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  1. Shoot. I was hoping for a twist and Courtney would be the final "girl." Margaret truly was the worst boss ever.
  2. OK, I'm old, but Jack Bannon channeled Michael Caine so well, all I can think is "What's it All About, Alfie?" Seriously.
  3. I thought that Joy was going to be an incest baby. I'm so glad she wasn't, but I knew the dumbass tutor (Rita) was going to hit it with Daddy about 5 seconds in. Ugh, really? Joy and Rita reuniting should be interesting. (Also watching original Misery which is running on Starz as a refresher.)
  4. Ditto. I think she's a lifestyle expert blogger of some sort? All I see is one great big phony.
  5. Spicer makes me sick. If they can't judge properly, just cancel the whole fuckin' freakshow.
  6. Glad I wasn't the only one wondering if "Uncle Negan" was grooming that kid. Ugh. I don't drink the Negan kool-aid, either. Still pissed Rick didn't kill him off when he had ample chances.
  7. Plus, she said her father had 3 wives, so I guess polygamy is ok. Which is why I guess she isn't worried about divorcing her husband nor about his new family. I thought that was interesting. Although, Wikipedia says it has not been legal in Lagos since 2010. I really like this show more than I should, especially Abishola and her relatives/friends. It seems to be my favorite of all the new sitcoms. Have dropped all the other new CBS sitcoms, but, surprisingly, this one stuck.
  8. The tree looked like a volcano and the volcano looked like a tree. It'll be interesting to see the finale. Glad this one doesn't drag on forever.
  9. So glad Tator and his bombastic bloviating is gone. What a poseur. I guess he wants to be the next Guy F, but one of those is more than enough. That said, I did like the wave in their scene. Glad the groups that won, won. Looking forward to the finale, sans Tator.
  10. Why the eff do they keep tapdancin' and kowtowing around the Big Bads (Negan, Alpha) when they have a chance to wipe them out? Nope, we have to keep losing good people in their favor. So blinkin' irritating! I can't believe they let Alpha take the land just because. Stupid as eff. Much as I like a good Carol/Daryl episode, I'm pretty much done.
  11. This was a good episode. George and Missy were the best. Sheldon/Gollum was so good, he really nailed it. Nitpick: Young Sheldon pronounced "Tolkien" (toll keen) correctly. Older Sheldon (as narrator) mispronounced it. Hmm.
  12. Because after "What Not to Wear" he hosted "The Chew," a daytime hour-long cooking/talk show that was on ABC for 7 seasons. He can hold his own in a kitchen and is also good at inventing alcoholic drinks. I am glad to see him back in his element; he's fun. Not a fan of Capt. Cornpone at all.
  13. That was my thought, too. Still, I doubt walkers pee, so the smell would still be "live." It's pretty sad when Talking Dead is more fun than Walking Dead. I love when Nicole is on.
  14. Aww, I hoped the Professor won the pig. Then he took him home and they bonded. So we would have a little pig running around the boathouse (that's what it is, right?) creating havoc.
  15. OK. I.do.not.feel.sorry.for.George.at.all. He's lost it. Good. Karma baby. He'll probably miss his knighthood (wtf?) ceremony. Too bad. Off to Bedlam with him.
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