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  1. All I know about his relationship with his dad is that Janelle tweeted that she met Big D when he was a teenager after BB All Stars because she did a commercial with Joe Fraizer. He missed school because he wanted to meet Janelle. Can't even hate him over that I would have done the same thing.
  2. Azah has said multiple times on the feeds she doesn't care about the money. I'm a bit surprised they didn't include Derek saying that he is broke and can't pay his bills. I think he said his mom pays his bills but he has also said his mother is broke so who knows the truth.
  3. I actually mistyped. Big D didn't think they all went to the end together. He thought the final 3 competed in all legs of the competition. Big D did not realize he would have to compete against Ky or X in the second part of the final HOH competition. X is telling Big D he has more faith in him beating Azah than Kyland.
  4. He's been working on Big D to convince him they need to get rid of Kyland. It's pretty obvious that Big D does not understand how the final HOH works.
  5. It's pretty clear Alyssa was one of those people who my friend who use to work in reality tv casting would describe they were great through the casting process and once they got on the show they barley showed their true personality.
  6. I googled big brother winners and got a photo of every winner from 1-20. BB21 had a ton of racial issues and Cody. I like Derek X and I am glad that he is popular since Asians are receiving so much unnecessary racist attacks right now. I am just frustrated with how little preparation he did before going on the show.
  7. I could care less about someone being a recruit vs being a superfan since like you said sometimes the worst players are superfans and the best players are recruits. But not even googling who has won the show before? That shows a lack of preparation. I am not going to vote for someone to win $25,000 who can't even google "big brother winners".
  8. Funny seasons 19 & 20 that I stopped watching halfway through or during prejury because it was so predictable I tuned into the finale which I'm glad I did because I got to see Paul's reaction losing to Paul. However, I was super confused why Cody won AFP because at the time I stopped watching people hated him.
  9. I think one of the biggest mistakes Hannah made was not making a final 2 with Azah. Kyland beat her to it. Hannah didn't want to do what Tyler did in season 20 and make to many finals 2s, but all of Tyler's finals 2 voted for him to win minus Sam because he neglected that relationship.
  10. Rob didn't like last season from what I remember. Taran was constantly defending why he thought it was interesting until the triple and then seemed over last season.
  11. I feel like Britini would vote for Azah over Big D but who knows
  12. I can't believe Derex didn't google "Big Brother Winners" before he left for the show. I like him, but I don't want him to come back since he did no homework before he left. It makes me think he will take the wrong lessons on why he lost especially if he wins AFP.
  13. Can't believe I actually want X to win out of the three guys. I can't stand Deref and Ky.
  14. I think Julie does a good job with the live double evictions, but I think she has gone down overall as the host with her jamming in her religious beliefs.
  15. I feel bad for Azah in a weird way. She was a big fan of the show and it's clear she hasn't really enjoyed being on the show. I turned on the feeds and she looks so miserable.
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