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  1. SnoGirl

    The Umbrella Academy

    Good to know-he was the one posting about Eleanor and Park and I just didnt go look it up to see if that’s what he was doing. Either way, he’s in now in Toronto where the rest of the Academy Siblings are. Hoping for some good Insta stories.
  2. SnoGirl

    The Umbrella Academy

    I don’t think its too soon to talk Season Two at all! I hope they continue to have amazing music, I added so many good tunes to my playlist. Speaking of Season Two, Justin Min who plays Ben posted on his Instagram that the rest of his Umbrella Academy siblings were at the first table reading today. He wasn’t there (although he joked that he was) but promised to be there soon. I think he’s finishing shooting a movie in NYC. He’s posted about the book Eleanor and Park a couple of times-I wonder if they’re finally shooting that movie and he’s playing Park. I follow almost all of the siblings on Instagram, so I hope to see some behind the scenes between them.
  3. SnoGirl

    Frozen 2 (2019)

    That looks awesome! I don’t mind the dark turn, especially since most fairy tales have some dark origin stories. Looks like she’s going to have to fight a large rock monster-and deal with the perils of hot forest fires. I hope Kristoff doesn’t rescue Anna the whole time.
  4. SnoGirl

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Agreed. I was super bummed when Pratt and Faris broke up, they felt like they had a real relationship. This just seems like Pratt can’t be single...or its just super Hollywood. They’ll have kids and then divorce in like five years.
  5. SnoGirl

    The Chef Show

    The Chef is one of my favorite movies, and I had no idea Favreau made a show in the same vein. I love cooking shows, so I adore this show. Its just fun! The transitions with the El Jefe truck and how they list ingredients is one of my favorite parts of the show. I wish other shows would list ingredients quick like that. I really want Favreau to have a real food truck now.
  6. SnoGirl

    Always Be My Maybe (2019)

    I loved this movie! I laughed and cried. I loved Marcus and Sasha. I wasnt a fan of how lonnnnnng the Keanu Reeves part was in the middle, but other than that, I thought it was a great film.
  7. SnoGirl

    Good Omens

    Can anyone explain the smoke that was going into Crowley’s eyes after he got the antichrist in episode one? Was that Satan temping/convincing Crowley to deliver the baby?
  8. SnoGirl

    S06.E04: Code Yellow

    Well, my first thought when I saw that bird/bat thing was to 1)contain it 2)put on hazard suits. Elena has been through enough with Shield that she should have been making comments about how they had no idea what this thing was and should have never assumed it was dead. Come on, LMD wasn’t that long ago, always make sure the dead thing is dead. I’m not surprised Deke went the self-serving douche route, and I am disappointed by it. Writers, there has to be a reason, that you are making the grandson of FitzSimmons to be so unlike FitzSimmons? Still hoping Nick Blood is brought back for a Grandson of FitzSimmons reveal scene.
  9. SnoGirl

    Good Omens

    I just finished watching the whole thing, so beware of spoilers here. I really liked it. I’ve always been hit or miss with Gaimen, only liking a handful of his books so I’ve never read Good Omens. But now, I want to. Loved Crowley and Aziraphale. Found myself wishing they would return back to the pair every time someone else would be on screen. My heart broke when Crowley though Az was dead-Tennant did nice work on that scene. Found myself hoping for a hug between the angel and demon when Az got his body back and was disappointed we never got one. Friends for 6000 years and no hug when you find out your best friend is alive again? I thought it was an odd choice for zero physical touching. Loved any times the Angel and Demon would stumble into an idiom that had to go with the other place “Good Heavens, shouldn’t of said that.” Also loved when Crowley and Az stood behind Adam like they were the Angel and Devil on his shoulders. Great imagery. As really liked Newt and Anathema. I thought we saw the pair just the right amount. And I was surprised by Jack Whitehall-there were two briefest moments when I saw the snarky Jack Whithall glint in his eyes and not Newt. But he did a great job otherwise, I totally saw Newt and not Jack Whitehall(I problem I have a lot with comedians). Overall, I liked it. I would be pleasantly surprised if they went with a season two, but totally fine if they just had one season.
  10. I really liked this episode because the show sort of got back to its goofy roots. We even saw a rare Fitz smile! I wish Fitz had even read the room a bit with Enoch. I miss kind Fitz, and even though Enoch and Fitz were bonding, I though he was still mean to Enoch. I want to rewatch the season before last and then a little of last season to remember what mindset Fitz was in when he went into the ice. Also-I would DIE to see Hunter’s face hearing Fitz say Enoch is his best friend. I’m still holding out for him to show up with Deke. Loved that Jemma got yelled at by the team, and that Daisy even got heated. But then I also liked them stoned together. Jemma aiming Daisy’s blasts was genius. I also liked Daisy’s fight. It was sloppy and a lot of flailing limbs, which fit the idea that she was fighting high. I hope everyone sobers up quick. I’m not a fan of space, as I know its the budget but everyone looked pretty Terran at the bar. I want crazy aliens! I know we’re not going to get it, so I can’t wait for everyone to get home. I also want the just want the team together.
  11. SnoGirl

