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  1. why is putting "bad words" becoming a thing? Like it gets your attention? "kick pain in the Aspercreme". The "shark week ad" that ends with "you bet your ass." The ad for some kind of pet product "because shed happens." I mean, are we all twelve years old?
  2. Oh right! That makes sense. Totally stupid.
  3. Oh I am with you. When his MIL was talking about wanting to be upstairs on the same floor as him and Emilia, I just cringed. I LOVED his description of her own little suite, where she can come and go as she pleased and they wouldn't know anything about it. I'm sure he was kind of thinking AND VICE VERSA!
  4. I just watched the latest (third) episode of Ryan's renovation show, and the scene I saw was probably early fall last year. They had Emilia and her mother walking around town with the baby, talking about Ryan and her dad painting the baby's room. Neither one was wearing a mask, which I didn't think much about until I noticed that literally everyone else on the street was wearing one. Now I live in the NY metro area, and while I have no idea whether it was an actual LAW to wear a mask all the time in NYC, it was certainly PRACTICE for everyone to. Now I know the whole guidance of outside being
  5. yeah, an episode or two ago I wrote here that I thought that the judges were quite enamored of Gabe and that it was his to lose.
  6. that makes sense, as I also thought he said to Alli that he was looking for a third (I think) stew for the crossing-- it wouldn't make sense for someone of Daisy's qualifications to just do vacuum and laundry duty.
  7. I couldn't even imagine it. Cheese is....... gooey. Dashi is ...... clear. I was confused as well. Wasn't that a sous vide/immersion set-up? Those have temperature thermostats, so I have no idea why she was fussing around with ice to cool it down.
  8. and not trying to get in a fight AT ALL, but some friends of mine moved from Chicago near-in suburbs to FLA for work, and hated it so much that they gave up two good jobs to move back to Chicago. It can be a culture shock.
  9. My parents hailed from the Pittsburgh area. No idea if that's where the idea came from!
  10. I agree. A "dish" which my family made when I was a kid was melted cheddar, in a bowl LOL. It's actually kind of yummy, but man does it excrete a LOT of oil. So it was smart that a couple of chefs used that oil as one of the components. But personally, while I like cheddar, I don't think I'd want to eat 4 meals of it! And Tillamook-- given that they are a MASSIVE operation (tons per day as we were told)-- I don't think it's a super high end ingredient, right?
  11. It seemed like two people could barely get past one another in that kitchen. Definitely needs a complete change.
  12. I think Jamie just asked Dawn to taste it. Dawn said "strangely, it kind of tastes like peanut butter." Then Jamie said "I used tahini." So I don't think the sesame was necessarily SUPPOSED to be a forward flavor (but obviously it was).
  13. really good point. Maybe the guys were exiled somewhere else so they don't get in the way?
  14. totally. As a woman who went to grad school in Electrical Engineering (back when dinosaurs ruled the earth) I got comments like "oh you'll get into great schools because they are looking for more women." Nah, maybe it was cause my grades and GRE scores were pretty damn good. It can be infuriating.
  15. I was trying to figure out the model (not knowing much of anything about how all of this works). He said he was bringing over his "essential" people (which LOL seemed half of which were his PR/video people) and the rest of his "team" will have to make a decision whether to move with him. So his "team" otherwise stays with the company and presumably gets distributed to other brokers there if they don't move with Ryan? Is there some sort of "profit sharing" in his "team"? What does it mean to be on Ryan's "team" at his current company?
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