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  1. ebk57

    MLB Thread

    No. No. N.O. No, no, no.
  2. Sorceress Giggles of Spite It's a damn good thing I don't have a dog...
  3. A lot? I just finished the wine. Timing is everything!
  4. But she's so charming and funny. But yeah, the dress...
  5. Wow. I have no desire to see this movie, but he seems to be an amazing person. Mazel tov!
  6. I hope not. I have about 45 minutes more wine to drink.
  7. Okay, I haven't seen any movies this year (don't hate me...), but saying he was going to get a drink in English has made me love him!
  8. Hated Sandra's dress, but she and Ray were charning.
  9. This. I really want to like her, but it's just so...difficult.
  10. I believe they announced that he will be included.
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