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  1. Jamie Pressly seems to be the primary beneficiary of Anna Faris's departure. Her role has really been beefed up this season. While she used to have a B-plot or C-plot story once in awhile, she seems to have a major role every episode now. However, I agree with your larger point that it's all Bonnie all the time.
  2. Carol really is the worst. One nitpick: when Mateo closes the door to the supply closet, he shoves one of those rubber wedge door stoppers underneath it. Eugene would have easily seen the other end of it on his side of the door.
  3. I think what Jerry went through has left him feeling sort of hopeless, like even though he's got a doner, he realizes it's still not a sure thing. So he wants to take his daughter on her dream trip like it may be his last chance to do so. This show can be really sweet but it can be really poignant and sad too.
  4. I took it at face value that Sahar genuinely did not remember anything past riding bikes, since Max called her on the walkie talkie afterwards and she confirmed she did not remember, but still believed him. Oh - at the time I thought it was the former but now that you mention it, it might be the latter. Yeah that's basically where I am too. I've been harping on the uneven tone of this show, but it might work better if the less cartoonish parts were just more interesting.
  5. Agreed the hardware store just came out of left field. Since Ben was determined to put all his time and effort into his podcast to the exclusion of any paid work, I thought the logical solution here would have been for him to have Dan run the hardware store for him. Especially since he knows next to nothing about hardware. The therapist who starts complaining about his ex-wife to his patient has become an over-used trope on TV. It needs to stop. If I went to a therapist and they started making jokes and/or disparaging remarks about their ex, I'd never go back. Fun seeing Fred Savage though.
  6. Wendie Malick and Jessica Walter? Holy guest stars Batman! Both were sublime. The whole Franklin podcast bit was golden. Disagree. I like how everyone just assumes they are a couple as a matter of fact without judgment or teasing. And that neither of them are even bothered by it. They have to remind people from time to time but it hasn't caused any friction in their friendship. You'd almost expect a character like Oliver to be homophobic so it's really refreshing that he isn't. I noticed Cooper called Greg "Mr. Otto" instead of "Dad." I wonder if maybe he only refers to Katie and Greg as "Mom and Dad" to other people but still calls them Mrs. and Mr. Otto.
  7. I'm sort of fascinated by the panel with Tom Lennon, Vivica A. Fox and Alfonso Ribeiro. First of all, Tom Lennon. I'll admit, I thought he was funny in Reno 911. And he gets a few laughs as a game show panelist. But there is something vaguely off-putting about him that I just can't put my finger on. It's as though there's something lurking under the surface setting off my alarm bells. He has a constant persona that just doesn't feel genuine. He's kind of creepy. Then there's Alfonso. This guy has tons of charisma but he reeks of desperation. I think he must feel like his career went nowhere after Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I'm amazed he didn't do the Carlton dance. I can't believe Vivica A. Fox is the same actress that played Jasmine in Independence Day. She looks so different, and sounds so different. I wonder if she's a smoker. Here's hoping the network is deluged with letters begging them to make Mama Doris's absence permanent.
  8. If they can grow pot why are they starving for food? Grow some!
  9. Only eight episodes this season. I wonder if these were shot before COVID. They mentioned COVID this episode though didn't they?
  10. iMonrey

    S04.E06: Jinx

    I can't even remember what happened to Eddie's . . . wife? Christopher's mother, right? Weren't they about to get back together, or else they did, and then she died? Is that it? What did she die of?
  11. It didn't read that way, hence the general confusion. I didn't see any evidence Maggie was "calming it down." I saw Macy say she couldn't hold it then Maggie said "I got this" then she looked like she was just adding to whatever Macy was doing. Then Mel was supposed to finish it off and it looked like she was just doing the same thing. I know that Mel got some weird version of her freezing power last season. I don't remember whether she was able to also heat things or not, but regardless, neither she nor Maggie had ever shot colored mojo out of their hands in order to affect their powers.
  12. I guess she's not exactly at the top of her game, though, since the state supreme court ruled she erred in allowing evidence from the previous dead wife's trial. Which, to me, is crazy. Imagine being a jury member and not being told the guy who's on trial for murdering his wife has a bunch of other dead wives. And you voted "not guilty" then found out after the fact. Wouldn't that make you angry? That's something a jury needs to know. Seems pretty damn relevant to me.
  13. That's a good point. I think Daveed Diggs has a strong following which brings eyeballs to the show but yeah, I really don't care about anyone at this point, not even him. I admit some of the external visuals are pretty impressive, like that shot of the train going under the decaying bridge, but then it just zaps me back to reality. Eventually that bridge is going to collapse right on top of the track. How will they clear that? It's Snowpiercer, not Bridgepiercer. Also, how are they growing pot on that train? I know they have indoor gardens and such but the drug trade appears to be illegal so I'm assuming it's not growing right next to the mangos on the fruit car. You need pretty specific conditions to grow viable pot. I've heard. 🙄
  14. I actually thought the story with Paul and his sister was very well done, but I'm a little disappointed they felt the need to wrap it up in a pretty pink bow at the end and give them a tidy, happy ending. I think it would have had more impact to leave it where she stormed off. They could revisit it sometime in the future, but I think she sort of came around a little too quickly. Also, Cleo King, who played Paul's mother, simply does not age. She was on Friends almost 20 years ago (she was the nurse when Rachel had her baby) and she looks exactly the same. There's a portrait of her somewhere in an attic that ages instead.
  15. iMonrey

    S04.E06: Jinx

    Agreed. I really enjoyed the montage of all the crazy calls they got that day. And I didn't miss Maddie at all. I suppose they need a strong 911 anchor to justify the name of this show but this episode really made me realize how little I cared about Maddie. Watching this back to back with Lone Star also makes me appreciate this one better. It's still superior to the spin-off; the characters are just more fun and more compelling.
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