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  1. I will now try to work "Who gives a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut" into my every day conversations. Thank you.
  2. I'll cop to that. But my objection had nothing to do with Kristen Johnson, who I have always liked, or the character of Tammy who was funny right out of the gate. My gripe was that they were adding another regular to an ensemble that was already spread too thin story-wise. Jill, Marjorie and Wendy already get so little material it didn't seem like a good idea to add a fourth. Overall they've done a better job this season spreading the wealth but there's still work to do on that front.
  3. While I understand completely, I wish the other sister had agreed to be interviewed. It felt like half of the story was missing. The older sister said she had always suspected she wasn't biologically related but she did not mention if the sister herself ever spoke of it or wondered about it. I mean, it had to have occurred to her at some point in her life. She made it sound like it was something she and her father talked about once and nobody else ever did. The trash bin baby was super sad too, but she was lucky her older sister made such an effort to find her and even left her phone number. Talk about making Lisa's job easy. I thought it was really cute she wanted to do a bunch of girly sister things like paint each other's nails. I hope they have a successful relationship. I'm worried the older sister might turn out to be a little too needy, and I'm not sure the younger sister will welcome the constant reminder of what happened to her after the newness wears off.
  4. That was definitely depressing. Up for parole next year, already? I hope the parole board sees what a sicko this guy is and keeps him locked up as long as possible. The episode itself was better paced than most of the 2-hour episodes. They didn't spend an hour throwing red herrings at us, they got right to the heart of the story which was all the leg work police had to do to arrest this guy. Whenever the case involves a murder suspect who is in the midst of a divorce and/or custody fight, it's a given the spouse is the culprit and there is no reason to devote 2 hours to the story. This was a rare exception.
  5. Kind of a weak episode IMO, a little too heavy on the sentimentality and missing my favorite characters, Tripp and Cooper. Oliver gluing the platter back together was VERY Brady Bunch. As were the lessons everyone learned by the end. I got a kick out of the running joke with Taylor asking if her mother had any jewelry to leave her.
  6. I'm willing to bet America Ferrara has a hand in what goes into the show. Not to get into a thing, but I found the negotiator unfortunately realistic based on my own experience with unions. They promise the moon to get you to sign a card then they throw you under the bus when it comes to negotiating your actual contract. I got a big kick out of the Tony Danza popcorn maker, which works only with Tony Danza popcorn cartridges. Cartridges not included.
  7. I could have sworn he said the boy was his nephew, but that would mean he had yet another brother. Which he probably killed, too.
  8. Has anyone else seen the Aldi commercial with the woman explaining every single one of her purchases to the checker? I hope there wasn't a long line behind her. It pisses me off when customers are chatting up the checkers and slowing down the line. I always want to yell "Hey! Less chatting, more ringing!"
  9. Their powers aren't back. Macy didn't get her TK power back, she just never lost her demon fire-throwing power. Mel has some weird variation on her freezing power that actually turns things to ice, and Maggie's new power is that she has visions about Jordan. Wow. With any luck, the black goo that Mel touched is slowly restoring her power, maybe that's why it's in some weird lesser state right now. Hopefully Maggie and Macy will get their goo on if that's the case.
  10. Well, I assume they think name recognition will bring eyeballs to the TV screen. Trouble is, how much cross-over do you think there is between football fans and people who watch baking shows? I wouldn't guess a lot. I personally have never heard of Anthony Adams before. I also think a lot of pro athletes get agents so they can get commentating gigs and shows like this are good "try-outs" for that sort of stuff.
  11. What do we make of this? Varner turned out to be off his rocker the last I heard. I certainly hope the "entire" cast isn't backing Dan. I think it's more likely the reunion show is getting pre-taped just because the network/producers are afraid of some kind of outburst in the audience.
  12. Well that's the whole point isn't it? Clearly the show is trying for a redemption arc with Ivar and the only way to accomplish it is to pair him with someone far worse so he looks better in comparison. That, and to have him act all cute around a little kid. Warms the cockles of your heart, no? This keeps coming up, but Ragnar wasn't that much of a man-whore. He slept with all of three women as far as I can recall. Bjorn has far surpassed that number by now. Ever since last season when all the Vikings were chanting "Ub-be! Ub-be! Ub-be! Ub-be! Ub-be!" whenever I see him now I start chanting that. Heh.
  13. This is the first time I've watched the American version. I expected it to be . . . more American! Why do they film this in England, in the exact same spot where they film the British version? I'm guessing they really think they need Paul Hollywood and he doesn't want to come to the U.S. to do this so they fly the American bakers over there. Very strange. They seem to be cloning the British version as much as possible. Same set, same music, same challenges, same format, even one of the same judges. I agree they could use better hosts. Although it took me a couple of seasons to warm up to Noel and Sandi too. Stupid Spectrum stopped recording about 20 minutes in and I only managed to catch the last half hour after that. Who went home first? I couldn't figure it out because I didn't have enough time to really name check all ten of them.
  14. My favorite line was when Patty was headed out the door to kidnap her daughter and Christie said "OMG we're going to be on Dateline." She's definitely an acquired taste. And she doesn't seem to have much of a range either. She has played the same kind of sad-sack character in everything I've seen her in, except Another Period. Yeah, that. I thought this episode did a better job than usual in including all the characters. Jill had something going on and both Marjorie and Wendy had more than just one or two lines. That said, the episode once again revolved around Bonnie and her problems. The show perhaps aspires to be an ensemble, at best, but if you count up the number of episodes that revolve around Bonnie you'll find them to be in the vast majority. It's clear whoever's in charge has decided that Allison Janney is the big draw, since she's won all the Emmys and an Oscar. And maybe she is. But I can't help wonder how Anna Faris feels about being the Richie Cunningham to Janney's Fonz. Hell, lately Christie is even more Potsie than Richie. Even when another character has a main storyline like Jill or Marjorie, Bonnie still has a main storyline too. That's not true of any other character. Every week Bonnie has either the A story or the B story (usually the former) and the rest of the cast - including Christie now - rotates weekly in the other slot.
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