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  1. and it went by quickly, but didn't one of the guests say (was it on a phone call back home?) that it was horribly, miserably, hot? Yeah, not a good advertisement. I was in Hong Kong this past August, and can concur that there are times to visit, and times to not visit, certain places! (and I'm not even talking about the protests!)
  2. and I don't think a waterproof, insulated mitten would be nearly as cute!
  3. to me she seemed very "young" given her actual age (29?) She seemed rather immature. I had gotten a graduate degree and was about to be married at that age. I think I had a better grasp on adult life at that age than I'm seeing from her.
  4. so the chef thinks an "American style steakhouse" is ribs and baked beans? Sorry, no, it's ribeye and creamed spinach.
  5. and I just saw this (very) young Harrison Ford photo today
  6. they should call this the "royal icing competition."
  7. TInder's not gay-- I think that's grindr. And I have no idea why I know any of this.
  8. here we go.... as we thought it's an all stars season tI was also announced during the panel that Top Chef Season 17 will take place in Los Angeles, California, where Season 2 of the competition was also previously located. https://www.bravotv.com/top-chef/bravocon/bravocon-2019-new-top-chef-all-stars-edition-announced?cid=soc_fb_TopChef_TopChef_Dish&fbclid=IwAR3kmNs7s7JzUkIGVjWd9xPO8m9Y956kVHqnvEDOZ0UvA7JoMCV8mJwygrs
  9. I had a feeling she was expecting everyone (and especially her boss, Ashton) to say "oh poor you, we really want you here, just rest a bit ... etc." and then Ashton pretty immediately says "well, if it's not working for you it's not working for you. Been nice knowing you girl!" OOPS.
  10. A "German" advent wreath? As opposed to an "advent wreath"? I did not think that was such an unusual thing that apparently one of the other bakers had never heard of?
  11. at least the twist here was sensible. Flavored whipped cream is pretty fair to everyone. And that whipped meringue "dribbling" on the maple crust was intriguing.
  12. guy with blue hair-- needs to cook "indian" -- and uses curry powder, onion powder and granulated garlic. Indians all over the world are having heart attacks at his "homage."
  13. I have terrible "face memory" but she hit me as looking very different than when she was on the show. Did she dye it? It seemed very "dyed."
  14. Thanks for the links to those two episodes. Did anyone notice that Noel had brown long hair for the first and black short(ish) hair for the second? Liked both looks better than his current (at least the most recent season) long black.
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