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  1. June is never gonna be B or C plot, not while this is the Elizabeth Moss show.
  2. I really thought when the run-Fred-run scene started, they would make him THINK he was going to die ("scare him to death"), making him feel a fraction of what they felt as women in Gilead - chased, persecuted, terrified, hunted - and then NOT kill him but then hand him over to Gilead for a big heaping gulp of the hideous system he created. That's what I WANTED to happen. While I can empathize with the particution, it was very unsatisfying for me. My scenario gave me the best of both worlds.
  3. It’s been years now and back on the old TWOP forums but I definitely remember some speculation when Jinger was a teenager that she might have an eating disorder. There were times when she was rather shockingly thin compared to her sisters and there was some concern that she might have an ED as the one control she had in a life she didn’t control.
  4. Same. While I utterly empathize with how Jericho died and I’m not willing to excoriate a sleep-deprived postpartum mother on her own - that shit is mind numbingly brutal and I can recognize that as NOT a parent - and I recognize that she had a psychotic break after, this continued pretzeling by her family to shield her from it rather than gradually bring her to the truth is pissing me off. But at least Leanne who has never been weeks postpartum and sleep deprived has maybe stopped judging Dorothy for Jericho’s accidental death? That’s a relief. I was having a hard time dealing with Leanne’s la
  5. Well I just cried unabashedly for the final 10 minutes. I was sure Tracy and Gordo were gonna die so when they got back to the station, closed the door and Houston reported they’d repressurized I was happily surprised, all “Yay!” and stopped worrying about them while I focused on Ride being done kinda dirty and the handshake and whatnot. When they opened the galley and showed them like that, I gasped (you got me, show) and burst into tears. They went out together though. But their poor kids. 😭
  6. I've seen this - this is how Fred and Serena Joy happened. #underhiseye
  7. That is...really not a good angle for him.
  8. Don't call it a comeback. They've been here for years. 😉
  9. Yeah, they've usually revealed online their upcoming child's genitalia by now. Wonder what's up?
  10. Jill just dropped some awesome shade on MOTY "After giving birth to her first child via C-section in 2015, her doctor recommended she wait 18 months to get pregnant again. 'Children are a blessing, but that doesn't mean that at all costs you should have as many kids as possible,' she says." BRB...over here cackling.
  11. I hope they all get COVID. Every single one of them. #notsorry
  12. Aaaand, I think we just figured out why Jilly's so darn angry at the fatsloppy blue haired granny - methinks Jill tried to get her to walk with the Lord godbother her and got told in no uncertain terms to get bent.
  13. No, it's not that Derick said she instead of he, it's that he CONTINUED to say he multiple times in the same post - after being corrected more than once - because DERICK MUST be correct because BIBLE JESUS. Derick used the he/his gender-specific words vs. using Jazz or HER preferred gender. In just ONE damn tweet. That's being an asshole not misgendering as a slip.
  14. I ADORE the optimism you have about America voters seeing puppet strings and not being fooled by them. I WISH I still believed that. ❤️
  15. I don't run, so...that might be a difference? If I state an opinion I own it. I don't pinch and run - I call out hypocrisy and also celebrate when these "not a TV family but a family on TV" turn from it (it's rare but it happens and I comment on it) and either way I stand by it. Either way, I'm not going to feel bad for being on a TV snark website forum snarking on TV people who continue to put themselves in the public eye whether they're still on TV or not. And chastising people for doing that is literally one of the "don't do that" rules of this website so....
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