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  1. On the other hand, they were blocking the fire truck that belonged to the station, so where the heck were they going to park?
  2. I still don't get it though. He says he saved up all this money, but he gave Damien a credit card. If Damien took a $100K cash advance then Robert is on the hook to pay Amex $100K. I would guess he'd fork over the $100K he'd saved up, then be broke. But in Episode 7 he's on the phone with the credit card company and they're telling him he still owes $85K, meaning he's paid only $15K of it. Did he have money saved up or not? The only thing I can think of is that he saved up enough to get a credit card with a $100K limit, and planned to use the card to start the new club. In other words, he didn't have $100K in the bank. Or . . . maybe it wasn't an AMEX card after all (although it looked like one). Maybe it was a debit card directly linked to his bank account. That could explain how Damien took all his money, but not why Robert still owes the credit card company $85K. So . . . I don't get it.
  3. I don't care about Gallo or Violet, nor do I care for sex in the workplace. It didn't even seem like Gallo showered after he sexed up Violet in the workout room. Ick. I don't know how Herrmann managed to transfer that many bed bugs from his house to the fire station. Or, do they just multiply rapidly? The dog sure is cute though. I don't have much to say about the rivalry antics and dick measuring contests. It all feels so juvenile and unprofessional, and nobody comes off looking good.
  4. So here we are, back again, after I spent a year on the fence about whether to come back or not. I feel like someone who is still with a spouse that cheated on them. I still feel betrayed, and I have not forgiven them, but I also feel too invested to just walk away. I still feel like there may be value left in the relationship. My initial reaction to the season premier is that it feels off. There is definitely something missing. Parts of it feel like an organic extension of where we left the show last season, particularly with Margo and Eliot, and with Kady and Pete. But Julia's story feels rather contrived so far, as if the writers are scrambling for material for her, much like she is for purpose. Penny's story is pushing it too. Dean Fogg says Penny is the only Brakebills-trained traveler, but how much schooling did Penny actually get there? He was a first-year in Season 1 and it wasn't long before The Beast turned everyone's world upside down. From then on it was one quest after another, so none of the students really ever attended that many classes. (I realize this is a different Penny but the timelines were all interrupted for the same reason, hence the constant re-setting.) It occurs to me that if they were going to kill off a main character it really should have been Alice. Quentin was about the only one who could stand her and without him she has little to no connection to the rest of the group. I suppose since she had already "died" once they didn't think it would give them the impact they were looking for, though. And I still fully believe the decision to kill off Quentin was more of a gimmick intended for shock value than anything else. Overall I'm glad to revisit these characters but as I expected it feels more like a spin-off or sequel than the same show.
  5. janie jones I'm a little confused about this as well. In a later episode he says he owes 100K. The card he handed Damien looked like an Amex. I'm assuming it had a 100K limit and that's how much he had saved up in the bank. So he had to pay them the 100K to cover the charges because he shared the card with Damien (put his name on it . . . although that wasn't his real name so . . . ?) Also, Damien has said the money is gone. So I'm guessing he took a 100K cash advance with the card. Didn't know you could do that but whatever.
  6. So far I'm intrigued and impressed with the pacing. It really felt like both hours flew by and I never once felt compelled to glance at my watch or check how much was left to go. Very intriguing mystery and a great cast. Now my nitpicks. The first fifteen minutes or so of the first episode were irritating because they kept jumping around in time. I am sick, sick, sick to death of non-linear storytelling. It's become an over-used gimmick and all it does if confuse the audience. It's not clever, it's not artistic and it's certainly not original. Look at what "The Night Of" managed to do with a perfectly linear narrative in its premier episode. That was some edge-of-your-seat writing and directing told in a normal, linear manner. And by far one of the most compelling hours of television I've ever seen. Which proves the non-linear, time-jumping type of narrative adds nothing to the story. I also had to figure out various people were dead, they weren't real clear on that. The way they dealt with the mother's death was an odd choice, it wasn't clear what happened to her at all. Ben Mendelsohn looks so familiar to me I've been trying to figure out what I've seen him in. Finally realized he was in the Aussie version of Animal Kingdom. (He was in Rogue One too but I honestly don't remember him in that.) He's got a little bit of a lisp, doesn't he?
