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  1. Nothing on the fourth wall is "original" to the show since those sets didn't have a fourth wall. So they're free to let their imaginations run wild, to an extent. I don't ever remember seeing Alice's bedroom either, but I have a vague recollection of seeing her stumble into the kitchen wearing her bathrobe and curlers, and it seemed like there was some kind of entrance into the kitchen she emerged from. I think Barry Williams aged better than David Cassidy. He's had less plastic surgery, anyway.
  2. Yeah I wasn't sure about that one either. She said "Jelly" before the buzzer but "fish" afterwards. I think the rule is that if you start to say it before the buzzer you get the point, so technically she deserved it I guess.
  3. Although . . . {adjusts tinfoil hat} if she had "broken her arm" earlier the show might have wanted to find a more well-known celeb to replace her. By bowing out only three days before the first show, she insured DWTS would be desperate to find someone quickly. We never landed on the moon either!! It was all a hoax! And Marilyn Monroe killed JFK!! I see nothing wrong with someone who is standing in solidarity with a fellow Christian for supporting him. What I find objectionable is that maybe you shouldn't publicly respond to someone bashing show business, or "Holly-weird" and bite the hand that is currently feeding you. That he can't see the hypocrisy is mind boggling.
  4. Realistically few, if any, of these donated items would be worth much on E-Bay. The stuffed giraffe, the bookcase, the ornamental grapes - are these really items that would start bidding wars? Even if they were advertised as "As Seen On The Brady Bunch?" I think not. And the person they had to turn to for Kitty Carry-All was none other than Sherwood Schwartz's own daughter. Certainly the Brady Kids themselves wished they were the Partridges, which is why they sent their agents directly to Sherwood Schwartz before the fifth season demanding they be made into a singing group. I'm not sure why The Brady Bunch has endured more than The Partridge Family, but I'm guessing it was syndicated more broadly. The Partridge Family only had four seasons and generally local affiliates want a show with at least five.
  5. The show made a huge mistake when it stopped allowing the full jury interrogation. They got the chance to grill the final 2 about every grievance they had against them. You'd think the show would be all over that, just for the sheer spectacle. But unfortunately it was a casualty of their decision to have the final three in the season finale instead of the final two. Now each jury member gets to read a scripted, innocuous question like "what was your biggest game move" and "what was your biggest regret?" I mean they could probably still have a full, old-school jury interrogation with the final three, but I think the editors have just gotten so damn lazy about the format they don't want to bother fitting it in anywhere. So instead we get the usual filler of comps with constant cuts to DR blathering about said comp.
  6. All six of the Bradys were on the Colbert show last night. I'm not sure what to make of that except they're in it all the way. Maybe they're contractually obligated to promote this thing or maybe they were just all thrilled to be on a late night talk show for the first time in their lives. I find it fascinating to see them completely gut the house and change the floorplan without altering the front view of the house. I mean most HGTV reality shows are very fake but there's nothing about this one that isn't genuine. They're really doing this. It's kind of mind boggling, you can clearly see from the front of the house that only the left side has an upper floor, and yet the show put the staircase and the upstairs on the right side. In hindsight it was a completely inappropriate house to use for exterior establishing shots. I couldn't imagine how they were going to "fix" that, and it's pretty ingenious how they did it. Mike's drafting table was up against a window on the set. They had curtains drawn over it in the remodel, I couldn't tell if there was really a window there or not. I bet not. Cheaters! "Donated" suggests they got them for free and are keeping them.
  7. It is! I'll have to watch it now. Just finished the last episode yesterday. So, what happened to Deet at the end? I couldn't quite tell what was going on there, but I'm not feeling good about it.
  8. Well it started with Huckabee, a known evangelical, wanting to send a message to "Hollyweird" by voting for Spicer just to drive "Hollyweird" crazy, I guess. Spicer was replying to the Tweet. I don't know if you can say he's blaming the fact that the judges "aren't with him" because he "stands with Christ" or if he is just jumping onto Huckabee's "let's drive Hollyweird crazy" train. Either way he's playing the victim instead of acknowledging what they're being judged on. And if "Hollyweird" is so offensive he should never have agreed to be on the show in the first place!
