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  1. I also like his acknowledgment of the shop workers trying to keep the shelves full. Well done, Charles, happy to see you looking so well!
  2. Have we seen an incident of Jack doing something for Miguel? Miguel let him borrow a suit coat, saved his job, counseled him to stop ignoring his wife, helped out after his death . . . What exactly has Jack done for Miguel (that I am not remembering)?
  3. Wait, I wasn’t supposed to take one?!?! 😉
  4. Hope the news makes MomJam feel a little more hopeful, BlackBerry! Glad to hear Charles is feeling better!
  5. Both of them look to me like no one is at the other end of that phone conversation.
  6. Splitting my time between American Dirt and The Splendid and the Vile. Enjoying both of them very much so far.
  7. I am just speculating (maybe more wish fulfillment than anything), but I think it could be interesting if Rebecca starts the trial, but it is shut down early based on unforeseen side effects. She’s at the cabin, and the siblings blame Randall so aren’t speaking to him. Randall spirals after hearing the news. Next season he focuses on therapy. Kevin gets involved in some sort of project that highlights adoption and the feelings of the adopted child. He starts to understand Randall more. Maybe Kate finally has a come to Jesus meeting with both of them. They slowly come back together as a family. I am seeing a lot of comments about how it shouldn’t be easy for Kate and Toby to adopt. I assume these next two seasons we will see their difficulty in doing so.
  8. Imagine the Randall hate if that happened. It would overwhelm. Until kingdom come. Not if this is the moment that wakes Randall up to his shortcomings.
  9. It could be really interesting if Rebecca starts the trial, but it has to end early because the drugs turn out to have horrible side effects or worsen the problem.
  10. I can remember one of my sisters, once she got a great job, lavishing my mom with all sorts of fun outings and trips. Then she got in an argument with another of my sisters and called to vent. When my mom refused to take sides, that sister actually said, “And after all I’ve done for you!” I can tell you that the relationship has never really been the same since. My mom was furious and devastated, and we all now know her gifts come with payment due (frankly, we always knew, but thought mom was exempt). Right now, Randall is that sister. I assume we are setting him up for a pride before the fall situation. I wonder if Kevin flies out to St. Louis to ask Rebecca again what she wants and, with Miguel’s help, gets her out of the study. ETA: Sterling’s take on the fight.  He is delightful!
  11. Sending good wishes to Charles and everyone else infected.
  12. Read this sometimes last year and hated it with the fire of a thousand suns. So I have zero interest in watching the series. No matter how much I always enjoy seeing Joshua Jackson on my screen. I didn’t know I had a twin!! Awful, awful book that I read over a year ago, and I still get just as enraged about it today as I did then.
  13. I forgot that when Rebecca wanted Jack to get help, he just went to the gym and boxed; Randall’s “I just need to run” makes more sense now. I am ready for a Miguel-centric episode.
  14. The little we know about Randall’s early adult life is that he had major anxiety attacks, one of which was severe enough to leave him blind temporarily. Beth said she had to put her life on hold for him. When would have been a good time to tell Randall about his birth father? Can’t tell him during a breakdown and don’t want to cause a breakdown when he is finally feeling better. He didn’t tell anyone that he was still looking for his bio father. No matter when Rebecca told, it would have been the wrong time. Team Rebecca
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