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  1. dleighg

    Good Bones

    Hell yes! The only copper roof I'm familiar is on my fabulously rich corporate CEO cousin on his 20k sq foot house!!!! And I agree about the very loud wallpaper.
  2. dleighg

    S04.E07: All Hail the Queen

    Yes, the Queen did say that, after looking around disappointedly for, I assume, the jelly. But I swear I saw Anastasia at least starting to make it. I mean, even if it makes no sense (IMHO), I'd still give it to her if I could.
  3. dleighg

    S04.E07: All Hail the Queen

    Did she make/serve the mint jelly? I thought I saw her stripping mint leaves so it seems she was working on it. But the "Queen" seemed disappointed not to get it.
  4. dleighg

    Good Bones

    I always crack up when prospective buyers gush about the furniture. Ya know you don't get that stuff, right?
  5. dleighg

    Good Bones

    Did they make the (only) bathroom accessible only through the bedroom? I get the reason, but..... maybe for a single professional (the target audience) it would work ok.
  6. dleighg

    Best Room Wins

    Yeah, on my OnDemand the previous episode was listed as "finale." Which seems kind of silly since there was nothing "finale-like" about it.
  7. dleighg

    S15.E10: Week 10

    oh that's a total thing in the more fundamental alleys of protestantism. I remember 30 years ago visiting with some high school friends of my "betrothed" who followed that river, and my now-husband's friend talked about a sort of "benevolent dictator" model (or servant stewardship if you're being kind). They even gave us a book!
  8. dleighg

    S15.E10: Week 10

    to me he's attractive like most of the interchangeable guys on this thing. I honestly think they all look alike, except for the occasional black guy. He doesn't stand out to me as particularly attractive.
  9. dleighg

    S15.E10: Week 10

    for me Tyler gave a "young Sean Penn" vibe. Not my type.
  10. dleighg

    S15.E10: Week 10

    I just dropped into the series for this episode and I was SURE she was going to send Jed home for being a busy body. Tells you how much I can "sense." But man, when Luke REFUSED to get out of the dang chair, and then REFUSED to get in the dang car-- those are big fat red warning flags.
  11. dleighg

    S15.E07: Week 7: Latvia

    I have not been watching this season, but I had to drop in on this episode because my mother was born in Latvia and emigrated here after the war. I've never been there. But I saw those guys lined up for the trademark "Hannahhhhhhh!!!!" and I thought "Those guys all look exactly alike!" Is the poofed up hair now a requirement for (at least the white) bachelor guys?
  12. pet peever/constant annoyance of mine as well.
  13. dleighg

    Million Dollar Listing NY

    ah that beautiful home in Connecticut is gone?
  14. dleighg

    Good Bones

    macrame, OMG. The 70s called......
  15. dleighg

    S04.E06: Knot Today, Anchors

    LOL I know that. Was referring to the closed captioning.