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  1. ombelico


    The World Challenge Cup Apparatus Finals are not part of the Apparatus World Cup Series that Jade is participating in (yes, I know, it's not confusing at all). I don't think there was ever a plan to send US gymnasts to these recent events.
  2. ombelico


    I fully agree with this team (and figure that Skinner is the likely alternate). Morgan seems like a nice person but I've gotten a bit tired of the narrative around her that she "peaks when she needs to." She was given a lot of benefit of the doubt the last 2 years, and luckily for her it worked out, but now that the competition is stiffer, it's just not good enough to bank on reputation and not have a single consistent competition over the whole summer (IIRC). I think sitting out Worlds will be good for her to get some rest for next year, especially since she'll have to peak earlier to really aim for the Olympics.
  3. The thing with Henry's ice cream (or his plan for it) that bugged me is that, at least as shown in the show, it seemed that he was *constantly* opening the freezer door to check on it. All that's going to do is raise the temperature in the freezer and make it even harder for the ice cream to freeze and set properly. If he really had his heart set on ice cream, he should have prepped it first thing, thrown it in the freezer, and then left it there in the closed freezer for the remaining hours, until the last minute when it would need to be plated. But overall, I would say the decision to make ice cream was itself bad considering how many times we've seen that it gets hot in the tent and cold things and chocolate melt very easily. Just a bad call, even though the flavors looked like they would have been good.
  4. I think there's merit to the theory that a lot of the judges' questions about unusual ingredients are encouraged by the producers for the benefit of the audience. I'm sure Paul has heard of ruby chocolate, and I also think that sometimes the judges use these questions to get the bakers to justify their choice of ingredients. In this case, for example, the vast majority of the time presumably regular chocolate would work fine, so the baker should provide a good justification for using the unusual ingredient beyond just, "It's different." Can they describe the different flavor profile the ingredient provides? A different texture? And so on.
  5. I've noticed the same thing. Also, that signet ring he wears on his pinky just highlights it even more. Ordinarily I'd think it was some sort of circulation issue, especially now that he's older, but you can see it in pictures from the day he and Diana announced their engagement, when he had his hands on her shoulders, so I guess they've been like that all along. I've never thought of the issue as his hands looking "less masculine" - I always think they look painful, but if that were the case you'd figure that he has access to medical care to fix it.
  6. ombelico

    Tennis Thread

    This is the aspect that annoys me the most of tennis commentary. They're all frigging armchair psychiatrists, claiming they know what's in a person's head from one minute to the next. If it's one thing one day, it's the opposite the other day, just based on the convenience of the moment. Clearly any sport at the top level is a mental game in large part, but given how much tennis players push their bodies, it's not surprising that some random ache will show up at an inopportune time, especially for the players in their mid-late '30s. (That said, I totally agree with the idea that Serena should start working with a sports psychologist now that it seems that her physical fitness is good.)
  7. "One is good enough, one is smart enough, and doggone it, people like one!"
  8. IIRC, it's 3 majors - Meghan attended the finals of Wimbledon in both 2018 and 2019, and now the U.S. Open. Two's a coincidence, three's a trend. 😉 Of course, I don't think it's Meghan's *fault*. Serena's prone to really good days and really off days, and unfortunately for her, her off days have been more prevalent in the major finals since she returned from maternity leave.
  9. It seemed like several of the bakers struggled with them, though. Either the pastry was bad, or the flavors in the fig filling were bad, according to Paul and Prue. Only a few of the bakers did a good job, which would suggest that it was overall a good technical "challenge."
  10. Yes, especially when the part the baker "experiments" in shows fundamental lack of knowledge of the physics of baking. You can't just dump twice as much fruit in the batter and expect it to cook the same way in the same amount of time. Of course it was going to come out an undone mess.
  11. Michigan State One of the parts (of so, so many) that really grinds my gears is MSU former president Simon saying that it's "impossible to stop a determined predator." You know, I can see that when someone does something horrible the first time. You can't always predict that. But this guy abused hundreds, if not over a thousand, girls and young women. There was a pattern, and they had 20 years knowing full well what kind of monster he is. No excuses.
  12. ombelico

    Tennis Thread

    I can't help but read "Asshole #5" in the voice of Lou Bega. Sing it, sister!
  13. Watched two episodes of this on Netflix, so I'm not sure which season they were from. I haven't seen it before on regular TV, but I gather it's been on A&E? At any rate, the first episode featured a soon-to-be-married couple who were building the tiny house in Georgia and then moving it to Maine, and the second featured a 25-year-old daughter whose estranged dad was building the tiny house for her. I felt like the first episode spent WAY too much time on the "problem" of their hobbies (him - playing the banjo, her - sewing). They never even showed where these people were going to keep their clothes. Also, while natural light is important, the entire front of the house was a gigantic bay window, which didn't seem like a good use of limited space. I also didn't get why a tiny house was a good solution for these two. Real estate in Maine is not that expensive, and he already has a job lined up there. If they saved their money, instead of sinking it into this tiny house, they easily could save a down payment on a mortgage, especially for small town Maine. My issue in the second episode wasn't so much with the house but with the woman the house was intended for. She's 25, living in Zionsville, Indiana, and can't move out of her mom's house, except to move into a tiny house in the backyard? She lives right near Indianapolis, and has a college degree (a folder from Indiana U was in the background): why can't she get a job and a small apartment? It's not expensive! Or share one with a roommate (e.g., one of these friends she wants to have so many "dinner parties" with, or with her twin sister). The dog she has is small, so finding a pet-friendly apartment shouldn't be a problem. If she had been living in the Bay Area or other similarly expensive place, I'd have had more sympathy, but in Indiana? No way! Get a job and a real place to live.
  14. ombelico

    Tennis Thread

    My impression was that Naomi knew that a lot of the crowd were there to see Coco, and because of that Coco would feel a lot of pressure that she "disappointed" the fans. So she was trying to give Coco an opportunity to hear that the crowd supported her so that she wouldn't take the loss too hard. I think it came from a good place, though we've all definitely had times where we did or said something with only the best of intentions but it just didn't work out that way.
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