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  1. Thank you. I've been wondering, too. It looks like a big piece of crystal with a silver band around it, so I couldn't get past that and wondered why? Perhaps to ward off evil vibes! 🙄
  2. Off-topic, but Amazon UK is talking about doing a Season 2 of Sanditon: http://britishperioddramas.com/news/amazon-prime-sanditon-season-2-plans/ Don't know how far it will get, but they were trying.
  3. Well, it's clear that Laurence Fox is not Sgt Hathaway! After reading some of the comments here, I sniffed around Twitter and Google and wow! (Run, Billie, Run! Good girl.) Now, I can barely watch him without wondering how difficult it probably was (too bad) to deliver Hathaway's lines given his particular mindset. Which seems to get more and more confused as we go on. Yup. Ditto. That said, I actually enjoy this and Endeavour a lot. Morse, not as much, but it's ok since I watched Endeavour before Morse! We have several PBS stations: one is running the early episodes and another the later ones, so we get double doses of Lewis twice a week!
  4. Boy howdy! Not to mention, difficult to set closed captions and none of the settings stick. Everytime your reopen, you have to reset for almost every episode of anything. Comcast/Xfininity has been getting the "Premier plus commercials" free for a month or so. Like you say, nice to have all these episodes, but they really need to work on the app. 👎 Incredibly disappointing! It had its moments, but they were few and far between. Another 👎
  5. I am beyond thrilled that quite a few of my nominees either won or were runners up! I'm pretty happy with the outcome of most categories this year. A lot of the winners/runners up were exactly my choice (or flipped). Made my day! Yeah, I agree, but good luck beating Hamilton! Also, we haven't seen season 2 yet. It could go south, but hopefully not.
  6. Not just women, Rahul, but some pretty dreadful men, too.
  7. Thank you. I was thinking, wasn't this woman (or someone who looks and acts and talks exactly like her) on this show already? Is it her twin? But it was Worst Bakers. Hopefully she'll be offed sooner rather than later. Please! I kept waiting for the shirt on the woman that did get offed to go up in flames in seconds. Who in their right mind let her go on wearing something so obviously dangerous in a kitchen? WTF? Maybe they were hoping for drama? But she's gone, so good. I am liking Alex here. I keep thinking being a co-host is a punishment for something, but in her case I think it may be a bargaining chip. I'll do this, if you'll do _____. Could have done without the "in memoriams" of the worst wackos to appear on the show interspersed throughout. Who are these fakes and why am I watching this?
  8. I like Adam Scott, but I think I'll stick with him as an actor. He's a good host, but the contestants leave much to be desired. Guess he needs the $$$. Not for me either.
  9. I watched the whole series over the past two days. Not sure I'd have watched as much in a different non-Corona time. It's not wildly funny and does criminally underuse Lisa Kudrow and Jane Lynch. Malkovich is good as grumpy scientist. Interesting to see Jian Yang from Silicon Valley. Not sure if I missed it, either, but I don't think they ever said. Guess they're going for a 2nd season since it ended on a bit of a cliffhanger (if you can even call it that).
  10. I was assuming Nandor had finally turned him, but you certainly bring up a very interesting alternative! I enjoyed Guillermo's story. I'm not convinced Nandor will turn him, but maybe someday? At least he got to fly! Shame about the pillow. I hope we get to see Sam again, he was a delight. I'm not much of a fan of low comedy, so wasn't crazy about Nadia/Lazslo this week. I would have liked to hear more of the Lindbergh baby song, though.
  11. I really hope they don't kill off any of the older characters, I love all of them! (I'm old, so...) This is good to know. I really feel they got back to themselves again, along with the dark humor that has been lacking for much of the season. Original flavor and only one ep left. Well, if Neal is next year's showrunner, I'm optimistic about season 4.
  12. I've been watching this and her voice was so familiar, but I couldn't quite place it. About 4 eps in, they mention her Greek heritage and she says something like "I'm the real thing." And I went, "Nooo! It can't be Nadja." Then she says, "I'm just going to walk over here." in her Nadja voice and I knew it had to be her. Did some snooping and I'm thrilled she's hosting The Big Flower Fight. There was a lukewarm review I read (can't remember where) that compared it unfavorably to GBBO, but I wanted to watch anyway (especially during lockdown). Glad I did. It's actually fun. And Nadja!
  13. I am truly surprised, but given the state of the world today, TPTB probably thought it would be easier. Who knows when they'll be able to film again and when (or if) it will be released. They lost me with murdering Lucy. I was barely able to watch this season, not sure I'll be back for 4.
  14. My favorite part was Villnelle's reaction to the brother/girlfriend's flat earth conspiracy theory. I may have to borrow that one!
  15. Apologies, I wasn't pointing fingers! I was trying to say, if I said anything more about the character it would be spoilers, so I wasn't going to post spoilers. (Sorry, River Song from Doctor Who would always say, "Spoilers!" if people asked about time travel., but she probably doesn't apply here.) It gets better.
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