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  1. Crs97

    S02.E02: Tell Tale Hearts

    Yes, we saw in season 1 that she began to tell him and he cut her off. He knows and wouldn’t let her confess, and I hate that they are trying to change it now.
  2. Crs97

    MLB Thread

    Hitting for the cycle yesterday. Stealing home today. Tribe’s having a fun weekend!
  3. Crs97

    The NBA

    LeBron says hi.
  4. Didn't Andrew make a big deal about his daughters taking precedence over Kate, since they were blood? Doesn’t he like to play the “I’m mummy’s favorite“ card in his dealings with Charles? He is so bowing to his brother.
  5. Rewatching a little of the trooping of the colors video. I want the queen to live forever, but am I the only one looking forward to Andrew’s reaction when Charles becomes king? I want to see his bow when Charles walks past. I’m petty, I know.
  6. Crs97

    Worst Book Parents

    It increases his worst husband status so I don’t know that it’s quite the defense he might have hoped for if he were real.
  7. Crs97

    Worst Book Parents

    While I agree with almost all of your post, andromeda, I had to copy this part because, for all of his faults, we do find out that Mr. Bennet had always planned to introduce himself to Bingley and Darcy. From Chapter 2: “Mr. Bennet was among the earliest of those who waited on Mr. Bingley. He had always intended to visit him, though to the last always assuring his wife that he should not go; and till the evening after the visit was paid she had no knowledge of it.” Doesn’t take him off the worst parents list, but I will throw him this particular bone.
  8. Crs97

    Worst Book Parents

    Staying in the Austen universe, Sir Walter Elliot is high on the list of worst parents. He is the cause of their financial straits and his disdain for his only sensible daughter is palpable.
  9. The only disappointing part of her win was that she had to be backstage because they couldn’t be bothered to build a ramp that would allow her to sit with everyone else and get to the stage like everyone else.
  10. Exactly. The Temptations were known for their smooth dance steps--not that manic performance in the musical. Yes! And I don’t remember the Temptations being that hard to understand. I started to sing a little of the lyrics and then stopped because I wasn’t sure if the musical had changed them and I had no idea what people were actually saying. Was it a microphone issue (at the first commercial James’ mic was off and there was another spot that seemed to have competing mics) or bad diction due to un-Temptation-like dance moves?
  11. That's a shame. I haven't seen any of the performances, but Jeff Daniels is a spectacular actor. And I thought Scott Rudin settled it all by giving those regional theatres license to perform the new version of TKAM. Pretty ridiculous reason to diss Sorkin and Jeff and the play itself.
  12. I have to say that I was underwhelmed. The live performances did not make me want to see the musicals. I felt meh the whole night and stopped watching right after The Ferrymen won because I realized I didn’t care and had spent most of the telecast on my phone. Extremely disappointing.
  13. What are the reasons because I am still flummoxed? Jeff Daniels was robbed.
  14. Crs97

    The NBA

    Probably. I have a cousin who does the summer ballpark tours and wears his Cubs jersey to every place. They probably love the sport, are rich enough to afford those crazy tickets, and are Lakers fanatics.
  15. Crs97

    The NBA

    The woman next to him was actually standing up when he came flying in. Lowry crashed into the seated people and seemed already to be done with his forward movement when the guy reached over the empty seat to shove him. It wasn’t a particularly strong or effective shove, but he deserves whatever he got. If you have a problem with the potential for injury, don’t sit there.