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  1. Agreed. I don't find him smug in the least. He's the lone voice of reason in an insane asylum, and his frustration is mined for laughs. Cheyenne, Sandra, Mateo, Marcus, Justine and the rest of them are funny and (to varying degrees) likable, but boy are they dumb as dirt. Sitting outside in the freezing cold just because they can't conceive of taking a break without their phones?
  2. You know that's classic Chuck Lorre. Nothing is funnier to him than characters who are pathetic. Christy is the new Alan Harper. Pretty soon she'll be reduced to running around in her ratty underwear out in public just for a cheap laugh.
  3. I agree the writing is lousy. I don't think this show knows what to do with couples except break them up. The only reason Miranda and Ben are still together is because he left for another show. Everyone else? Splitsville. At first, when Amelia found out she was further along than she thought, it seemed like it would just be "Uh-oh, it's Owen's baby." But then they had to make it "it could be Owen's or it could be Linc's." I agree that's pretty cheap, and needlessly contrived. They could have milked enough drama out of it just by saying it was Owen's and having Amelia and/or Linc wrestle with that. Leaving it up in the air this way compromises the integrity of everyone involved.
  4. I'm glad that we got another episode with the three sisters working together. But why should Macy get her regular power back when Mel and Maggie got some weird variation on their previous powers? Also, who are these people who are extracting powers from witches? Aren't they just . . . demons? I mean, isn't that basically what demons do? Why is this such a surprise, or somehow different? I just don't get what's going on this season, at all.
  5. "The Woman Who Couldn't Scream" - sounds like a low-budget horror film. Good on Katie's parents getting Katie's law passed in 31 states. I have to admit I spent the whole two hours wondering how you spell Jay Anne. Jayann? Jaye Ann? I saw on Katie's tombstone her middle name was Jaye so I'm assuming her mother's name is Jaye Ann or Jayeanne or something. Never heard that name before. Also? What was up with her eyeshadow? It's like she had this line of blue in the crease of her eyelid and that was it. This episode got me to thinking - they spent a good chunk of it focusing on the boyfriend for the murder and showing his picture. Does he have to give his permission for them to use it on this show? Seems like he would or he could sue. But why would he? Surprised they didn't have a little update about Lori Vallow since they did that story just last week. Lazy!
  6. Yes, Will Sasso has played the role from the beginning. I still like him. He was right to balk at the idea of his girlfriend running in and asking to get her pregnant because her clock was ticking. That's not a reason to have a baby. Every friend group has that one friend that everyone pays little attention to. It could be attributed to her personality. If you recall, when they first introduced Wendy she was just the woman who cried all the time at the AA meetings. There might be a reason these are her only friends.
  7. Amelia cancelled the test because she was afraid if it wasn't Linc's baby he wouldn't want to be with her. Now I guess she has no reason to do the test because she has decided she doesn't want to be with Linc after all so it doesn't matter either way. It seems to me that Amelia is just coming up with excuses not to find out who the father is. It may not matter to her but it sure as hell matters to him, whoever it is. For what it's worth, Amelia has expressed no concern for the safety of the baby as a reason not to do the test. She said she's not doing the test because Linc didn't tell her what she wanted to hear. It's about her relationships rather than the baby. If she keeps this up after the birth, which wouldn't surprise me, Linc will have to go to court to get a paternity test.
  8. iMonrey


    I just remembered what really bothered me about this episode. The sister character, the one who grooms dogs for a living, had a small dog up on the grooming table and it wasn't tethered to anything. She even walked away from it at one point leaving the very real possibility the dog could jump off the table and hurt itself. Very irresponsible.
  9. No, but the split second he heard she was pregnant he should have wondered if he could be the father. Even if the way it's presented was "Amelia and Linc are having a baby" his first reaction should have been "are you sure? Could it be mine?" It's Owen. Even if it wasn't Owen, if your ex started dating someone ten minutes after you broke up and then announced she was pregnant, wouldn't you wonder? I had always assumed there was more of a lag between bed partners but apparently not, according to Amelia herself in this episode.
  10. Well, we were all wondering what was taking so long. The wheels of justice do grind very slowly. There was a court order to produce the children by Jan. 30th, which she missed. No doubt there was more red tape to get an arrest warrant for her in another state, and then to track her down. Apparently Chad was not arrested. I think we all know what happened to the kids.
  11. That occurred to me as well. It still might happen. Maybe she'll visit his home and find some, if not all, of her birds there. (It's really preposterous that she lost all of them anyway. A lot of the tame ones wouldn't have gone very far.)
  12. If there was such a short time period between Amelia's last hookup with Owen and her first hookup with Linc, then why hasn't Owen himself wondered if the baby is his? It's Owen we're talking about after all. This hasn't even occurred to him? That seems . . . unlikely. And I get that Amelia doesn't want to be with Linc if he's not sure whether he wants to be with her if the baby isn't his. That's fine. But the response to that should not be "then screw the paternity test I'm not even gonna do it." WTF. You still need to know who the father is, moron. These are two separate issues.
  13. They did, last season when David invited them for Patrick's surprise party. They don't live in town - it's not clear how far away they do live. Obviously we wouldn't see them all the time if they don't live there. Are you serious? You think killing off David's fiance would make the last two episodes of a sitcom "good again?"
  14. Then why give the kids the same names as Crystal did? Baffling. (Although technically I guess we do not know if Ed Jr.'s sister's name is Angela, he did not refer to her by name in this episode.) I think it's more likely they simply don't care and don't expect us to remember those pesky details.