  9. If you want a demonstration of the hypocrisy of the judges' comments, look no further than their treatment of Karamo versus Ray Lewis. Karamo comes out and does an energetic but fairly sloppy dance, true enough. The judges shit all over him. Len gives him a stink face and says he was disappointed. Nit pick, nit pick, nit pick. Which would be fair enough if they treated all celebs the same. The very next dancer is Ray. He comes out and does just as poorly if not worse. Do the judges shit all over him? No way. They're all smiles and sunshine with Ray and blow smoke up his ass. True, they give him low scores, but their difference in attitude is astonishing. Or, would be astonishing, except for their proven track record of glad-handling the football players. I guess poor Karamo isn't worthy since he isn't a sports celeb. This is why I absolutely cannot watch this show live. I have to FF thru the judges comments, Carrie-Ann's ridiculous antics and Erin's incessant, tongue-tied babbling. I'm the first person to jump on the conspiracy band-wagon, but there was video of Christie in the hospital which would have been pretty hard to fake. I will say that if a fall that innocuous was "the worst break" the doctors had ever seen she must be as brittle as chalk. She would have snapped something sooner or later, and needs to see a specialist about osteoporosis.
  10. I think the reason is format. By the time the Survivor finale has aired, all of the contestants have seen the episodes aired on TV and are prepared to answer questions about it. The BB contestants, aside from the pre-jury ones, haven't seen a single episode when the finale airs. Yeah it would be fun to ambush them on the spot and confront them with clips showing how dumb they were or what liars they were but I don't think the show has any interest in doing that. I don't think they have any interest in coming back a month later either when the contestants have had time to watch the show and have a better perspective because they know the audience will have lost interest by then.
  11. I thought he actually started to say "Wimbledon." Both Rosie and Leslie are both as serious as a heart attack when it comes to playing these games. But Anna Camp was pretty good too. She comes across a bit ditzy but you could tell she was really serious about trying her hardest.
  12. Haven't finished "part 7" yet but my goodness this just gets more depressing with every season (or "part"). Joanne has Alzheimers, Mary's a drug addict, Colt and Abby getting a divorce based on one of those stupid, cliched tropes where neither couple says what they are actually thinking. They turned Wendy Malick's character into a complete mustache-twirling villain. I know I read somewhere that the show is ending, I can't remember if this was supposed to be the last season of if there's just one more.
  13. The cynic in me wonders how much the Brady Kids are being paid to do this series. But I'm enjoying the heck out of it. The fun part is seeing the "fourth wall" never shown on the TV show since it didn't actually exist. I also believe that Susan Olsen's enthusiasm for the project is probably the most genuine out of all of them, although I feel like Barry, Christopher and Maureen are by degrees genuinely into it somewhat themselves. Eve Plumb acts like she's only there for the paycheck and Mike Lookinland is a hard read. It's weird that he's the youngest of the three boys and now looks like the oldest. Well that's odd because the original Carol Brady was Joyce Bulifant, and Eve in particular was cast because of her resemblance to her. It's definitely a rerun thing for me. It aired constantly in an era where there were only a handful of shows in syndication so you had very little to choose from. One of those was The Brady Bunch. Gilligan's Island was another one you just couldn't get away from. Maybe Sherwood Schwartz just made his syndication rights really cheap. You're not the only one. It seemed like Susan Olsen was hinting at the fact that Kitty was supposed to be a big product launch but apparently never took off like some TV show tie-ins.
  14. The thing that gets me is that Nicole clearly saw through it, and it should have been enough to give Cliff pause about sticking with Jackson, and yet in the end they still decided this is the guy they wanted to go with. I didn't even think Jackson did that good of a job, he kept repeating the same thing over and over again and it shouldn't have even mattered because at that point they were down to the final five anyway. If he's that worked up about them keeping Tommy over Holly it should have made them want to keep Tommy even more, not less. What I'm getting at is that Nicole and Cliff are idiots.
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