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  1. I'd be interested to know how they are handling filming this season. Someone mentioned this a couple episodes back, but there do seem to be certain scenes that are shot with each actor separately then edited together to make it look like they're in the same room. One in particular this episode really caught my attention, the way it cut back and forth between Katie and Greg. You never saw their faces in the same shot. But then there are other scenes where they are clearly in the same room together. I don't get it. I knew that viral blowup of Katie's was going to get posted. You could see that gag coming from a mile away. I would have enjoyed hearing her entire rant though.
  2. Yeah don't get me started on people who think they deserve special privileges just because they reproduced. And then for Becky to rub it in about Darlene not being able to have a baby? That was a cheap shot. I like Nat Faxon so I'm happy to see him on the show but he is 45 and Laurie Metcalf is 65. I'm not sure if the show is trying to play her as younger or if they are going to address the age gap.
  3. The interchangeable blonde team is rarely one I root for, but damn it Kaylynn and Haley really won me over. They took both their yields so good naturedly. I have never seen a team behave so well, and remain so upbeat in the face of constant adversity. That said, I don't really mind the idea of the alliance. I don't actively dislike any of the teams left, nor did I really dislike any of the ones that have been eliminated. I think they did a good job of casting this season. I think I am rooting for the beard bros. They are good racers and good sports. After the blondes, they are probably the nicest to each other. I don't think I've ever seen them squabble. I still like Gary and DeAngelo but I'm troubled by the seemingly unanimous opinion that they are taking advantage of the alliance without giving anything back (although Gary did help James this leg). I'm lukewarm to Hung and Chee. I don't dislike them but they tend to squabble and just aren't as upbeat. The siblings are just an enigma. I don't have a real feel for their personalities. All they ever seem to say is how they are coders and are perfect for whatever challenge comes up. Will and James are abrasive, no question. But they do tend to be good racers. If the other teams are helping them, that's not on them. I guess it wouldn't be the worst team ever if they won. But I know a lot of others feel strongly opposite. And I suspect this might be why CBS sat on this season for 2 years.
  4. I had to re-watch this one because I was confused by the ending. I hate to say it but it's not a very well-produced documentary. (Sorry, Madison.) There are voice-overs and narration from unidentified speakers and the family tree is a bit confusing. There was also a shot of Madison reading a letter or e-mail and it wasn't clear who it was from or to unless you hit the pause button to see it. I didn't see the point of him including the footage with his girlfriend either, it seemed awfully gratuitous, as though he just wanted her to be in it. Still interested in the mystery, but not overly hopeful it's going to be solved. (Or that Madison has much of a future as a documentarian.)
  5. Preach. It seems like I say this every week but nothing really happened here except backstory until the very end, with the reveal about Huck. And who cares anyway? It's not like we're so invested in these characters we feel angry about the betrayal. I couldn't care less if any of them live or die. That's how poorly they've been written and executed.
  6. This was, without a doubt, the dumbest group of contestants yet. I wish I had kept a running list of easy questions they couldn't answer but I wouldn't have been able to keep up. OMG. Please, please get smarter contestants! Clearly this show is just picking players for diversity and entertainment value rather than getting applicants who are good at trivia. I don't know that anyone actually had the chance to apply for this show. I suspect they are casting out of a reality show casting agency. I honestly don't know where else they'd be getting these morons. Look, I'm no genius, but I feel confident in saying I regularly know 75% of the answers on this show. These contestants were batting around 10% collectively. That was was an embarrassing, painful final round to top off an embarrassing episode altogether.
  7. iMonrey

    S04.E10: War

    I for one thought there was too much Thatcher this season. This show is called The Crown, not The Parliament. I realize the two are intertwined, but there were too many Thatcher-centric episodes where the royal family played supporting characters. It's not that I wanted the season to be all about Charles and Diana - far from it. I would have liked to see more episodes devoted to the Queen herself, and perhaps her other children. What we got of Andrew and Edward were little more than cameos. I also thought Gillian Anderson's portrayal of Thatcher bordered on parody. It may not be a fair comparison, but I much preferred Meryl Streep's interpretation of Thatcher, essentially capturing her essence without doing a full-blown, campy impression of her. I enjoyed Josh O'Connor as Charles in Season 3, but he looked far too young in Season 4. He still looks like he's in his 20s and he should have been closer to 40 by the time this season ended. Both Charles and Diana came off very poorly, as compared to the canonization most stories give Diana. I still think Charles is far worse, however. What 19 year old girl wouldn't have been swept off her feet at the idea of marrying the Prince of Wales and becoming the future Queen of England? It's literally a fairy tale come true. She at least seemed to want to make a go of it. He never did. Perhaps for one split second, during their Australian trip, if this show is to be believed, but that quickly dissolved once he began to see she was stealing his thunder. I got used to Olivia Coleman and Tobias Menzies but they had comparatively little to do than Claire Foy and Matt Smith. I guess Elizabeth and Phillips' lives just weren't very interesting post 1980?
