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  1. link417

    Black Monday

    To me, it felt like pretty much the whole time. Just way too early and it colored some of my favorite Blair scenes differently.
  2. I haven’t logged on to this forum in ages (new job, new round of school, car accident) and came back just to complain about Bill complaining about his OWN DAMN AUDIENCE. Like, DUDE! They came here to see “Real Time with BILL MAHER, and you’re freaking Bill Maher! If they’re not laughing at the joke, then the joke must not have been good. Period. Quit throwing a hissy fit. And when the audience groaned at the R. Kelly/Toys r Us joke, he whined that they were showing sympathy for R. Kelly. To me, the audience’s groan read as disgust, not sympathy. You’re telling me Bill is so sensitive and has such a big ego, he can’t bother to distinguish between the two?
  3. I can’t stand Dorit, but this thread is making me feel a bit of sympathy for her. She said she’s gotten death threats due to the whole Lucy situation, and knowing how crazy people can get online, I believe her. In light of that, the jokes about committing murder here, even though I realize it is “just” joking from perfectly reasonable people, is not a good look, IMO.
  4. link417

    Golden Girls Alphabet Game

    S is for St. Gustaf, sister city to St. Olaf.
  5. link417

    Golden Girls Alphabet Game

    R is for the three R’s: “Reading, ‘riting, and running around the bed”
  6. link417

    Black Monday

    I miss the naive-yet-catching-on Blair, I hate that they had him running a con pretty much the whole time. And I felt Andrew Rannells took him all the way to the extreme just like that *snaps fingers* I would have liked a slower evolution, like a real character instead of some cartoon villain. Looking forward to Season 2! (I’m speaking it into existence, let me be great!)
  7. link417

    Bob's Burgers

    Cool! But only 2 answers were questioned correctly? What a clusterfart! 💨 (TBH, I wouldn’t have done much better, LOL.)
  8. link417

    Golden Girls Alphabet Game

    L is for Lamar, the name Lorraine’s mom proposed for her and Michael’s baby.
  9. link417

    Craig Conover: Work Hard(ly), Party Harder

    I don’t like the logo at all, too simplistic and not very creative. Same with the totes. Although I did like the lobsters and lemons pattern on that one pillow. [ETA: I wonder if the same artist for the Altschul collection is providing original artwork for SDS, too? The one thing I like about his line may not even be to his credit, LOL.] This is a lot farther that I thought he’d ever get with his sewing so props to him for that.
  10. link417

    Kathryn Dennis: On Her Own!

    3-4 is still toddler age, correct? The reason for quoting Sew Sumi’s post is a bit confusing to me. Apologies, only had time to skim the article so someone correct me if I’m wrong, but it looked like the allegations of the children’s developmental and behavioral issues in that article are coming from TRash’s legal counsel in the custody battle, so they are understandably biased. I couldn’t find any unbiased perspective either way in the linked article so it seems we’re still in the “he said, she said” stage as far as the kids’ alleged developmental issues are concerned.
  11. link417

    S11; E20 Caught in the Middle

    Kandi revealed in this episode that the reason Porsha gave for not attending her events is her issues with the people in landi’s entourage, not her pregnancy. I would think Kandi would appreciate Porsha trying to avoid getting into shit at one of her events (again). I understand why Kandi doesn’t want to go to Porsha’s events since she’s not attending hers, but it still seems a bit childish and petty if it’s only a quid pro quo type of deal. Then again, they’re not exactly friends so I guess they shouldn’t expect any more than quid pro quo.
  12. There doesn’t have to be something “wrong” with the name for someone to dislike it.
  13. So happy for Porsha! Not a fan of the name Pilar but looking at the DM pictures, there were other, worse names it could have been. So, mazel!
  14. link417

    Broad City

    The ending scene was not what I expected and it was absolutely perfect. I, too, got weepy when they started crying during their final goodbye. I can’t believe I won’t have new episodes of this show anymore. 🥺 During my original viewing of “Along Came Molly,” I noticed some poor, injured, downtrodden soul on the subway was the same eager, first-time-in-New-York, armpit-in-your-face guy that Abbi met on the subway earlier this season. I love little details like that that are a whole story unto themselves and this series is full of them, so I guess I’ll have plenty more to discover when watching the seasons over and over and over again.
  15. link417

    Bob's Burgers

    “Sooo many old lady names.” — Bob