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  1. Were the Zings a lot more clever and biting back when they first started dong them, or has the gag just gotten stale? It feels like the Zings have been really lame for the last couple of seasons.
  2. This might have been the only time I ever marginally liked Nicole, as she attempted to speak in an adult, modulated voice (and ultimately failed). "Do you want me to talk this way?" Yes, Nicole - a thousand times yes!! Also, I found it somewhat endearing when she apologized to the stuffed animal for throwing it over the gate by saying "OK that wasn't very nice" then re-did it. God help me. Tyler is one of those people who looks good from certain angles and weird from others. I have noticed he looks rather odd in the DR, where the camera is positioned slightly below him and is looking up at him. When the camera is at eye level or above, he's nice enough looking, but when the camera is positioned below his head looks weirdly shaped. His man bun only makes things worse. And speaking of Tyler, what in God's name was he wearing during the veto comp? A yellow, sleeveless open shirt, cargo shorts, a bandana and red socks and yellow shoes. Or was it yellow stocks and red shoes? I'm guessing Angela picks out his outfits for him.
  3. I'm convinced it was the sister and/or her husband and the mother was just covering for them. She must have figured what the hell, she was dying of cancer anyway. Clearly she couldn't have dragged her son all the way downstairs and buried him all by herself if she couldn't even lift a gallon of milk. I didn't get this either. The only thing I can think of is that the ranch was actually left to Jake by his stepfather, and that it was held in trust by Deb until her death or something to guarantee she had a place to stay. Even if it was owned outright by Deb and she planned to leave everything to Jake, why would she reward her daughter by changing her will after she killed her son? Then again . . . this was one messed up family. He definitely should have been charged with failure to report a crime, if nothing else. I'm guessing the prosecution needed his testimony against the sister and brother in law so he was given immunity.
  4. This. I realize they have a formula but they need to retool it. Derek doesn't even have time to make a comment but Tara has enough time to blather on and on and then ask follow-up questions? That's BS. We've already had an intro package for the celebs, we already know their story this week. It's more important to hear what the judges have to say than to hear Tyra ask AJ why he loves his wife for crying out loud. Oh, and Tyra honey? Your outfits are at an eleven. I need you to bring them down to about a six. This isn't Drag Race. Also, I am firmly of the opinion that only Shih Tzus should wear topknots. I must be missing something because Johnny looks like he's doing better to me than he does to the judges. His frame and posture are good and he's doing a good job leading as well. Maybe there's something off about the footwork but I didn't see it. I wonder if maybe they just don't like him. After his dance they cut to some of the couples up in the balconies and nobody was clapping or even smiling. One of them was on their phone. It's possible he's just not popular with the other celebs and pros - he does have a rather off-putting personality TBH. I can't believe there's much of a cross-over between Tiger King and DWTS. Maybe a few soft DWTS viewers who don't watch regularly might tune in for the trainwreck but it's not as if Baskin is such a beloved figure some huge fan base is going to sit through a 2-hour dance show for her. Let's just hope Carole doesn't murder him and feed him to her tigers. Like she did with her husband. {allegedly.}
  5. I didn't like her the first time she played, but I can't remember why. But this time she's my favorite only because everyone else sucks so much. She gives great DR whereas the alternatives are boring and/or insipid. I agree she is a terrible player though. That really doesn't make much sense because once the other HGs go to the jury house they all start trading info. It's not like any of this is going to be kept quiet right up until they vote for a winner. Kevin and David will most assuredly be following Da'Vonne to the jury house and at that point I would hope Da'Vonne has no reason to believe David is still lying about his vote.
  6. I forgot to say I loved that part where Mother's Milk was watching Outlander, and Hughie asked what it was, and he says "It's a show called Eat My Dick."
  7. Wow, a song not by Billy Joel! I'd kind of like to see Starlighter take down Stormfront, if possible. I'm not sure how she'd do in a head to head match up tough. When she got all glowy Stormfront said "Oh, that's adorable." And since Homelander can laser her without doing much damage I'm not sure anything Starlight can throw at her would take her down. It's possible that Starlighter could blind her, though.
  8. iMonrey


    This feels very much like American Horror Story: Ratched. Everything Ryan Murphy does feels the same. He is even using the Psycho music again. He's used that in at least one season of AHS. Plus his usual stable of actor faves - so far we've got Sarah Paulson, who must have an exclusive contract with Ryan Murphy Productions, and Finn Whitrock. Looking forward to seeing who pops up next. Not that I'm complaining, necessarily. Nobody does stylized camp like Ryan Murphy. Looks like this was filmed quite some time ago, early 2019?
  9. And yet, Enzo plans to be in the final four with Cody, Tyler and Memphis. Which will probably happen. Which means Dani and Nicole, if not Christmas, should realize that. I can't decide if they're all idiots, or just bad players, or both. We have to sleepwalk through week after week of easy vote-outs because nobody has the smarts to make a game move.
  10. Who exactly is in "The Committee?" Is it Enzo or Tyler? If it's Tyler then how does Nicole know that Enzo is Cody's #1? Can we just skip to the part where Da'Vonne, David and Kevin are gone so somebody will have to actually do something?
  11. Not that it did him much good, but I've always wanted someone on the block to tell people "if you vote me out, you will lose my vote in the jury if you are F2." It's not as if he had anything to lose. And God bless her, at least Nicole tried, and she was right: they may never get another chance to get rid of Tyler. What's really baffling is that this "Committee" is comprised of Cody, Memphis, Enzo, Dani, Christmas and Nicole . . . right? So Tyler isn't even part of it and they still don't want to get rid of him because he's a "shield"? That's not really very smart. I know they all have side alliances and so forth, but this is getting ridiculous. Sooner or later, Da'Vonne, Kevin and David will be gone. Tyler is a huge threat to win. They should have taken their shot when they had it.
  12. iMonrey

    S05.E10: Cold War

    Hey janerazor I just finished this season too. Larry's got some definite anger management problems. I'm of the opinion that the right winner is the one who wins. However they make it. I liked Britt too and was really rooting for him. But while the winner shouldn't be judged on need, I do think Sam will appreciate this money in a way that others might not have as much.
  13. Me too! It would have been a serious disadvantage to have to play right-handed if they did not accommodate a leftie for that comp. Although maybe not as difficult as trying to write or use a fork with your non-dominant hand, now that I think about it.
  14. The episode lacked action scenes, so if that's the main draw for you I can see how you'd be disappointed. In fact the show has been plugging the violence and gore as a selling point, much to my disappointment. That's not what I'm in it for, personally, but if that's your bag, to each his/her own. I enjoyed the character moments this episode had to offer. Homelander in particular is a fascinating study in warped psychology.
  15. They always try to include someone controversial as a ratings gimmick, and I hate it. But I don't think Carole will have the staying power of someone like Sean Spicer. For whatever reason, the voting audience tends to be far more forgiving and supportive of the male celebs than the females. I think it mostly comes down to the fact that people tend to think it's a lot "cuter" when men are trying to dance. (Also . . . as noted, many people believe Carole killed her husband so, there's that. 😵 ) It's a fair point but Tyra is best known as a Super Model and I'm inclined to associate her with fashion and modeling which is why she feels so out of place here, as opposed to someone more "neutral." Also, Tom has become so closely identified with this show it makes replacing him even trickier. You can't just plug in some random celeb to fill his shoes. It would be different if this were some new reality show but it's not, it's a well-worn commodity. You could justify a former pro or someone else associated with the dance world much better as a replacement host than someone like Tyra Banks.
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