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  1. iMonrey

    Christina on the Coast

    This whole show is such a vanity piece for Christina it's embarrassing. An entire segment on a photo shoot at the beach? Really? And she has the audacity to claim she does everything herself? Without the house flipping and the demo it's painfully obvious how little she actually does. It's hard for me to believe she's famous enough to get a book published. She really doesn't do anything except promote herself. That, and go back and forth on wearing extensions from hour to hour.
  2. iMonrey

    Unspouse My House

    OMG the girlfriend. Anyone else immediately think "Gold digger?" Not that everyone you meet on the internet is a gold digger but . . . she was a bit much. Interesting the home owner didn't even mention her. I really didn't care for the mint green. That seemed far more feminine than the color that was there before. I also didn't think there was enough seating facing the TV. Clearly it's the focal point of the room. I did like the accent color on the fireplace though. And I liked the master bedroom.
  3. The reason all the news is focusing on Biden's gaffe instead of the latest idiotic thing Trump has said or done is because the Democratic primaries are new. Trump is old news. I'm sure the media is sick to death of reporting things about Trump. There's no reason to look any deeper than that. The alligator with the knife in its skull should be on the Florida state flag, not the Texas. For what it's worth I totally agree Oprah should run for president and would win in a landslide. I'm not sure what Bill was trying to do by saying "I'm not saying she should run but she would win" because - she would totally win. I agree that's the culture we're living in now. She's a sure thing, which is something that cannot be said about any of the 23 Democratic primary hopefuls. Max Brooks next week!
  4. Why does the hockey player ask Jennifer Garner how she got in there? Am I missing something? They're not in the penalty box are they? How did she get into the arena? I don't get it. (Obviously not a hockey fan.)
  5. iMonrey

    Spin the Wheel

    I've never watched an entire episode of The Wall. I can't stand Deal or No Deal either. Always hated Millionaire too. The problem with all three is that they are excruciatingly slow. Eons are spent debating the answer to a single question. There are discussions, there are options, there is input. (Hell, I don't think Deal or No Deal even HAS questions as far as I can remember. Just a bunch of people agonizing over cases.) This game seemed to move at a fairly decent pace so that's about the only thing going for it. I didn't know what to make of Dax Shepard. I generally like him but not sure that Game Show Host is a good fit for him.
  6. iMonrey

    S07.E05: Into the Woods

    I never caught the name, just the weird company name. My first reaction to seeing James Frain in the opening credits was to presume he would be a love interest for Joan. But I hope that's not the intention here. I like that neither she nor Sherlock has ever been permanently paired up with anyone romantically and the show should end that way.
  7. iMonrey

    S31:E10 Chugga Chugga Choo Choo!

    I'd be interested to know what the rules are for waivers because there must be a million exceptions. They can't possibly get waivers from every person in every public place they go. The amount of time it would consume would be enormous. There are lowered expectations of privacy when you are in a public place. I wonder if such rules apply to winding up on TV. For example, I once attended a taping of a TV show and was (very) briefly seen in the audience. I never signed anything agreeing to appear on TV, nor were there any tickets that forewarned you might be on TV. I think there must be very specific circumstances where people have to sign waivers, like maybe if they interact with and speak with the racers.
  8. iMonrey

    S31:E10 Chugga Chugga Choo Choo!

    You also didn't realize that people seem to hate Tyler so much he gets slammed just for doing the damn challenges. How dare he! Hell, he could just stand there in silence and people would still tear their hair and gnash their teeth. such is the level of animosity towards this poor kid for some odd reason. Personally I thought it was adorable when the guy asked him if they were idiots and he said "We don't mean to be."
  9. iMonrey

    Match Game

    My first thought was "taking a nap together" but yeah, "play date" was the definitive answer.
  10. iMonrey

    S07.E05: Into the Woods

    Doesn't James Frain ever age? Is there a portrait of him in his attic? Did anyone notice whether Aiden Quinn's name was still in the opening credits, or has Frain replaced him as a series regular? By now you'd think Joan would have put a deadbolt on her bedroom door. Not that Sherlock wouldn't find a way to get around it, but she should be trying successive measures to keep him out.
  11. iMonrey

    Spin the Wheel

    I thought this was kind of dumb. And I'm not even sure I understand how it works. It seemed like he had to earn a spin for the first 8 to 12 spins (?) then the last four spins were just free spins. I didn't really see the point of including the brother either. And I would have been SUPER PISSED that my brother cost me more than a million dollars by taking a payout. The questions were way too easy, too. Judging by the way the contestants are selected it seems like the goal is to do a feel-good type of show by rewarding local heroes. The wheel itself is sketchy as hell. The whole thing is ripe for rigging. I miss The Chase. That was the best game show I ever saw. That and The Weakest Link, up until it became over-saturated with multiple shows per week and then a syndicated version.
  12. iMonrey

    Season Three Talk: FFwSB

    They have a much better chance of winning a Senate seat than they ever did getting the nomination for President. They just don't want the "menial" job of being Senator. Which means they're not really interested in helping make things better, they're only interested in bettering themselves.
  13. iMonrey

    S31:E10 Chugga Chugga Choo Choo!

    God yes. If I never have to hear these two rapping again it will be too soon. So glad they're gone for that reason alone. The problem is that he's not more interesting as a result. Odd to think his rage was the only defining character trait he had. Now he's just sort of there. I've found him and Christie oddly uncompelling this season. I just don't care about them one way or another. But perhaps I am alone in that. I think wearing a helmet while riding a bike is a uniquely American thing, although someone can correct me if I'm wrong. I grew up in an age where nobody wore helmets to ride their bikes. In fact to do so would have resulted in ridicule. Now get offa my lawn, you rotten kids.
  14. iMonrey


    Yes. Now that you've pointed it out, I won't be able to un-see it.
  15. iMonrey

    Season Three Talk: FFwSB

    I loved, loved, LOVED the "Run for Senate Goddamit" segment. I've seen this pointed out elsewhere and it needs to be elevated to the mainstream conversation. So many of these third-tier candidates are running for President just to raise their profile or get a book deal or whatever. They never had a chance of winning the nomination and they had to know that going into it. If they really want to make a difference they need to pour that energy into a more realistic goal. Steve Bullock could actually flip a senate seat in Montana. Hickenlooper could flip a seat in Colorado. Stacy Abrams could flip a seat in Georgia. That they are unwilling to even run makes me stabby. Also making me stabby? (Why, thank you for asking.) Mitch McConnell blocking all efforts to secure elections. I can't think of anything more treasonous. I don't know how anyone in congress, regardless of party, can excuse or defend that. Shame on all of them.