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  1. I hadn't seen the sinus doc/yoga doc one before. Can't believe that human piece of garbage only got four or five years. Monica was kind of . . . scary, no? What piqued my curiosity is how she could afford a plane ticket to Paris when she claimed to have only $1500 to her name and was struggling to pay the utility bills. Wasn't she studying to be a psychologist? Physician, heal thyself.
  2. The episode description says Jordan gets into trouble, and he's not even in this episode! Also, did I miss something? How did Abigael get into the Tomb of Chaos? And while we're at it, why the hell is it called "The Tomb of Chaos?" Sounds like a cheesy video game. Last week she had some sort of mark on the back of her neck and that was it. They skipped something. OK, Maggie being possessed by two ghosts was kind of funny, but the whole Marisol thing was a total bust. And I'm not sure where Harry landed on the whole "human or White Lighter" thing by the end of the episode. The dialogue was
  3. Except they sort of left that as an open-ended thing, because Norma kept pushing the idea that Drew was in love with Gina towards the end. So either she was seeing something that wasn't there or else she was the writer's instrument in telling the audience what Drew was really feeling for Gina.
  4. Yup. 2 and a Half Men should have ended after Charlie Sheen left (/was fired). The final two seasons with Ashton Kutcher were absolutely dreadful. It was clear nobody had any idea what to do with the show anymore and the writers were just phoning it in. Mom was sort of teetering on the edge of that this season, I thought. There were still some great moments, but the over-reliance on Bonnie was more pronounced that ever in Anna Faris's absence.
  5. I thought this episode made a nice series finale if that's what it ends up being. The montage at the end was very sweet, and I'm glad they worked Linda Lavin in there. I forgot she went on a cruise with her daughter and at one point I wondered where she was. You know . . . that could actually work. They could retool the show to revolve around Eli and a new kidney donor and keep Gina around as his girlfriend, as well as the other dialysis patients. Not sure if the network would go for that but I guess we'll see what happens.
  6. Strangely, TV Guide listed two back-to-back "new" episodes last night, so I was expecting an hour, not a half hour. I was afraid my DVR missed recording one of them. Overall I liked it. Like others, though, I object to the cancer storyline. I understand what the plot point was servicing: the apparent growth Bonnie has shown in the face of a crisis. But it leaves the series with a major question mark hanging over it, and I don't like that. I don't need everyone to have some sort of closure, and in fact I think the episode did a good job of making it just another day. But the cancer thing b
  7. I really don't know what to say about The Stella Show Chicago Fire anymore. Every week it's the same old, same old. Was there any doubt that Stella would pass her exams with flying colors and be lauded as the superhero of the day? That there were be more comical shenanigans with Mouch, Herrmann, Ritter and Gallo in a flimsy C-Plot? That the A-Team would be investigating some new crime? It's just the same thing, week after week. The writing is so lazy, I don't know what the issue is behind the scenes but it needs to be fixed.
  8. There is no subtlety or nuance in the writing anymore (if there ever was). It's all joke, joke, joke. I remember an episode in the original series where Bev thought Jackie had real potential to make something of her life. Roseanne was upset because Bev didn't feel the same way about her. Still, it was nice to see Estelle Parsons again. The whole Jeopardy subplot speaks to this issue. It's reminiscent of the dreadful last season of Roseanne where every episode was some sort of fantasy. No way Wacky Jackie would have made it past the first round of auditions for Jeopardy. I had no ide
  9. If you believe everything the police say, you must be new to Dateline. Again, anyone who has watched as many Datelines as I have would recognize that as the most common excuse given by an accomplice. "I had to do it! He threatened to kill me!" Please.
  10. I don't know how it works in Chicago but in my city there is a strict code dictating hair length, for obvious safety reasons. Stella would have to have her hair above her collar, meaning if they don't make her cut it that short she would have to keep it pulled tight into a bun.
  11. I forgot to say, I was extremely impressed by the special effect used when that guy lit himself on fire by pouring water over his own head. I wonder how they did that. It looked pretty amazing.
  12. Well, he's sweet, but he's a bit dim. 🙂
  13. But they had already given Bo immunity in exchange for his testimony, so it really behooved them to "find no evidence" that Bo was involved after the fact. I'm not saying he didn't. That doesn't preclude the idea that Bo was an accomplice or even the hired gun. Bo broke the case open but only admitted he knew Michael did it after he was granted immunity. As to why, I have already posited that he suspected Michael was going to throw him under the bus and wanted to get there first. I'm sorry but I just can't get past that phony bridge story. "If you tell anyone I'll do the s
  14. He was creepy for sure. But I doubt there's any child porn or anything of the like on his computer or on his phone. I think he was just trying real hard to show how "not racist" he was by going into this long spiel about these "cute black kids" he saw at the store. It was more embarrassing than offensive actually, it was such an obviously pitiful attempt.
  15. This episode certainly fared better than the OG episode that preceded it. I'll admit the undercover operation had me fooled for awhile. But, if I were TK and Carlos I would be furious with my fathers for putting them through that. There was really no reason not to let them in on it. The only thing that bugged me was how slow Owen was to consider that TK might be a target of the arsonist who had just told him he was going after the things that were most important to him. The fact that TK didn't spring to mind immediately doesn't speak well of him and how important his son is supposed to b
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