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  1. Meghan does a pretty terrible job of explaining any of her views and I agree she has never expressed the same vitriol towards the guy who mocked her dad's record as a veteran.
  2. I don't know a single person who lives in New York who likes de Blasio. Republicans, Democrats and even the people I know who use to work for him hate him. It is really the only thing people in NYC can agree on these days when it comes to politics. I was surprised that Yang defended him.
  3. Not a huge surprise, but Meghan was wrong according to exit polling Trump won white males. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/11/03/us/elections/exit-polls-president.html I thought it was super interesting even if she might have been joking that Cindy had to mention to Meghan that Arizona GOP took the McCain family out of the censure. I like Cindy even if she is a bit boring the difference between her and Meghan is amazing. Cindy is obviously secure about her political beliefs and only cares about her husbands legacy will be tarnished (which is super understandable). This week Meghan seems super insecure about her beliefs.
  4. This was fantastic. Such a great movie and unfortunately good timing with everything going on. It might be the best movie I've seen since in awhile.
  5. I saw the broadway show and I thought this was a good adaptation. I wish they had used the actress who played Emma in the musical, but I thought they did a good job with the actress they cast.
  6. Late to this, but I always thought it was Katie Doyle since Tonya's lawyers tried to get her to testify. https://www.scribd.com/doc/109406646/Tonya-Cooley-seeks-the-testimony-of-Katie-Doyle
  7. Chandra was amazing. The voice ever at the end with all the names made me cry. Jackson's quip felt a little out of place, I think giving it to Maggie would have been better.
  8. Wow. That is some delusion. There was a hot minute were Nicole and Cody asked Dani to help them get in good with Janelle in case she won a HOH and Dani refused.
  9. She had some moments in 16 like with Amber on the feeds she would say some rude things about her. I do agree with you I don’t see this version of Nicole being close with Donny or Jacosta.
  10. Cody has a huge chip on his shoulder. Derrick always says he couldn’t have won the game without Cody being as good as a social player as he was in season 16.
  11. I know in the house banana bread was the money sharing. I think I mixed up the Dan story with the banana bread story lol. I remember boogie promising Diane and James jobs probably more. I remember everyone Will brought it up to Janelle all she wanted to talk about was their relationship outside the house lol.
  12. They did in a segment, but the Caleb thing was filmed and put on Instagram it was super weird how Caleb didn't talk to Derrick but was Bffs with his dad. I remember from the feeds in 16 Derrick wasn't close to his dad or mom.
  13. Does anyone remember the post season 16 drama that Derrick's dad bought Caleb a truck and Derrick/Caleb stopped talking to each other. The whole thing was super weird. It surprised me that Derrick didn't give Cody a gift since Cody was more responsible for Derrick winning than Caleb was. Didn't come out later that the banana bread was just investing in Boogies restaurants? I remember Dan telling a story on the feeds in season 14 how Boogie's reputation was to hit up every Big Brother winner to get them to invest in his restaurant or something. I think Dan said he gave a heads up to Jordan which was funny because Boogie would talk about how much he wanted to meet Jeff/Jordan. I might be combining two different stories into one though. I feel like the only one who benefitted from the banana bread agreement was Will. I remember him bragging in an interview that Boogie/Erika/Janelle didn't capitalize on the Big Brother 7 experience like he had it was a lot of reading between the lines. Plus post show the relationship between Boogie and Erika wasn't great. They still have instagram though! I do think Tyler has tanked his image after the BLM stuff, but a lot of online BB fans were pissed at him after the RHAP drama that happened after season 20.
  14. I don't know if it is that good of a deal since you can make 52k by making it to jury. I guess unless your Janelle who clearly doesn't need the money. If I won 500k I wouldn't want to share it with anyone lol. I agree with this. Even with someone like Ian who has made one off appearances during multiple seasons if you are a fan of the show I don't think you would want to ruin it which is why it was funny when Ian kept saying he didn't want to go to jury.
  15. Even without Derrick's help this was a good cast draw for Cody. Obviously Derrick help set the Cody/Memphis thing up. Cody had Nicole from his season, his brother is good friends with Bay/Day, Enzo and Cody both know each other from being East coast guys going to Big Brother events. I'm sure Derrick gave him advice and Cody knows the big alliance can really help you since he did play in 16. Basically the way Cody has been playing is what Derrick has said in every interview he's given about Big brother strategy. The interesting part is Cody wasn't mentioned during all the pre season speculation before they got to sequester.
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