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  1. We have a repeat of Mariah's Origin Story coming up. Does Meetup have a group for Lost Siblings of Dead Twins? Sounds like they could fill Society at this rate, assuming there's proper social distancing.
  2. I'm amazed at how enjoyable the At Home episodes are compared to her usual output. The recipes are kinda vomitatious, but Ree is much more likeable and I can actually see a real relationship with her kids. I don't think I want to see stilted, hyper-perfect Ree again. This is more fun and I could use some fun these days.
  3. I caught the movie last night. If you ever wondered how Spice World would look like if Quentin Tarantino had directed it, here's your answer. So! Much! Fun! The BoP were grafted onto Harley's movie, but we were spared from seeing the Joker, which was of the good. I'd rank it with Wonder Woman in terms of best DC movie.
  4. Gina is an entitled hosebeast. How can she go for three dinners while paying lip service to wanting to change? Between the three-plate breakfast and the giant (but delicious looi) sub sandwiches, I am now suffering from aversion. No snack tonight!
  5. If Thomas falls into the vat of acid, I will be sorely disappointed if he doesn't come out in full-throttle Joker makeup. That is all.
  6. Liam is laughing like Arthur Fleck. If my son acted like that, I would be so pissed off.
  7. I'm here for the snark, with a cup of tea and hoping there will be much spillage of tea on screen!
  8. She's a pioneer like I'm a supermodel. And alas, I am no supermodel. However, I learned to cook from my mom and whatever cooking shows were on at the time. Did she even research food trends from that era to see what we might have dropped on the ubiquitous shag carpet? Methinks not.
  9. Kreeny washed her hair for the occasion. And Pierry is cute! Seems that Mother Pole doused herself in bug spray instead of Thierry Mugler at the airport. What a family!
  10. I expected it, but I gasped anyway, because of the blow that Jenny's been dealt. She doesn't deserve it. But how did Some Meat not discourage her from coming to India? Where's his spine/conscience/etc.
  11. He could actually be Vinnie Marone. Makes as much sense as Loganizing Flo, right?
  12. Jihoon's parents are so happy! When they imitated the baby's hands-up gesture, I squeeed!
  13. Hi Pounders! How y'all doing? My eating habit tonight is raspberries and Kashi Dark Chocolate Karma cereal, eaten as finger food.
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