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  1. So definitely getting the Empire and Crosshair on Bracca next week? Just in time for the mid-season to start. Wonder if they’ll get the chip out of Crosshair bc they know how to AND they have the tools to do it. I bet we see a spaceship chase through all of Bracca’s shipyards.
  2. This is my one complaint about how short these episodes are. Rebels and Clone Wars seemed to have time for conversations but Bad Batch just seems to go from action to action piece. We could have seen Rex ask about Kamino, or talk more with Echo. We could see Tech interacting with Omega while building the scanner. I wish they would slow down just a tad to see these interactions. Less tell and more show. Loved that Wrecker was an absolute unit under the chip. That was terrifying. Its interesting that they included talking about Order 66 right before Wrecker lost himself to the chip. Makes
  3. Maul would be interesting-and definitely a twist. Every Thursday night Twitter goes bonkers that Rex is finally going to show up. With R7, Wrecker’s chip, and talk about fighting against the Empire, Rex is logical. But Maul would be a twist. Plus, I’ve always wondered if Maul and Ahsoka worked together after Order 66. They were practically cordial in Rebels-not what I would have expected after Ahsoka used him as a diversion. Would it be WILD if Maul is on the side of the Rebels, if only as a means to find Kenobi?
  4. Once again, Echo teaching Omega the important lessons. Practicing with distractions. Luck vs Skill. I figured out of the Batch, he would really grow into teaching Omega the best. I wonder if Omega will ever get her own little Bad Batch armor. Rafa and Trace! I loved them the first time around and I loved them here. I thought we were going to get Hondo-who of COURSE would just love Omega to bits. Thought Hunter had sparks with both Rafa and Trace. Trace feels like she’s grown up a bit from the last time we’ve seen her. Oh man Wrecker. Was that Crosshair in his head saying “Good soldie
  5. Wow, I didn’t realize that, but it makes sense. Wow, I wonder if we’ll get battle scenes there. Makes you wonder if the Batch turns off chips in other clones to mount a potentially significant but ultimately unsuccessful battle there. Makes you wonder if Rex and/or Ahsoka play a part more then just telling the Bad Batch about the chips and how to turn them off.
  6. I figured we could use a spot to speculate where this show is headed to next. We have 16 episodes and we’ve seen almost all the trailer footage now. We are still expecting to see Rex and some fight scenes which are in the shorter trailers. I’m guessing we’re going to see a storyline about the chips and/or Wrecker. I bet that’s where Rex and possibly Ahsoka will come into play.
  7. I loved it! Moving the story right along. The little moments were my favorite. Finally giving Omega comms AND rules for in the field. Who wouldn’t play with comms like Omega? I sure would have. I wish we had seen the rules in the field conversation, but I’ll take what we got. I definitely think Echo and Hunter probably sat her down and taught her things, between the three simple rules and her knowing some hand signals. It could have been humorous to see it bc Wrecker has no idea what all the hand signals mean. Speaking of Wrecker, I feel like we have a ticking time bomb now with thes
  8. Okay Ducks you totally got me crying big ole nostalgic Millennial tears. They totally landed that season finale. Forfeiting for Sophie and then still playing anyways with a bet on top of it?? Perfect. The surprise new Jersey in the locker room I totally didn’t even see coming?? Made me cry more. Sophie was totally wearing Banks’ jersey while Morrow was in Charlie’s?? Ugh, I love it. I teach this age group, and man do I wish ever outcast, geeky, loner kid could find their group like this. And that parents would watch this to help put the fun back into child sports’ leagues. I loved that I
  9. I agree-the Batch is getting better with Omega. I‘m just surprised that an elite crew of soldiers aren’t planning more for all scenarios, including a wildcard with Omega. I guess they’re in a bit of a tailspin from Order 66 and Crosshair abandoning the Batch. I’m a fan of show not tell-I wish we got to see more of these conversations or more planning then “we’re out of fuel so to Pantora we go.” The Batch from Clone Wars seemed more put together, more a unit that actually talked to each other. I know, it’s early. I still love it.
  10. Omg Echo as a droid was hands down my favorite part. He’s definitely worth more then 2000 credits. I hope we see that again. I also liked Echo helping fix the doll-very Dad of him. I don’t know what to make of Wrecker’s lack of fight with Shand. I don’t know if we’re supposed to be concerned by all the head impacts he gets or if that’s just Wrecker being Wrecker. I figured Shand would come out on top in a fight with him, just not so fast. I also think its funny that they think Wrecker is going to call attention out in public when Hunter has a skull tattooed on his face-he’s probably the m
  11. Oh nooo Crosshair. Killing civilians? If they’re able to reverse the chip in his head, I can’t imagine the fallout of him realizing what he’s done while being used by the Empire. The Batch Bros will most likely forgive him, but will he forgive himself? Speaking of chips, I was really nervous when Wrecker smacked his head that his inhibitor chip was going to rear its ugly brainwashing. Thankfully it was just a plot point for him to not go dragon hunting and for him to build the room. We’ll see if he gets triggered. Honestly, second to Crosshair, Wrecker makes me nervous if his chip starts
  12. I am too because I realized on a rewatch that Tarkin probably doesn’t realize when Nala Se says there is only five enhanced Clones she’s not talking about Echo but Omega. She was specifically vague when answering his questions about the Bad Batch. And then Nala Se helps get Omega off Kamino by keeping the doors open. I definitely hope we see more of the long game that the Kaminoans are playing.
  13. I really did not like the Bad Batch when they appeared in Clone Wars. Now, with time, I like them a lot better. Loved seeing the aftermath of Order 66. I’ve rewatching Clone Wars, so every time Crosshairs said “Good soldiers follow orders,” I knew where the story was heading. Wonder what Omega’s enhancement is. I thought maybe she picked up on other abilities or emotions. We saw her brash and picked a fight like Wrecker. Shoot like Crosshair. She heard the clones and Crosshair walk up to the hanger like Hunter. Her convo with Crosshair was weird too-she knows about the chips but didn
  14. Well, technically they could be-have we seen all their last names? Honestly, I thought Sophie was going to be a Banks. Best player? Moving from a different team? She might not be a Banks but she has that ‘role’ from the movies (but where the team wants her). We could have a situation where the kid has a remarried last name on the back of their jersey too and their parent is a Duck. Or their mom is one of Ducks and she took her husbands last name. I read an article where they were talking about the original Ducks and it said Bombay is still my favorite and of course he gave a k
  15. I understood this reference. Adding to this, Bucky went the route of rescuing the hostage instead of taking down the trucks. With that speed? He could have caused a crash with the two trucks. Instead, he went the route of rescue. I wonder if at the end of the show, Isaiah will be includes in the Smithsonian exhibit bc Sam knows of his existence. If Sam ends up with the mantel, I think he’ll try to right that wrong. I almost thought he was going to go back to the house after Bucky got arrested. Overall, I love Bucky and Sam together. Six episodes is not going to be enough.
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