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  1. The thought occurred to me, that since “TeenMom” May be coming to an end (I have no insider knowledge,it just seems that interest is dying) Amber May be using Dimitri as her entrance to another franchise, the “90 Day Fiancée” shows. Why else choose someone from another country, with children, with whom you can’t even carry on a conversation? My other thought, is Dimitri just an actor brought on because we can’t just watch Amber sitting around alone all day?
  2. Dimitri, you came all the way to the US and all you’ve seen is Amber’s living room, an office where you took a lie detector test and one brand name restaurant. You’d think she could take him to whatever local tourist sights they have in Indiana. He doesn’t strike me as someone who particularly wants to be on television but what do I know? Though Ryan didn’t express it well, I kind of agree that making these kids starve themselves for a weight class is not healthy. My daughters high school boyfriend tried to stay 155 to wrestle in the class and he was always sick. It’s not healthy & Im surprised that Maci was being such a bitch about it. Corey, you are being an asshole. Hope your daughters don’t see how much you wanted a boy.And,the only reason you don’t want to step on Cheyenne’s toes is that you didn’t win the challenge so this is your biggest source of income. Mackenzie, I never followed you before & I don’t care about you now.The least you can do is GET YOUR KIDS to school.
  3. I actually admire Ciera for her trust in her relationship with Paget and her self confidence that in spite of production trying to bring drama to their relationship,she didn’t play into it at all. I felt bad for Georgia that she had to be made to look a little silly all for drama that never really took place.
  4. Nope! No to Fernanda or her new reality star boyfriend Clay. I didn’t like her with her husband ( was that Jonathan?) and this is even more cringeworthy.
  5. I’ll join in with those that were disappointed in the writing for this movie. It was so over idealized and one dimensional that I would have expected that it was written by an adolescent who was coming to terms with his sexuality, not by the overhyped Ryan Murphy. I agree with the assessment that I didn’t believe the Jim Parsons character ( even though he was based on a real person) and his making amends with Rock Hudson and producing a picture with him in the lead didn’t seem genuine. Also, why introduce the character of Phyllis ( his secretary who was briefly married to Rock to dispel rumors of his sexuality) and then not write that into the story. I had heard the story about the gas station and “Ernie” and it didn’t end as happily for him. The only performances I really enjoyed were Joe Mantella and Dylan McDermott. I’ve enjoyed reading all the posts on this site - lots of good critical thinking going on here.
  6. So, I’ve been watching these Housewives shows for longer than I am embarrassed to say and when all the dust clears,have any of these women, over any of the franchises, ever sat down and had an intelligent conversation ? All they can talk about is clothing, eating out, real estate and each other. No talk about literature, politics or travel ( real travel not justgoing from one luxury hotel to another). No philosophical discussions or buoying each other up. I have many female friends over 50 and these are the kind of things we talk about when we’re together. I can no more imagine screaming insults at my friends in public ( or anywhere) and I think that Gloria Steinem was correct when she chastised Andy for denigrating women with these shows.
  7. Once again Ryan proves that he is jealous of his own son. Why would you say something so demeaning about your child on national TV? And so what if Bentley has more feelings and respect for women than his father does, that wouldn’t be a bad thing. Amber was hoping against hope that Dimitri was lying so she could get some good footage of herself being a victim, yet again. Really,the truth is he’s boring her to tears between the language barrier and his laid back personality. At least Matt #1 was good TV because he gave as good as he got. Does Catelyn now have a “ glam squad” doing her hair & makeup? Other than getting themselves a spot on MTV, why would the “Little Spoons” people want to be associated for the poster child for “ post partum”. Mackenzie leave poor Gannon to his own grief or at least talk about it when there aren’t cameras around. Corey makes me sick. I don’t watch the Challenge - did he win anything? Left his pregnant girlfriend and sick child and it’s all about how he feels when he finds out. Cry me a river,Corey.
  8. Unpopular opinion, but I don’t particularly care for Jim Parson’s performance in this role. I haven’t watched many of Ryan Murphy’s shows other than “Glee” but are the shows always so over the top soap opera-y? Every performance is so over the top!
  9. I’m fairly sure if there is a Reunion, Jenna will not appear. She must have some idea by now that she is universally unpopular with the audience. She was supposed to appear on WWHL with Adam and she didn’t appear, Captain Glenn appeared again.
  10. Gee, Dorinda, so life didn’t work out like you planned. Welcome to the world. I’ve never gotten the “ charm” of Dorinda that so many others see. I think she’s an entitled, snobby and pretty mean, nasty person. I know she thinks it’s beneath her but she’s just as much of an alcoholic as Sonia, Luann and Leah but alcohol doesn’t make her silly & fun. It makes her a viper. And though I think Tinsley is kind of a crybaby, she’s really about the only person on this show that doesn’t attack others for no reason. All of these Housewives shows seem so sad and superficial when we think about what’s going on in the real world. I think their popularity is going to stop dropping - I have a hard time listening to rich drunk ladies scream At each other.
