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  1. Yeah, that was my gripe too. I for sure though it was the volleyball coach but I hated that this whole show was all red herrings and we never saw a freaking clue the whole time. What a bummer.
  2. Watched ‘The Duel’ first. I’m not a big fan of anime but its Star Wars so I thought I would try it. I really liked the Bandit Leader and her device for her lightsaber. I always was surprised we didn’t see more variety of lightsabers considering how creative people are. Loved the fight between Ronin and her. Is Ronin a sith that goes after other red blades? Or more like Ahsoka, no longer a Jedi and a force welder. Either way, if we get another season, I hope we see him again.
  3. Moz! No! This is wild-57 is young. My mind is blown.
  4. That’s what I was thinking too. Cassian would be really young right? I think he said in Rogue One all he’s ever known is war and being a spy. Makes me wonder if his parents were involved in the rebellion too. Man, when I watched Rebels I really thought we were going to see the Battle of Scarif but wouldn’t it be wild if 99 was there and that’s why we don’t see them later? I kinda hope they don’t, bc just like Rebels, I like seeing other rebellion battles. On the other hand…I do like seeing animated moments on the shows. Wonder if we’ll get any time jumps. I hope we don’t next season, but
  5. I was close-Crosshair did choose the Empire over the squad. I’m glad no one died. Anyone up for season two speculation? There was an interview where Jen Corbett admits Crosshair didn’t have his chip anymore and it should be pretty obvious when that happens. I’m guessing it was after his bout with the Venator’s engine. The Syndulla arc showed he was different, he didn’t kill Howser for his turncoat choice. I’m speculating he’ll get a Kallus storyline, where he finally realizes the Empire doesn’t care for him, along with a couple of storylines where he butts up against 99, where they s
  6. I’m hoping they flesh out the members of the squad next season too. I feel like I learned more about them in the four episodes they were in during Clone Wars versus this season. I do think Crosshair looked torn again at the end of this episode. I really think if the squad had talked to him more, he might have caved. I feel like we’re going to get a Kallus like story with Crosshair next season where he figures out the Empire actually doesn’t care for him at all. I sure hope he survives like Kallus.
  7. I was a bit underwhelmed. It was gorgeous, but I guess I was just expecting a little bit more. I can’t believe the squad, including Omega, just decided Crosshair didn’t have his chip anymore. If only they had a scanner on the ship to double check. He was still talking about following orders and holding his head. Everyone had a moment with Crosshair but Echo. Weirdly, the other member of the squad who had been left behind and then used by the Empire. I was waiting for the two of them to talk because I thought Crosshair would really try to shut it down because Echo is just a reg.
  8. I bet he does. The Kiner Brothers who wrote the music for the show tweeted near the release of the show that they were working on the finale music and it was making them cry. What’s more heart wrenching then Crosshair choosing to leave his brothers because they left him? But I also wonder if Echo has one robotic foot out the door too-he seems ready to fight with Rex, especially after rescuing Gregor. What if the Batch fractures and next season is about bringing everyone back together?
  9. I’m wondering if Nala Se still gets her hands on Omega. Now that the Prime Minster is out of the way, she can go back to experiments and not worry about Omega being killed. Maybe we’ll see Shand again with a cliffhanging kidnapping at the end of the episode. I’m wondering if we get a storyline where Crosshair still has the chip, they get it out and Crosshair still leaves them because he knows they didn’t come back for him. I wondered if Crosshair and Shand join forces at some point because of her impressive long distance shooting skills.
  10. I think Crosshair thinks his chip has been removed. Although it would be interesting if it was really already removed. Seeing Kamino empty and abandoned was really sad. The Kaminoans just gone without any sort of fight. Snuffed out by the Empire. Omega is older then the Batch! She’s the big sister. No wonder she’s so attached to them. I’m guessing we’re going to see more of the underground tunnels next week. Although I can’t imagine how they’re going to get out of the destroyed buildings submerged in water.
  11. But Rex could put them in contact with someone who could help. Probably not Ahsoka, maybe Wolffe? Saw?
  12. This show could go so many different ways. Everyone could die. The Batch could be captured one by one. They could reach out to so many people for help. Makes me wonder how long the finale would be-long like the premiere or short like all the other episodes. My bet would have been the Batch being captured one by one, with Omega being the last girl standing. I would have guesses a trade between Omega and Rampart, but he hates the clones. He wants the Batch working for him so that theory is out the window. Echo could reach out to Rex for help. I would love something like Rebels were a t
  13. It was always my head canon that the reason why Stormtroopers were so terrible was bc the clones who were training them rebelled and taught them horribly. Guess I wasn’t too far off. I liked the information this episode gave us. The amount of Stormtroopers recruits are growing quickly. Rex is definitely in some sort of rebellion mode and is in the thick of it. Baby clones were being shipped off somewhere. I should have seen that Hunter was going to be captured-its very much was Rebels did too at the end of their first season. I wonder if the show knew if it was getting a second seaso
  14. Does Leverage undo what they did? It would have to be for a con bc Sophie’s too believable as a widow for her to be acting. It’ll be interesting to see what happens next for Hutton.
  15. I was surprised we got this episode. I thought for sure we would start building towards the end battle. I’m disappointed-Bad Batch’s best episodes are the ones connected to the larger story. I’m sad we didn’t get a four story arc of Crosshair vs 99 or Tarkin vs Kamino. For a hot minute, I thought we were getting Vizago’s origin story. At least now we can probably assume he had a run-in with the Pike’s too.
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