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  1. So is Charlene’s hair cut so that it can look uniform in photos or she can sweep it to one side to show a shaved head?
  2. Joey also told Ross’ date that Ross is the reason his ex-wife “turned” gay so they all made offensive comments. I chalk it up to the times and the “when you know better, you do better” trend of comedy. For as many bad jokes, Carol and Susan’s wedding was beautiful, and one of my favorite scenes was Carol and Ross’s conversation that she loved him but couldn’t deny who she was.
  3. When she starts screaming for Fritz and he comes flying through the door and then realizes what has happened . . . the two of them play the hell out of that scene. The only thing I would have changed is that her dad is supposedly making breakfast. I always think of course he wouldn’t be as fast as Fritz, but he would have come running, too. He should have at least made it to the doorway. He is such a fine actor as well; his reaction shot might have broken me, but would have been the right grace note to end that scene.
  4. Crs97

    NFL Thread

    Why? It was a legal hit.
  5. UO here, but I like Charles more than the queen or William. I do not find it hypocritical to care about the environment, but need to fly separately for security reasons. Anyone who thinks William would somehow be a better or more outgoing king has clearly not been paying attention.
  6. Co-sign this!! I loved watching their relationship, and they are the poster children against the notion that putting the couple together ends the show.
  7. And yet every time he started to have a healthy relationship with someone else, she sabotaged it. I would like to think they both went into therapy at the end. I personally think they could have a healthy relationship after a lot of professional help.
  8. Bad Blood was a very good book! I just finished Troubled Blood - it is too long, but still enjoyable. Now I am reading Lori Gottlieb’s Maybe You Should Talk to Someone and loving it. She is a therapist who is in therapy after a bad breakup, and she is describing her life and the lives of some of her patients to explain how therapy works. Last year I vacillated between trying to read everything and not being able to touch a book or focus on a page; it feels so good to enjoy reading again!
  9. A lot of the comments I see about this episode seem to focus on two arguments: people ended up being ready on time so it was no big deal, and it was going to be a boring evening so Ross shouldn’t have asked them to go. Ross is not a favorite of mine (though I thought David Schwimmer was terrific), but I am in his team here.
  10. I am totally Team Ross on the No One is Ready episode. First, they go to Joey's horrid plays and try to say something nice. They listen to Phoebe sing and try to say something nice. It wasn't going to kill them to attend Ross' big night. My dad, who was amazing in so many ways, was always late. If the wedding started at 7 pm and was 30 minutes away, you could almost guarantee that at 6:20 he'd start looking around at all of us standing there ready to go and announce that he should probably go get a shower. The number of times the procession was the bridesmaids, the maid of honor, our family, and then the bride - I am shuddering just remembering it. Did we make it in time? Technically, yes, and the friends who knew us thought it was hilarious, but I hated it. Husband knows I just about panic at the thought of being late, even if it turns out to be no big deal. It's a big deal to me, which counts for something. Also, I never bought that Rachel didn't know what she wanted to wear beforehand and was slow just because she was trying to look pretty for Ross. Now if they wanted to make it that Rachel had picked a dress, but it was the only thing Phoebe could fit into after her dress was ruined and that is why Rachel is now at a loss - I could have bought that. But finding out Rachel hadn't put a thought into what would be appropriate for her boyfriend's big evening? Nope. My rant is over.
  11. I liked that it was two flawed people trying to make a go of it because they loved each other. Everyone seems annoyed with Fritz, but she was no prize either.
  12. Crs97

    NFL Thread

    Glad to see Kansas City isn't affected by that pesky COVID; so many people in the stands I thought it was a college game. I also appreciated Tony Romo's stellar and complex commentary that if Cleveland scores touchdowns while holding KC to field goals, they just might win. He is clearly worth those big bucks they are paying him.
  13. Especially when we know they didn’t get together until after Tess was born so the three were adults. This part of the story has been so mishandled. I expect we won’t get his story until Miguel is dead- picturing a heart attack, we get his flashbacks while we wait, and it ends with him flatlining. The three will make it about themselves and retcon their past interactions with him to pretend they treated him decently. I still go back to Miguel’s stunned expression when Kevin spoke nicely to him after finding out Rebecca was sick. I actually like Miguel better than I like Jack at this point.
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