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  1. I believe JimBoob and MEEEchelle monitor the marrieds' social media only to monitor whether they might say/do/post anything that threatens their image as the best parents ever. I think given current threat levels, they have alerts set up any time Dreck or Jill post. Since Books and ofBooks have fully leaned into the Christian Fundie Lite influencer role thanks to their latest publicist/media manager, the alerts have been turned into a weekly recap to scan for troubling signs. And Blessa and the other wholly dependent marrieds are no threat at all.
  2. Sex Pest (formerly known as Smuggar) was even smug as a toddler.
  3. I think you'll find Meechelle has whatever is needed to call attention to herself or expediently get out of work, whether that be missing back muscles or an eating disorder.
  4. I'll sign up and if noone has signed up for being in charge, I'll do that too.
  5. Now I find myself pondering the competitive regional nature of the fundie grift. Like, for the (mostly not well off) churches that will mostly sponsor the Rodruigii and Bowers and not, is there very not-Jesus-like competition or jealousy about who gets the grift or do they act like cable TV monopolies and stay regional? 🙂
  6. I mean, DAMN, y'all, when your oldest brother is a LITERAL molester of children and was YOUR assailant and your dad is super obsessed with your virginity (and also tried to prevent your molestation by locking you in your room with your other sisters and banning pajamas and also probably making sure you knew that your assailant couldn't be blamed because he's male and saw you in diapers apparently so...that happens?) and you see possible suitors as "weirdos" and "creepy" - HOW FUCKED UP ARE *THOSE* PEOPLE and ALSO HOW FUCKED UP DID YOUR PROFESSED "CHRISTIAN" PARENTS MAKE YOU???
  7. The sat campuses might feed into the main campus but you still have to meet criteria to get a degree and, as a PROUD Kent alumna, can't see Timbits - now cashed/flunked out (sorry, I mean, MOVED BY SEVERELY-APPROVING-OF-HIM JESUS) to locate to northeastern Ohio, he can take all the for-credit aviation courses offered by KSU at XYZ campus, but that ain't getting him a degree. Plus since the Rodriguii just moved, they can't qualify for in-state tuition yet and y'all know they aren't forking up out-of-state tuition money for Timbits or any of their other malnourished spawn for Jesus.
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