    S06.E02: Window of Opportunity

    Other than I felt like there were a ton of commercials, I liked the episode. Fitz is my favorite character, so I’m glad we don’t have Captain Torture from last season. Just to be clear though, this is post LMD Fitz right? I wonder how dark we’ll see Fitz go. I like that he couldn’t abandon the aliens-that felt like old Fitz. Loved all the stuff with May. So excited to see her kick ass again. Nothing stops her from getting to her goal that’s for sure. Liked how we didn’t even see Daisy or Jemma. Spreading out the story, I like it. That portal would be a real quick way to get everyone to space or back to earth real quick. I like when everyone is together so I already can’t wait for the reunion. My favorite part was definitely Enoch! I am so happy he’s back. With all the time travel wimbly does this mean that Hunter is still guarding Robin and her mother? I think there’s a lot of characters on the show so I know we don’t need another, but I love Hunter and Fitz together. Wonder when Deke is going to pop back in. Probably when we least expect it. Would be hilarious if Hunter and Deke ended up together. His mind would be blown that he was hanging out with the spawn of FitzSimmons and not even know it.
  12. SnoGirl

    Station 19

    I’m in the middle of this episode, and I’m 99% sure this neighborhood they are protecting was also the neighborhood that blew up on 911. And that cracks me up.
  13. Have you folks seen Tessa and Brie tweet at each other? They definitely ship Val/Danvers. Personally I’d love to see some of our leading ladies sans a relationship because’s there’s already a lot of them. MJ/Peter, Nakia/T’Challa, Okoye/W’Kabi, Gamora/Peter, Christine/Strange, Lara/Hawkeye, Hope/Scott (did I get everyone? Is Okoye still married to W’Kabi?) Shuri, Nebula, Mantis, Carol, Val, Maria, Maria Hill are all single right? BUT I’m also down with representation. So if we see some of our heroes falling for each other-I’d be cool with it too. Plus, if they’re from different movies, like Val and Danvers, we could get some fun crossovers.
  14. SnoGirl

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    I’m only a handful of years younger than Meghan and I love the name Archie Harrison. I don’t know who Archie Bunker is but I love Archie comics. I think its such a fun normal name. Personally, as a person with a shortened version of a longer name, if he was a normal muggle like the rest of us he’d probably get constantly asked if his name was really Archibald. That’s why my future children will have longer versions of their names so they can go by what they want. But to each their own. My parents named me a short name because they have long names with nicknames. Lol-the cycle continues. Do you think they had to get Archie approved first? I figured Harrison was a name after someone situation rather than “Son of Harry.”
  15. SnoGirl

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I kinda wondered if she was still working to free people when the report of her wanting to be a lawyer was made public. I’m not a huge fan of her’s bc of her ridiculous show, however, this I’m a fan of. I hope she goes after being a lawyer. Plus-to be honest, because her father was a lawyer, it makes me like this story more. Her story is coming full circle.