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  1. what I thought of was an article I read about the pretty pregnant lady in Mad Max Fury Road. She had a cute little baby bump much like the gal in this show. 22 weeks! We have been trained to think those cute little baby bumps at 4 or 5 months are "full term." While full term is waddling with several bowling balls on your front side. Off my soap box.
  2. I had to leave work early to do emergency tan line fixing for my daughter after she got bad tan lines the day of her senior prom LOL. What mothers will do.... Spray tan worked pretty well. I couldn't keep my mind off the fact that while the one athlete was 22 weeks pregnant at the taping, that baby's going to be well and BORN by the time of the olympics this summer and her hoped for victory party.... I overthink things. I noticed that as well. I'm not even sure I would call it "red."
  3. But they were actually.... ironing the sheets.... ON the bed. I guess that makes them nice!
  4. I got the impression that his vegan food was fine (for both vegans and non-vegans). I thought that one person was just being a &*^%$. It seemed the non-vegans were being kind of jerky in general -- like "Ooo yeah! Meat!!!"
  5. Agree- but I so cringed to see Agatha in her bright white pants sitting on a dirty wooden bench-- would she ever do that? 🙂
  6. I had the same thought. If you aren't allowed to touch the top of the plate, it seems pretty precarious. Is the solution to use a napkin to shield the thumb?
  7. One thing that struck me with the tie dye fabrics is that for most of them (except for the extremely subtle tie dye of Sergio) the patterns at the seams stood out as obviously mismatched. I'm not a nit-picky person, but that was very noticeable to me. Hard to avoid of course.
  8. but twice we've seen Victoria in bed with a makeup mirror "doing her face" in the morning.
  9. and was it this week that Brittany was going to YET AGAIN do a two-length skirt? WHY WHY WHY?
  10. what did Carli do to her eyebrows?
  11. Sergio's dress (which was lovely, I'll admit) reminded me of the famous "rain way" dress that Sean?? did where he put dye in the seams. A pretty dress in a pretty color, but Sean won me over with the nerve to do what he did. But Sergio's seems like a dress you'd buy in a tasteful store to wear to a tasteful garden party in the Hamptons (not that I'm ever going to be invited to one).
  12. It looked like a flouncy nightie got tacked onto the model's back!
  13. There's this Range Rover commercial I keep seeing. An (apparently) medal winning Olympic skier is listening to the weather/traffic and it's saying how the roads are all closed. She ends up in a huge traffic jam, does a U-turn, and drives up snowy roads to the top of the mountain, straps her skis on and takes off. Now first, where have you ever seen a road to the top of a ski slope? And no chair lifts in sight-- how on earth is she going to get back to her car? I know, I overthink things.
  14. Terrific stubs! Plain flaps of fabric? Not so much.
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