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  1. What I don't get is 90% of them don't measure anything. It also seems no one ever measures extracts or flavorings, just dumps 'em in. WTF?? If they actually followed the recipes, they might actually wind up with something edible.
  2. I think he's found his tribe. He's actually making me like him, which is unusual!
  3. Season 5 teaser (somewhat spoilery): Does Young Sheldon Season 5 Promo Reveal What Happened Between George and Brenda? https://tvline.com/2021/09/15/young-sheldon-season-5-preview-george-brenda-sparks-cheating-video/
  4. Comcast had it wrong, too. Manually recorded and glad I did. Too many media outlets reporting new season starts Monday 9/13. I don't know about the new format. I'll give it some time to settle in and see. Glad he interviewed Fauci and had a good talk with Roy.
  5. I thought this was a new show, didn't realize this was the second season! OMG. I don't feel sorry for any of these families. They seem really stupid: "Oh, we don't have any plans." Does that work for your gym business, too? I wonder if that will fail like your DIY. Wow. Hope those kids don't drown in that ginormous pool. Dumb asses. The pregnant couple? She seems brighter than him, but they had at least 6 months (or more) to get it together for the baby. How clueless can they be? I don't think I can watch any more of this show, the people selected piss me off too much. I would just w
  6. Someone needs to tell John that's not how you use a loupe! "Yes, I can see they're flawless." That's funny, he can't see a damn thing using it that way, especially in a baggie. 🙄 This is soooo bad, I'm glad tomorrow is the last day. I thought seeing the old timers would be a blast, but I don't think they've been working on their craft much over the years. Bad writing, bad acting. Except for Eileen Davidson, of course.
  7. I think Deena was probably one of the best Hustlers yet. I thought it was either India, who got kicked off early, or John. Mark was too young to have experienced most of the questions. Deena played the mom card really well and kept a major poker face. I suspected her over Mark, but not over John. John was really suspicious! Congrats to her, well earned!
  8. Eileen Davidson! Yay!! I was going to say that this is getting just too pathetic to stick around for and Sr Mary Moira shows up. Well, sorta. Hmm, Lisa Rinna is just a few slices away from Cat Lady Jocelyn Wildenstein status. I'm pretty sure they're making fun of her and she hasn't caught on yet.
  9. This week's episode info from TV Insider: Lori Tan Chinn is this raucous sitcom’s not-so-secret weapon as Nora’s (Awkwafina) outrageous Grandma, who once again proves she’s a force to be reckoned with when she rallies her circle of ladies to take down a scammer who’s targeting the elderly. The episode is titled “Don’t F*uck with Grandmas,” and they mean it. Sounds super fun and I can't wait!
  10. Exactly. Also, neither amethysts nor citrines (even that size) are precious gems. They're both varieties of quartz (their color comes from iron and different levels of heat) and are considered semi-precious. I have large examples of each, easily affordable. Not impressed!
  11. It's a comedy, right? I haven't watched DOOL since these guys were still on. It's pretty unintentionally hysterical so far! Truth to tell, I'm waiting for Susan Banks. 🤣
  12. Just for fun: Talking Dead just told us Greg Nicotero played the walker that ate Agatha and also operated the "Judas" puppet still in his walker makeup. Guess they were short handed?
  13. That Herschel! What a scamp. So, what was wrong with the horse? Did I miss something key?
  14. OOO! Wallker num nums. PPP should just lose the collar.
  15. Dang. That gut wound is gonna draw walkers from miles around. Wow. There are a lot of commercial breaks!
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