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  1. Nothing to see here. Unexpected question takes a second to process.
  2. Curious that the analysis is Kathy Bates got the nod over JLo due to relentless campaigning. I have seen tons more from/about JLo than Kathy. I haven’t even seen Kathy in an interview about the film. Also interesting is the analysis that the academy dissed JLo because it has antiquated ideas about JLo’s acting when the list of her better performances contains Selena and Out of Sight, her oldest films. Things that make you go, hmm.
  3. The same people who complained about the expense/pageantry of the public wedding were angry that Archie’s christening was private. It’s always been about Meghan daring to be loved by Harry and accepted by his family.
  4. It’s phrases like those that make me stop, shut the book, close my eyes, and ponder. Then I find my poor husband (or sometimes wake him up) and read it to him. Since he loves me beyond reason, he always responds appropriately. 😌
  5. I loved Rules of Civility, but I will say I loved it more than my other book club members did. They enjoyed it, but didn’t rave about it like I did. I find him to be a very slow read, but it’s because I want to immerse myself in his writing. I can ruminate on some of his passages for days. This sounds crazy, I know, but I had to put away Gentleman because my life was too busy to read it as slowly as I wanted. Just beautiful turns of phrases.
  6. Crs97

    MLB Thread

    It’s not just about putting the ball in play; it’s about extending the at bat. If the hitter knows enough about the pitch to make contact and perhaps foul it off, the inning extends and the pitch count goes up. How many times have we seen a foul ball that should have been caught and wasn’t; the announcers always talk about not giving the other team extra outs. I guess my analogy is Battleship: if you catch me looking at your ship placement, can I argue that isn’t cheating because I still have to rely on my memory to sink your ship?
  7. I think they’d just keep claiming that Archie isn’t really his. The crazies have no sense of reality.
  8. The golden poppies looks less tiara and more head covering to me. Beautiful, but I don't think tiara when I see it. The Linley wooden is also beautiful, but casual - like the day tiara you wear helping wash dishes someplace.
  9. You don't announce your intention to stage a heist, Blackberry! That just creates a trail that leads right back to us you. I will DM you to reiterate that we cannot steal the tiara. Nothing to see here, administrators. Just two people minding their own business and obeying the law and NOT planning a heist of a gorgeous tiara.
  10. I assume Parasite is up for best foreign film as well? My guess is that it will take that award and then be done. I can’t watch war films, but am hearing really good things about 1917 and the way it was shot. Even my 16 year old wants to see it specifically because of the single shot style. I can see the academy recognizing that creativity.
  11. Crs97

    MLB Thread

    I don’t think anyone in the current commissioner’s office has the balls (hee!) to go full Pete Rose on anyone. Bart Giamatti was one of a kind and taken from us way too soon.
  12. Please let them win so much money in their case against the tabloids that they achieve the financial independence the taxpayers want them to have!
  13. Good interview with Miguel
  14. Re being nominated in two categories: I loved when George Clooney won fir best supporting actor and started his speech with, “Well, we all know I’m not winning for best screenplay [I think that was his other nom].” My UO: I thought “Shakespeare in Love” was extremely clever and very well acted and had no problem with the Academy love it received.
  15. I keep seeing all these headlines that JLo got snubbed, and for the life of me I cannot understand how anyone has seen this woman do anything and think to themselves, “She deserves a huge award for that!”
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