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  1. It wasn't a parking lot. There were a lot of abandoned cars in the middle of the street blocking her way. Billy told her to turn around and go another way but she tried to drive around them instead and got stuck in the snow. That's where it ended. This whole coma-dream world gimmick has been done to death on TV. It's not suspenseful, it's lazy. TK should either die right away or be OK right away. The show has grossly overestimated our investment in this.
  2. Beach picnics are almost always a disaster. I think the show deliberately sets up the crew to fail by putting them on guests' asks. This one went surprisingly well except for the ice cream, but Heather was right - Rachel said ten or fifteen minutes. Not Heather's fault he was three minutes early.
  3. I'm so over Rayna and her passive aggressive bullshit. And I'm so over the way this show is bending over backwards to coddle her for some unfathomable reason. She is not a victim, she is problem of her own making. And she can shut it with that "God is good" crap she spews, there is nothing about her behavior I would consider particularly Christian. How many times does Heather need to apologize for simply repeating something she herself said? Of course Rayna does not want to sit down with Heather and Eddy to put this matter to rest. She knows her hypocrisy would be exposed. And yet the sh
  4. If these Hollywood writers are going to do stories involving weather, I wish they knew how it worked. None of those people were dressed for a two mile walk in a white-out blizzard. They would have been frost-bitten within the first quarter mile, and dead by the end of the first mile. On top of that, the snow is coming down like crazy and yet there's barely an inch on the ground. How long has this storm been going on? Long enough for the fire fighters to rescue Paul and the girl trapped in the collapsed shelter, and get both of them to the hospital. Long enough for Grace to finish her shift and
  5. I thought most of the season was boring and pointless but once the zombie apocalypse broke out things really picked up, LOL. Definitely not the turn I expected the story to take. Nice bookend with Dory looking at all the "missing" fliers, Interesting Chantal thinks she's the one who brought about the apocalypse. Is she right? It was her self-imposed disappearance that started Dory on her journey in the first place, after all. I'm just not sure that's what Chantal meant. This season had a real cavalcade of guest stars, although I'm not sure Kathy Griffin's character ever really fit. I thin
  6. I agree it's unlikely that someone wouldn't have killed Darlene by now. It was one thing when her husband was alive and they had paid goons and were dangerous in their own right. Now it's just her, on her own. With Wyatt. Not exactly a hurdle for a big Mexican drug cartel. If they wanted her out of the way, she'd be dead right now. I also think Wendy and Marty could have taken care of her one way or another - they've overcome far more difficult obstacles than her. I just think the show is really invested in the Darlene and Wyatt relationship at this point and they like the character and actres
  7. I forgot to mention, when Stella strode triumphantly into HQ to hand over Pelham's jacket and lay down the law, she brought "truck 81" with her. Which consisted of . . . her, Mouch and Gallo. That's it? Three lousy people? That's all this truck has?
  8. Agreed. It's like she's prompting histrionics. When Donna was talking about her kids down the hall Andrea was all "That's the worst thing imaginable!!" and I was like "No shit, Andrea." Her commentary is pointlessly over the top.
  9. It's possible Elias made a show of gifting his mistress on her birthday, which I believe was November 1st. That would be easy enough for Hetty to remember.
  10. Or worse, a new owner might tear it down. Then the ghosts would be living outside. In my mind, the reason they sit, sleep, walk, etc., is because they behave the way they are used to from when they were alive. So it's more of a mental thing. It's only when they try to physically touch something that they go thru it. So when they are sitting on furniture or walking across the floor, they are not actually touching those things, they are levitating and they just don't realize it because their astral bodies are mimicking whatever habits they are used to.
  11. I think they could have painted that fireplace white, and then painted the protruding bricks a different color. That would have looked fine. I'm sick of covering fireplaces with tile. I just don't think tile belongs in a living room. $980K for that tiny house. Wow. I wish I could just pick up my house and move it to SoCal.
  12. If you're like me, you've seen enough Dateline episodes already to support police reform. (Not defund the police - reform.) How many stories have we seen with horrifyingly inept police work and/or downright crooked cops? Plenty. I think I would have been more appalled at this story if I hadn't already seen so many similar stories, whether the crime is rape, kidnapping or murder. You really don't need to be very smart to become a police officer, do you?
  13. Bill had to cancel three engagements because of Covid, so that's what his real gripe is. Darn this whole pandemic thing, it's inconveniencing Bill! I honestly don't know what he and his ilk are pushing for. Just let the virus run rampant? What about the hospitals that are full to capacity and turning people away? Not his problem, I guess. I get that everyone is sick of Covid restrictions but just pretending it doesn't exist and going about your business isn't going to make it go away. It's just the opposite if we ignore it. Honestly, I fully expect Bill to be wearing a MAGA hat withi
  14. A few things I noticed on rewatch: The opening shot is an aerial view of what is supposed to be the back of the house. (It's the same house they used in the flashback scene when Pete got shot with the arrow.) Yet it is completely different than the front of the house. Later there is an aerial shot of the front of the house that makes it clear they cannot be the same structure. The back of the house has a central tower which would be clearly visible from the front at the angle shown. You can also see, from the back, there is a similar tower on the front of the house which is absent when we
  15. I think a better ending would have been if it turned out Peter was right and his son was lying about the divorce. The show is determined to be sad. First Meredith dies and now this. They have, however, previously established Peter's memory issues and those post-its.
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