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  1. I always wondered if Harry and William would be the pair to dismantle the monarchy in England. After the circus their life has been, I always thought they would be the end of it. Good for Harry and Meghan. I’m not surprised the Crown is scrambling. Monarchy always seemed so stifling and controlling. I hope Harry and Meghan find what they’re looking for.
  2. Well, I don’t know if you have watched Rebels, but Ahsoka seems okay after Order 66-she feels guilty about Anakin but is on the same thought as Obi Wan that Vader killed Anakin. Sabine’s story would be really interesting to me, because she was protecting Lothal at the end of Rebels. So-did she leave to help the Mandalorians while the Empire wiped them out? Did she even know about it? Was her family wiped out? I think Sabine would want to help reclaim the Darksaber. She gave it to another Mandalorian to lead all the clans, so she wasn’t the one to lose it. I think having Sabine and Ahsoka on the Mandalorian would be interesting because they bring different viewpoints to the show. Ahsoka and Sabine could give pointers on training The Child. Sabine could talk about the different Clans and how their rules are different between them. I thought having a live action show would be hard because their story, looking for Erza Bridger, would be similar to Mando’s story. It could be different if we saw things from Erza’s side too.
  3. Rumors are all over Twitter that not only is Rebels getting an animated follow-up series but that Filioni is helming it too and the series is well on its way to a season two already. I’m posting it here because I also know Filioni has been very vocal about getting Ahsoka into Live Action Disney for awhile now. I was hoping with all the news that there are going to be recognizable Star Wars players in series two of Mandalorian, that like everyone else, Sabine and Ahsoka would be landing on this show at some point. Especially if the Mandalorians were wiped out, Sabine’s perspective would be really interesting. If the animated show story is true, it dashes my hopes of a backdoor spin-off of a Live Action show for Sabine and Ahsoka off of a Mandalorian appearance.
  4. Rumors are FLYING online that there’s going to be a sequel series to Rebels-and that it’s coming out this year! Although I’m slightly disappointed because I really wanted a live-action sequel. I’m hopeful we’ll see Sabine and Ahsoka on the Mandalorian next season, and I’ll take a series any way I can get it. The search for Erza is apparently on!
  5. I mean, I want Ahsoka and the Rebel’s crew to be live action...but selfishly I want them to have their own show. And the make-up the aliens have had this season has been lacking so if it does happen, I hope they get better at it. It’s not Clone Wars-its Star Wars Rebels, the other animated show. And I’m kinda thinking with how much Dave Filoni has been involved eventually you might want to. There are a handful of episodes that has to do with the Darksaber, but its not the main story to the show. There’s a Mandalorian on the Crew of the Ghost, and the Darksaber has to do with her story.
  6. When I heard the lightsaber buzz, I immediately whispered “The Darksaber!” Wonder if we’re leading up to Mando taking back the Darksaber and finding a new leader for the Mandalorians like Sabine Wren. I wonder if like Sabine, Mando will turn down leadership if its bestowed on him. Loved the episode! Sad Cara isn’t still with Mando but hopefully we’ll see her again. Loved Mando saying “No living creature has seen my face since taking the oath” and the droid’s response was perfect (and like Ahsoka’s “I am no Jedi”). I thought maybe Mando would let The Child see his face at the end, but I guess not. ”You have damage to your CPU.” LOL. Who wrote in that Dad joke-I literally laughed out loud.
  7. Ahsoka lives! Dave Filioni posted a drawing on his Instagram Gandalf talking to Ahsoka saying “Everyone thought I was dead too. Look how that turned out.” I had read an interview where Abrams said Ahsoka would have a role in the movie. I thought she was going to be the spy-return of Fulcrum. When it was revealed the spy was Hux, I was waiting for Ahsoka to appear somewhere else-For a beat I thought maybe Felicity Russell was playing Ahsoka or Sabine. I was disappointed the only Ahsoka we got after that Abrams tease was her saying “Rey.” I actually LOVE this turn of events because who’s to say Jedi can’t reach out to reach other when one is asking to help? Someone give Dave Filioni the keys to the kingdom-or at least that other trilogy that’s been talked about.
  8. That was my pet theory. It would have been more circular, and more interesting. I think making Rey a Palpatine hit the problem I have with this whole series. It was like they were pitching ideas and got stuck on everything darkside. Let’s make Leia and Hans kid go darkside! Let’s have the main character’s heritage Darkside! Let’s just stomp all over the Resistance the whole trilogy. After seeing it again, I got stuck on what could have been. It’s a shame someone didn’t go, let’s have Ben Solo’s story be like Anakin’s but have him hold off like Luke did at the end. Change some of the story, like having Ben and Finn find Rey. Have Ben have a relationship with the main players-especially with Han and Leia. Have the Jedi school still running but have it be attacked by the Knights of Ren and have Ben, Rey and Luke not be able to stop it. We see Palpatine is behind the attack when Snoke talks to him. Now we see Ben start to be like Anakin and tempted by the darkside because he feels guilty where Rey is more resolved to stop the First Order. See their paths diverge but with Rey and Finn (and Poe because Finn/Poe are life) still trying to get Ben back. Finn is force sensitive still and Rey starts training him. First Order still stomps on the Resistance, maybe killing Han. You get what I’m getting at. It would have been nice also to see other players from other Star Wars stuff. No Mandalorian resistance fighters? No Jacen Syndulla-please, I don’t think anything would have kept him out of a Rebel fight considering his family. I think the ending of Ben sacrificing for Rey would have had more weight if we had actually gotten Ben in earlier movies. Without speaking at all Driver convinced me he was a Solo during a fight. Just imagine what we would have seen if we had seen Ben the whole damn time. And if Rey had been a Kenobi, once again we have a Kenobi trying to save a Skywalker from going darkside. Anyways, watching this movie The second time reinforced how much I loved all the human moments. Poe and Finn and cheating Chewie. Rey and Poe arguing about the Falcon and BB8. Finn telling Rey they were coming with her. Any Poe/Finn moment (I DIED when Finn said Poe was no Leia especially since Finn saved Poe like Han saved Leia from the Deathstar). Ben bowing like Han. Any of the Lando moments. I’ll always watch these movies. I just hope someone looks at this trilogy and goes “let’s do better.” I hope they give Filioni the other Star Wars trilogy they were talking about making.
