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  1. ombelico


    The author of the Slate piece (and all of their articles on gymnastics) is Rebecca Schuman, who shows up in "Golden" touting the typical line of "the USA team is so dominant, they will inevitably win the gold medal and even the C team would win" and now appears to be trying to distance herself from that. I read her pieces because I enjoy reading about gymnastics but overall I've never come away thinking that her work is especially knowledgeable and well-researched. I doubt she actually talked to any of the gymnasts before writing this latest piece.
  2. Re: the whole sushi "episode", it sounded like NBC dumped them all in a van as soon as Simone had her medal and got them over to the Today show set without much notice. I don't think any of them (except perhaps Simone) was expecting to be on tv that evening. Then add on suddenly being offered food on national TV; even if they liked sushi I could understand them declining just out of surprise. I think it's pretty unfair to take any of this as evidence of anything regarding their character or maturity. I interpreted what MyKayla said about those that did and didn't make finals just to mean
  3. I'd have to watch again to figure out who you're referring to but I'm 100% sure that was not Marta. Reports are she and Bela are long gone and back in Romania. Morgan is going to the University of Florida.
  4. Hopefully these Olympics will be a wake-up call for everyone (athletes, coaches, media, the audience, *cough* National Team Coordinators *Cough*) that you never, ever, know what is going to happen. Putting all of the attention and focus on just one person both skews the pressure onto one set of shoulders and leads to a myopic loss of recognition for the other team members and other athletes. I'm sad for Simone that she had to go through a crisis (for whatever reason) at the most inopportune time, but the silver lining is that it opened up opportunities for so many other wonderful athletes
  5. It appears that NBC is embargoing the replay, presumably to capitalize on Simone's return. Given that all of the other replays had been available right after the competition and that I value my sleep, I stayed unspoiled and went to load up the replay to find that it's not there! If there had been a note ahead of time that the replay wasn't going to be available, I would have woken up for it. Grr! With today's bronze medal, Simone now ties Shannon Miller for the most Olympic medals by a U.S. gymnast (but Simone comes out on top with more golds, 4-2) and ties Larisa Latynina for most Olympi
  6. I don't think there's any way they could have left Jordan Chiles off the team without a huge uproar. She was solidly third in AA at both nationals and Olympic Trials with no missed routines. Although some other options (e.g., Skinner, Wong, DiCello) might have had the capability to beat her AA score on a given day, they never did at any point in the lead up to naming the team, IIRC. Also, in the end I'm glad that Jordan was on the team since it meant that both Cecile and Laurent could go (if only Simone were on the team, I'm pretty sure only Laurent would have been able to travel) and Ce
  7. Another reason to bring back the one-touch warmup is to equalize between those athletes that haven't competed in the arena since the qualification rounds, and those that competed in the team and/or all-around finals in between. Warmups are done in both team and AA finals so the rationale for their exclusion in event finals is completely inconsistent, particularly when there is over a week between qualifying and event finals.
  8. Part of the problem with the framing and explanation of Simone's issues this week is that it has been primarily described as a mental issue. Although mental health in and of itself is definitely a legitimate reason to step back, what Simone appears to be experiencing is not just a mental issue, but a neurological and vestibular one. It seems like once the "twisties" set in, it's not something that can be resolved solely with stress reduction but requires re-training her brain and vestibular system to know where she is in the air. This is an injury that requires recovery.
  9. ombelico


    It will be part of a show on Peacock called "Tokyo Live" in the Olympics tab.
  10. Given the time difference and schedule, I'm not sure how much more they could provide for gymnastics coverage. The gymnastics finals are aired live on the free part of Peacock. More dedicated fans who subscribe through cable or other providers can watch the livestreams and replays on nbcolympics.com or the NBCSports app, immediately after each event concludes. The gymnastics coverage has included a stream showing all events simultaneously, as well as a stream dedicated to following Team USA. They had streams of every single qualification round, not just the ones with USA competing. It may
  11. There should be a video in the link in my post - I hope it plays correctly!
  12. Kudos to Laurie Hernandez for calling Savannah Guthrie out on using the term "cracked" to describe Simone's decision to withdraw. Overall, I've been extremely impressed with Laurie's poise as an analyst. If she wants to make this a part of her career long-term, I think she will do really well. She has a knack for getting right to the heart of the matter and explaining things in a way that quickly synthesizes the issue for the regular viewer. https://www.today.com/news/aly-raisman-simone-biles-impact-not-having-fans-olympic-arena-t226632?fbclid=IwAR02-62KqEtx5664jcxMkqePhXYLd82zjnvJk3AZfE
  13. There are 4 members on each team. On each event, 3 compete, and all 3 scores count. The start list for each event had the 3 designated members in the order they would compete, and the 4th member was listed as "reserve." So, when Simone scratched after vault, Jordan, who was the reserve on bars and beam, moved into the 3rd spot on those events, and Suni, who was the reserve on floor, moved into the 3rd spot on that event.
  14. Toxic masculinity is not a valid justification to not treat Simone Biles with grace, compassion, and empathy.
  15. I actually don't have a problem with the team that they ended up with. Given the (too) small team size, going with 4 solid all-arounders makes sense. The issue is that Tom Forster made public comments to the effect that (paraphrasing) "we don't think it's going to come down to a few tenths" because "we've got Simone." Also, by putting Skinner on as the +1, it basically set it up so that it was assured that Simone's success would come at the cost of her teammate being 2-per-countried out of floor/vault finals. I'm not 100% sure but I think Skinner could have replaced her (but not
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