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  1. PreBabylonia

    S04.E09 Episode 9

    Wow, I must have completely blocked that out, because I actually felt they had a chance in #1, until she charged the cell and I thought oversaw something ominous in Ben's phone. That was truly horrible, especially since their child was crying for mom. That alone would have made me want him to go far far away. Good on you for rewatching. I think it would be helpful to binge on the entire show but I just can't make myself wade thru it again. I instantly felt like Ben was shady from the first moment we met him, but it's a testament to the actor that I actually felt him become more and more attractive and my misgivings floated away. Until we saw him in Cole's episode at the AA meeting and finally in the second version with Allison. I am very impressed at how well Ramon Rodriguez conveyed the duplicity of the character.
  2. PreBabylonia

    S04.E09 Episode 9

    I also really like Luisa, although I didn't initially when she met Cole (and was sleeping with loser Scotty). I am fairly certain that Ben tied up his wife in the second version, not in the first. Of all the things he said, that might be the biggest red flag. When he shot the teen in version #1, I honestly thought it was in the heat of the battle thing. Although not right, it does happen frequently in war and sometimes, in police shootings.
  3. PreBabylonia

    S03.E06: Les Enfants du Sang

    Pretty simple really - just click on the hyperlink. (The red underlined comic thread in Princesspurssalot's post:)
  4. PreBabylonia

    The Joel McHale Show With Joel McHale

    I am disappointed but perhaps not that surprised. I only watched a few but they seemed to lack the magic of The Soup. I did think it might take a bit to get into the swing of things again and became too busy to try it again. I think that may be how it went with other longtime McHale fans. I definitely think he is one of the most talented comedian/actors out there, so I hope he finds another suitable vehicle soon, one that uses his talents as well as Community did.
  5. PreBabylonia

    S20.E23: Live Eviction #7; Head of Household #8

    I had to look that up on Urban Dictionary! I thought maybe it was missionary....nope. For anyone else that's clueless....
  6. PreBabylonia

    S05.E01: Week 1: Season Premiere

    I actually had that show in mind, I loved it back in the day. So very very entertaining.
  7. PreBabylonia

