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  1. BooBear

    S01.E01: Pilot

    I thought this was horrible. The acting was painful. And ultimately I can tell it is a "stall show" the writers don't have any idea what is going on and won't come up with anything until 2024. The biggest mystery? How they all survived the fall?
  2. I really enjoyed this episode. I think Tyler H. really nails both Superman and Clark Kent but I was thrilled that in this version Lois saw Clark for the geeky hot guy that he is. Not to mention they work closely together and are respected reporters.. (having something in common). I remember being so irked when Lois and Clark aired that Lois wasn't mature enough to see "Clark". And they were consistent with her character. Lois is an investigative reporter. Some god shows up she isn't starstruck, she is suspicious. Lois is my new hero. This is the Lois I always imagined... though I thoug
  3. This is where I think the show might have lost me. It is a very CW thing to have the evil people with powers. (similar thing happened in Supergirl season 1). I was looking for a more grounded show about Superman. Also stupid bad guy to let Superman know they are out there. And it kind of takes Lois' story away and puts it squarely in Superman's territory. I wanted to see them both doing what they do best and in their own ways making the world a better place. I am not sure the superpower people are related to Morgan Edge. I hope that isn't the case. IMHO they seemed to be trying to draw Supe
  4. I enjoy seeing Lois as a mature intelligent adult who also happens to be a good journalist. I also like that not everything is an "avengers level event" somethings need a reporter... somethings need Superman. Something I was wondering if they were going to touch on because (and maybe I just haven't read the comics) what does it mean if Supes is "infecting" humanity with Kryptonian DNA? That is an interesting question. Probably more interesting than Supes just coming here in the first place. If found out that probably could really be an upset. Perhaps the AI was like the Oricle f
  5. That was superman. Jonathan just broke a rope.
  6. Loved this: 1. Loved Lois. I think often times her character is stuck in male writer hell. They don't know how to write a mature woman. This was a mature woman who grew past her 1978 -- reporter character. I take it here she is around 42 to 44. Family comes first. Plus, in this world, being a journalist has changed radically. 2. Jordan was perhaps oddly done. I could see him as a bad guy some day. He was just too... weird? Too angry. 3. Loved there wasn't a hint of the arrow verse. I like this show on its own and since there was not one motion of any of the rest of it, I wonder
  7. I didn't like this episode because it introduced a lot that confused me. 1. It seemed like the deed just showed up on Wanda's car. Luring her to Westview (next to Agatha's house) It seems to me maybe that deed is a fake and Agatha wanted to Lure Wanda for some reason (thus the Agatha all along) but then Wanda went all Hex crazy. It affected everyone but Agatha who simply played along to try to find out what the heck happened. (and maybe how she could use it). 2. I know Heywood is supposed to be a baddy but I have zero problems with him. Wanda has an entire town basically being tortu
  8. Look much better than I thought it would.
  9. I just got done with season 2 and I really loved it. I was watching it on the train into work and had to stifle a few laughs. My only complaint is that sometimes I felt Patti was getting lost in her own story. I wouldn't be so miserable if next season the show got back to mostly Bob and her. I still don't think Patti is a murderer though. Unless i missed it almost everyone she killed was trying to kill her. I see this as 3 seasons because Patti I think now has to be unmasked as a killer and then there is the fallout. I think they can backtrack on the tag to the season b
  10. I lost my Saturday to this series. Truly excellent and a bit terrifying. I definitely made sure my doors were locked last night. When this aired I thought I heard a lot of anti man talk but I thought this series did a good job of spreading the blame around and showing how people can be wrong but not evil. Remember it was Marie's foster moms who initially put the idea in the police's mind that she was lying. And I can't blame them too much when she almost immediately rolled over and said she was. There is a certain segment of the population out there that fancy themselves smarter or inves
  11. I love most of the new cast with the exception of Helena Bonham Carter. She just doesn't look or act like Margaret. I did agree that the recasting of former King Nazi didn't work. I think Alex Jennings should have stayed on. I like the actors playing both Charles and Anne. They really capture their essence even if they don't look a lot like them.
  12. IMHO this whole show is a propaganda piece meant to rehabilitate the crown before QEII's death and Charles coming to the throne. But truly they also have little choice. If they want to make this show they have to sort of toe the line and not really make anyone angry. Thus a lot of the bad people on the show are the dead ones.
  13. I enjoyed the season but I didn't enjoy this episode. I suspect they focus so much on Phillip and Margaret because of the actors who play them not wanting small roles... but I am sick to death of Margaret. I can cut Phillip more slack because of the hard life he had as a child but Margaret has really had a lot. I also don't like HBC in the role. IMHo she just plays herself all the time and doesn't really capture an essence. I think Vanessa Kirby did. I did enjoy the scenes with Harold Wilson. Elizabeth was right he did have a much better personality.
  14. I just can't get into Margaret. She does seem like a bit of a Debbie Downer. Everyone on this show is just one *thing* from being the queen. If it really is true that she spent her life essentially being a green eyed monster I feel bad for her and get annoyed at her mother for not checking her earlier and making her daughter do something productive with her life but I am getting tried of the show sort of making it as if Margaret had a legitimate beef.
  15. Agree. In general the acting has been so much better this season and I think Tobias really captures Phillips real life effortless jerk essence. I think this is the best pro royal family propaganda Phillip could ever hope for and yet, he still comes across as a jerk. I happed to enjoy this not especially for Phillip's journey but perhaps it is something that we all go though in mid life. I enjoyed the "character" Phillips realization that what worked for him as a youth didn't work in midlife when he probably thought it would. I liked his reflection / realization that maybe he didn't
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