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  1. ebk57


    I want to thank all the folks in this thread back in October 2018 who gave suggestions on children's books to take to a baby shower. I thought I remembered a conversation here and the search function actually worked! So I'm now armed for the party Saturday. A party I will be stopping by for a brief time since baby showers - actually any showers - are not my favorite social events. I do give credit to the shower-throwers because everyone must be vaccinated. Yay!
  2. The headline made me laugh I don't necessarily agree with the premise, or all of the details. But it was correct in that most of the "comedy" bits were not good. Source - The Week Magazine, no paywall - in case that matters.
  3. I love Jon Batiste as much as the next person (okay - more than the next person), but we really didn't need to see him and Leon during the segment. Especially because it made it so difficult to see the people they were paying tribute to.
  4. This was a great premise for a bit that just fell flat at the punch line. At least for me.
  5. ebk57


    I love him so much for this. He seems like a truly wonderful person.
  6. ebk57


    I'd guess it wasn't his idea, so I don't think he "gave it up." I think he was transferred.
  7. ebk57

    MLB Thread

    Got the umbrella (and the 'heads). Let me know if I need to use it on someone 😄
  8. ebk57

    MLB Thread

    If he's still there on Thursday, I'll go over and smack him with the umbrella I'm picking up before the game (along with a few 'heads. I got the umbrella because I had extra season ticket "points" and they ran out of 'heads that I want, but if it comes in handy... )
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