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  1. I had the Pfizer. I was feeling better mid-afternoon, but worse as the evening went on. Not as bad as this morning, but still... I hate feeling sick. I'm going to take some ibuprofen now and go to bed and hope I feel well enough tomorrow to go to the office.
  2. Day after second shot was pretty rough. Slight fever, mild chills and body aches. Bill Gates would have much better success chipping everyone if he made it not so unpleasant! 😄
  3. ebk57

    NFL Thread

    The Washington Post says the internet has not tricked you. This time.
  4. I'm glad it helped!! After checking out the Bugs thread, I see there is a question about getting to the first unread post in a thread, so I thought I'd let people know that in IPS Default, you need to click on the circle or star to the left of the thread title to get you to the first unread post.
  5. If you're using IPS Default, you will need to click on the circle or star to the left of the thread title. That will take you to the first unread post in the thread.
  6. I am vaxxed! Yay!!! For the first shot, the actual process took about an hour and a half (which did not include driving and traffic waiting to park). Today, my appointment was at 3:30. I got out of my car at 3 and got back into my car at 3:30. The whole thing - house door to door - took 2 hours. I hope this is just because it's Sunday and not because people don't want to get shot...so to speak.
  7. Yay - the custom home page is back! But, just to keep it on topic, a very, very minor "peeve" - when I click "mark forum read", the "ok" and "cancel" buttons have been reversed. Which means I have to pay attention. I hate paying attention.
  8. ebk57

    MLB Thread

    Oh no - you're wrong here. It's a lifelong joy of mine and just because it's April doesn't mean I can't be joyous that it's happening. I have to take my opportunities as they present themselves. It most likely won't last long enough. So there.
  9. That's an extra step/download/whatever... IPS Default is right here!
  10. I'd guess it went the way of the customized home page...hopefully to return in short order. I love IPS Default because (don't tell TPTB) - no ads! How did you know what I was shopping for?? :)
  11. I laughed so hard at about 37 seconds in when Willie mentions Joe is well-read and Stephen...asks a question.
  12. I got another customer to help me reach something on the top shelf just the other day. I don't have time to hunt down an employee. If you look pathetic enough, people will stop to help. And I don't have to work too hard to look pathetic.
  13. ebk57

    NFL Thread

    I like the Go-Gos. Or how about the Half-Smokes. I have to say I first read "Griffins" as "Grifters" and thought that would be perfect...
  14. If you have access to Costco, they have bedding and all of the sheet sets come with 4 pillow cases. And they're quire reasonably priced. And to whomever mentioned Wegmans and pre-weighing produce - we have Wegman's here and I've never come across that option. My peeve is that our state liquor laws are so backwards, Wegman's can't sell wine. Which is just sad...
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