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  1. I trust they will handle it well. Should be good whatever they do.
  2. Just watched Season 1 on Hulu. The show is hilarious and the nomination for Bashir is well deserved. He's great on "South Side" on Comedy Central as well.
  3. All sports teams, male or female, gets the cheer leading squad cheering for them on the High School and Collegiate level. For example, where I went to college, there are various male and female sports teams. There is one cheer leading squad and they cheer for all the them. Don't forget many cheer leading squads have boys/young men as well. To stay on topic, I agree with PumkinLumpkin regarding Violet's character on Mom. She was horrible from jump and never got better. I understood her anger and disappointment with her mom (Christy), but she was insufferable.
  4. I like the pants better than the skirt. But overall that's a really cool outfit.
  5. Like Bob, Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday so I've done that binge several times. I highly recommend it as Bob can sometimes be extra on Turkey Day. And Dawn of the Peck might be my all-time favorite episode (next to Full Bars and The Kids Run the Restaurant, both season three).
  6. I love this vision of adult Regular Size Rudy! And I still want to know how his backpack caught fire at Olive Garden!
  7. Every show you named is stellar. Welcome to the Nine-Nine!
  8. I'm starting season 2 today. I've had it on in the background in the afternoons while I'm working.
  9. Thank you MaryMitch! If Yellowstone NPS said they did the right thing then that's all that needs to be said. No matter if the wildlife are herbivores, omnivores or carnivores! It's time to go!
  10. No. They got the fuck outta dodge like they were suppose to. That's how dumb people get eaten. Maybe it doesn't happen enough.......huh.........
  11. I love Nick but that cubs hat is super disappointing!
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