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  1. You know dang well her husband burned down the blinkin' she shed! The new Progressive ads make me crazy. Grown-ass man dressed like a child acting like a brat. Not content to leave it at banging airplane tables, now they've got more. Gaw. It's got to be drugs.
  2. Ms Lark

    S01.E03: Chapter 3

    My takeaway was they went a whole hour without saying "Miffany!" I like Gina McKee, so that was a plus. It's not grabbing me either, so not sure how long I'll hang. Just a whole lotta nothing burger. I wish it was better.
  3. Ms Lark


    I really thought her troll would turn out to be Gabe's husband or Gabe himself. I was disappointed with how that turned out. She was lucky "Awesome" didn't try anything violent when she just showed up alone at his house. Another instance of lack of common sense. At least she didn't go inside! Nonetheless, an interesting series and I look forward to season 2 for further character growth. That's where I know him from. Thank you!! It was so sad that they renewed PoE for a third season then cancelled. Damn, that was a fun show. My friend and I are still in mourning.
  4. Ms Lark


    I'd say she was too lenient with them, but that still doesn't explain either of them. Every so often Chip edges toward redemption, but then he treats either Christine or Martha like crap or does something incredibly idiotic or self-serving and all is washed away. I don't think there's any hope for Dale, though. He is beyond the pale. I have a feeling Chip won't even make his first mortgage payment/condo fee/utility bill, he'll eventually be evicted, and Christine will be out the $$$ again. I'm glad Christine went to Boulder with Ken. She needs to wash her hands of both these losers. It's not even funny anymore. I get so upset with these two (Chip and Dale) that I can barely watch, but I enjoy the other characters so much I keep coming back.
  5. Ms Lark

    S05.E15: Chapter Ninety-Six

    Four. Taking us up to 100 eps. The finale on 7/31 is 2 hrs, the first of which is a clip show retrospective. So, hang in there, it won't be long.
  6. Ms Lark

    S06.E04: An Inside Glob

    Maggie looked stunning in the opening scene. A good look for her. Thought the garlic business was pointless filler. Plus, gross. I think Charles can still be sued since he was still on the Board when Zane poached that author (I forget her name) earlier in the season. I'm not sure how much longer I can hang on to this show. It's gotten inutterably stupid.
  7. Ms Lark

    Death In Paradise

    I heard about this and am also doing a binge rewatch. I like all the DIs, Moore or less (hee hee), but it's not the same show since most of the original cast is gone. Like everyone else, I wonder where it will go in August. At least we get it on PBS for the time being. I've read it's best to bounce back and forth between Acorn and BritBox. A month or so on one, then then other. That way you get the best of both worlds. I haven't tried yet, too much going on with the streaming I have, but I'll probably try sooner or later. I do love British (and Canadian) TV.
  8. Ms Lark

    S01.E01: Chapter 1

    Nothing that's a big deal, just that it's a Welsh name and her parents didn't pronounce it right. That's all that's said about it. Thank you again! At least they owe up to it. Myfanwy (pronounced properly) is such a pretty name (and a pretty sad song), it's still a shame!
  9. Ms Lark

    S01.E01: Chapter 1

    Thank you for that information, because "Miffany" sounds like a Barbie Bimbo Stripper name. Does the author say why it's being pronounced that way or is that spoilerific?
  10. Ms Lark

    S01.E01: Chapter 1

    The book said how to pronounce Myfanwy "sounds like Tiffany" just like the show did. It also said how to pronouncy "Checquy," although my brain never did do that one correctly. More's the pity on that because the author is so horribly wrong! This is practically a deal breaker and it drives me crazy. The accent is on the second syllable, not the first: [məˈvɑːnʊɨ]. "Miffany" will get you thrown out of Welsh Choir 101 in two seconds:
  11. Ms Lark

    American Princess

    Darn, it's over. I really enjoyed this light summer faire. As a former dress-up frequent flyer at our local Ren Fest many, many years ago, I thought the whole series was a hoot! The way they burned it off, though, I don't have a lot of confidence it'll be back for a second season, but I hope it is. I figured they were going to make Amanda QE from early on, but that's cool. I'm glad it went that way and she didn't pass on what she wanted to do to follow a guy. I love the character growth that occurred when they all rubbed off on each other and the relationships that grew. Just a really sweet, fun show. I think they can get at least one more summer out of this.
  12. Ms Lark


    Yeah, but Chip is not a good friend to Martha. I'm glad Martha is becoming more assertive, but, sadly, she still let Chip run over her. Chip and Dale are both abominations. They both run over Christine and that is beyond unacceptable. I'm so glad she has Ken, he is a treasure!
  13. Ms Lark

    S05.E14: Chapter Ninety-Five

    Thanks. They're over in speculations and spoilers!
  14. Ms Lark

    Sweet Lady Jane Spoilers and Speculation

    OK, speculations for the final 5: Petra's Assistant Krishna reveals she actually owns the Marbella since she never actually transferred the shares to Petra. Jane is miraculously pregnant even though Raf is supposedly sterile from previous bout of cancer. Raf's clumsiness is a sign of a cancerous brain tumor or some such. They marry. He dies. Or maybe not. Recovers, but he has amnesia. Or maybe not. Petra dies in the crash (I hope momma dies too) or is in a coma or a PVS. Raf and Jane raise the twins. Or maybe just Jane. Michael and Charlie are a couple. (That one is too easy.) Still not sure who the Narrator is. It's not Mateo (the kid) due to heavy accent. None of the family, including Mateo himself, have heavy accents other than Abuela (and Jorge) and Ro. Unless it has something to do with the baby switch? OK, knock 'em down!
  15. Ms Lark

    S05.E14: Chapter Ninety-Five

    I'm not so sure she didn't. I expect some twist where her assistant reveals she owns the Marbella since she never actually transferred the shares to Petra. Lots of set-ups in this episode. I'm speculating on a lot of things at this point, so I'll head over there.