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  1. giaNtsandYankees

    S14.E07: Auditions 6 - July 09, 2019

    I'm board too. I wanted to do a write up for that week's set of auditions, but I've been like the majority of what we've seen on this show...uninspired. That, and I actually forgot about a lot of the acts that showed up on the recent episode. But I will say this...there are quite a bit of 2.0's in this season. When we saw the Sentimentalists, I immediately thought Clairvoyants 2.0. I loved the lady's retro clothing. The Lady Molambo dancers were to me, Malevo 2.0 (also from Season 11, just like Clairvoyants), but it's women this time. I'm glad that Howie admitted, "We have seen this before." I know people are curious as to why they came all the way to AGT, but it does seem like the Argentine version of AGT (Talento Argentina) hasn't had a season since 2011, even though it looks like that show is coming back soon. Plus the prize money for Talento Argentino was $100,000 AP ($2,407.95 in USD), so I guess $1,000,000 USD ($41,530,000 Argentine Pesos) does sound more appealing. I looked up Robert's information and it's true that he's done quite a bit of work and toured with the Black Keys, but I still like him. I agree that he put Lamont from two weeks ago to shame with his voice and personality. Robert seems like such a sweetheart, where Lamont was just a little too cocky. I'm sure that he was recruited like many acts that come on AGT. I read on the AGT/SubReddit that Joseph O'Brien's (remember him?) father mentioned that his son was only one of two acts (in his Live's episode) that wasn't invited by the producers to come on the show (and from looking at Wikipedia he hasn't been on another reality singing competition), so his fan base wasn't as large as the other acts. His father's words according to a poster on Reddit. Since I'm speaking on recruitment and showing up on other shows, Christoffer Kläfford was the winner of Idol (Sweden) back in 2017. His EP and two of his singles made it into the top 10 of the charts in Sweden...one of them being...his cover of John Lennon's "Imagine." I'm certain that Simon knows of him (somewhat). But learning of this makes me question Kristoffer's story...what little I can remember of it. But hey, maybe he was recruited, maybe he wants a little more exposure. Who knows? But I am seeing shades of Glennis Grace with him, minus the son. I'm mostly underwhelmed with this season. I forgot most of the Golden Buzzers already. But the snark from you guys makes sitting though this show worth it. We'll see how the Judge Cuts go in a couple of days...
  2. giaNtsandYankees

    RW: Miami (1996)

    I remember while watching Real World Reunion: 2000 Joe stating that he and Nicole had broken up, and some of his roommates expressed relief over it. Per social media, Joe is now living in Los Angeles doing Social Work type of work. It looks like his partner is a lady named Melanie Garrison.
  3. giaNtsandYankees

    RW in the Media: Somehow the Show is Almost Relevant

    Some throwback "media" for you guys before it gets taken down from YouTube...
  4. giaNtsandYankees

    S14.E05: Auditions 5 - June 25, 2019

    Lamont: *Pointing to audience* "What do you guys think?" "No clapping please. It's distracting." "I'm so humbled." "Okay, you guys can clap now." Me: *Eyeroll*
  5. giaNtsandYankees

    S14.E05: Auditions 5 - June 25, 2019

    It wasn't mentioned that Lukas ad Falco won Das Supertalent in 2013. Emanne (Jackie Evancho 2.0 as Reddit refers to her) had won Arabs Got Talent in 2017. That also was not mentioned.
  6. giaNtsandYankees

    S14.E05: Auditions 5 - June 25, 2019

    Why am I thinking of the Harlem Globetrotters when seeing Terry in his patriotic attire? Husband and wife, music/danger act...almost of like Paul Potts, Brian King Joseph and Deadly Games all rolled up into one. I was not expecting that. That's a brave woman holding the knife with her feet. I get nervous using the paper cutter at work! But if she has been practicing for years, I guess there's not much fear there. The singer/guitarist...seems like a sequel of Daniel Emmet with that whole episode. Beginning with Simon asking him if he had another song, and then insisting that he learn another song. We'll see if he gets cut on Judge Cuts and then brought back as a wild card, and (Dunkin') saved...and saved again. Just like Daniel Emmet. His voice makes me think of Adam Levine, for some strange reason. A low rent one. And this is what we got after all of that drama. Contrived drama no less. I wonder if with "Death's" story ("My father is God and my mother is Mother Nature. They divorced, and I was fourteen-million years old...which is a hard age...") if he was trying to be funny, or mocking some of the sob stories? People may disagree with me (and I do wish there were less singers), but I rather enjoyed the choir from South Africa. There was some different things going on with the vocals and it blended together beautifully, I think. That performance had a beautiful energy about it. I just hope we don't hear any "Greatest Showman" songs from them if we see them in Judge Cuts. Sorry to bring that up again. It's just that we were overloaded with it last year. Emman is a cute girl and seems very sweet. Lovely voice. We'll see if she can make herself stand out from the many other opera singers that the ...Got Talent shows had. I found Luka and Falco to be a sweet act. There's a lot of love there with them. I've seen a few silhouette/shape dancers before, but I appreciated that they had a combination of the live dancers and the silhouette dancers in this performance. Even though we've seen similar stories on ...Got Talent, I found this story that they told touching. So it's 9:53pm which means...its Golden Buzzer time! (...Or is it?) And the judges point out that Julianne is the only judge not to hit the Golden Buzzer. We meet Mr. Trigger (I already forgot his first name) who introduces himself as a dancer. Initially, I'm thinking, "I knew Julianne's GB would be a dancer...I KNEW it!" But as I watch him perform, I'm thinking, "I don't know if Julianne will hit the GB." But he does it for himself. (Interesting that it goes off, since when Ms. Retriever pushed it, it did not work) Mr. Trigger is a character for sure. I'll give him that. That was an unexpected closing segment for this episode, so I tip my hat off to AGT (and Mr. Trigger) for that. Until next week, ya'll. Hopefully things will pick up when we get to the Live's. But we have a number of episodes to go until then. Cheers!
  7. giaNtsandYankees

