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  1. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Sending healing thoughts to all of you who have suffered losses this year. Im feeling thankful for @Scarlett45 and all you do for our Small Talk family. So glad you are enjoying Cosmo and your snuggly sheet set.
  2. I am so very sorry about both of your losses, @crazycatlady58 and @galaxygirl76. Losses such as these hurt even more during the holidays. You and your families will be in my thoughts.
  3. So sorry, @CandyCaneTreefor the loss of your pup. I know you and the kids will comfort each other, but it isn’t easy. Hugs.
  4. I am very glad to hear you are joining this group, Cookies. I hope it will help console you, as well as maybe even find friendships. It took courage to do this, so I am very proud of you.
  5. Dear @zoomama, words cannot convey how sorry I am to learn of your family’s tragedy. I am glad you found comfort in the angels and hope you will be able to help comfort others in your family.
  6. So sorry @skatelady. That sounds awful and scary. Surly, someone who treated you during this terrible time should be willing to write you a medical exemption. I am extremely pro-vaccine, but in your circumstance would be terrified to take another dose. Sending good thoughts that you will get an exemption, and be able to keep your job with weekly testing or some similar accommodation. Sending comforting thoughts @Mindthinkrfor your friend who has been through much too much recently. I just can’t imagine. So sorry.
  7. @lookeyloo, thank you for sharing once again with us. You are in my thoughts so often. I am glad you have others, especially Mr. Lookeyloo and sweet son-in-law to comfort you, as you do them. @iwantcookies I am so sorry for your loss. Four years can seem seem like yesterday when it is someone as important to you as a mother. Hugs.
  8. So happy for you @Jynnan tonnix. What a sweetheart of a granddaughter you have. And I just know you got the best baby cuddles in, too. Enjoy the absolute best time. I sure miss the infant stage. Sigh.
  9. Awww, congratulations! What happy news! Hope you get to see him soon. Baby cuddles are the best.
  10. I’m glad your coffee maker came back to life and am especially glad you decided to get the third vaccine dose! I feel very much more protected since I got mine. Hope your side effects will be very mild. ———————————- Absolutely stunning pictures, @Jeeves. Thanks so much for sharing them.
  11. So sorry for your losses, @BetyBeeand @Scarlett45. You will both be in my thoughts this weekend.
  12. What a relief. So glad she is ok.
  13. Absolutely stunning! And congratulations! 👶🏻
  14. @Scarlett45I wish this forum had a “care” emoji. I would be sending you several.
  15. Sorry….I meant to include Moderna in my reply. We both had sore arms and were very tired the evening of the vaccine. We went to sleep really early and slept about 10 hours. When we woke up, we were fine. No other side effects.
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