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  1. Most ppl on social media now have had a friend or an acquaintance giving you the leggings, makeup, oils, vitamins, etc. pitch and couching it as their "business" or their "brand" and it's just MLM that is handled so well in this show.
  2. I was out the minute we flashed to Joanie's future home, checking oxygen levels, etc. Loved you, The Affair, but see ya.
  3. We only want it to be Aladdin like Disney - I work with an Aladdin and he pronounces it it Al-a-din just like Laura.
  4. Because they don't have Ranch in Korea.
  5. It's a decor item they sell everywhere, not likely a learning tool for baby devil.
  6. They're likely more "I don't want to be pregnant....hey, I'm having a baby!"
  7. She's making $, he is not. Probably not her conversation skills that she's working - but Pol is doing nothing. I doubt it was her conversation skills that attracted Pol (shudder)
  8. Liam 100% didn't just have a passport on the ready - the shenans are just too much for me now. They used to be fun but now this is just so scripted and crafted it's a soap opera not a "reality" show.
  9. His character is exactly like this in the book.
  10. I kinda hate this where the origin content was exhausted with the first season, but the show continues on without the basis.
  11. Tom Sturridge doesn't have gravitas? I think it's just a poorly-written role. He's a good actor.
  12. I just love Mike...though he looked kind of off. Too much forehead?
  13. Any connection to whatsherface who ran the lingerie store a couple of seasons back and brought back the hotel dude? Canton is not a large town.
  14. I probably should be so quick to color him - I actually haven't seen the promos (are they at the end of another episode?) - I was just going by this forum pic.
  15. Oh, Timothy is gay. Mark my words (and his on-point eyebrows).
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