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  1. The plaintiff in the plumber case cracked me right up. What kind of idiot proves the defendant's point because he doesn't get what he wants. He clearly had no freakin clue. Felt bad for his Significant Other.
  2. So all this Chandler Massey build up.... Let's hope he just doesn't flit around in drunken visions and flashbacks for his entire time or I'm going to be very very upset! Did love seeing him back onscreen today though.
  3. I loved Will in today's episode but seriously?! A ghost? A drunken delusion? I'll take most of my thoughts on that elsewhere but color me unimpressed. Side note watching Chandler as Will is such a delight to me as I was not a Guy Wilson fan. Other than that I haven't watched a whole episode in a long time but I'm not sure I fast forwarded much if I all today. I liked that change ever so much. Let's hope Carlivati can hold my interest for awhile.
  4. If Deimos does come back as anything other than a ghost how are they going to explain how he laid dead on the floor for like 3 episodes (except for when he propped in a chair for Gabi to find of course). Ugh, I say this to GH all the time too, stop adding people/bringing people back, write for the cast you already have! Drives me crazy. Although I do make an exception for Chandler because I have missed his Will.
  5. No the US open will either be on ESPN or CBS so no interruptions for that reason.
  6. Just because I think it's hilarious ..... https://www.yahoo.com/celebrity/did-tom-cruise-fake-butt-225812581.html "Did Cruise use a fake butt in the movie Valkyrie" Also the twitter post that started the fun....
  7. Wonder if the Mark Rathbun interview that starts the block on OWN was given before or after the settlement that stopped his attacks on CO$. My bet is before. No way would he tell the truth now, LOL
  8. I haven't stopped crying yet, both from the stories and the reactions of Co$ and it's members to what happened with Aaron and Taylor. I'm also physically ill..... That's all I've got right now.
  9. SanLynn

    S12.E03: Finals

    Kalyssa gave me no reason this ep to change my opinion about her. At least she didn't shimmy shake (or we didn't see it at least) but really!? I'm supposed to buy that you thought the question was about the first first lady?! Give me a break. I can only hope we don't see that much of her during training camp because that girl is working my last nerve. Also working my last nerve? Anthony with his fashionista check ins with the girls and Neil who is coming off as a creeper. First Kelsey and now Kalyssa. Just yuck. Hopefully we're done with those two for the rest of the season. I don't
  10. Another great episode. Having only seen the first ep of the Laci Peterson murder I'm pretty skeptical of blaming it on the burglars. I'm supposed to believe these idiots who rob homes on Christmas Eve in broad daylight were smart enough to hold on to Lacey (or her body) for 2-3 days after kidnapping her so they can know where Scott went that day and then dump her body in the same place? Plus why didn't anyone see them shove her into their van? Clearly there were people people everywhere if the witnesses are remembering things correctly. The story just seems too implausible to hold together
  11. Oh if only he had tried this and we got footage. That would be comedy gold
  12. SanLynn

    S12.E03: Finals

    I got the impression Erica was injured during training camp but that's just spec on my part. It definitely looks like she did a solo though.
  13. That's actually a good point. I definitely took it as genuine especially when she was going on about how much easier it would be to manage but looking back at it through your comment makes me think she was too over the top about how much easier it would be for her. Tess on the other hand didn't look that thrilled by her curly do as I recall. LOL
  14. If the season continues this way I foresee using up my entire stash of kleenex (I overbought one time and those things have been sitting around forever). This episode was horrifying. I was definitely not aware of how brutal CO$ is to the poor kids coming of age in their cult. And to read what LRH said about kids... all of it just made me weep. And I agree with all of you who are commenting on Mike and how pained he's looking so far. I respect him for taking this opportunity to make amends and face up (possibly in a way he never has before) to the abuses he was a part of. I do also worry
  15. This always confuses me. Paige's first year her makeover resulted in curly hair which Kelli (and Paige) seemed to really like yet she still straightened it after the makeover. Then last year Tess ended up with natural curl and was back to straightening it at practically the next practice. Now Milan. @ShellyB do you have any insight on why some girls don't stick with the makeover hair they receive during training camp? I understand if not as it really is a personal decision for them. I'm just insanely curious about it. LOL ETA: I'm sorry, that glass frosting on the windo
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