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  1. ebk57

    NFL Thread

    Well... it was a fun season. Sigh...........................................
  2. This year's KC Honorees. A good group. I hope they can make the celebrations work.
  3. Totally agree! When they previewed what the show was going to be, I rolled my eyes a bit, but turns out it was a thoroughly enjoyable hour. I love Tom Hanks. And Meryl and George, but really Tom! And the monologue was fabulous, as always.
  4. I had tickets to see Sturgill Simpson this past March. I'd love to see him. I also had tickets to see John Prine in June. Alas... I'd also love to see Jon Batiste. He's been through town twice recently and I couldn't make it to either show.
  5. Jonathan Capehart I guess this will work.
  6. A nice interview with Rege-Jean Page on All Things Considered today: https://www.npr.org/2021/01/04/953314526/rege-jean-page-on-redefining-regency-era-masculinity-in-bridgerton
  7. ebk57

    NFL Thread

    That's a much nicer response than the ones swirling around in my brain...
  8. My favorite is the end of one of those commercials where the guy is trying to help a car back out of a parking space and the "coach" stops him saying "you don't know him". I don't know why, but I laugh every time.
  9. ebk57

    NFL Thread

    How 'bout them Ravens!!!!! Yay!
  10. The FanDuel commercial featuring the "genuine James Harrison tackle" - haaaaaate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. You watched Craig Ferguson on The Late Late Show, right?
  12. Loved a Teacher. WU was on fire! I was already familiar with the Smokey Robinson thing, so I was laughing throughout. And the Grinch sketch was, yeah, disturbing, but really funny. Otherwise, it was a Kristen Wiig show. Happy Holidays everyone! Here's to a much better 2021.
  13. Good grief - are all the good guys throwing in the towel?? Mark Shields is leaving The Newshour. This, an hour after one of our local anchors, Bruce Johnson, retired after 44 years on the station. Sigh.................
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