    S05.E01: Week 1: Season Premiere

    That's a hilarious (and obviously fake story that your mom told you) but in essence, I've always thought that. I wouldn't want to impress somebody with my "flawless" looks and then one day, they see what I really looked like and are completely shocked. Not that I think I look that much different but other than grade seven (when I wore BLUE eyeshadow!), I've never worn much makeup. Also because I am somewhat lazy and I found it an enormous effort to use makeup removers to get it all off, especially around the eyes. I always thought that the wrinkles I am causing my wiping off the mascara and eyeshadow (gave up on eyeliner instantly), more than outweighed the benefits of highlighting my best feature. On a related shallow note, I WAS that cousin. I met a guy at a house party (in grade 8 at that time) and agreed to go on a date with him. Unfortunately, we met and had a great conversation in the dark basement. When I actually saw him in the light, I saw - yep, tons of craters. Major acne problem. I made some excuse, cut it short and never saw him again. Shallow PreBabylonia. Ha, you can't blame the young Jumper Sage for fables her mom told her! Of course a relationship (and ultimately that marriage) should be based on a lot more than looks once you've gone out for a while. Looks are most important when you first meet someone, but they are easily overtaken by more important qualities: intelligence, kindness, similar sense of humour, shared values, sincerity, communication skills etc. I myself am more of a sucker for charm than looks - his personality quickly affects how attractive I feel about him. I do think someone that hides her looks under excessive makeup may have a problem with revealing her vulnerabilities though, and it may indicate some personal issues that are going to cause conflict down the road. I recall going camping in my teen years and beyond, and there were always a couple of women busy putting on loads of makeup and blow drying their hair after daily shampooing. The remainder of us were happy enough to wander around without bugs in her hair. Hygiene definitely should take a tumble when you are roughing it! I am pretty much clueless about that too, unless we are talking Ashley I levels of makeup worship. I do tend to notice the fake eyelashes though, and fake boobs. I wouldn't say ALL the women have implants though, some of them are quite small/flat - like Kendall and um Chelsea, I think. Tia's are definitely fake (just like her personality and manufactured drama) but I think Bibi is natural and perhaps some of the other women that I am not so familiar with - ie Astrid & Angela, I didn't watch the seasons they were on and can't tell yet. More than the Amazing Suitcase of Cosmetics, I am truly amazed at the cheapness of the set. Really, they couldn't whip up (a la Trading Spaces) a reasonable fascimile of a dresser or makeup table? I truly feel like BIP is just phoning it in this year. I don't know why, they must have saved a lot of cash from Becca's World O'Cheap Bachelorette. I love Jordan! His dialogue is SOOOO much funnier than anyone else, I honestly think he is coming up with it on his own. Probably from his stock dialogue on how to amuse your buddies at parties. I suspect he is far more intelligent than we are given to believe, he is just fully embracing the role for the career opportunities it affords. I breathlessly await his own reality show. *Fleiss. They just couldn't wait to see what natural human interest stories arose. Or maybe it turns out to be the lamest BIP yet, so they inserted most of it afterwards. 1. Krystal (looks, not personality) 2. Kendall 3. Chelsea 4. Bibiana 5. Annaliese 6. Angela 7. Nysha (I don't know anything about her & she comes across as completely bored/boring here, but superficially attractive) 8. Astrid {Gap} 9. Tia Interesting. This is my grouping: 1. Jordan 2. Joe 3. Wills 4. Kenny 5. Eric 6. John 7. Colton 8. David 9. Kevin 10. Chris 11. Nick *I can't remember what Connor looks like, but was he the bozo that threw Lincoln's photo into the pool? **I wouldn't count Wells, since he isn't really part of the cast and is living with Sarah. Didn't see his season either, just his bartending last year. ***Chris Harrison is 50/50 to me. Don't find him attractive when he is smarmy but do find him attractive when he is actively making fun of himself, as he usually does on BIP. Love a man with a self-deprecating sense of humour! I find the scruffiness attractive on some men, not others. My #1 choice for an attractive scruffy man is Viggo Mortensen, not so hot when he is cleaned up. In a cast full of attractive men, Viggo was the standout in the Lord of the Rings movies. I too think Eric looks much better with the beard. My problem with him has always been his vocabulary - it's awful. I couldn't be with a man that spoke that way. I also recall that he had some major anger management control in his Rachel season. But he is fairly young, so maybe will outgrow it. Based on watching just this one (and I am quite behind), it looks like he is being Friend Zoned. Looks like he may need to work on other things (career) before he can be taken seriously as a romantic partner. I mostly like him but I do think he falls in line when they are dealing with controversy. I felt like the reveal of the Bachelor death was extremely manipulated, he didn't have to participate and milk it for show drama. Ahhhhh Nick. He came across as a quiet dark horse that reminded me of Simon Baker on Becca's season. I think it would have done much more for his reputation if he hadn't appeared on BIP. We wouldn't have known that he's a drunken douche. I don't remember Angela either, but I suspect she was on a season I didn't watch, like that Ben Higgins. If the Bachelor or Bachelorette is very unappealing, I skip the entire season. As I will do if he is chosen again, as I read he might be. EEEEEEK! I remember Abi-Maria. Not so bad on her second, briefer season but I definitely "TV Show Hated" her. I definitely agree. These inexplicable bouts of anger. You have to wonder what on earth these producers are whispering in her ear.... I remember her! She was awesome. Definitely the most interesting woman in her season. Oddly enough, I have forgotten the bachelor. It might have been that blonde guy - the one that keeps showing up. Married with one or two kids now. Anyway, must have something to do with dealing with dead bodies. Makes you innately interesting. Like Norman Bates.... Yes, Kendall IS very awkward, and she seems to get very dehydrated during her talks, maybe from anxiety. I agree she is very intelligent but I don't think she is lacking in fun, just more introverted than extroverted. So a very strange choice to go on these reality dating shows - but the Bachelor producers seem to love her. I think I would prefer to see her hosting a TV science show, or perhaps a dating show for nerds.
  8. PreBabylonia

    S06.E13: Be Free

    I love Freida! It would have been fitting if it had been her, although I don't want to see an added sentence for my favourite character. I don't know how Red would end up back in Florida but I am definitely looking forward to seeing the two of them dealing with this sometime in the future. It wasn't clear to me either, whether she would be sentenced to death. Normally I think she would reappear in court for the official sentencing. I do know that it's life, not a death sentence, strictly from having read a few interviews with the showrunner and cast. I usually find Piper annoying too, and not a bit boring, but she has her moments. I think of them like Captain Kirk monologues - or Kyle/Stan in South Park or Jeff in Community - inspirational speeches meant to unify the group and find the moral of the story. Usually Piper is mocked but occasionally, it works. I think the kickball speech actually worked. Definitely think it's going to be useful in her future call for prison reform. Can totally picture Piper showing up on celebrity news shows like The View and The Talk, especially once she writes that memoir and publishes it.
  9. PreBabylonia

    S04.E08: Episode 08

    Yes, he used to be absolutely gorgeous. Last season really was a mess, now that I think about it. It was never clear to me that Noah actually invented Brendan's prison guard doppleganger, wasn't convinced that he had indeed stabbed himself. Not sure if Brendan was still a dick in the prison or if most of his abuse was also in Noah's head.
  10. PreBabylonia

    S06.E13: Be Free

    Wow, I didn't notice that! Did you recognize the actor right away or check out the cast list? Hitler is currently my favourite villain on Preacher. (Dave Hilter) Yes, it would make for a terrible season if she's the big bad. Perhaps they have noticed at this point that it's just not working and she'll be done away with in short order. If we're lucky, she'll be out of there within the first two episodes. I don't think anyone would pay her attention anymore either. Brilliant suggestion for Alex! Makes sense with her looking over her life's accomplishments.
  11. PreBabylonia