  11. I can’t imagine the horror of having a mother like Rinna, always trying to steal your thunder. She couldn’t even give her children the kudos for the company- she blatantly announced it was nepotism and that they won the gene pool with she and Harry as their parents. Then slipping into one of the outfits and sabotaging the photo shoot all to prove that “ Mama’s prettier and sexier than you.” Lisa had no time for her Mother until she realized that fans loved Lois so now she’s bringing her along as the foil for Lisa’s “ crazy old lady” jokes.
  12. Does anyone know whether Dimitri is still at Amber’s house or did he get exported when the virus began? What a horrible situation for him if that were the case.
  13. How can a detector test be reliable when the subject doesn’t even understand basic English idioms? And the operator was using the sound of his voice to determine if he’s lying? For God’s sake Amber, you aren’t a major celebrity ; how much do you think we care about your ex boyfriends? And it seems like you have more debt than money so what could anyone get from you.Who was watching McKenzie’s kids when she decided to treat ONE kid to a vacation. They just lost their Grandmother, who it appears pretty much raised the Teen Mom spawn and now Mom & Dad go away for a vacation & leave him home? These mother’s are way too spoiled with all the v@cations they take when ever they areThe least bit unhappy. Tyler nobody wants your “ merch” for free or otherwise. So what DOES Tyler do with this company? He doesn’t sew or do the website or fill so if their too expensive do some of the work yourself! Not much to say about Cheyenne and her boring life. I still think Bentley is the best kids on this franchise. He’s accepted the big brother role without seeming jealous and seems pretty responsible as well.
  14. I just discovered this show On Demand (I’m quarantined like everyone else) and I am so impressed. I’ve watched numerous reality shows with alleged “ therapists” and this is the real deal. I always enjoy the sessions with her mentor as well. I appreciate that she is careful that she doesn’t allow her own feelings interfere with her ability to give both members of the couple their due.
  15. Well, it looks like this season’s goat is going to be Kyle & LVP must be enjoying the hell out of it. Lisa Rinna, your daughter has mental health problems because she as a completely self centered & narcissistic mother and a Father who spends all his time staying as far away from his family as possible. Who wouldn’t be fucked up? Dorit, I highly doubt that you would have been spending the whole weekend being Mommy to your adorable children. They are only props in the “Glam” world that you’ve built for yourself. Erika and Sutton took a back seat this week, though I think Erika was on the Dorit team because she understands the “ importance” of being at the beck and call of your squad. Teddi’s event didn’t look that healthy to me.Never re@lized that a health retreat would have so many opportunities to drink. And an hour of meditation seems like a long time.
  16. Did anyone get to see Erika’s performance in “Chicago”. Without auto tune her voice is mediocre at best but it seems that “Chicago” does a lot of ‘stunt casting”,I think. Wasn’t Kandi Burruss going to be init and do I recall Nene Leakes as well? I guess that get bodies in the seats.
  17. So many things wrong tonight. Ryan is so jealous of a Bentley it screams from the screen. He’s projecting like crazy when he claims that Bentley gets away with murder & needs to be put in his place. It’s pretty obvious that Bentley, who appears to be a handsome, athletic, bright, well behaved young boy does not need any parenting to be done by drug addicted, unemployed Ryan who was literally ONLY a sperm donor. Dimitri, you SHOULD be scared. You are coming across the ocean, unable to fluently speak the language to stay for 3 months with someone who has a hair trigger temper- good luck! Meanwhile, Corey, have you ever had a real job? And why are you taking your 2 year old noncustodial child to the airport at night so that she can get all emotional when you leave - talk about it being all about you! Meanwhile, Cait and Tyler - yawn!
  18. So Lindy was the Primary and not Jesse? I felt terrible for him with the way she treated him. Why did she even bring him along - she seemed way more into her girlfriend. I don’t know whether Madison is just getting a sympathetic edit and were not seeing her bad behavior or does no one like her at all? Byron is particularly vicious to her and I’m not sure why. Also, I would feel the same way she does about being left out of all the happy couples; it’s awkward. Adam and Jenna - he is dysfunctional in every relationship he enters but she is such an unpleasant person I don’t care.
  19. No Amber fan but Andrew knew what he was in for - he met her on “MarriageBoot Camp” where she was a nightmare, not only toMatt and her mother but to other contestants and yet he thought it would be a good idea to get her pregnant? How dumb do you have to be to get yourself in that situation? I think he was hoping he could get on the gravy train with Tyler, Taylor andGary. Didn’t work! If they’ve stopped filming are the checks on hold because those big houses,cars and vacations aren’t going to pay for themselves.
  20. This is not going to be a hit . My life is boring enough but honestly watching Colt, Debbie & their cats makes my life seem vital & exciting.
  21. Watching Billie and Phineas I kept wondering if she’s naturally a ginger. Inquiring minds...
  22. This song always reminds me of 9/11. Makes me sad.
  23. 2 questions : is that JLo’s backyard and is she wearing a sweatshirt with her own face on it?
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