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  1. This episode was...fine. I think Ariana is fabulous and wish she had been used more and better. @Galileo908, I hope you recover quickly and have no long term effects! Please take care of yourself!!
  2. Bowen as Yao Ming made that whole sketch! So far, that's and the Urkel short are the best things in the show.
  3. 6 on my left-Seth's (stage) right and 4 on my right-Seth's (stage) left.
  4. ebk57

    NFL Thread

    And now I'm just annoyed.
  5. ebk57

    NFL Thread

    I honestly don't know why either team cares about winning this game. I NEED this tie, just because.
  6. The "Rent" parody that opened the show was brilliant.
  7. Oh right - that production! My best friend hates John Doyle directed shows. I've never seen one, and after hearing him rant about them, I kinda put them at the bottom of any list I have. I guess I'd put that production out of my head. I saw the original production, back in the Stone Age. Loved it. Also saw it at the Kennedy Center Sondheim Celebration with Christine Baranski. Also loved it. Glad to hear he's a lovely person in person. I do get that house seats/comps can be tough to come by, so anything he could arrange for people is lovely.
  8. I have thoughts - and questions. This is a lovely story. Truly. How did I miss Patti in Sweeny Todd? How?? Why did he take a picture of the guy that gave him the $200? It seemed odd that he had a picture, but not a name. Whey did he have to raise money from "friends and followers" and not just him and the company? I know all of that sounds churlish, but it really is a lovely story. He seems like a good guy.
  9. I'll admit it - I've been to Times Square on NYE. Waaaaay back in 1978 or 1979 (I don't remember which...maybe '77). This was back before barrier and bleachers - everyone just pressed together in the street. It was great fun, everyone chatting and in a great mood (and not even too cold). The ball dropped. We said Happy New Year... and then it turned really scary. Because the crowd starts moving and if you don't move with it, you will be trampled. My friend and I were holding on to each other, and thankfully we were able to hang on as the crowd took us south. When we got to 43rd (?) stre
  10. ebk57

    NFL Thread

    Built new in 1997 by the previous owner, Jack Kent Cooke (aka The Squire). Mr. ebk went to one game there and said he'd never go back. I've always said the only reason I'd ever go is for a Led Zeppelin concert, so I'm off the hook. RFK was a dump, but it was our dump. This place is an affront to all civilized people.
  11. Because I have a brain like a sieve and I retain nothing, I can only say that on our last trip (almost 2 years ago-sigh...), we saw 6 shows. I was looking forward to Six the most, but ended up loving Girl From the North Country the most. It's a lovely, quiet, moving show. But don't ask me for details as to why. I just know that I loved it. I'd say, if you can get relatively cheap tickets (and I don't see why you can't), and feel like venturing out, you should see it.
  12. CSI: Sarasota - fabulous! Complete with the oversized "Sunglasses of Justice"
  13. I think I'm still bitter about Kathy, but I find A&A almost unwatchable. So I'm not sure what it says about me that I find drunk Don Lemon highly amusing - because I do. I mostly watch because if I don't see the ginormous glass ball drop, it can't be a new year. I miss Guy Lombardo...
  14. ebk57

    This Is CNN

    Because you asked... It's almost unwatchable...
  15. ebk57

    College Football

    I guess it's too much to ask for at least one entertaining semi-final today. Blech.
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