  8. OK, we've been discussing just how much of a threat Walkers would be 10+ years into the zombie apocalypse, when they are barely a solid form anymore. Seems like at this point a slight breeze would disintegrate them. Indeed, thus far none of these characters has been in any real danger from Walkers. They've been shoving them aside and flicking them away as one would a gnat. But Silas's father was a newly risen zombie. And yet Silas was able to simply shove him away and keep him at bay just by closing and locking his bedroom door. But Silas's mother? Totally in peril. WHATEVER, show. I know we're supposed to feel sorry for poor, traumatized Silas, but he does in fact remember exactly what happened with his father given the flashbacks that made up most of this episode. I don't know what's stopping him from telling his friends his father was abusive and beating him up and he accidentally killed him defending himself fighting back. And that he simply does not remember whether or not he killed Percy or Tony because he blacked out. When every character on the show mopes around crying "Woe is me" you end up not feeling bad for any of them.
  9. I'm sort of dreading that kind of ending too. I hate sitting through something for six weeks and then not getting any definitive answers so I just hope it's solved one way or another. Same! I want her to be my lawyer. You know . . . the next time I murder someone. I'm starting to wonder if it's even her. The face was smashed beyond recognition and she was id'd by her husband. Maybe she/they faked her death to frame Jonathan. Have they used DNA testing to confirm it's actually Elena's body?
  10. I think the gifting table stuff is just a red herring. I still believe the ex-husband/Madison's father is responsible for the murder. It's just TOO much of a coincidence that she was murdered the very day she was supposed to be awarded support money from the ex.
  11. I was genuinely shocked it was Hermine and not Laura. I think Hermine would have had a good chance of winning if she'd made it to the finals, whereas Laura has very little chance of pulling that off. It's definitely between Peter and Dave, with the edge going to Peter. You may be onto something. I'd hate to think there's some producer type behind the scenes steering the judges into keeping the contestant they think is "better TV." That would be a very American reality show thing to do. I think Noel has a thing for Peter. He's been fixated on him for weeks. Remember last week when he said he wanted to see him naked? Yikes.
  12. I was on the fence about Jenae until the lie about the contacts. And I agree the investigator didn't seem too bright so that's mostly what kept me undecided at first. I'm starting to see why some of you have an issue with Andrea Canning. She tends to ask overly leading, melodramatic questions just to get the person to repeat what she's saying, like "the plot is really starting to thicken at this point, right?" or some such. Now granted, Keith and Dennis and Josh probably engage in the same shenanigans themselves so maybe there's a double standard here, but something Andrea asked one of the subjects in this one just made me roll my eyes. And it happens time after time. I guess it's just human nature to not want to believe a parent could kill your other parent. That wouldn't be an issue in my family 😁
  13. There was a lot of missing info in the "Voices for Vanessa" case. The episode served more as a PSA about sexual harassment in the military than it did about Vanessa herself. The guy who murdered her was an enigma. They didn't even try to give us any kind of background or info that would have shed some light on why he might have done this. For all we know, Vanessa's murder may have had absolutely nothing to do with the sexual harassment she was experiencing.
  14. It was a nice house but the kitchen backsplash was hideous IMO. I think we've seen a trend with how hard it is to sell houses in the million dollar price range. They go like hotcakes when they're in the 750K range but over a million and they tend to sit on the market.
  15. He's a classic "hey it's that guy." I've seen him in tons of stuff I watch but no one thing in particular. I actually thought Bonnie's story was a bit tedious. I wish the show didn't feel the need to craft every single episode around Bonnie but I'm beating a dead horse when it comes to that. The B-story with Tammy and Adam was unexpectedly sweet and poignant so that made up for the episode. (Except Bonnie will still be able to hide the good Cheerios from Adam because the top-most shelf was still stationary.) Sometimes the throwaway lines are the funniest, like Jill saying Tang and vodka was fun until they started practicing archery.
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