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  1. I see Virginia is covered (I work there). In Maryland, where I live, it's county-controlled. I live in Montgomery County, where the law is so convoluted, I've erased trying to describe it 4 times... 🙂 Suffice to say, we have county owned stores that sell everything. There are small stores where you can buy beer and wine. There are a couple of grocery stores where you can buy beer and wine. Fortunately, I can usually get wine shipped to my office, and Total Wine is close by, so I'm good.
  2. I was marveling earlier over Joe Montegna's fabulous hair! And a Bonnie Hunt sighting!!
  3. And not to defend the Gold Dust Twins or that awful joke, but the pain the family is facing now is exponentially worse than the joke, with all the online crazies that will be going after them. That wasn't so prevalent back in the day.
  4. This happens to me often. But I can tell my reaction will post because the heart will be bolded. So even if my user name doesn't show up immediately, it is recorded, and if I revisit that post, it will show up. (I have no idea if that made any sense, but I hope so). At this point, I don't see it as a bug, just as something that happens.
  5. The only question I know the answer to is - the tickets are free, so they are not depending on ticket sale revenue to keep the theatre open. That said, they could probably only seat half the place and there would still be a decent reaction to the show, so I would skip the plexiglass thing. The theatre is too beautiful to mess up. Also, I'm pretty sure there are more than 8 people needed to put on a show. Hell, there are 8 people in the band (maybe...) - and if we go back into the theatre, we need the band! I don't think NYC is even thinking of opening anything up again soon, so this won't be a pressing issue (unfortunately).
  6. My heart goes out to you @Kemper. All the best to you and your family.
  7. I need a Toasty S'Mores bobblehead! The question is, how much am I willing to pay for it...
  8. Google Duo works fine for happy hours with my imaginary friends. And since one of the friends has started both calls, I can't say if there are issues with someone else starting one. He did leave the second call mid-way through and we continued on just fine without him. The siblings are using WhatsApp because we already have it and my sister would have trouble setting up another thing. Since it's just the 3 of us, it works fine. Zoom and Skype are used on my computer - Zoom only for work, and Skype very rarely for my friend who lives across the country.
  9. I've never been a fan of video calls. I have a friend who "forced" me to skype with her a couple of times, but...blech. However, now I'm doing WhatsApp video calls every week with my sister who lives up the road a bit, and my brother who lives in Italy. So, this is a good thing that's happened. Maybe the only good thing.
  10. I thought the post-pandemic piece using the Sims was fantastic - especially the prosecutors chasing trump down the street.
  11. I laughed. I rolled my eyes. And, yeah, I teared up during Dreams. I'll miss this show. Thanks everyone here, for making it another fun season. Take care of yourselves!!
  12. I laughed way too hard during Update. Especially at Tina Fey. Who puts Kristen Wiig to shame.
  13. Let Kids Drink! Perfect🍷
  14. Executor Kleenex I don't even understand that.
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