  7. They have clearly spent a fortune on this show. That's going to be a big deciding factor in whether or not it gets another season. I'd love to know what the ratings are like . . . or however a streaming platform measures a show's profitability. (Number of downloads?) Another Netflix show that's getting way more "buzz" right now is The Witcher. By comparison that show suffers from obvious budget limitations. Yet a lot more people are talking that show up than Lost in Space.
  8. Has anyone read anything about Jeremy Allen White leaving the show? I wonder if they plan to write him out next season. Wow, first Fiona now Lip. There's just no gas left in this tank. Exactly how dumb is Debbie supposed to be? Did she really think she could just dump the daughter without any chance she'd tell her mother what was going on? She can't possibly be this delusional. It's very frustrating to see what the writers are doing with Kevin and Vee. I still like those characters and the actors playing them but it's obvious the writers are struggling to come up with material for them. It's some dumb new wacky scheme week after week. Why can't they get a decent storyline that plays out over the course of the season? I think it just speaks to how lazy the writing has gotten. For a lot of characters, the writers are just phoning it in. It's the same for Carl.
  9. I'm about halfway through this. It's not great but it's addictive. I've never seen a single episode of Drag Race but I certainly know who RuPaul is. He's not the greatest actor in the world, I must say, and that's part of the problem with the show. A lot of the dialogue and acting feel very amateurish. I also would have thrown that kid out on the road when she started her screaming hissy fit in the car about her phone.
  10. It doesn't look like there is going to be another season of this show. Not surprising given the drop in quality we saw in Season 3 but I'd be interested to hear the discussions that went on behind the scenes, between ITV and PBS. What does surprise me is that PBS has been running Season 3 again the past few weeks, which is what I would expect to see if they were leading up to the start of Season 4. That's what they did last year before airing Season 3. I fully expected to tune in last night for a new season and when I didn't see it I Googled it, only to discover the show is considered "on hiatus."
  11. RE: Andrea's necklace: Plastic? I thought so too. But it looked like he was quite a bit heavier when they finally arrested him. That probably helped widen his face.
  12. What annoyed me about the big battle scene is that the mages should have been focused on taking out Fringilla from the start. It didn't seem to occur to any of them, except Yennefer towards the end of the battle. There were about 20 mages - I know Fringilla is supposed to be really powerful and using "forbidden" magic and all that - but she was vastly outnumbered. Instead everyone was just focused on fighting off the army. Which would have been simple enough if they took out Fringilla first. Overall I enjoyed the season but still feel like they expected the audience to be familiar with the material. Agreed - this is what I was asking for from the beginning. We needed captions for timelines and locations. My sentiments exactly. It seems like it would have taken very little effort to clarify a lot of this. In that sense it reminded me of His Dark Materials - another show that took for granted its audience would already have read the books. I didn't really have a problem with the differing timelines, but there were way too many strange character and place names thrown around. I found myself desperately wanting to see a map - something a helpful poster provided in previous episode thread. That's something the audience needed to see in the show frankly.
  13. Yes! That was him. He was pretty easy on the eyes too. I say they dump Christine and just do a show with Tarek and Robert.
  14. Oh! I did not know that was her. There was a big Annie scandal back in the day when they were reviving the show for Broadway. There was some nationwide contest to find the next Annie, and the girl who won was eventually replaced with another kid after a few previews, and her family sued or something. Then the original stage Annie, Andrea McCardle, got involved and took the kid's side but it turned out SHE had been a last minute replacement for another girl as well. Anyway, this episode seemed like it might have taken a page from that story.
  15. Yes but that's the problem I expected them to address and I'm not sure their solution does that. The points system itself needs to be scrapped or at least overhauled.
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