  9. Well, I’m definitely hoping for more Mandalorian Lore. Have all the families fallen? Which family rescued Mando? I hope Filioni still will be apart of the show Season two-he had loads of Mandalorian Lore in Rebels. Bring it up show. Let’s hear about the fall out. And then I’m hoping for actual names For characters (its the little things). Does Mando have a first name? If The Child is still around, will he be given a name? With his race be given a name? And lastly, I want to see an overarching story. I’m not a huge fan of the stand-alones no connection to anything else. I know the Empire is gone, but First Order should be starting to build.
  10. I loved it. Was it everything I wanted? No. I wish 7, 8, and 9 had a tighter storyline-sometimes I wish the focus was on storytelling and not what’s going to make more money for Disney. I wish Rey had been a Kenobi. I wish Disney had said “You know what-let’s make this a two-part movie” because holy moly that was a long movie that should have probably been two. And that kiss? No thanks. But I still loved it. Seeing Rey, Finn and Poe together was everything I wanted in movie 8 but never really got. I believed their trio relationship. They acted like friends who had been through a lot together. I never really liked the shipping between Kylo and Rey. But Adam Driver, you got me with the flip to Ben. He even reminded me of Han when he was fighting the Knights. Made me think of all we missed with Ben being darkside. I could have actually seen what could have been. I know the Force healing is going to be a point of contention with Ben healing Rey, but it was selfless and very much something Leia or Han would have done. There’s so much to unpack. I can’t wait to see it again this weekend. Anyone pick-up all the Jedi voices when Rey finally connected to them? Obviously there was Yoda, Obi Wan (old and young), Mace, Luke and Leia. There were so many, I was assuming Ahsoka Tano was one, and I was hoping Kanan Jarrus was another but they went so quick. I know in Force Awakens, the voices From when Rey found Luke’s lightsaber were confirmed pretty quick I hope the same happens here.
  11. I was just going to post a warning about spoilers-apparently disgruntled fans are wildly posting spoilers all over the place. Ive already seen two spoilers looking at things not even Star Wars related. I’m not surprised there are disgruntled fans or that they’re posting spoilers but it does bum me out(that they’re doing it-not the spoilers). This series spans generations, just keep what you know to yourself until its out. Makes me wonder if we’re ever going to see the day when movies won’t be released to critics early. Its not like people are going to wait to read the reviews to order their tickets for this one...
  12. Love this article because it refers to what happened in Madalore in Clone Wars and Rebels. I’m still holding out for a Sabine/Ahsoka show, but I’d love more Easter Eggs in the actual show about Sabine and her clan. Actually, I would just take more Madalore too-lol.
  13. Baby steps! We went three episodes with only one woman speaking! I’ll take an episode with more than one woman talking. The women will talk to other women eventually....I hope. It would have been really awesome to see Cara ask Omera if she had been a solider too. Chances are high Omera did something in the war.
  14. In Star Wars Rebels, The Ghost had a 360 turret too that someone had to shoot. It also had a dorsal turret someone had to man too but it was actually part of a secondary ship that could separate. It seemed like some captains made sure they could fire upon ships behind them, just not everyone thought that way.
  15. SnoGirl

    The Star Wars Saga

    I rewatched them too. I don’t remember them being such a train-wreck, but WOW they are. Its a shame because they could have been so much more. Should have built more between Obi Wan and Anakin-show him as the free wheeling, pilot risk taker and his friendship with Obi Wan that Obi Wan alluded to in A New Hope. Should have given Padme with more agency than the nervous nelly we got in Episode Three. Wouldn’t it have been wild to see an angry pregnant Padme trying to reign in Anakin? Or trying to secretly set-up the Rebel Alliance once she realized what was going on? Clone Wars definitely is the best between the prequel movies. I do love Rogue One and Rebels but Clone War builds that relationship between Obi Wan, Anakin and Padme. Its a shame Ahsoka wasn’t apart of the movie-verse because she gave Anakin so many more layers. If they redid the prequels, I’d get rid of one completely, save the Obi Wan vs Maul for flashbacks, show And build more of a relationship between Obi Wan and Anakin in the second movie, and for the third, have Anakin be Vader for at least half the film just destroying Rebels to show how freaking scary he should have been. Have Padme to be more than what she was in Epsiode Three and definitely include Ahsoka and Caleb Dume.
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