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  1. Dawn French's characters usually irritate me to no end and this is no exception. I did watch the whole series on PBS Passport and I will say, it does get better. Especially one delightful relationship in particular, but no spoilers. Worth the watch for the other characters, but not for DF's PITA Maggie, IMNSHO. As a dramedy, it's a bit of a dud due to that. I think we're getting these older, lesser-known series because of Covid and the lack of new shows to put on. Hopefully, they're getting them for a low price!
  2. What most contestants don't usually realize for game shows and prizes: You have to pay the taxes on whatever you won immediately based on full price. Usually federal and state. So, nice to win, but not so nice to have to pass on taking it home!
  3. I've been watching/recording the Lifetime marathons. I can't believe the show only ended 4 years ago. It seems so much longer. At any rate, I loved the show when it was on and watched every week. Now, I remember all the main and secondary characters (and some of the tertiary ones, too) and their relationships with each other, but for the life of me I do not remember a single case from any of the episodes! Not a one. Hey, new show! I think perhaps it was more about the relationships than the cases, at least for me. Still, so strange.
  4. Well, it's good to have Graham back! I really enjoyed Dolly's stories. That said, it was bugging me that Lolly seemed to be wearing Killing Eve's Villanelle's pink dress only in blue. But no, it is a bit different, but the same designer: Molly Goddard. Lolly's dress (on sale, sold out): https://www.matchesfashion.com/us/products/Molly-Goddard-Barry-hand-smocked-tulle-midi-dress-1347245 Unfortunately, it now looks dated. Still, she was a fun interview.
  5. Stuff can happen, but he's been contracted through 2022.
  6. I can't believe that Trevor has been hosting the show for five years! It still feels fresh, even in Covid19-ville. Now that he's been here for five years, he can apply for American Citizenship! I remember someone asked him why he wasn't a citizen yet and he said, you have to be here five years. I hope he does (or has), but wouldn't blame him if he waited until Trump is out of office. Although, it does take a while to process through. I loved his interview with Dr. Jane Goodall. They're both so personable and she's something else besides! A real up!
  7. Ms Lark

    Enola Holmes (2020)

    I freakin' loved it! I figured it would be cute or fun or something, did not expect to like it as much as I did. Charmed my socks off and left me wanting more, so now I'm on a long list for the books at our library. I also thought it was a series and can hardly wait (which we will have to do during these times) for further adventures. I like her relationship with Tewksbury and hope that continues, with him pining away and her being, "I have stuff to do!" Hmm, I think I'll go watch it again right now!
  8. Anyone else have a hard time finding this? It was supposed to air at 9, but neither my cable app nor Roku could find it. It finally showed up on the website about 20 minutes late. Hopefully, they'll get the bugs ironed out, but Peacock seems rife with bugs, so who knows? I thought it was fun and a good try for a new "late night" show. I love Amber and hope it does well enough to keep it on.
  9. Hmm. It was better than I heard on the new record. The original was far superior! I wore out my "Tea for the Tillerman" album 50 years ago! I'm glad he's come back to Yusef "Cat Stevens" again, though.
  10. Yeah, but the guy who had lime was the one who won! I was happy for that, I thought his zombie design was pretty cool. And green apple came in second, so these guys know how to balance flavors. I'm keeping my eye on them. The right person went home, too. Burnt puffs, broken filling, and pretzel fence. So, not such a bad outcome.
  11. What an excellent episode of The Daily Show! A fitting tribute to RBG, a good interview with Fauci, and, on a lighter note, the outcome of the Pandemmys. I was so glad they treated RBG with the honor due her. Well done.
  12. I'll come back to watching once she's gone. Maternity leave is what? Eight weeks? That should take us through the election! Although, I'm sure she'll manage to find a way to horn in on that, too.
  13. I can't believe he only got 6 months for all the crap he pulled, including bigamy. I knew he'd be up to his old tricks in no time and, lo, he was. At least it appears someone is still following him. I'm sorry to hear about Carla the Bounty Hunter. She is scrappy. Lee's father is a very stupid old man. He was still defending Scott until they proved it was him who sunk the boat. Then he got mad. Over the boat, not over what he did to his daughter and other women. It's clear Lee had a very poor father figure, no wonder she went the way she did. Grr. That was an interesting series. I'd like to know if Scott got caught again for his cons after the series wrapped. Ah hah! Here's a follow-up article from Oprah: https://www.oprahmag.com/entertainment/a33915040/richard-scott-smith-love-fraud-now/ and a link to "the website" exposing him: http://scottthecrooksmith.weebly.com/
  14. I used to do focus groups back before the world went to hell. You could pick up anywhere from $50 to $200 bucks for a few hours fun, plus nice sandwiches. So, they're getting paid to listen to and opine on this stuff, too.
  15. I just wonder what the reactions were when they told these people it was all a joke. I would imagine the forever-Trump guy went ballistic.
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