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  1. Finished Marisa de los Santos’ I’d Give Anything. I loved her first two books, did not enjoy her next two, and thought her last one was getting back to form. When I finished this novel my initial thought was that it was fine-3 stars. The more I talked about it, though, the more I realized I was dissatisfied. 2 stars at most. Disappointing.
  2. We just watched the one when Sharon asks for help because one of her officers has bruises. Her behavior toward Brenda is so ridiculously awful that she made Taylor look good. Brenda barely had the case with no report and repeated demands for discretion, and then Sharon basically tells everyone who will listen that Brenda caused the suspect’s death. Then when she ends The show by saying they would work better if Brenda just followed her orders? Brenda needed to remind her who ranks higher. I was sorry she kept showing back up.
  3. Marisa de los Santos has a new book out! I loved her first two, thought her next two missed a step, and thought her last one was getting back on track, though not as good as the first pair. Keeping my fingers crossed on this one!
  4. My UO: I thought Susan Lucci should not have been nominated that many times. She was an average actress, and I hated how her losses started to take away from other people’s wins.
  5. Crs97


    Fun read about Sam and Diane I agree with the author’s thoughts about the actors and characters.
  6. I tend to read recaps and then decide whether to watch the show so that I avoid wasting my time if I don’t like where a storyline is going. Luckily, I don’t mind getting spoiled ahead of time.
  7. IMO, only in the first one did Fredric March make me sympathize with his character and believe he truly thought his suicide was an act of love. (Full disclosure-I did not watch Bradley’s version, as I thought each remake was worse than the one before and am now tired of the story.)
  8. Crs97

    The NBA

    For me the great “what could have been” was the year before when the Cavs lost just about everyone to injury, but still took the finals with the Warriors to six games.
  9. Crs97

    What's That Book?

    Thank you!
  10. Crs97

    What's That Book?

    We owned this book, and I read it as a teenager. I thought it was a Daphne Du Maurer book, but can’t match it to a title now. A couple lives next to a beautiful house that is the envy of the neighborhood, but everyone who moves into that house has tragic things happen to them.
  11. Phoebe is also the girl who told her friends they couldn’t go to a corporate spa, and then she took a job at one. She would totally eat meat while pregnant.
  12. I started Nothing to See Here by Kevin Wilson yesterday and ended up staying up late to finish it. Delightful, fun, quirky, and surprisingly heartfelt. Lillian, a scholarship student at a prestigious boarding school, becomes best friends with her wealthy roommate, though their freshman year ends in scandal. Fifteen years later her friend asks for a favor. Her Senator husband’s ex wife has died, his 10-year old twins are moving in, and she wants Lillian to become their governess/nanny. By the way, they spontaneously combust when upset.
  13. Crs97

    MLB Thread

    The problem the MLB has with the draft is that so few of those kids are ready for the majors. In football or basketball you expect to see the player next season. In baseball, it could be years before any of them are ready, and I would love to know how many of them enter the majors with the same team who drafted them.
  14. I’ve told this story before regarding JFK, but hopefully not on this thread. My MIL, a lifelong Republican, was working in downtown Dallas that fateful day and decided to go down and see the motorcade. She was standing near a group of nuns, and he turned and smiled at them. She said it was like getting blasted with a wave of charisma. By the time she got back to her desk, he was gone. Regarding Mr. Chatto, God seemed to have taken his time making Arthur, and I approve his handiwork.
  15. Crs97


    RIP, Kurt Thomas What an unexpected loss. Prayers for his family.
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