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  1. Bear McCreary posted about how he just recorded the finale music for Agents of Shield. I loved the season one music so I’m so happy he gets to do the music for the end of the show too.
  2. SnoGirl

    S3.03: The Searchers

    Poor Buck. I hope someone tells him to see a therapist-he’s had a rough couple of months. I cannot believe this is the same character from the first season. He might be my favorite character now. I loved that his character was focused only on Christopher once he got bounced from Fire Truck. Him hiding from Eddie, and then trying to tell him broke my heart. And then the woman asking if Eddie was Buck-you know the first thing Christopher did was tell this woman about Buck missing. I know they were going for the long-game with not knowing if Christopher was alive. I wish we had scene him been found. Part of me thinks he was a pain in the ass at first wanting to look for Buck to make sure he was okay. Annnnd now I’m shipping Eddie and Buck. It probably won’t go anywhere but dang-those two have great chemistry. Plus with Christopher? Love their little family. Loved the squad too. Chim and Hen were awesome. Bobby’s concern for Buck was very fatherly. Can’t wait to watch this one again.
  3. I can’t wait to watch this tonight. I don’t think they’re going to kill off Christopher-but I bet we don’t know where he is for a lot of the episode. The actor who plays Buck compared the second episode to the Tsunami movie The Impossible. In that movie
  4. I stan Merritt Wever. Wow. Why isn’t she in everything? What a night and day difference from episode one.
  5. Wow. This show is incredible. That was so uncomfortable yet I could not stop watching. The hospital scene-ugh, my heart broke. “If you have suicidal thoughts, here’s a number.” Poor Marie.
  6. And I’m shocked. I thought Haley said she wasn’t going to come back as Peggy for a show anymore. So this is going to be more interesting than I thought. Makes me wonder what they’re going to address from Agent Carter on the show. Sousa’s back, are we getting Jarvis too? Dottie, Angie or Rose? Howard? Is the series going to end with [/EndGameSpoilers] Plus-now we have time travel issues. What was Peggy and what was our team screwing with time? AND sure would have been nice for FitzSimmons to be apart of the movie MCU Last season is going out with a bang...
  7. So Jemma is running an illegal Speakeasy right? Like Grandson like Grandmother? And if Jemma and Fitz are separated, I’m guessing he’s in the fifties...with Sousa? Moments in Shield’s past, could make for a fun year of speculation of what we’re going to see. As a major Agent Carter fan, I had always hoped we’d see Peggy building Shield. Maybe with Agents of Shield I’ll get a sliver of that... I wonder if we’re just going to get nods to the MCU or guest appearances. Wouldn’t it be ironic if we had guest stars on the last season of Shield when when this show first started, people thought it was going to be full of guest appearances? I know we won’t but it could be fun. Its not like Disney can’t afford it.
  8. I’m looking at the picture of the Empire State Building on the show-they’re putting on the top-the building is built. According to this website, the building officially opens in 1931, but gets its antenna tower in 1950. It could be the thirties, with Daisy’s comment about not being able to drink-Prohibition ended in Dec of 1933. I think it would be more fun if these Agents of Shield help set up Shield. Especially since Simmons talks about needing Coulson’s historic knowledge of Shield, but if Shield doesn’t start until the 1950’s, that would be out if we really are in the thirties. Either way-holy crap!
  9. I looked it up-the Empire State Building got its antenna in 1950. 1950. What was the last year we saw on Agent Carter?? I am seriously geeking out.
  10. Wow. They really did it. They freaking went back in time. Are they going to start Shield with Peggy Carter?! Has Haley Atwell been involved with anything-because if Agent Carter and Agent Shield collide next season, I. Might. Die. Also-if we don’t get grandDad Triplett, I’m calling party foul. I can’t believe next season is it and this THIS is how they’re ending it. I’m literally flabbergasted.
  11. I actually thought they had killed this show-so this was a surprise trailer for sure!
  12. All the actors and actresses from the show have been posting goodbyes all day to Shield on Instagram. Its apparently the last day of filming Season Seven. We’re in the Endgame now. (That was just a joke-not a spoiler...)
  13. I had been debating posting about that bike photo for the past couple of days. How CRAZY would it be if Agents of Shield time traveled to the past, or Team Carter showed up in the future?? Atwell said she was pretty much done with Carter right-which super bummed me out because I really REALLY wanted to see her set-up Shield. After last season, all the actresses of Shield have been unusually quiet on Instagram. No behind the scenes shenanigans or trailer postings. Chloe did post a video of herself and Ward dressed in fifties garb awhile ago. I thought they were just screwing around....I would kinda hate if they did travel back in time bc 1) I really hate time travel and 2) Hydra. How do they show up in the fifties and not do something about Hydra infiltrating the ranks of Shield? My vote is for a agent to come back from the “dead” with the creation monolith or finally seeing Ghost Rider after everyone talking about him. I’ve also seen theories that we’re actually in the endgame of Robin’s predictions right now. Daisy being taken over by Izel could be pretty terrible. She used her powers to activate the monoliths before. “Daisy” accidentally quacking the earth apart but because she’s Izel. Plus, now they’re trying to save Coulson all over again. Coulson who’s literally falling to pieces (but figures out the pieces to put everything together). I’ve been watching the end of the season trailer to see what we havent see yet to see if there is any time traveling hints but other than FitzSimmons looking super shocked, everything else is just leading up to the fight. May with the Blue Sword of Destiny, Elena shooting bad guys, Mack with a flashlight looking around the temple. I was concerned about Deke. I thought all this build-up with him was leading to his demise. Figuring out things with FitzSimmons, in the trailer we see him piloting a crashing plane, and then very pale in the temple where the monoliths are I thought for sure he was going to go out a hero. I’m concerned about Elena too-I think that’s her at the end upside down in pain. I think everyone is coming back next season but you know there’s a big twist coming....
  14. I haven’t been a huge fan of this season, I feel like everyone has been dumbed down. You’re telling me Elena can’t escape handcuffs? Or the pod doesnt have a tracker? I thought for sure Elena had a plan other than stepping in front of Daisy like her hands having a tracker in them. I did like Deke finally officially being brought into the FitzSimmons fold. I kinda want a scene between Gemma and Deke where he comments about how Fitz is different this time around. I hope Deke continues to mellow out a little bit considering Fitz is accepting him. I forget how messed up Deke is bc of the Season of Space seems like such a long time ago. I know we probably won’t get it, but I’d love a scene conversation about Deke’s last name. With all the talk about the Creation Monolith, and all the talk about how the end of this season is changing things, I can’t help but wonder who might appear at the end out of the stones. Ward? Triplett? Lincoln? I thought for sure at the end we’d get Hope back during the episode-Flint was a surprise. I loved the LMD storyline with Hope and Mack.
  15. If there was ever a reason to get this court case started faster...do we know when his court case is even scheduled? This could literally topple all sorts of people if the rumors are true. This train needs to get moving asap.
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