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  2. I know Jane Curtin said several of the male SNL actors didn’t think women should be allowed in comedy and would screw up any skit written by a woman. She named Belushi as one of them. She said the exception was Gilda.
  3. From the book Wild and Crazy Guys by Nick de Semlyen (as reported in People magazine): Bill Murray on punching Chevy Chase in the face. On February 18, 1978, on the set of Saturday Night Live, everyone was still fuming that Chevy Chase had quit the show for a better paying gig, but had returned as a guest host, de Semlyen explains. Fueled by competitiveness and mutual dislike, a heated conversation between Chase (a known “provocateur”) and Murry turned violent when Murray punched Chase. “It was a huge altercation,” director John Landis, who witnessed the event, told de Semlyen.
  4. Actually I think she finally said that she did call him first, but he hung up on her and then lied that she never called. She said he never spoke to her again. I never liked her humor (hated when she went after the young girls on Facts of Life and talked about their weight) and found her to be mean, but she was definitely blackballed.
  5. I remember Jay’s wife talking about women under Taliban rule way before anyone else. I think funds go there, too. And there is some charity in Brooklyn he really likes and funds. IIRC there was an interview with the both of them in which he talked about how frugal his mother was, and he got his fear of running out of money from her. She came alone to the states at age 11 because she was the youngest of a large poor family. I think her mom had died, and her father took her at age six to wealthier houses to sell her as a servant. I always remembered that part because Mavis responded
  6. A lot of people who get fired look for other jobs. If they are number one when they get fired, usually rival companies are interested in hiring them. I don’t know why Leno was expected to be loyal to the people, Conan included, who were shoving him out the door.
  7. Yes, he said in an interview that he has always had two jobs and he only spends the money from the lesser paying one so that he can bank the other. He said he booked at least 150 gigs a year while doing the show so that he wouldn’t have to spend the TV money. IIRC, his mom once told him that with his dyslexia he would have to work twice as hard as everyone else and he took it to heart.
  8. The only man I can think of that I believe falls into this category is Jay Leno. Maybe this is more of an unpopular opinion, but I have never understood the vitriol he gets. Unless Conan gave Jay a kidney I don't know about, Jay did not owe him the job at the Tonight Show. Whenever I would read or hear David Letterman or Conan make their snide comments, I couldn't help but think about mean girls. Jay has always struck me as a nice guy, even if I don't find him funny all the time (but I have never thought Conan or David were funny so . . .). I know he got a lot of grief during the wri
  9. That's interesting, I didn't see the play. Are you saying they changed the reason for her leaving Stanford? I didn’t see the play either, but read its synopsis that suggested the reason for her dropping out was the spoiler tag explanation I gave above. (Am I supposed to use spoiler tags there? I probably overuse them to be on the safe side, but wasn’t sure in this case if they were necessary.)
  10. Crs97


    I have to admit that whenever I see MASH come up as having new posts, my stomach drops and I think about Alan Alda as I open the thread. My heart will be broken when the new post actually means what I am always worried it means.
  11. Finished The Paris Library, which I absolutely adored until the ending. Four stars nonetheless. Now starting Ross King’s Michelangelo and the Pope’s Ceiling. Only have read one chapter, but I think I will love it.
  12. I loved Nina and Benny’s relationship! The only thing I liked better, based on the play’s synopsis, is that
  13. We saw it last night in the theatre; with only one other couple six rows ahead of us, it felt like a private viewing. What a beautiful love letter to the memory of a vibrant neighborhood! I have never seen the stage version, though I had read a synopsis, so I wasn’t completely sure what to expect. Just lovely! We didn’t stay through the credits, which gives us a good excuse to watch it again at home. Any quibbles? The double-jointed guy doing weird things with his shoulder in 96,000 was distracting, and I think I liked Nina’s story a bit better in the stage version. Otherwise I
  14. I keep wondering if all this means there is a timeline in which Tony and Pepper are happily raiding their daughter and maybe more kids. If so, I am good with that explanation.
  15. In news that will surprise absolutely no one: Angelina is appealing the custody decision
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