    The Snowdens

    I think this is her current "bindi." First it was the red bindi. Then is was the "white moon bindi" to three gold lines and now it's the "large gold bindi." I'm curious to know what is the Snowden meaning behind it... And there is a reason why I said "Snowden Meaning"! Because I'm sure they put their own twist on it, rather than the meaning of the culture that they "borrowed" it from.
  8. giaNtsandYankees

     S14.E04: Auditions 4 - June 18, 2019

    One year, we had the Olate Dogs. Another year, we have the Pomeyo Family Dogs and Sara and Hero. Last year, we had the cats. This year we have...rats. With a stage-sized obstacle that looks almost close to the science projects I've seen while in grade school. Cute act though. I'm not sure about the spread eagle move the Miss did so Henta could run across. Ansley (?) comes out, and she is like a little ray of sunshine with her personality. She starts singing...Simon makes a face...Simon makes a comment regarding the track...I bet you he's going to call for a stop...his hand goes up...I knew it! So we go into an acapella. Her voice was a little loud to me, but not powerful. Maybe I'll need to watch her performance again. In some ways, she reminds me of Angelica Hale and Celine Tam, even though they were nine then and she is eleven. When Sos came on stage, I immediately though of Sos and Victoria/Quick Change from Season 11. When he brought the cards out, and when I heard the first line of the song, "We've seen this a hundred times..." that's how I felt about card tricks. I enjoyed Shin Lim and Jon Dorenbos, but I am growing a little weary of card magic. But Sos Jr. brought along something different with the cards. I'll give him that. Marchin with a gypsy jazz/gypsy swing/world version of Beethoven's 5th. Okay! I like it! Karaoke moment with the audience...okay. I guess it's fair that the audience has some additional fun. Here comes the karaoke montage...I should have known that that was coming. I was wondering what Andy would bring coming on AGT with karaoke, especially the shot with Simon leaning back and rolling his eyes when Andy said that that is what he was going to do. His "performance" was unexpected and quirky. Maybe on judge cuts he'll do "Macarena" or "YMCA"? Just the chorus of course. AdenShow(?)...I'm thinking "Mortal Kombat" when they show up. I get some shades of of Kinichi watching them. I wonder how the guy in blue was able to hold the one-legged position for the time he did? I struggle keeping "tree pose" for fifteen seconds. "Bring the Funny" commercial. Was that Samuel J. Komroe that I saw in that commercial? With Voices of Service, first I thank them for their service. Coming from a military family, much respect that they served, and that they are using this to cope with PTSD. I thought that their performance was rather lovely. Flute guy. His flute playing was "pitchy" here and there. When he was playing the first song, I wondered if that was all he was playing. Then "Pony" comes on...then a striptease...then grinding...What. The. Hell? I'm not that an uptight of a woman - I've been to a strip club once! I appreciate the male physique...but that was a little much...and random. Terry comes out...oh no, not the "pec dance" again. Ay querido! I hope the violin dude doesn't teach elementary school. That might be a little traumatic for them to catch... Funny I should mention of the Pomeyo Family Dogs from Season 12, because we have another family with an act the showcases their dogs and themselves. Dominguez Poodle Revue reminds me a lot of the Pompeo dogs. Adorable, still. Great discipline with the poodles as they just stood there while the judges were giving their comments. Berywam (?). not bad. I got shades of Elan and Josh from Season 11, but I still enjoyed them. A nice little mix of genres rolled up in one performance. The choir from Detroit - I respect the choir leader and what he is doing for these children. From what I've seen, some people tend to give up on or not give inner city youth much of a chance. the performance was cute, but if they're going to do the solo bits, they're going to need some polishing. I understand why Terry gave them the golden buzzer when he shared a bit of his story. Just no "Greatest Showman" songs for their following performance(s). Please. We've heard more than enough of it last season. I think that I may watch this show a little too much...or pay attention to it a little to much...
  9. giaNtsandYankees

