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  1. The Prevagen ads bug me. This couple that "we take care of ourselves, it's important" say they've been taking it for 12 years. "And it still makes a difference-- I can tell." How can you tell if you've been taking it for 12 years? You just know you'd be stupid as heck by now if you weren't taking it? Or are you doing double blind trials every year to prove that it still works?
  2. There's a game Elizabeth is playing, even if she doesn't realize it. Francesca tells her to go take a short break to rest her feet. Elizabeth says "no no, I'm fine, I want to keep working." A few minutes later there she is with her feet up, gabbing with the guys. It's like she wants to show Francesca she's working hard, but doesn't REALLY want to work hard. Francesca was right-- if you're going to take a break, tell me you're doing it, don't try to have it both ways. And what is this thing about horseback riding on the beach? Bucket list? Really?
  3. aw shucks I don't think that is on Acorn (my source for it)
  4. could you tell me which episode/series this is? My husband is a huge Buster Keaton fan (I don't get it honestly), and while we watched an early episode or two, we didn't stick it out. I'm sure he'd enjoy that episode though!
  5. yes, she has such a distinctive look-- I once tried to figure it out by googling but had no luck.
  6. at the end of one of the episodes, with a new side-kick (I think it was Scott), the DS said "there seem to be a lot of murders in Midsomer". Barnaby just says "Yes, it has been remarked upon."
  7. and didn't one of the crew say it was a great white? (Not that I believe that for a single second LOL)
  8. in particular the blonde lady (who seemed like a "host" person) seemed quite normal and gracious. Whose "friend" was Dolores?
  9. I think it's different. I mean we got a cheesecake shot of James (nearly) naked in his bunk, and we get shots of backs, (mostly clothed) bums, and pecs of the guys as well as (bending over) bum and bra shots of the girls. But zipping up shorts is (IMHO) completely unsexy and honestly kind of gross.
  10. was there ANY freakin' point to showing Captain Lee zipping up his shorts in the bridge at the beginning of the episode?
  11. I'm further along, and I quite like Jones-- he's a very different personality (quite the ladies man LOL). Troy makes a cameo rather later (I think in Series 11).
  12. I can't stand those Aveeno ads. She is so annoyingly OVER THE TOP about how AWESOME Aveeno is.
  13. I assume that these are people who don't wear (basically) the same clothes every week or two-- so if they sit in your closet for 8 weeks, maybe they still "smell nice" ?
  14. and when Francesca calls her out for not having finished the clean-up she declares "I've been doing it!" when the camera has just shown that she's been standing there gabbing/bitching with another crew member.
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