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  1. I can’t get past the name. It seems like such a juvenile “Ha! Ha! We made you say a bad word!” that I keep worrying all the jokes will be that kind of lame. But everyone I know clearly loves it.
  2. I haven't seen Schitt's Creek yet, though I have heard nothing but rave reviews from those who had. I have, however, watched The Good Place from beginning to end, and it remains the most original show aired on television. The fact that it never won an Emmy (please tell me I am wrong!) is a travesty that turns me off all future Emmy awards. Beyond ridiculous.
  3. As a reader, you can almost tell at what point the author decided he/she was too big to listen to the editor. Tom Clancy was another one whose books got bigger and bigger and more nonsensical. JK Rowling - I swear she must have watched Lord of the Rings right before writing Deathly Hallows, and clearly no one could talk her out of it. I keep authors together on my bookshelves and usually put their books in chronological order, and you can almost point to a specific book and say, “There is the moment they got too big.”
  4. Which is why the cry that Shakespeare in Love robbed Saving Private Ryan of the best picture Oscar still baffles me. SIL was clever and novel. SPR, not so much.
  5. Not only was Katharine Hepburn overrated as an actress, I don’t find her sleeping with a married Spencer Tracy who left his wife because he couldn’t deal with having a deaf son the great love story for the ages. Bridge too far?
  6. I still don’t see the problem. There is a difference between one’s personal and professional life, and making movies does not mean you owe your fans unfettered access to your personal life.
  7. I think what bothered me most about Henrietta Lacks’ story, and there was so much, is that it was continuing to this day. Scientists are still calling the family to ask for samples for comparison. IIRC (and I read it years ago so may be misremembering), one family member didn’t understand and thought a scientist was telling him that he had cancer and needed bloodwork done for his treatment. Once she took the sample, she never returned his frantic calls. When the author told the scientist how scared he had gotten, the scientist’s response was basically that she needed more samples from him for her research and suggested the author ask him for her. I know by the end I was secretly a little gleeful that carelessness with HeLa cells ruin millions of dollars worth of experiments each year.
  8. An “oh hell no moment” from me is in A Few Good Men. Demi Moore has screwed up the case almost beyond repair. She has goaded and lectured Danny throughout to get him to trial. Fine, but every setback during the trial has been because of her. Now their only shot left risks a court martial for Danny . . . not her, just Danny. Danny says (actually screams) no and she makes a biting comment calling him a coward. I wasn’t wild about her character, but in that moment I hate her outright. I hate that he apologizes to her and she gets to “win” because his friend is really the one who changes Danny’s mind, not her.
  9. It sounds like a chaotic mess and no one knew exactly what people were supposed to do. If he had served what he had, I think they probably would have decided not to send anyone home. I just feel horrible that Diana was so villainized for it when I thought it seemed to be an innocent mistake. Wasn’t he the one making black sesame ice cream? I don’t recall the judges seeing all that excited to taste it.
  10. I know on one season I saw via Netflix there was one time you could choose which dough you wanted to start with for your showstopper. Choosing one dough allowed you to start the night before and let it sit in the fridge overnight. I can’t remember if it was extra time, or if they got say 30 minutes the night before and then lost 30 minutes the next morning.
  11. I am only seeing them as judges now because husband is on a YouTube kick. Man, is Katy annoying! Yes, we watched her drool all over the young male singer; imagine if Lionel had done that to a young applicant. Yuck! She does not like the spotlight to leave her, does she? I don’t watch regularly, but I remember Harry tried to give musical critiques that meant something, but he kept getting called out for being “mean.” I loved listening to him talk music theory, and he was the best musician they ever had so of course they complain when he actually talked music. My favorite was when he had to explain pentatonics to JLo.
  12. Just finished Across the Winding River by Aime Runyan. Newly divorced Beth is helping her 90 year old father go through his photos and other keepsakes when she finds a photo of him in WWII with his arm around a pregnant German woman. The story shifts between present, her father’s time as a medic in the war, and the tale of two German sisters during the war. It was enjoyable, but I feel like I have read this story and its variations before. It was a free book through Amazon prime, and I am not sad I picked it.
  13. Late to the party, but I just wanted to respond: I heard the author speak before I got a chance to read the book. While she didn’t speak directly about any experience regarding adoption or surrogacy, she did say that she shared her first draft with her writing group, and they told her she came down too heavily on the side of the natural parents. She said she really had to balance things out for her final draft. After I read the book and realized what she considered “balanced,“ I can only assume that in her first draft they were harvesting May Ling’s body parts. I cannot stand Mia because Pearl was also biologically Mr. Ryan’s daughter, and she told him Pearl was dead and stole her from him. He had a right to know his daughter, and Pearl had the right to a stable home growing up. I hated this book passionately. Hated it. I tried a little of the series because I love so many of the actors involved, and I had hoped they would fix some of the awfulness of the book. Nope.
  14. I have no idea if this is an UO, but I need to vent. I made it through about 15 minutes of Les Mis, and it was 15 minutes I want back. I love the musical and the anniversary concerts. The movie is blowing it! They are singing in the wrong places of the music. It became physically painful to hear them sing the wrong words at the wrong beats. When the woman snatched Fontine’s letter and began singing as if she were reading its contents before she even finished opening the paper, I lost it. How did people think this was good?!?
  15. I liked Pete until he decided to be an ultimate fighter.
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