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  1. Well she disappeared so you are forgiven for forgetting. I don't know why they did that but then again I think the TV Show ruined Good Witch. I loved all the movies but the TV show, not so much.
  2. This kinda payback is rampant and it does seem to be mob payback. I had a "friend" on FB that posted a Brietbart news article that was proven to be inaccurate and I replied back to her with the correct version. She got so angry with me that I was 'defending' the peaceful protesters and that I was a racist against white people. I was so shocked she would come at me like that that I dropped her as Friend and have taken a break from FB. I thought that was all good...THEN she found my LinkedIn and directly messaged my boss that I was advocating violence and asked them if that was the kind of emplo
  3. I don't watch the show on live TV and have to wait for Netflix but this has been happening for a few season's now and I think it's such a shame. She is the witch in "Good Witch", there should be lots of tales to tell by just focusing on her B&B like it was the 'Love Boat' with every week a guest has a problem that she can solve. Maybe a little bit of the town thrown in for filler. I stand by my first assessment that the 'Good Witch' franchise should have stayed movies and not become a TV show. I like her first husband Jake so much more than the dull doctor (or is he a surgeon?)
  4. Ya, I worked as a pre-school teacher when I was in College and one little boy was named 'Sun-dance'. I worked with him for 2 years and when he was graduating to Kindergarten he asked to be called by his middle name, Michael. Some parents are too self-centered to even think about what the child may go through with an unusual name. And celebrities seem to be the worst of all.
  5. It seems to me that couples like this that are into 'fitness' so their bodies are their jobs, become too self-centered to really give openly in a relationship. Couples like this put more emphasis on the fact that they look good with their partner rather than are good to their partner. I've never understood why some of the most beautiful and talented people I see seem to suffer from depression the most.
  6. I think people are pretty forgiving of the 'children' of a parent that makes this kind of crime but she needs to make a statement like, "I love my parents but they were wrong to do this, I want to stand on my own going forward and I look forward to building my own life." And then she needs to live her best life. But doing anything that is within the realm of her parents influences will always raise eyebrows but she just needs to stay the course and be contrite.
  7. Correct, that is where I am right now. So I'm so far behind that everything is spoilers to me.
  8. So in the article reference above, it seems that Mossimo (5 months) was 'more' involved than Lori (2 months), I see divorce coming. After sentencing no more need for a fake 'show of force' by staying together. Unless Lori really is a kept women.
  9. Ya, I want them to ONLY start this sentence after SIP ends. No yoga, no 'church', no lucheons.
  10. Yes, all this 'lawyer speak' could be true but to me a layperson the fact is they knew they were gaming the system and to publicly say the money were simple 'donations' makes me mad. If I put a trap out to catch a rat and I catch one, you may argue my right to place the trap in the first place but that does not change the fact that I caught a rat.
  11. You know you may be correct, but I want to see her booked, mugshot and in orange for at least a day. The arrogance of this women and her entire family is just so egregious! She was claiming this was all made up and wanting the judge to drop charges less than a month ago.
  12. https://www.cnn.com/2020/05/21/us/lori-loughlin-guilty/index.html Well I guess it's finally done. But Aunt Becky will only spend 2 months in Prison and her husband 5 months. Do you think she can make a come back on Hallmark channel or any channel? She has dragged this out for a year!
  13. Wow, almost feel sorry for the guy...NOT! Just too sad that all the other men who enabled him are not with him there.
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