    The McGees

    Brandy paid her condolences also...
  10. giaNtsandYankees

    The McGees

    Dimitri sending his condolences...
  11. giaNtsandYankees


    That's a good question. Mykelti just turned 23. Based on studies and what I've learned about Autism so far, women usually aren't diagnosed until they're in their 30's. One woman with Autism stated that doctors focus more on young boys when it comes to Autism than they do on young girls.
  12. giaNtsandYankees

    S14.E03: Auditions 3 - June 11, 2019

    Hrm...I haven't paid attention to notice. But I am quite certain we haven't seen Gabrielle's boobs...or her in lingerie with a sheer sheath over it like we had with Mel. I did notice this (which I forgot to mention), Julienne did ask, "What just happened?!"
  13. giaNtsandYankees

    S14.E03: Auditions 3 - June 11, 2019

    My thoughts as the episode went on... Marina...I'm glad that she did not come on with a sob story. She wanted to be like her brother...her mother wanted her to be more "girly" so signed her up for ballet. I kind of knew that that wasn't the only thing that she was going to bring to the table. But I liked her performance. I'm thinking of getting back into yoga...even though it will never make me contortionist flexible. But it will give me more strength and grace. When Dom came on, I was worried that it was going to be another card trick act. Not that I don't like those kind of acts, but I want to see something different. I felt like Dom may have dragged a bit, but he picked up. His personality added it to it, I think. Carmen Carter is 55? She looks great. I'm 37, and I'm hoping that I look that good when I read 55. But 55 is still young in my eyes. I love the INXS song "Never Tear Us Apart." I almost forgot that it was an INXS song when she sang it. I thought that she was stellar. Hopefully she does better in Judge Cuts. I remember how Miss Trish started strong in the Auditions, but fell apart in Judge Cuts. Hopefully that will not be the case for Carmen. Hopefully she's not as obnoxious as Christina Wells was last year... Sethward...whatever your day job is...please keep it. Unless you were hired by AGT to be comic relief. If that is the case, there's nothing we can do about that... Charlotte Summers has a great voice from what little I heard of her. There was a knock at my apartment door, I missed much of her segment. I felt for Kevin, and his dealings with anxiety. I was worried for him when he began, but it got better as he went on. I also loved the Issac Newton joke. MacKenzie did a great job taking on a Prince song. Howie, this should have been your Golden Buzzer. I do see MacKenzie being strong at ballads. I almost expected him to get a Golden Buzzer when his wife came on stage. Sometimes I worry about there being too many singers on this show, but I like him and Carmen. When Michael Paul was introduced in the pre-audition package, I knew that there was not a real bird in that covered cage. AGT, you have some work to do...your show is getting a little too predictable. Yet, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was a ventriloquist comedy act. He was fun. Commercials end and it is 9:50...which means...it Golden Buzzer Time! I will admit, I expected Tyler to be a singer since that seems to be the act that always gets the golden buzzer from the judges (Julianne might give her GB to a dance act, but I could be wrong about that one). The music seemed to drown out his playing, but he is an okay player from what I heard. You know that they had to throw in a sob story in there, but it is great that he beat cancer. And the Golden Buzzer didn't go to a singer this time, but he did have a story...which seems to get to Simon considering his GB track record. This episode was a little better than last week's. Until next week, folks. From the previews, it looks like it might be Terry's week for the Golden Buzzer. Hopefully he'll get us a good one like he had done in Champions.
  14. giaNtsandYankees

    Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    I guess I'll be bringing along a random change of "scenery" here. Some of you know that I've been working on the Allred/Thompson family tree in Aspyn's thread, but now I've got some sh!t on Meri. I started doing some research when a member on the Reddit board asked if the sister wives might be related to each other (and Kody) when they mentioned a tweet that Kody shared about how his and Janelle's ancestors served time for having multiple wives, and Meri chimed in that she did too. (Interesting that he left out Meri). But anyway, here is her family line... Meri is related to both Kody and Christine through Orissa Angela Bates. Meri's great-great grandfather was Orson Parley Bates. Orissa Angela Bates is Orson's aunt through Orson's father Ormus Ephraim Bates. Meri Brown ---> William James Barber ---> Emily Bates Hale ---> Gertrude Mae Bates ---> Orson Parley Bates Kody Brown ---> Genielle Tew ---> Daisy Josephine Allred ---> Nelson Calvert Allred ---> Orissa Angela Bates Christine Brown ---> Rex Clark Allred ---> Byron Harvey Allred, Jr. ---> Byron Harvey Allred, Sr. ---> William Moore Allred William More Allred and Orissa Angela Bates were married. Byron Harvey and Nelson Calvert were two of their ten children. Crazy stuff, huh?
  15. giaNtsandYankees


    AAAAANNNNDDDDD, there's more...