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  1. Interesting article about the "new" 10th Anniversary theme song along with other musical tidbits. Didn't know this, but the composer is Magnus Fiennes, brother to Ralph, Joseph, and Martha Fiennes. Huh, that's quite a family. https://www.radiotimes.com/tv/drama/death-in-paradise-theme-tune-new-music-soundtrack-exclusive/ New version is OK, but I still like the old one better.
  2. Interesting that they left it open for any outcome if there is a second season or none. Well done. I liked the "good luck" video, that was fun! Nonetheless, I still cringe-watched this episode because of the Middleditch scandal(s). Aaugh! They should let him go far, far away (Switzerland?) if there's a second season. Not at all sure how that would proceed. If they keep Drew, I seriously doubt I'll be back.
  3. I saw the Tayo thing coming weeks ago. Kind of crazy when he abandoned Abishola and Dele as a baby and took a second wife. Now he wants Dele? When the kid is mostly grown and the hardest part is over? Such a bastard. It'll never fly and Bob will totally settle the legalities. But you can still love the spicy! I am totally stealing "the devil's tastebuds" for personal use going forward. Yeah. 🔥🌶 True, but there is a difference (both physically and psychologically) between walking on a smooth flat surface and walking up and down stairs. Also, Dottie can tend to fake it a bit when
  4. And one of the others gets the kidney!
  5. You've got to be kitten me. Seriously, Mayim deserves a show that plays to her strengths, not Miranda Hart's. I love Mayim, but she's not Miranda and shouldn't have to try to be. I also love Miranda because she's Miranda! Sigh. Well, more work for Leslie Jordan and that's a very good thing.
  6. I still fail to see how Neville could have possibly gotten through Police training in the first place.
  7. Might not have been her choice. She may have tried several different voices and this is the one the director liked best.
  8. Kinda spoiler-y TV Line article, but we knew it was coming after last Thursday's episode. Still, I'll put it as a spoiler due to the title:
  9. Yes, I agree. Tammy gets a new beau or two, Jill gets her guy and a baby, Marjorie is lauded and her son shows up and is incredibly sweet to her. Even Bonnie behaved (for Bonnie). Wendy is, unfortunately, once again, the butt of a joke. Well, you can't win 'em all. I just hope next week doesn't return to the insufferable Bonnie and things take a downturn. I may wait for the reviews to roll in and if they are unfavorable, I'll just take this as the finale.
  10. Man, I couldn't help but super-cringe every time Drew was on screen with a woman, especially touching them. Just EWWWW!!!! Wondering if the actresses had to keep him at arm's length during rehearsals. Such a creep. Nah, just spoils everything. I'm done after the final ep for closure. I was on the bubble with this anyway, and the whole Middleditch thing just pushed it over the edge. Can't rewatch Silicon Valley anymore, either, since there's two creeps on that one! Sad for the rest of the cast. Maybe Drew can move to Switzerland and Gina can housesit and do some sort of charity work with t
  11. and Kristen Johnston posted a preview on her social media that I can't get to show up here. Gawd I'm glad it's almost over. They do all look so beautifully glam in that photo!
  12. I don't mind the questionnaire or the set so much. What I really hate is his word salad that goes on and on as an intro to Quarantine/Meanwhile. I usually mute that part. Gah!
  13. https://deadline.com/2021/03/alice-wetterlund-responds-sexual-misconduct-allegations-thomas-middleditch-news-1234719765/ OMG, who knew? And he and his ex?-wife were swingers? Ewwww. He's probably one of the most unappealing actors on TV! OK. I vote for non-renewal of this series. I really won't miss it since I can take it or leave it anyway. Give him the kidney and everyone moves on.
  14. Three episodes in and I am not loving Season 10. Mostly due to Neville, but I think it just might be time to close the book on it. We've lost so many characters over the years (except Catherine and the Commissioner), with more to come, and the cast is totally different. I keep hoping, but...
  15. After seeing the teasers for S4E16, I was concerned they were going to go off canon for "the kiss." On TBBT Sheldon claimed he only ever kissed "his sister, his mom, and his Meemaw." When we saw Paige from the back, I knew she was messing with him and doing something to his face (I thought lipstick). Very pleased they kept it canon and I thought the mustache was cute. 😊
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