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  1. So I still watch the show but I find myself just telling myself I have to suspend my disbelief of A LOT of things. Regarding the Christmas special: First, where did all those people come from for the Christmas festival? Hope Valley is not that big and I'm pretty sure there would not be THAT many people coming from other towns. Second, the traveling salesman wasn't coughing when he tried to clean Henry's coat. Then he was practically dying when riding with Carson. Then Carson gives him some cough medicine or whatever it was and he was fine again with Henry as he took him back home?
  2. Me too! I thought the characters were the best and the opening credits were the creepiest of all of them. Besides Murder House, Freak Show was my favorite. Exactly! I think I read somewhere that one of them (or more) were going to make a guest appearance, but I'm not sure - maybe I dreamed it : )
  3. My favorite part of this series so far is the opening credits and all the 80's references and music. Anyone else notice how close the music is to that of the last season of Stranger Things? I mean, I know they are both set in the 80's but I'm telling you - that music is so very similar. That being said, I just cannot stand Emma Roberts. She has to be one of the world's worst actresses - maybe a runner up to Billie Lourde. Two prime examples of actresses who get work because of to whom they are related. The sad part is that the well-endowed guy is the most believable character of them
  4. I just watched this episode last night and I don't want to watch the last two episodes yet - I want to pace myself. I did not realize what FIg was doing either - went right over my head. Then I saw her hand the pill to the woman. I love Fig and especially Caputo. At the beginning of the first season, who knew he'd be my favorite character of all of them? Surely not me! : )
  5. And we STILL don't know how Chimney got his nickname!
  6. You figure - they kind of had to be free thinkers. Mom was either working back in the day and now too busy striving to care. I also feel Logan basically raised his younger siblings and my mom had to do that when she was young because my grandma had to work 2 and sometimes more jobs as a single mom. My mom always said she had already raised 6 six kids and she only wanted one when she got married. And I am an only child.
  7. I like her but she is just not ready for this competition. She was off key, fading in and out - just not good tonight at all. Alejandro - I don't know what that was. Not impressed. Jeremiah - just boring to me. He has a nice voice - there was just no chorus to that song. Uche may not have the best voice, but he is the most interesting to watch and his voice is pretty good too. I love Laine, but his performance was a little boring last night. Dimetrius - I tuned out. Again, boring to me. As was Alyssa. And Ashley. Can you tell I'm not a big ballad fan anyway? They
  8. I was thinking the same thingk about Robyn acting as if SHE is the center of the universe in regards to moving. And did you get her comments (more than once) that "THEY" are all like that meaning non-committal in regards to moving again. I enjoyed her being shot down and the others making her look bad. And Janelle - she was doing so good there for awhile. But I swear I think she looks bigger than she ever has. And like you, I was thinking "What makes her busy??????"
  9. She is busy STRIVING...don't you pay attention? LOL
  10. You are SPOT ON in your analysis of Janelle!
  11. It is her "woke" way of supporting the fambly's move to Flagstaff...you know, trees. Seriously, she just looks so grungy and dirty. ICK!
  12. Those potatoes actually look really good but I would have used some kind of seasoning - Rosemary & garlic, Cavendars - something.
  13. I have always thought the same thing. They do the same thing on Survivor. They'll show TH as if they don't know what the outcome will be but you know they had to tape it after the competition.
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