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  1. This episode bums me out that we can’t binge the series-this was definitely a build up to next week’s episode. I really like Trace and Ahsoka but I’m concerned about when Ahsoka reveals she’s a former Jedi. I’m surprised the Jedi-mind trick didn’t tip off the sisters. I suppose something has to happen where we don’t see the sisters in the future...
  2. SnoGirl

    Station 19

    I love this show. It might be uneven but damn. It got me tonight. Between Vic’s grandma, Dean and Baby Pruitt, and Ben and Pruitt, I had tears tonight. And that’s hardly happens more than once on shows for me. Gah. Ben asking Pruitt to find Danny made me cry. It literally destroyed me. I really like the Dean storyline. I kinda hope they don’t go there with Dean and Vic. We hardly see adult friendships where adults aren’t falling in bed with each other. I both want them to find someone, just not each other. If they do start a thing, I hope it lasts.
  3. I loved it. I loved Ahsoka’s jumpsuit and her running headfirst into trouble for someone else. I’m not a huge fan of her passing judgement on the sisters’ lives but it fits her inexperience of real life outside of the Jedi. When she said her older brother taught her how to fight, I felt my heart ache for Ahsoka. The worst is yet to come for her...I wonder how we’re going to get from here to back with the Jedi. Anyone else wish these episodes were longer? Twenty-four minutes just fly by. I wish that the last episode would be a surprise and be at least an hour long.
  4. Anakin seems really still together, I thought maybe he’d start coming undone by the seams a bit before the end of this series. Guess he’s not isolated enough yet. Poor Echo, he must have been freezing. I just kept thinking “someone get the clone some clothes.” Rex getting thrown somewhere he doesn’t want to get thrown never gets old.
  5. Oh no. Oh noooooooooooooooo. I love Timothy Hutton-Leverage is literally my perfect show. This one is soul crushing.
  6. I’m unspoiled for this show, and I think that’s where they’re going to. Look at the clothes everyone is wearing-Anakin is in all black like he was in ROTS and Obi Wan was in his white outfit. They both have the hairstyles like their ROTS characters have. Padme looked pregnant in the hologram. They build up Rex and Cody, so Order 66 hurts more. We see Clones just getting decimated by the war, Rex regretting their actions, Cody talking about surviving the war. I’m sure Dave Filoni had an ideal ending for this series, where else would he end it but at the only definite place where the Clone Wars end-Order 66.
  7. SnoGirl

    The Star Wars Saga

    Only 200 years prior...hmmmm. Makes me wonder who we’re going to see that we already know about. Yoda at 700 years old(he was 900ish right when he died?)? When did everything with Tarre Vizsla happen? No Sith right? They hadn’t been seen in a 1000 years in Phantom Menace right? I’m really interested-this could be a lot of fun.
  8. Yeah. Just on the longer missions we’ve seen, I’m surprised we haven’t seen it. Especially when we see how big Rex’s beard is in Rebels. But I’m sure it’s also a nightmare to remember when animating. I know the clones age twice as fast, does that mean we’re technically seeing teenagers go through Order 66? That’s something else I was thinking about watching these two episodes. They’re all babies doing this.
  9. I really think its building up Order 66. Rex doubting the war, showing how much he cares for Cody and Echo. Seeing how much Anakin trusts Rex to let him in on his BIG married secret. Knowing how pained Cody and Rex are to be the survivors of this war-Order 66 is going to be downright painful. Poor poor Echo. That was so rough. I cannot believe this animation-Echo looked absolutely emancipated and awful. I now what to go back and watch the Citadel episodes to watch his part in it. I can’t believe Filoni had Obi Wan call out Anakin over his secret call to Padme. Anakin’s and Rex’s faces were PRICELESS. I now want Rex to show up in the live action Obi Wan show to see baby Luke. I hope it happens.
  10. Same here-I’ve only ever binged Clone Wars so this is torture. I just want to watch the whole season right this second. This is the planet from Rebels that has the floating rocks and the crazy only in the shadow creatures right? Makes you wonder if we see the destruction of this planet during this Bad Batch arc. I’m not a huge fan of the Bad Batch(they’re really one note) but they do raise interesting questions. Are they chipped? Do they get wiped out at some point before Order 66 or are they apart of it? Are there more mutated clones or are these the only four that have survived? I do like that the Charlie Sheen look-alike seems to have facial hair. I always wondered why we haven’t seen more five o’clock shadows on the clones.
  11. This is bonkers. I know they’re reporting Kobe and his daughter, but I really hope the entire family wasn’t wiped out in this crash. I was on Twitter when it hit the social media. It was WILD how fast my feed was just covered with it.
  12. I totally missed that the first three times I watched the trailer. My mind is blown. Ahsoka is my favorite character so I can’t WAIT to see that scene play out. When I was trying to figure out when this season was going to take place compared to Order 66, I think that we’re actually going to see stuff from Episode Three which is also blowing my mind. That scene with Mace is in Revenge of the Sith! And baby Caleb Dume was in that scene(looking a lot like Erza might I add). Makes me wonder how much from Episode Three we’re going to see in cartoon form. Anakin vs Obi Wan? See Caleb escape his Clones? Ahsoka finding other Rebels? Padme starting the Rebellion?
  13. I always wondered if Harry and William would be the pair to dismantle the monarchy in England. After the circus their life has been, I always thought they would be the end of it. Good for Harry and Meghan. I’m not surprised the Crown is scrambling. Monarchy always seemed so stifling and controlling. I hope Harry and Meghan find what they’re looking for.
  14. Well, I don’t know if you have watched Rebels, but Ahsoka seems okay after Order 66-she feels guilty about Anakin but is on the same thought as Obi Wan that Vader killed Anakin. Sabine’s story would be really interesting to me, because she was protecting Lothal at the end of Rebels. So-did she leave to help the Mandalorians while the Empire wiped them out? Did she even know about it? Was her family wiped out? I think Sabine would want to help reclaim the Darksaber. She gave it to another Mandalorian to lead all the clans, so she wasn’t the one to lose it. I think having Sabine and Ahsoka on the Mandalorian would be interesting because they bring different viewpoints to the show. Ahsoka and Sabine could give pointers on training The Child. Sabine could talk about the different Clans and how their rules are different between them. I thought having a live action show would be hard because their story, looking for Erza Bridger, would be similar to Mando’s story. It could be different if we saw things from Erza’s side too.
  15. Rumors are all over Twitter that not only is Rebels getting an animated follow-up series but that Filioni is helming it too and the series is well on its way to a season two already. I’m posting it here because I also know Filioni has been very vocal about getting Ahsoka into Live Action Disney for awhile now. I was hoping with all the news that there are going to be recognizable Star Wars players in series two of Mandalorian, that like everyone else, Sabine and Ahsoka would be landing on this show at some point. Especially if the Mandalorians were wiped out, Sabine’s perspective would be really interesting. If the animated show story is true, it dashes my hopes of a backdoor spin-off of a Live Action show for Sabine and Ahsoka off of a Mandalorian appearance.
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