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  1. But Rex could put them in contact with someone who could help. Probably not Ahsoka, maybe Wolffe? Saw?
  2. This show could go so many different ways. Everyone could die. The Batch could be captured one by one. They could reach out to so many people for help. Makes me wonder how long the finale would be-long like the premiere or short like all the other episodes. My bet would have been the Batch being captured one by one, with Omega being the last girl standing. I would have guesses a trade between Omega and Rampart, but he hates the clones. He wants the Batch working for him so that theory is out the window. Echo could reach out to Rex for help. I would love something like Rebels were a t
  3. It was always my head canon that the reason why Stormtroopers were so terrible was bc the clones who were training them rebelled and taught them horribly. Guess I wasn’t too far off. I liked the information this episode gave us. The amount of Stormtroopers recruits are growing quickly. Rex is definitely in some sort of rebellion mode and is in the thick of it. Baby clones were being shipped off somewhere. I should have seen that Hunter was going to be captured-its very much was Rebels did too at the end of their first season. I wonder if the show knew if it was getting a second seaso
  4. Does Leverage undo what they did? It would have to be for a con bc Sophie’s too believable as a widow for her to be acting. It’ll be interesting to see what happens next for Hutton.
  5. I was surprised we got this episode. I thought for sure we would start building towards the end battle. I’m disappointed-Bad Batch’s best episodes are the ones connected to the larger story. I’m sad we didn’t get a four story arc of Crosshair vs 99 or Tarkin vs Kamino. For a hot minute, I thought we were getting Vizago’s origin story. At least now we can probably assume he had a run-in with the Pike’s too.
  6. Hera’s first mission! It was so realistic that she was still terrible at flying and her plan didn’t work-her and Chop have so much more to learn. I love that Omega and Hera grew pretty close. Makes me wonder if there are future plans (in other future shows) for them to be united. I liked too that it took Howzer a little bit to get on board with breaking out his General. It was interesting how many Troopers joined him at the end. I was shocker that Crosshair didn’t murder him either (I definitely thought that shot was coming). I wonder if we’ll ever see him again. Surprised Huntl Low
  7. Oh I know according to Sabine, Hera was off raising her son at the end of Rebels. Its just hard to believe after seasons of the Crew of the Ghost saving each other, they would just stop. So Gobi called Cid and therefore 99 for weapons, I wonder who else knows how to contact for help. We might get Crosshair vs 99 again next week.
  8. Honestly, if they did it well, a Mom Squad with Hera leading it would probably make the Star Wars fandom explode-finally a Star Wars show where the Moms survive?? Sign me up. Without going into a Rebel’s rabbit hole, I want her with Sabine and Ahsoka finding Ezra. If Disney’s plan for all the shows to crossover, then I agree, give Hera a show. I thought the Ghost was from Ryloth, but Hera being wowed by Omega actually living on Havoc Marauder, I agree with you @MissLucas, its probably too early for The Ghost to appear. It seems like Hera has never seen a ship people live in before. I
  9. Hera’s Mom! And now we know her name, Eleni! Quite the rebel herself. I loved her gently scolding Hera for spying and then giving up that she knew where she was and wanted to know what Hera saw. I’m surprised by Cham and his willingness to making the Devil’s Deal with the empire. I’m guessing his arc is going to set up his Rebels arc and his fight against the Empire. Loved seeing pre-Rebels Hera and Chopper. I can’t wait to see her take flight in the next episode, its totally going to be her and Omega in a ship. I wonder if we’re going to see The Ghost soon too? I liked that thi
  10. Cute episode. I thought this planet was Naboo in the trailers, was surprised to see a separatist planet instead. I thought 99 worked really well together, the mission was a fast win for them. There never seemed to be a lot of tension-I thought for sure we would need Omega for something for the team to miss her. But adorably no, they missed her anyways. I liked Cid and Omega working together to hustle all those beings. Omega definitely had a soft spot with Cid if she can negotiate her cut. I’m kinda bummed we haven’t heard the 99 talk about Crosshair or their feelings about the E
  11. What if Sylvie’s nexus event is just that she’s a Loki? What if the Lokis are the only beings that figure out the TVA because they’re agents of chaos? They’re the complete opposite of the TVA, who’s orderly and rule regulated. What if past Lokis cause constant nexus events, and the TVA realized that they had to be taken out of the equation to keep a single timeline? The TVA thinks the function of a Loki is to lose, (our) Loki thinks its to survive, but what if its really to be agents of chaos? The Lokis only lose because the odds are REALLY stacked against them. They’re really masters of
  12. Wow, I’m shocked 99 has Omega back already. I thought for sure we were going to get scenes of her and Crosshair for sure on Kamino. Speaking of, did he look relieved to anyone else when 99 jumped into Hyperspace? Rex and Wrecker both talked about being awake on the inside, I just wonder about Crosshair. I wonder if the original plan with Fennec was for her to hide Omega away-not bring her back to Kamino. Nala Se has picked a side, wonder if she’ll stick to it. Book for Boba Fett has some real crossover potential now. Liked watching Omega figure out how to escape. I liked her imm
  13. SnoGirl

    S01.E03: Lamentis

    I have a really hard time trusting this show, I feel like we have some really unreliable narrators. Like, I don’t believe that the time travel pager is really broken. Did Loki say it was broken to get Sylvie to stop trying to kill him every few minutes? Or Loki has all these random powers we’ve never seen before, the green fireballs, pushing the building back. Is he using a Time Stone-moving the building almost looked like he stopped and rewinded it back up. Even the them running around trying to get to the Arc was strange. I did like that Loki’s inner reluctant hero was showing. Fir
  14. I earnestly hope we find out. I like that Wrecker tried to come up with a plan when he knew the shit was really hitting the fan. I know the other three probably did it out of panic, but I wish they hadn’t come down on Wrecker so hard for his idea.
