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  1. dleighg


    Britbox is also showing another series (The Long Call) inspired by novels by the same author as wrote Shetland (Ann Cleeves) I didn't realize The Long Call was already on! I've read the first two books in that series. OK, gotta do it :)
  2. dleighg


    sounds like time for me to sign up for a free trial (which I will probably not cancel, knowing me :) )
  3. It occurs to me that Prajje "needed" a black model because of his desire to explicitly reference Haiti's independence/ending of slavery. I agree that with that sort of messaging, it would have been weird on a white model. However I think he could have kept with the crying mother artistry without any problem-- while that comes from a specific culture, it is also rather universal. And with the focus on Haiti's independence, is he really implying that no white guys could buy/wear it? Seems counter-productive.
  4. I generally like him, but he seemed a bit prickly at the end, trying to explain away why he didn't "win" by saying "I don't really eat chocolate much. I much prefer (naming two other kinds of cakes)." That's not terribly sporting. You didn't win. So what.
  5. I have a vague memory of his eyeglasses looking like they lit up-- and now I know what it was! Yes that was really stupid looking.
  6. I do get that *given what Prajje wanted to do* it wouldn't have worked with a white guy. But he didn't have to go down that particular path, as much as he was fixated on it.
  7. I absolutely HATE the way this little kid says "FERMENTATION?" with this crooked face. I know it's an over-the-top reaction. But I HATE IT https://www.ispot.tv/ad/tMIH/new-chapter-organics-what-goes-in
  8. add a third one to the list using this song: Vanguard. And just now I saw the Vanguard ad followed by the Celebrity ad! Something in the air, I guess.
  9. yes, that's how I've seen it done. Simple idea, but it looks so fabulous. Given that whenever I try to fill a piping bag I just make a god-awful mess of things, I bet it takes some practice to really look that great.
  10. it was funny that all the bakers were absolutely horrified by Stephanie (as I was). And I think whoever "dresses" Zack does not like him! A fluffy poodle????? He always seems to get the ridiculous costumes!
  11. when she turned out her lumps, all I could do was laugh. And i think her every-week-I'm-doing-it-the-classic-way thing was running thin. I mean, she should know that the judges want to see some innovation! She always had a smile on her face, however, which was endearing. Freya's swirled pavlova was gorgeous.
  12. fingerhut is marketed to people who basically don't have credit. You buy something and then pay for it month by month (prob. at a high interest rate). I think that's the gist of it at least.
  13. I find this ad ridiculous: https://www.ispot.tv/ad/qfKB/hpe-greenlake-stay-or-go-do-both First of all, the executive looks like an absolute idiot running back and forth as her office tilts. Is this supposed to be a "power look"? And then she just miraculously comes up with the solution at the end? Seems that if she knows about this option, she wouldn't have to go through all the angst. And just throwing in rather meaningless lingo "accelerate our digital transformation" just cause it sounds cool.
  14. (if it's what I'm thinking) when this first aired, I asked the same thing. I was told it was nespresso pods (like k-pods)
  15. I've actually been to opera at the Met in NYC a few times, and believe me, unless it's opening night, folks just wear your basic "nice" clothes.
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