Missing

    That was the cutest kitten. I feel sad that it has to live with Twit.
  8. The Nit-Whits think they are complimenting her by saying “you have lost so much weight!” about old pictures, but they’re really saying she’s so much fatter now. I am a nasty mean person who does this intentionally when someone I don’t like tries to pass off an old picture as current. “Oh my god, you look so good! Fantastic job on the weight loss, amazing improvement!”
  9. Tinfoil Hat

    S16.E11: Warrior Fashion

    Dolce and Gabbana have that shirt in their “bambino” collection. No idea if it also comes in adult sizes, but the more petite people can get the kids’ shirt for a mere $195 plus tax and shipping. The conversation I had about “what the hell is she wearing” distracted me from the actual show. And whatever Heidi had on made me think of King Tut.
  10. Tinfoil Hat

    S16: Shawn Buitendorp

    Look at the prices on that crap! The lovely "MILLENNIAL AF" sweatshirt is a bargain $215, so you'll want to snap one up.
  11. Oh god, I need one of those photos for a gag gift. Literally, a gag gift.
  12. Tinfoil Hat

    S01.E02: Going the Distance

    Maybe he was plann Ng to hang the banner so that she'd see it when she arrived, look around for him, and there he'd be, holding roses and looking like his picture. And then it didn't play out the way it did in his head.
  13. And there's a business card-like picture listing her name. Her profession is "abogada"--lawyer. She can pay her own goddamned rent.
  14. I did that dance in line for the ladies' room.
  15. Tinfoil Hat

    S01.E10: Night

    Surprised that Mrs Putnam had enough clout to be able to insist on a harsh punishment for Warren. That was really gross. During the stoning I was expecting that they would throw and intentionally miss. I was waiting for that, but how it happened worked, too. When june was being hauled off by Guardians, I wonder why SJ didn't mention June's pregnancy. I loved when SJ was telling Fred off, and how everybody knew the fetus wasn't his.