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  1. Although, even if they didn’t tape the newest season prior to Covid19, Netflix changed their final screen after the last episode now says “New season of Virgin River coming soon.” So at least there’s that.
  2. I was disappointed too that they weren’t kids, but now I think maybe the ending of season one was my symbolic with the shot of them as kids. For one fleeting second, Five looked around and saw the family he left. The family that finally came back together on their terms. Loved all of the reentries of the siblings. Luther’s literally made me laugh out loud. I was surprised we saw the siblings and their powers so suped up. Vanya was badass.
  3. Wow. That was a lot. I loved Coulson and Daisy together and I really liked seeing their two sides of the same death coin. That was emotional for a show that had death jokes the entire time. I actually really hate LMD Coulson so I like that he’s irritated about it as well. My unspoiled guess is that Coulson is done for after this season-which is fitting for the show. It starts bc Fury brought back Coulson, it bookends with everyone letting Coulson go. I really like Daisy and Sousa. I feel slightly cheated that their emotional conversation is lost to Sousa (and their first kiss?) but I finally feel that Daisy has someone who compliments her. I never liked any of her other relationships, but Sousa is awesome. I really need more Enver Gjokaj on my screen. I hope he just keeps finding gems of shows or movies to be in. I really miss Fitz. He is going to show up at some point before its over right? RIGHT?!
  4. What if they save Trip, but bring him forward in time? I would appreciate a loop for them to jump through to save him. Part of me is wondering if that’s what they do with Sousa tonight. Save him, have his death be faked and he moves forward with them in time. I now wonder if we’re going to see Carter at the end of this series talking to Coulson about how she tracked them through time. Or maybe in the middle. Wouldn’t it be WILD if we see Cap or any Avenger? I know we probably won’t but everyone though that’s how this story was going to start right? Guest appearances?
  5. The Umbrella Academy on Instagram has released images from Season Two. They look great! I’ve seen the pics on actor’s instagrams and on the Umbrella Academy account. I’ve seen different ones shared on different accounts so if you want to take a peek, make sure you hit up the different accounts.
  6. This is speculation, but seriously if we don’t get Grandpa Triplett, I’m going to be seriously bummed. I’m hoping that’s one of the surprise appearances Gregg wouldn’t spoil. And of course Peggy Carter, and I hope LMD Coulson loses his literal bolts if he meets her. And if they keep blasting through time, I hope they save Triplett-but if wishes were unicorns and all that. A girl can dream.
  7. I really really hate time travel stories. I really hope they can get out of this timeline cleanly. However, if watching time travel means we get to see Coulson-even as an LMD, geek out about seeing history play out while traveling through History, I’ll cope with the time travel. Coulson loving all things vintage is what I loved about him in Season One, so it was enduring to see that side of him again. Anyone know how long Ian was out for during this season? I hate that the team being split, even if its just Fitz in a different period of time. Also, did May know Enoch last season? I really should have done a rewatch...
  8. I like that Deke’s theory of time travel is not as dark as his grandfather’s. I still hope we meet Triplett’s grandfather during all this time travel. I can’t wait for this final season. I hate time travel stories, but I think seeing Coulson geek out over everything really might tide me over. And the hope of seeing Carter setting up Shield...
  9. SnoGirl

    The Star Wars Saga

    I used to really hate the prequels. I always thought Anakin was whiny and dramatic-not the Anakin who was the best friend to Ben Kenobi. I was also pretty young when they came out and OT Star Wars were my favorite movies. Now, as a thirty-somthing, Anakin and the Jedi makes me so sad in the prequels. The Clone Wars show is what I wish the Prequels had been-Anakin and Kenobi off causing all sorts of trouble saving the galaxy together. More show than the telling they did in Revenge. But Anakin’s struggles with attachments, the genocide of the Jedi, the fall of the Clones really makes me sad now. The “what could have beens,” the loss lives, and what the Skywalkers could have been break my heart. However, I really hate Padme’s story in Revenge. I know the story was Anakin’s, but what a missed opportunity. Instead of her locked away in her apartment, we could have started to see her build a rebellion, see more of her reacting to Anakin’s change of character, hiding her pregnancy or starting to piece together Palpatine’s betrayal. I know, deleted scenes but with females already so incredibly sparse in Star Wars, it would have been nice. I also hate her dying of a broken heart. Ugh.
  10. SnoGirl

    Station 19

    I realized it when he showed up in a video with the Hamilton cast a couple weeks ago. I love it, it was so unexpected. This show is definitely turning everything on its head this end of the season. I’m not a fan of undoing Pruitt’s legacy with Andy so suspicious that he’s a bad guy. I actually feel really bad for the Probie. I liked seeing everyone teach, so I hope they pick up another one. I think it changed the dynamic of the group having to look out and teach a firefighter who hasn’t been in the house as long as the rest of them.
  11. I just watched it again, and this time I noticed at the end that the first droid that took a blaster hit for Ahsoka is by their ship, it looks like it resting in pieces standing up right. Rex is stops right by it. They must have found it in the wreckage and are going to see if they can fix it. Watching it a second time, its still such a tense and sad ending.
  12. I think the helmet helped too-it was an Ahsoka painted helmet. He would have known. What’s bonkers to me is the storm troopers with Vader had to have been clones right? I havent read a lot of Star Wars books or comics, so I don’t know if its been explained there, but do the Clones ever regain their true selves again? Or did they need to be de-chipped? It makes you wonder if any of those storm troopers knew what they were standing on, what had happened there. I want Filoni writing and directing. I just watched the Mandalorian behind the scenes episode and Filoni is the best kind of Star Wars geek. They would be fools to not recognize how impactful he’s been.
  13. Oh I’m ready. I can’t wait to watch it multiple times. Rex and Ahsoka forever!
  14. He’s just a clone to them. I’m just surprised because a Jedi was murdered. It was like they just went “Oh well, the clone who killed her is dead. Case closed.” I’m not surprised on the other hand. In Revenge, Anakin wants to go help the Clones flying behind him and Obi Wan and Obi Wan dismisses it and says “Let them do their jobs so we can do ours” and then the Clone died. They were really ever friendly with their commanders. We literally have seen all the scenes in the trailer now. We literally have no idea what’s going to happen on May 4th.
  15. I really thought we were going to see other Jedi fall in the order(like Caleb Dume) but honestly I’m glad we stuck with Ahsoka and Rex. Ashoka sensing Anakin’s fall when Obi Wan did not was heart shattering. Rex fighting the order and having tears in his eyes was everything. Ahsoka directing the blasts upwards so she could escape was brilliant. I was wrong about the team up between Maul and Ahsoka. I guess we’re seeing begrudging respect from Maul for Ahsoka setting free but also using him as a distraction. Mace’s ‘citizen’ comment was rude. Once again, if only Ahsoka said something to someone about Maul’s prediction...
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