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  1. Well, now we know why the editors played up the “Erica vs Kym” angle for most of the season. Honestly I feel like, while Erica got the prize, Kym will end up the real winner long term. They didn’t lean into the reality drama the way Erica did—the most the producers were able to get from them is “we’ve been each other’s competition since day one” and “I came here to win”—and the end result is they came across as professional and good to work with while Erica was left looking like that exhausting person who needs constant emotional caretaking and has coworkers walking on eggshells all
  2. I mean, I’m sure a lot of it is editing. The “anyone but Kym” could have been a cute bit of ribbing had it come from someone who had not been shown eye rolling, whining about not being in the top, claiming “betrayal”, etc. As it is, she just looks exhausting to be around. Andrea’s getting a “peaking at the right time” edit so I am wondering if the final 3 will be her, Kym, and whichever of Erica/Josh gets their head back in the game faster
  3. “I don’t care who wins this one, as long as it’s not Kym!” All you’ve got to do is cook a better dish than theirs, Erica. Simple 🤷🏻‍♀️
  4. Interesting to see Anna Maxwell Martin go all Victor Frankenstein here after seeing her play Mary Shelley in The Frankenstein Chronicles. This show needs to find an aesthetic and stick to it. We’ve got Sherlock looking like Season 2 Umbrella Academy Klaus, hypnotic singers styled like pre-Y2K prom queens, Evil Colonel Saunders from America, genderfluid teens in 1950s face veils, all crammed in with Looks Like Victorian With Crazier Fabric Patterns. I can’t tell if we’re in an alternate timeline of a fever dream.
  5. Very, very unimpressed with Erica in this episode. Not only was she a sore loser, she made everything all about her both during team selection and at Judge’s Table. She’s certainly not coming across as someone I’d want to work with or to hire.
  6. Watson is a notoriously unreliable narrator so I am up for a new interpretation of his character, Holmes’ character, and their relationship. Flipping the script so that Watson is the actual smart one keeping their business afloat could be an interesting take, if that’s where they’re going. Seeing the characters from the outside is interesting too. The anachronisms are doing my head in. Unchaperoned teenagers making out on the lawn, “hey you guys”, etc. The love triangle is boring already, especially as the two boys look so much like each other. I agree with the previous poster that
  7. On to the more important question...did anyone catch what book Sousa was reading in his final scene?
  8. dstv

    Season 5 Discussion

    Isn’t Jonathan pretty committed to the body positivity movement? I figured that was one reason he was not hiding his “imperfections”.
  9. This is a standard Moira response to stress and upset—lock herself in the closet with booze and drugs. Pretty sure she did that at the beginning of season 1? I know it’s been talked about before.
  10. Also, didn't someone (was it the influencer?) comment on the earrings? I have a feeling the the earrings will figure into the story further down the line. I feel like they must have made sure her old earrings were in frame too, because in earlier scenes I noticed them despite the fact the old ones weren’t, in and of themselves, remarkable; then they gave her the new ones; then Influencer Girl Specifically called them out despite them not being flashy or noticably “special” either. Strange.
  11. How else is Paul going to call us? 🤷🏻‍♀️
  12. The Junkyard Killer was mentored by The Surgeon, who met him as a hospital employee, so I think it's safe to assume that he is knowledgeable enough about medicine to keep someone alive after amputating their hand. I was! It was very useful during Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma, because we had a phone that didn't go out when our power went out. We still have the phone in our basement, though we don't have a land line to plug it into anymore. As for the private line still being paid for...I'm glad they addressed that even if it was a little hand-wave-y. I don't have to stretch *too* hard
  13. dstv

    S01.E06: Let x = 9

    Trashy Grandma and Leland had what must have been the single most uninspiring screen kiss...which was even more obvious given it was paired with the amazing one between David and Kristin in Kristin's dream. That, combined with the ridiculous/clumsy pickup lines last episode, and the lacklustre bedroom scene this episode (all those flames couldn't make it hot), has me convinced that there is something not-natural about her attraction to him, and that there is something else at play. Honestly, she woke up the morning after sleeping next to what looked like a corpse. How NOT sexy is that?
  14. Patrick is the kind of guy that marks every month’s “anniversary” with a gift. OF COURSE he sent a “thinking of you” card. I was amused to see the “spa in Elmdale” actually exists.
  15. Well,he did explicitly say he’s “damaged goods” and needed some time, so...my feeling is, eventually, but not that night?
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