  15. At some point Rex leaves the rebellion. What if its the slaughter of more clones at Kamino? Maybe 99 hatches a plan to try and save Omega and Crosshair, recruits Rex’s rebel cell but its a massive loss? I can’t imagine one taking the loss of Omega lightly, but I also can’t imagine them in any shape to mount a rescue either. At least, a rescue by themselves.
  16. So we’re definitely going back to Kamino. With Omega and Crosshair in the same place, is she going to try to get him out of there? And is 99 going directly there too? They’re struggling with just the four of them, they need help if they’re going to actually rescue Omega and hopefully Crosshair. Hunter is going to be a clone to be reckoned with-leaving behind two members of the 99 now. I definitely don’t want them to kill Crosshair off now-I want to see him living with what happened to him. What a great redemption story for him. I hate sacrifice plays.
  17. Well that did not go at all how I was guessing it was going to go. I was kinda hoping 99 would have gotten Crosshair back today and de-chipped him. Seeing Crosshair look like Anakin after his fight with Kenobi was not what I was expecting at all. I wasn’t ever a Cad Bane fangirl, but the western shootout? That was cool. What armor does 99 have that a chest shot doesn’t kill Hunter? That was bonkers. The first person perspective was interesting-it is really hard to see out of those helmets. I can’t believe he was conscious at the end. I wanted to see who was going to step up as leader if H
  18. So definitely getting the Empire and Crosshair on Bracca next week? Just in time for the mid-season to start. Wonder if they’ll get the chip out of Crosshair bc they know how to AND they have the tools to do it. I bet we see a spaceship chase through all of Bracca’s shipyards.
  19. This is my one complaint about how short these episodes are. Rebels and Clone Wars seemed to have time for conversations but Bad Batch just seems to go from action to action piece. We could have seen Rex ask about Kamino, or talk more with Echo. We could see Tech interacting with Omega while building the scanner. I wish they would slow down just a tad to see these interactions. Less tell and more show. Loved that Wrecker was an absolute unit under the chip. That was terrifying. Its interesting that they included talking about Order 66 right before Wrecker lost himself to the chip. Makes
  20. Maul would be interesting-and definitely a twist. Every Thursday night Twitter goes bonkers that Rex is finally going to show up. With R7, Wrecker’s chip, and talk about fighting against the Empire, Rex is logical. But Maul would be a twist. Plus, I’ve always wondered if Maul and Ahsoka worked together after Order 66. They were practically cordial in Rebels-not what I would have expected after Ahsoka used him as a diversion. Would it be WILD if Maul is on the side of the Rebels, if only as a means to find Kenobi?
  21. Once again, Echo teaching Omega the important lessons. Practicing with distractions. Luck vs Skill. I figured out of the Batch, he would really grow into teaching Omega the best. I wonder if Omega will ever get her own little Bad Batch armor. Rafa and Trace! I loved them the first time around and I loved them here. I thought we were going to get Hondo-who of COURSE would just love Omega to bits. Thought Hunter had sparks with both Rafa and Trace. Trace feels like she’s grown up a bit from the last time we’ve seen her. Oh man Wrecker. Was that Crosshair in his head saying “Good soldie
  22. Wow, I didn’t realize that, but it makes sense. Wow, I wonder if we’ll get battle scenes there. Makes you wonder if the Batch turns off chips in other clones to mount a potentially significant but ultimately unsuccessful battle there. Makes you wonder if Rex and/or Ahsoka play a part more then just telling the Bad Batch about the chips and how to turn them off.
  23. I figured we could use a spot to speculate where this show is headed to next. We have 16 episodes and we’ve seen almost all the trailer footage now. We are still expecting to see Rex and some fight scenes which are in the shorter trailers. I’m guessing we’re going to see a storyline about the chips and/or Wrecker. I bet that’s where Rex and possibly Ahsoka will come into play.
  24. I loved it! Moving the story right along. The little moments were my favorite. Finally giving Omega comms AND rules for in the field. Who wouldn’t play with comms like Omega? I sure would have. I wish we had seen the rules in the field conversation, but I’ll take what we got. I definitely think Echo and Hunter probably sat her down and taught her things, between the three simple rules and her knowing some hand signals. It could have been humorous to see it bc Wrecker has no idea what all the hand signals mean. Speaking of Wrecker, I feel like we have a ticking time bomb now with thes
  25. Okay Ducks you totally got me crying big ole nostalgic Millennial tears. They totally landed that season finale. Forfeiting for Sophie and then still playing anyways with a bet on top of it?? Perfect. The surprise new Jersey in the locker room I totally didn’t even see coming?? Made me cry more. Sophie was totally wearing Banks’ jersey while Morrow was in Charlie’s?? Ugh, I love it. I teach this age group, and man do I wish ever outcast, geeky, loner kid could find their group like this. And that parents would watch this to help put the fun back into child sports’ leagues. I loved that I
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