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  1. Thank you MaryMitch! If Yellowstone NPS said they did the right thing then that's all that needs to be said. No matter if the wildlife are herbivores, omnivores or carnivores! It's time to go!
  2. No. They got the fuck outta dodge like they were suppose to. That's how dumb people get eaten. Maybe it doesn't happen enough.......huh.........
  3. I love Nick but that cubs hat is super disappointing!
  4. Haven't seen the original in a long time, this should be interesting.
  5. That's my favorite scene too. So funny.
  6. Most of those Bowl names are straight up hilarious.
  7. QueerGirrl

    Tennis Thread

    Good for Woz. Loved watching her play.
  8. Her first book Drift reads the same way. She's an excellent storyteller.
  9. I liked the little info dump about Devon's ex fiance dating a superstar athlete in SF. Good for her!
  10. Also there is Hand Me Down Wes. Which might be my favorite! 🤣
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