  15. 40 seasons of Survivor, and I have seen somewhere between 30-35 of them. I boycotted a lot of seasons with Hantzes and other returning players but I think I've caught the last several. Anyway, it's astonishing how few of these people I remember, even those whose seasons I watched! I had to go look up recaps to refresh my memory on who the hell a lot of these people are like Ben. He seemed vaguely familiar but I did not remember his season or whether I liked him or not. How y'all keep track of these people is beyond me. Anyway, Danni was one of the very few I remembered, mainly because her greatest claim to fame was beating the "beloved" Stephanie. I recall she was a fairly decent player in her season because she was on a losing tribe and managed to hang on after the merge despite being down in numbers and winning immunity when she needed it most. Sad to see her implode here. But I disagree her problem is that the older players aren't used to all the twists and extra idols and other bullshit gimmicks this show has now. She got paranoid, plain and simple. She was never in a position of power during her original season so she never had a chance to really blow an alliance like this before.
  16. No, Jane Chatwin reset time when the group, as a whole, failed to defeat The Beast. In most cases, all of them died. In some cases, only some of them died (for example, Penny 23 obviously did not die in that attempt). We saw one timeline where Quentin himself became the beast. So yeah, there's gotta be at least a few timelines where Quentin survived.
  17. Let me guess . . . the bear mauling took place on Station 19, right? Is Station 19 bleeding over into Grey's time slot every week? Is that the reason why my DVR keeps starting about a minute into Meredith's opening monologue now? Goddammit. I do not watch Station 19 and I do not care about Station 19. All ABC is doing is ruining Grey's Anatomy by turning into Station 19: Part II. Until now. I, too, have liked DeLuca up 'til now. I've never had a problem with him, but dammit, the show just can't have me liking a character, so he had to go and throw a childish temper tantrum for . . . reasons. I get that his father was bipolar but geez, he's been up for three days straight, you think it might be that instead? This is all so contrived and pointless. I don't get it. I don't find Richard Flood attractive at all. I don't get how he keeps playing these romantic love interest types. Do casting directors just think his Irish accent is sexy? Maybe it is, but his looks? Not so much. He's not ugly or anything but he's no McDreamy either. He's not even McSteamy. He's McBlah. I know, right? This show has a penchant for making every single character unlikable at some point. And I totally agree they are ruining the integrity of Alex's character with this mystery disappearance. The only way to fix this is if he's lying dead in a ditch somewhere along with his mother and neither had any ID on them, or they haven't been discovered yet. Is this some weird payback for Justin Chambers leaving mid-season? I know Shonda Rhimes has a vengeance streak a mile wide.
  18. iMonrey


    It's just a variant on the standard "husband and wife trade jobs for the day." As in, sitcoms have been doing this going all the way back to I Love Lucy. Geez, show. Try harder.
  19. They lose me when they start in with the baby stuff. I'm not going to get invested in a story about how a character like Jill can't have a baby. That doesn't move me one iota. There is a similar discussion going on over in The Conners forum. When writers can't think of anything else to do with female characters than baby stuff, they are officially bankrupt creatively. Jill can adopt and she can foster. She has enough money to do plenty of good for plenty of children. I'm not going to get all weepy over the fact that her eggs are old. Forget it. At least the writing is self aware of that fact - like Wendy showing her new badge and someone going "Your last name is Harris?" and the fact that they forgot to invite her to the spa.
  20. Ahh, Smitty. One of the things that has continued to bug me about this reboot is the way Jack constantly refers to his mother, as though she is a major presence in his life. She appeared exactly once in the original series and that was it. Whoever is writing the reboot is leaning hard into the stereotype of gay men and their mothers being co-dependent without any regard for the history of those characters. I also think the idea that Jack and his mother have been attending church together every Sunday a stretch, if only in that his friends never knew it. It's not as if Jack keeps things to himself, y'know? The stuff with Grace was typical slapstick but I got the biggest kick of all out of James showing up at the apartment at the end willing to forgive Grace again. Her reaction was great.
  21. Sometimes Boyle is a little too over the top and this was one of those times. I couldn't make out what Jake said to Amy when she switched places with him in the elevator. It sounded like "You Armageddoned me" but I don't get the reference. Saw the movie long ago.
  22. The actor who played Ken, the security guard (Baron Vaughn) also plays Bud on Grace and Frankie. It's strange that he has to take such a small role on a network sitcom when he's a supporting player on a popular streaming show. He has apparently appeared as Ken once before in 2017, according to IMDB. Just, weird. I guess actors gotta work. The actor who played the vet, Rory Scovel, was in Amy Schumer's movie "I Feel Pretty" but I mostly recognize him as Corey from Wrecked.
  23. The thing that bugs me about Glory is that, as far as I can tell, nobody has sat her down and shown her the evidence they had against her husband. The eyewitnesses. The DNA. The video surveillance footage. The bloody clothes. The fingerprints. Yeah, I get that there was conflicting evidence in the video of Terry at a seminar somewhere else but you can easily see how convincing the evidence against him was. She's stuck in a head space where the authorities just screwed up and ruined her life without allowing for how that would have happened to anyone under the circumstances. And this isn't necessarily her fault either. I just find it frustrating, like I want someone to just sit her down and spell this all out for her and nobody seems to be doing that.
  24. The whole thing is baffling. Back when we saw Crystal on the Roseanne reboot and she was working on a riverboat casino, everyone was asking if she was still married to Ed and/or if Ed was still alive. Here we had the perfect opportunity to address it and the writers blew it big time. Except that Darlene said after Ed had a second family he ghosted them. That second family was . . . Crystal and Lonnie, plus Ed Jr. and the baby girl. We know Crystal didn't ghost the Conners. And I find it highly unlikely she'd lose custody of her kids to Ed or that she would be so estranged from them that Ed could keep them away from the Conners for 20 years. DB in CMH is right, for plot purposes, Crystal simply did not exist in this episode. I hate to break it to you, but you might want to steer clear of most restaurants. That's a fairly common thing for chefs to do.
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