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  1. Yes, it seems almost everyone went that direction. I guess it makes it easier to do fancy decorations on top.
  2. The standard family birthday cake that I've had the recipe for since I was a child 50 years ago is chocolate made with sour cream. It's perfect.
  3. I made it tonight! absolutely delicious, and it looks far more difficult than it actually was. (Though the recipe required some readings and re-readings-- would definitely be easier the second time around. And it makes *way* more coconut chutney than necessary-- I'll find another use--- I think it would be great with roasted eggplant or green beans.) Did not make the mango chutney. I'm sure it would be a nice addition. The recipe wasn't specific, so I sprinkled the nigela seeds mostly on the center but a bit around the rest. And despite the instruction to "persevere" on rolling it out, I could not make it as large as (my) dinner plates, so my "roll" was a bit limited. Despite all that, very tasty.
  4. Good point. There's no way to even do a standard, elegant, table cloth. I realized when you wrote that that this is why we get those weird, crumpled, and stuffed wrappings around the susan.
  5. I absolutely agree but then remembered a Nile cruise we took earlier this year. Seven days, and one of them was "galabeya party" which apparently is a "thing." All the shops you see that day know that you have to buy one (fortunately they are not expensive). Something I never would have done if not "forced to" in good fun.
  6. excellent point. They are always looking at those sheets 12 or 24 hours before the guests arrive. Doesn't make sense.
  7. certainly possible. Just wondering why they were so mushy about this? Why mention vegan margarine and never mention veganism again?
  8. they did mention that the fat in the "baps" was vegan margarine. So apparently this was a vegan meal, though for whatever reason they didn't say that explicitly. ETA though didn't they put a slice of (presumably non-vegan) cheese on the "baps"?
  9. Seems like an older-cast version of Glee -- at least from the trailer I've seen. Still could be amusing. But I agree- a movie seems like a more promising idea.
  10. If that's true, wouldn't it have been hilarious for Joau to say "Sure Sandy, can you show me where the spark plugs are?" (I do think he was a bit of an ass in how he responded -- but my choice would have been nominally polite, but ultimately embarrassing to her)
  11. I think she was covering her *not* knowing what it is by instantly agreeing to it. Did she think it just meant "wearing white gloves"? Because that's exactly how Aesha was presenting it.
  12. all the crew seemed to be having a really fun time with it. It seemed quite authentic.
  13. I knew that it would bite her because they aired it. If it hadn't mattered, they'd have shown us something else 🙂
  14. Do you think the mango chutney is necessary? I was going to skip that as mangos are not too easy to find around me (and tend to be expensive)
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