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  1. I enjoyed the restart. I tend to zone out watching the driving tasks so that might be an issue. Poor Michael and Moe. Guess the Race isn't for them.
  2. I have not, but I'll definitely check it out. I watched Tessa & Scott back in the day and you could definitely sense the tension between them and Charlie/Meryl.
  3. Thanks and didn't Zueva favor whatever women her son was dating? I remember the rumors about disordered eating too.
  4. Do all the Montreal Ice Dancing teams have as much drama as the Canton teams did? Or is it a much better environment? I'm curious because I was watching some clip of one of the Montreal Ice Dancing Teams and Tanith was talking about what a great environment it is and it made me side eye since we all know about the Canton drama.
  5. I thought the episode was pretty boring. I did think it was hilarious that they gave Kim & Penn a singing task. The ending made me choke up because I remember at the beginning of March reading that The Amazing Race shutdown and I realized that COVID was serious. I had heard about it because one of the people I was managing at the time wife was in China.
  6. I remember reading when the season aired that a family member gave him Sarah's contact info.
  7. Yeah when I first heard she was a life coach my first reaction was that is kind of perfect for her. Definitely interested in how this cast interacts since besides Danny/Kelly I don't think most of them have kept in consistent contact.
  8. I'm curious about Julie since I remember on her website in the mid 2000s she would talk about being a Mormon Democrat. I know Kelly is a life coach now. I'm definitely more interested in this homecoming than LA which I haven't even watched yet.
  9. Damn poor Ilia. I really wish they would have left Vincent at home, but they weren't going too. I've always liked Jason so I'm gutted for Ilia, but very happy for Jason. I guess it's a good problem to have when you have 4 people for 3 spots.
  10. I would chose Ilia over Jason.
  11. I remember in 2010 Johnny and Tanith were suitemates because Johnny, Tanith and Evan all requested single rooms.
  12. In the past Alternates have not been allowed to say in the village.
  13. So they went over that the athletes who are petitioning need to write a short letter saying why they should be chosen. Well if you are Nathan Chen do you just say because you are Nathen Chen.
  14. Poor Alysa. For people who follow figure skating how come Men's Ice Skating and Ice Dancing in the US has done so well compared to Us Ladies Figure Skating?
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