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  1. yes, thank you! I didn't realize it was still on.
  2. This ad makes me more stabby than it really should. It's for some Rx (I have no idea for what condition) where a mother takes her daughter to work for "take your kid to work" day. They are dressed alike in pink and white, and the daughter copies everything the mother does. Goes without saying the mother works in a really fancy office building where she must be very important (although she seems to work by herself with no meetings). And she spends most of her work day apparently either looking at her watch, or sitting in front of a CLOSED laptop! XELJANZ
  3. I know this is a bit off topic, but I recall a sort-of similar show from some years ago-- a female "flipper" who tried to keep lots of original detail, and wasn't out to make tons of money. I enjoyed that show (can't remember the name).
  4. But if I recall correctly the house had been in the family for decades; I don't imagine there was a mortgage.
  5. I mean seriously, a woman is going to go to Sandy to put her birth control pill on her tongue every morning like a holy wafer? I'm old too, and take a bunch of stuff (not BC LOL) and would find it insulting to be "given" my statins and BP meds.
  6. Have to agree! I mean the usual conservative wisdom is that a 4% drawdown is sustainable. That's $600k per year! Ok you've got to pay taxes on that, but man.... I guess if you want a 15M home to replace it that changes the calculus LOL.
  7. Well Lara was intentionally, and forcefully, pushing buttons, just to get a reaction. Completely inappropriate, but (as I recall) Hannah held her temper until Lara touched her. I don't blame Hannah at all for reacting forcefully then. She finally had a "there's no argument here" that this was WAY over the line.
  8. OMG I just saw this one, for a procedure for men with "urinary emptying issues" I gather. I honestly thought it was satire! It is, um, over-the-top with all the "flow" imagery!! https://www.ispot.tv/ad/nM8D/urolift-theater
  9. I watch all British shows with closed captions
  10. I've seen this ad for menegitis B vaccination many times over the last few weeks. It took MANY viewings to realize that they were VERY subtly showing that the young adults in the commercial from getting Meningitis B. I think the people who made this ad think we pay a lot more attention to ads than most of us do. You can find the ad at "See Our Commercial" on this page.
  11. I make a minor hobby out of checking out Top Chef restaurants when I'm traveling, and I was just randomly listening to the local radio and they mentioned 'Dale Talde in Tarrytown NY.' I live just up the road so-to-speak and never knew this! It is a Hong Kong inspired menu, and we were just in Hong Kong a year ago, so we will definitely have to check it out once I am willing to sit down in a restaurant again. Expensive, so this would be a special occasion place. Goosefeather in Tarrytown
  12. A lot of times, though, the older contestants have been relatively early to leave, because they make great "grandma" or "grandpa" cookies or cakes, but can't really expand their repertoire.
  13. Also no hardhats and eye protection while they're yanking down siding and ceilings. I also wondered what was the point of trying to save ANYTHING.
  14. You're right; that is by far the most annoying clip in that ad. He's the dorky "office boy" (?) in Thirty-Rock. A show I don't watch so apologies for not knowing his name or getting his role wrong.
  15. wouldn't porcelain pavers be very slippery with a sheen of ice on them? Sidewalks in my cold climate are always rough texture. IMHO the swinging bed was ridiculous.
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