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  1. He's been doing Persil commercials and print ads longer than he's been on Younger!
  2. Finally. I really thought he was going to keep Gina and axe Adrian. That would have been a travesty. I think it may be Adrian and cheerleader in the finals. I wish they would stop casting folks barely over the guideline for sanity.
  3. Can't believe freakin' Gina is still on board. There's no way she makes it to the final, or does she? I figure Julianne will win, she seems to be taking it seriously and is actually learning how to cook. Of course she's on Anne's team. A good mole takes days to make. WTF. I still echo Tyler's comment from last season, "My soul hurts."
  4. I thought it was freakin' awesome. 37 years ago I floved the movie, with all its flaws. Rewatched that Thursday and feel it holds up quite well. I enjoyed the Age of Resistance just as much, if not more. And there was nearly 10 hours of it!! Newer CGI technology makes for a smoother, more nuanced presentation. I'm not going to rip into it nor over-analyze performances. I just enjoyed it for what it is. Nearly 4 decades is a long time to wait for a sequel/prequel, but it was worth it. I love the Gelflings and the Podlings. The Mystics (urRu) are sweet, gentle beings (not enough of them here), but I also have an odd fondness for the Skeksis (closed captioning says "Skekses" but I think that's incorrect. I hope they fix it). Especially the obsequious Chamberlain. He's such a toady! They just crack me up with their over-the-top vain, greedy, evil ways. They got really good voice actors for all. BUT! Aughra (now Mother Aughra) has been and always will be my favorite character. I'm so glad she was still on board for this one in a big way. Although, now I can empathize more with the aging process than I did back then. (And I still want that damn orrery.) I'll give it a few days to settle and then I'll be returning to Thra for another go around. Well done!
  5. Woodstock was 50 years ago, so probably had Hippie parents. ✌☮ I cannot believe Gina is still on board. I can't believe I'm still actually watching this.
  6. Really interesting interview with the cinematographer about the show's mockumentary style. https://deadline.com/2019/08/what-we-do-in-the-shadows-dp-dj-stipsen-emmys-fx-interview-1202660857/
  7. OMG so true. I was surprised when Kelsey was promoted over Diana. That was a big mistake. I was also surprised Diana didn't resign when that happened! Normally, but not when the younger woman is incompetent. Maybe Liza, Josh, and Charles should just become a thruple! I think the costume department must hate Duff.
  8. Rule #1: Keep your personal phone and your work phone separate. Rule #2: Don't hire a dimbulb bimbo to run your organization. Rule #3: Don't sleep with your employees. I just can't anymore.
  9. Baby Monster, indeed. So you think she'll start sleeping with the boss rolling into the 3rd season? To spite Jake and If it's actually renewed.
  10. I'm liking season 2 much more than season 1! Watched season 1 on Passport (PBS's streaming channel). I almost skipped it on Ovation. S2 is quite an improvement. I also prefer the trio of Trudy, Mary, and Flo to Frankie, but they still need Frankie to head up the PI biz (sorta like Charlie from Charlie's Angels). Her clothes and hair are really off for the time period, which bugs me. Just watched "50 Shades of Greyson." Poor Mary getting fired (and rehired). At least she finally got to wear some stylish clothing. She's the right body type to carry off the 20s silhouette. Her blue outfit, especially the jacket, was amazing! Did not see the murderer in that one coming! I thought we'd be adding a new contact at the PD and Mary would be a full-time PI.
  11. Chip signed something he didn't read. So, this will not end well, like most of Chip's endeavors. I don't trust Amy either, I think she will try to swindle him, but he has nothing except clown costumes. I think even his apartment is in Christine's name. Christine going to Denver is a good move. She needs to let those grown-ass boys fend for themselves and get on with her life with Ken. He adores her and she deserves that! One thing bugged me: when Christine saw the guy in the wheelchair she said, "I wish I had brought a chair." She's not tone-deaf when it comes to things like that. It's something callous Dale would say for certain, but not Christine. Very OOC.
  12. Except Persil! He does a good commercial, but I keep wondering why does Mariska Hargitay's husband have to shill for detergent? I doubt seriously they need the $$.
  13. Hmm. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I seem to remember: if you don't make payroll on payday you can be sued by every unpaid employee. I had a boss who used to panic about all the wire transfers and direct deposits going through on time. They're in deeper doo-doo than they think, but that won't happen because: fairytales!
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