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  1. Wow, I must have completely blocked that out, because I actually felt they had a chance in #1, until she charged the cell and I thought oversaw something ominous in Ben's phone. That was truly horrible, especially since their child was crying for mom. That alone would have made me want him to go far far away. Good on you for rewatching. I think it would be helpful to binge on the entire show but I just can't make myself wade thru it again. I instantly felt like Ben was shady from the first moment we met him, but it's a testament to the actor that I actually felt him become more and mor
  2. I also really like Luisa, although I didn't initially when she met Cole (and was sleeping with loser Scotty). I am fairly certain that Ben tied up his wife in the second version, not in the first. Of all the things he said, that might be the biggest red flag. When he shot the teen in version #1, I honestly thought it was in the heat of the battle thing. Although not right, it does happen frequently in war and sometimes, in police shootings.
  3. Pretty simple really - just click on the hyperlink. (The red underlined comic thread in Princesspurssalot's post:)
  4. I am disappointed but perhaps not that surprised. I only watched a few but they seemed to lack the magic of The Soup. I did think it might take a bit to get into the swing of things again and became too busy to try it again. I think that may be how it went with other longtime McHale fans. I definitely think he is one of the most talented comedian/actors out there, so I hope he finds another suitable vehicle soon, one that uses his talents as well as Community did.
  5. I had to look that up on Urban Dictionary! I thought maybe it was missionary....nope. For anyone else that's clueless....
  6. I actually had that show in mind, I loved it back in the day. So very very entertaining.
  7. That's a hilarious (and obviously fake story that your mom told you) but in essence, I've always thought that. I wouldn't want to impress somebody with my "flawless" looks and then one day, they see what I really looked like and are completely shocked. Not that I think I look that much different but other than grade seven (when I wore BLUE eyeshadow!), I've never worn much makeup. Also because I am somewhat lazy and I found it an enormous effort to use makeup removers to get it all off, especially around the eyes. I always thought that the wrinkles I am causing my wiping off the mascara and ey
  8. I love Freida! It would have been fitting if it had been her, although I don't want to see an added sentence for my favourite character. I don't know how Red would end up back in Florida but I am definitely looking forward to seeing the two of them dealing with this sometime in the future. It wasn't clear to me either, whether she would be sentenced to death. Normally I think she would reappear in court for the official sentencing. I do know that it's life, not a death sentence, strictly from having read a few interviews with the showrunner and cast. I usually find Piper annoyi
  9. Yes, he used to be absolutely gorgeous. Last season really was a mess, now that I think about it. It was never clear to me that Noah actually invented Brendan's prison guard doppleganger, wasn't convinced that he had indeed stabbed himself. Not sure if Brendan was still a dick in the prison or if most of his abuse was also in Noah's head.
  10. Wow, I didn't notice that! Did you recognize the actor right away or check out the cast list? Hitler is currently my favourite villain on Preacher. (Dave Hilter) Yes, it would make for a terrible season if she's the big bad. Perhaps they have noticed at this point that it's just not working and she'll be done away with in short order. If we're lucky, she'll be out of there within the first two episodes. I don't think anyone would pay her attention anymore either. Brilliant suggestion for Alex! Makes sense with her looking over her life's accomplishments.
  11. Awwww that's nice, you're so optimistic! I don't think it's going to work out either but at least Becca scored some nice dresses and a couple of good trips. And managed to wash Arie out of her errrrr....hair..... Oh I hope not! Are people naive enough to purchase dogs and cats from pet stores anymore? PetSmart has adoption days (only cats and kittens I think) but otherwise I think most rational people would stay far away from canines coming from a pet store. Did they mention this on the show? I watched the entire season but couldn't get thru the finale. Kind of quit while Garrett was s
  12. Oh, I just meant intimidating since she had a backup posse to follow thru and the authority of Carol behind her. Otherwise, she herself did lack any power. Nobody listened to her at the kickball game and the only times she had any solo juice was in surprise attacks, like knocking Piper over from behind or pulling out her shiv (or is that shank?) on a smaller opponent in a small space. I am actually looking forward to seeing her get taken down by anyone in the prison. There's annoying and then there is Negan level of annoying. (TWD) She's a low level henchman type of annoying.
  13. I didn't mind Rachel too much in her own season (although I liked her less and less as it went on), but she has become truly objectionable thru-out her appearances since, on the Bachelor Winter Olympics and on the Bachelor. Now she is whining about the editing on her season. At least this should mean that we won't have to see her again. Pretty stupid move on her part. I suppose we'll be seeing Becca and Garrett instead, although I really hope that Garrett keeps his mouth shut.
  14. I think you forgot the thread we are posting in - it's all about Julie Chen. This particular discussion began with some of us suggesting that if when Les Moonves gets turfed out, Julie should go with him because: they're married, she's "not innocent," she only has the job because of him etc. I'm on the other side, because I think she deserves the job on her own merits and there is no suggestion anywhere that she knew what he had been doing or that she supported or helped him to do so or hide it in any way. I agree marital problems are their business not ours but it sounds like some people thin
  15. I think the point of Madison is to give us a character we haven't seen before, a type of mob enforcer. Carol was using her as an useful idiot. She was good at intimidating the new "cookies" and keeping the old ones in line, but it was pretty obvious that Carol didn't like her nor respect her. If anyone challenged her sufficiently, oh well, she was highly expendable. Apparently she is coming back in season 7, so I think we will probably see a fight between Daddy and Madison to take over Carol's top dog spot. Daddy is easily twice as intelligent as Madison though, so unless some lucky break come
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