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  1. Spring/Summer collections actually are shown around September, though. Sheree was BSing out of her ass, but she got that right, at least.
  2. I was also shocked! I was sure he would have pajama bottoms or shorts or something. Wait, so no more “Welcome, welcome, welcome!” 😕 John keeps hitting the nail on the head with his corona coverage. Sadly, he’s likely preaching to the choir.
  3. This episode was so good, there were so many awesome moments throughout. My favorites were Yassir’s close-but-not-quite-there feminism, the parallels between the congressman and the veep, the exchange between Dawn and the waiter. The revelation that the bank was the one TBD just invested in fell a bit flat for me, though. LOL, I thought the country club patrons were mistaking Dawn for Oprah, so I got a real kick out of the “Regina...King” gag.
  4. The part I bolded caught me off guard, and I LOL’d hard. My handbasket has arrived, TTFN.
  5. I was really “Ugh” about Dr. Osefo being added to the cast, but it looks like she brings it this season. I don’t even remember who she was arguing with in the promo, but it looked like she got them TO.GE.THERRRR. 👏🏾
  6. If anyone wants to start a group chat to brainstorm some ideas, I’m in! (Just kidding, Special Agent So-and-So! 😉)
  7. Not sure if this People link is also restricted, but hopefully the video will be circulated widely soon: https://people.com/tv/real-housewives-of-potomac-season-5-trailer/
  8. Confirmed cases in my county have gone from 7 to 52 in one week. I live in a small college town, but the population does skew a bit older, so I hope people have been taking the experts seriously and staying home. (I wouldn’t know — I haven’t gone anywhere since I started working from home last week Tuesday.) I expect that number to get *much* larger in the coming weeks. I saw a report from the Weather Channel that said the U.S. has already surpassed the number of cases reported (emphasis on “reported”) by China.
  9. Bill should be ecstatic — no audience means no groaning when a lame joke doesn’t land.
  10. Thank goodness! I was already starting to go through LWT withdrawal.
  11. Oof, Gizelle. Those long bangs were a situation. It looked like she had a wig that was sitting too far down on her head.
  12. I love that promo picture, too! Wait a minute, what stripper scandal?! Did Michael’s wandering ways get discussed in the off-season and I just missed it? I’m not sure if too much can be drawn from the trailer, I can think of at least a couple places in it where “creative” editing could lead us to believe the show is trying to stack the deck against Monique. It was odd that they didn’t include a clip of Candice post-altercation, though.
  13. That Karen wig scene will never stop being laugh-out-loud hilarious to me 🤣
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