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  1. I know your sweet son would be so happy that you were able to see Hamilton and remember the wonderful time you saw it together. I can’t imagine how difficult the sad scene about Hamilton’s son was to watch. That part of the play breaks my heart. (I’ve actually only seen the movie on Disney+) Sending hugs and consolation to you, @lookeyloo.
  2. Way, way too much yelling for me. I won’t be able to watch if it continues. I really hope that when they go back inside the show will revert to “the talk” and not the “scream.”
  3. So very sorry, @beckie. I hope they will find a treatment that will help her. My thoughts go out to all of your family.
  4. Oh, @Mindthinkr, I am so sorry about yours, and your family’s, continuing health challenges. I hope you will all feel better soon. I’m sending hugs and healing thoughts to you.
  5. So glad to hear your daughter’s kidney stone treatment went well, @Mindthinkr. Hope her recovery continues to be easy and complete. Now you can breathe easier!
  6. Has anyone heard if Ana Navarro will be returning on Fridays, also? I sure hope so!
  7. So happy for you and your family, @Turquoise. Thanks for sharing your news about your new baby granddaughter. So sorry to hear about all the damage and power loss in the South from Ida. But glad that so far all the people are ok. My thoughts go out to all of you dealing with hurricane and fire devastation.
  8. I am so sorry to hear about all the personal and health issues your daughter is going through, @Mindthinkr. I really hope that the members of this thread who know much more about the law than I do are correct and the judge will not allow the “so called father” get away with financially abandoning some of his children. He is disgusting. So glad she has kept good records of the ex’s behavior and words. That should help! My son also suffers from kidney stones and has had lithotripsy and surgery to remove them. He recovered very well from the surgery. I hope your daughter will do the same if
  9. Sometimes online shopping is a dream, but sometimes a nightmare. Hope your new purchases go smoothly and well!
  10. So happy to hear your wonderful news, @EVS. Made my day! ❣️❣️
  11. I am so sad to hear this. For awhile I was completely addicted to her YouTube videos. They never failed to put me in a better mood. If you have never seen her, I really suggest taking a look at a few of her videos.
  12. So sorry for the loss of your beautiful fur baby, @whydoiwatch. May your memories bring you comfort in this so difficult time. I’m glad you had so many years with her.
  13. @SunnyBeBe I was going to say may your beautiful memories bring you comfort, but I can tell that they already are. Hugs.
  14. I am on Boniva (like fosamax), but very nervous about it. But I’d also be nervous if not on it due to my DECA scans. I exercise four to six days a week, including weight machines and light free weights. It’s a dilemma.
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