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  1. Apparently, Food Network has scrubbed Season 20 from its website and streaming. Wise choice, but I feel for the other contestants (even if I don't like them) being sidelined by this horror. https://deadline.com/2021/01/food-network-pulls-worst-cooks-in-america-season-20-after-champion-arrested-for-child-murder-1234679156/ Maybe now they'll stop pulling contestants from the bottom of the barrel who barely pass a sanity test.
  2. I did pick the right one two weeks in a row. Last week, because of the leopard print rug under the pool table. A guy probably wouldn't have that, along with all the tchotchkes that an older woman who travels would have. Kim did know the Eli question, but I didn't catch on to her until the very end. There was one moment when she side-eyed and looked very sketchy and it seemed her mask slipped and you could see her true face. That was when I knew it was her. Up til then, it was Amanda. Although, Amanda seems to be very sketchy in real life, too! I'm actually enjoying this show, but it's probably due to Craig Ferguson more than anything else. He's so much fun and I miss him on late night tv. Plus, so many of the scripted shows this season are utter dreck!
  3. Except it's pronounced "toll keen" and Stephen should know that!
  4. I really want to like this, but it's just not happening. I wish it was. Especially in comparison to Miranda. I like all the actors, but I may not be able to stick it out. I'm also really worried about Swoozie -- is she sick? Is she extremely anorexic? Both? It's scary.
  5. Another article on same: https://news.yahoo.com/worst-cooks-america-winner-husband-012430089.html I read this and came here to see what was posted. It's so very sad, but they keep hiring contestants who are "off." Little do we know how "off" they are. Poor child and children.
  6. I actually like this a lot, anachronisms and all. Anachronisms usually turn me off 100%, but it's not quite as bad here as it has been in other shows! I love the blue suit/dress whatever it is she's wearing. Really gorgeous and suits her very well. Full mourning would be difficult to carry off, although I do agree about not wearing a veil at the funeral. Looking forward to further adventures! Same-same. I thought, "What a dreadful makeup job with that beard! And the makeup, too, whoo." I did figure he wasn't her uncle, but didn't guess husband in disguise! and and Thank you all! I thought they all looked familiar, but couldn't place them. Did like them in all of these previous shows.
  7. Really bad. I really hated her unethical behavior in order to get a gluttonous amount of crab legs. That really killed her character for me. Not funny.
  8. They lost me with Andi McDowell. Why is this woman still getting work when there are so many far more talented actresses out there? 😢 I'm only watching for Ted Danson, too, but it just isn't that funny.
  9. At first I thought it was due to the Grammys, but those got delayed so I really wonder what's going on. Definitely missing a lot. Apparently he just bought a $27mm mansion in Bel Air, so maybe he's been busy? https://pagesix.com/2021/01/08/trevor-noah-splashes-out-27-5m-for-bel-air-mansion/?utm_medium=SocialFlow&utm_source=P6Twitter&utm_campaign=SocialFlow
  10. Memememeagain says she was hysterical for 24 hours after the Siege on the Capitol. Sheesh. Not much of a self-proclaimed reporter or pundit if you can't handle stress. I recommend leaving The View and going into heavy therapy. (And getting the fuck out of my city. We have enough problems here.) https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/meghan-mccain-father-would-have-reacted-capitol-insurrection-this-would-have-killed-him-071419575.html
  11. Mayim needs to find her own niche and have her own show. She's not Miranda and it's not working. I'll give it another week, but I'm not optimistic. I feel bad for Leslie Jordan, stuck once again in a show that isn't quite happening. Reminds me of the US remake of The IT Crowd. They even brought in Richard Ayoade (who is hysterical) to reprise his UK role opposite Joel McHale. It was a total dud. The UK version is brilliant and it's on Netflix.
  12. I'm just curious what Hilaria/Hillary claims on the Census (for her and the kids) and other legal/federal documents. Now, that can be a big problem.
  13. Ms Lark

    Your Honor

    She did a great job as Bella Abzug in Mrs. America.
  14. Especially when it gets cancelled after three episodes.
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