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  1. That was disappointing. The first and third contestants seemed really good, it's a shame the first one didn't make it to the final chase. Not that it would have mattered, I don't think. James had plenty of time left on the clock so he probably would have beaten them both anyway.
  2. "What Happened to Amy." Sadly, I fear they might never know. It's been over 30 years now, it's quite possible her abductor is dead and gone. And yet, with all those leads and no arrests, I have to wonder if they actually know who did it and just need harder evidence to make an arrest. That's often the case when they open up the investigation to the public.
  3. This latest one with the Vegas flippers wasn't a complete disaster but I'm skeptical they'll make any kind of profit. When the show ends and it still hasn't sold, I'm not buying the narrative that they stand to make a profit of X dollars. That's a big if. Can't believe how big Braden has gotten!
  4. Nandor, Nadja and Laszlo were all tasked with conquering the new world, but they never made it past Staten Island. That was the reason for The Baron's visit back in the pilot, to see how they were progressing. Colin Robinson came with the house, according the Laszlo, but none of them seemed to agree on that so it's possible none of them actually remember. I got the impression the three of them had been in the US longer than 100 years, while Colin is only just now turning 100. But maybe they used to live somewhere else when they first arrived in America.
  5. Really, the only reason I keep watching this shit show - guests like this. Actually, the first half hour wasn't bad, and then of course it took the usual nose dive. I didn't know where the hell Bill was going with that whole "rich people pay taxes too" thing, and the transgender/AOC discussion just went right over my head. Then, of course, the final new rule devolved into - what else? - Cancel Culture. Because, of course. I swear, sometimes I think Bill watches Tucker Carlson right before the show starts and then starts bitching about liberals because of something he heard on that show.
  6. There's no way Sean has a 70K limit/allowance on his credit cards, LOL.
  7. Could anyone understand what Jake, Holt and Charles (?) were yelling at her? I rewound three times and couldn't make any of it out. I didn't get that joke either. Why did she yell they were drinking cement? They weren't.
  8. I agree that trying to overthink AHS is pure folly, but I disagree that the current season is actually "working," per se, in the capacity it's meant to, precisely because there are too many obvious and avoidable plot holes. They take me right out of the story. And they are entirely unnecessary. This is where Ryan Murphy's "style over substance" formula is too often counter-productive. Don't get me wrong, it's not the worst season ever. I don't think anything will ever surpass Roanoke in that category. And I love the cast and could watch Frances Conroy, Evan Peters and Macaulay Culkin che
  9. Every evicted player tells Julie they wouldn't have done anything differently. But on some level, I would hope that Tiffany, Hannah and (inevitably) Azah realize that while the Cookout may have gotten them to the final six, it ultimately diminished their chances of actually winning. Keeping comp beasts like Kyland and Xavier just to insure a final six finish means the odds of making the final 2 go way, way down. It's a question that begs an answer year after year. I think there is just a natural tendency to flock around the most magnetic, strongest players in hopes they will further y
  10. I didn't think this episode was very good, actually. But I just about died when that boxer's head flew off. That almost made up for it. I wondered the same thing. Surely they didn't take all of their dirt from home with them, right? Also, is Nadja Greek? I always thought she was from somewhere in the middle east but Guillermo was in Greece for her dirt. I always crack up when Colin Robinson is draining people. The blackjack table was a good gag but even better was the cashier when he was counting all that money and then interrupted himself and had to start all over.
  11. I thought it was a great way to end the show, but I would have preferred they just end the episode with the elevator doors closing. The "one year later" tag felt off to me. I'm also not sure that I buy Jake leaving the force to be a stay-at-home dad. At lot of people guessed that might happen so maybe there were spoilers out there but it feels somewhat out of character to me. Yeah, maybe. Or maybe he could just rejoin the police force once their kid is in school. Kids don't need 24/7 parenting once they are in school full time. I never really minded Gina but boy, I sure did
  12. Yeah, WTF was that all about? What was the corpse doing in Nandor's coffin in the first place? Did Nandor put it there? Why?
  13. Most of these games just aren't all that entertaining to watch. Especially Brain Freeze and Airhead. Apparently the show thinks it's hilarious to do slo-mo repeats of the air blowing the contestants' wigs off or dumping icy water on them. It's not. I enjoy Kristen and Dax, and the show works best when they are playing and the families are just betting on them.
  14. The pills do not seem to give you immortality or super strength or any other vampire-like abilities. Harry killed that first ghoul that tried to break into the house. Which begs the question: why don't they simply kill the people that turn into Nosferatu? Wouldn't that be the kinder and more logical solution to the problem? As opposed to just opening the front door and letting them run free? Do they intend to litter the world with endless ghouls, like nobody is ever going to notice, or try to figure out where they're coming from? The whole thing is counter-productive to keeping this pill
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