    S14.E11: The Three-Hour Live Finale

    Awwww that's nice, you're so optimistic! I don't think it's going to work out either but at least Becca scored some nice dresses and a couple of good trips. And managed to wash Arie out of her errrrr....hair..... Oh I hope not! Are people naive enough to purchase dogs and cats from pet stores anymore? PetSmart has adoption days (only cats and kittens I think) but otherwise I think most rational people would stay far away from canines coming from a pet store. Did they mention this on the show? I watched the entire season but couldn't get thru the finale. Kind of quit while Garrett was snivelling at her parents home. Looked over the ring. It looked kind of gaudy. I might have been impressed if I was still eight-years-old. I am surprised that they couldn't have gotten the ring sized before that video interview.
  12. PreBabylonia

    S06.E13: Be Free

    Oh, I just meant intimidating since she had a backup posse to follow thru and the authority of Carol behind her. Otherwise, she herself did lack any power. Nobody listened to her at the kickball game and the only times she had any solo juice was in surprise attacks, like knocking Piper over from behind or pulling out her shiv (or is that shank?) on a smaller opponent in a small space. I am actually looking forward to seeing her get taken down by anyone in the prison. There's annoying and then there is Negan level of annoying. (TWD) She's a low level henchman type of annoying.
  13. PreBabylonia

    The Bachelorette in the Media

    I didn't mind Rachel too much in her own season (although I liked her less and less as it went on), but she has become truly objectionable thru-out her appearances since, on the Bachelor Winter Olympics and on the Bachelor. Now she is whining about the editing on her season. At least this should mean that we won't have to see her again. Pretty stupid move on her part. I suppose we'll be seeing Becca and Garrett instead, although I really hope that Garrett keeps his mouth shut.
  14. PreBabylonia

    Julie Chen: It's Cool If You Call Her Chenbot

    I think you forgot the thread we are posting in - it's all about Julie Chen. This particular discussion began with some of us suggesting that if when Les Moonves gets turfed out, Julie should go with him because: they're married, she's "not innocent," she only has the job because of him etc. I'm on the other side, because I think she deserves the job on her own merits and there is no suggestion anywhere that she knew what he had been doing or that she supported or helped him to do so or hide it in any way. I agree marital problems are their business not ours but it sounds like some people think that means she is just as bad a person as him and should lose her job. But this is a discussion forum and we are here to intelligently discuss it without getting personal or attacking other posters. Including telling them to grow up...in the words of the Quora Forum, be nice. I am sorry but I just don't understand what you are saying. How can you say they're not innocent, and then say you don't blame them? The opposite of innocent is guilty. You're contradicting yourself here. I don't have to approve of Julie getting involved with Moonves when he was still married, to think that it's immaterial when it comes to deciding whether she keeps her job. And I do agree with D.CBIES that we don't know all the details of their personal affairs anyway. For all we know, Moonves and his wife were already separated or living together but practically separated in a large house with separate bedrooms. It would matter a lot to then, but not at all to us. I just want to keep my Big Brother host. I've already seen a lot of terrible reality show hosts so I really appreciate her. If you don't think she's all that, then I suggest you watch any season of Big Brother Canada. Cox is terrible. So are all the Canadian hosts of international shows, I have no idea why, when we have good hosts for CBC shows. But the private networks in Canada are not so good.In comparison, Julie is a prize.
  15. PreBabylonia

    S06.E13: Be Free

    I think the point of Madison is to give us a character we haven't seen before, a type of mob enforcer. Carol was using her as an useful idiot. She was good at intimidating the new "cookies" and keeping the old ones in line, but it was pretty obvious that Carol didn't like her nor respect her. If anyone challenged her sufficiently, oh well, she was highly expendable. Apparently she is coming back in season 7, so I think we will probably see a fight between Daddy and Madison to take over Carol's top dog spot. Daddy is easily twice as intelligent as Madison though, so unless some lucky break comes her way, I am expecting Daddy to take her out in an especially vicious way. Then we'll see how that much power corrupts Daddy and the effect it has on Daya. So I still see Madison as a secondary character, but one that may trigger a bigger conflict. I hope so anyway, because I find Madison to be too dumb to make a great uber villain, like Vee was. Regarding her accent, Amanda Fuller says she was told to come across with a Boston accent and modelled it on Ben Affleck and to a lesser degree, Amy Ryan. The link I attached shows clips from the movie she is promoting as well as her speaking in her normal voice. I thought she also spoke strangely in her movie role and had a few vocal mannerisms that also showed up in Madison. I don't know anyone from Boston so I wouldn't have known if it was typical or not but I do know that I couldn't figure out some of the words she said, no matter if I rewound the show. Seems like a complete voice fail to me.