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  1. Grumpbump

    S09.E18: Pardon Our French

    Omg. Rinna's kids WHO GIVES A FUCK. Bravo, seriously stop. They aren't ever going to happen.
  2. Grumpbump

    S09.E17: A Double Shot Of Brandi

    God Lisa's kids are IN-FUCKING-SUFFERABLE
  3. Grumpbump

    S09.E16: Meet Rinna Jayne

    The party cost 15 Birkin bags? $300,000?
  4. Grumpbump

    S09.E14: The Show Must Go On

    I am very uncomfortable with the Kyle and Mauricio makeout session
  5. Grumpbump

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    Today, the show crossed a line with me (in a bittersweet way). It felt so so real in a way that is a tribute to Kristoff St John and his character, Neil. Victor and Devon were real standouts. For once I was not rolling my eyes into my head and hoping the hour would pass quickly. Well done, Y&R.
  6. Grumpbump

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    Did I miss something? I thought Devon when to his house and got a call? That was Neil's house? The soundless scene at the end when he was informing everyone was very moving. I got chills.
  7. Grumpbump

    S09.E10: A Supreme Snub

    I just changed the channel. Nope. Not watching Lisa Rinna's cunt kids
  8. Grumpbump

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    Phyllis' flat-ironed hair today. JUST UGH. And that's how stupid the show was today....I only noticed the bad blowout.
  9. Grumpbump

    Kids Baking Championship

    I complained to my husband that this is not baking (using canned biscuits). Then, as if on cue, Diff and Valerie started explaining (excusing) why it was acceptable to use canned biscuits (i.e., "Everyone in the world making monkey bread uses tinned biscuits..." ). So, is it then a decorating challenge? Then they were all underwhelming. It was just a poor choice. I liked Madison because she is good tv. But I don't think I could excuse the unsweetened chocolate rice crispy treats.
  10. Proof that you really never know someone's private pain and suffering. While the outside may look enviable, you just don't know what people are really going through. Very sad day for the Y&R team and us loyal fans.
  11. Grumpbump

    Kids Baking Championship

    Yes, I definitely thought Misha should have been safe, as just last week his blondies were good enough to save half of the field of contestants! Jenna has been in the bottom at least once before. I was very sad that he was eliminated.
  12. I have a personal connection to the Florida Chi Omega trial as my uncle was the Leon County Public Defender who was interviewed for this doc. I was only 8 at the time of the Florida killings, but I knew, at least peripherally, about the sorority killings and his involvement. However, I clearly remember the Kimberly Leach case and was terrified that Bundy was going to kidnap me from my bedroom. I believe that this was also around the time of the Atlanta child abductions so the news had me terrified. My uncle also was a part of the Innocence Project of Florida. He was a great defense attorney., retired now. Clearly Bundy was not able to assist in his own defense and sabotaged it every step of the way. But the State of Florida was perfectly willing to allow him to muck up the waters because they wanted to put him to death. What Ted Bundy did was truly evil but, once again, Florida shows itself with those gleeful celebrations after his execution. I can say this as a native Floridian. I am not saying that the death penalty was not the answer to Bundy's crimes, but why do have to take pleasure from it?
  13. Grumpbump

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    OMG. I was equally taken aback by the cleavage Nikki was sporting in her pink suit. My first comment to the husband was "Jeezus, look at those banana boobs!" Of course, he said he wasn't sure what that was and I took out my own and said "like these". Too his credit, he said then he liked banana boobs. I swear I am not boob-obsessed but the actual storylines on this show are so stupid and cringeworthy that I tend to focus on other things. I typically end my viewing by wondering (aloud) why I bother to watch this. Also, the Blair Watch camera work in the first scene with Victoria....annoying. Instead of getting the audience into the scene and heightening tension, as I suspect was intended, it just made me nauseous.
  14. Grumpbump

    Kids Baking Championship

    I know Davey was not producing very refined (or even tasty) desserts but man, that kid was funny! I loved his quips.... like when they call time and "put your hands up" and Davey says "Why? Are you under arrest?" Or, whenever someone borrowed an ingredient from him, he would say "that will cost you $25,000" followed by "just kidding!" I thought his dad jokes were endearing. Not a reason to keep him in the competition, I know but I liked him better than those other kids who deliberately mug for the camera.
  15. Grumpbump

    Making It

    I thought this show was so fun. I loved Parks and Rec and I love that Nick Offerman is an honest-to-goodness woodworker and not just another pretty face. I thought the unicorn bust and paper crafting projects were so fun. I'm a sucker for graphics and color, and even though I am A-MAZED at the woodworking, some of the vanilla-ness of the projects made me less likely to react. As I do when I watch Project Runway, I always wish there was a competitive reality show for knitters and crocheters (both of which are my favorite hobbies). Alas, needlework by hand is not suited for time constraints, or (if I'm being honest) viewership interest.