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  1. That is just crazy, @galaxychaser. What is the matter with people? ☹️😡
  2. @ChiCricket, so sorry you are going through all this and that your nephew isn’t doing well. I also have a hard time dealing with understanding a God that would allow the things happening now if it could be prevented. I would love to believe that prayer could help, but my agnostic brain won’t let me go there. I envy those who have faith. But you are not alone, and yes, what I tell people who are hurting is that they are in my thoughts, sending good thoughts and love, etc. And I mean it as heartfelt as if it was a prayer. Which is what I’m sending you for your nephew. Oh my gosh, Just as I was sending this to you I got your last post. I am so, so sorry to hear of your nephew’s loss. That is just tragic. There are no words. I can only send you hugs and sympathy. 😥
  3. I thought I heard that Joy would be back Monday when they could get a better feed from her house. Did I make that up?
  4. @Turquoise, I had to give my husband medication through a PICC line when he got a heart valve infection. It is daunting, but doable, and I got pretty proficient after awhile. I know you will do a great job!
  5. Hang in there, @galaxychaser, try to keep news watching to a minimum. It has helped me immensely to do this. I look at the headlines online for a few sources and only read in depth something I think it is important to know. My city council member keeps us up on what’s happening locally. And that is more than enough for me per day. Try to watch fun stuff on tv or read fun things online or hard copies. Maybe find even more groups to chat with like us. Exercise in any way you can! I miss my gym SO much, but am trying to do a little exercise every day. There are free online resources of all kinds to guide you in exercise if you need that. We are all in this together, but I really do believe we will get through it. And I am really old. LOL
  6. @estellasmum, welcome to posting. Good to hear from everyone! Don’t know what I’d do without this friendly group. I miss @Happyfatchick too! We sure could use her humor and anecdotes about now!
  7. @galaxychaser, we are here for you. Keep posting and we will keep each other’s spirits up!
  8. @CherryMalotte, so sorry you had to go through all that, but the result sounds really hopeful. Now you can go back to trying how to figure out our crazy new world.
  9. @Scarlett45, so very sorry about Charlie. May your beautiful, wonderful memories bring you comfort. Thank you for sharing his pictures.
  10. Awwwww, happy birthday to just YOU, @QuinnInND! 🎂🎉
  11. So sorry, @Westiepeach, I completely understand. I have wonderful friends and family (like everyone else) who have passed way too early and sadly (children included). I just can’t believe God decided they were not good enough to survive while others were chosen to live. I don’t want to think it works like that.
  12. I live in Southern California. I don’t have a coat story. 😂🤣
  13. @ChiCricket, so sorry that Puerto Rico was so traumatic for you. I sure hope your dream life settles down...so unnerving. Really glad you reached out to your cousin and had such a great day. You should do it again soon!
  14. I think it’s lovely and will be perfect in your bathroom.
  15. @sixlets, sorry about your finger, hope it heals well. Yikes! Yes, the weather seems to be crazy everywhere. ❄️🌩💨🌊 Stay safe everyone.
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