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  1. Yea, no Jackie! And the new woman who loved Bali, glad she’s gone, too. But UGH, Roach is back. She’s the Vicki/Nene/Ramona of Melbourne. It’s frustrating that there is still no premiere date. I’m ready for the show to come back already.
  2. There have been some really great pictures to come out of these handbag ads, but this was not one of them.
  3. It won’t be the same without her. Sometimes she (and the show) relies too much on her humor, and you can tell she’s just babbling until something mildly witty falls out, but I’ll miss it all the same. Hopefully New Girl fits in as easily as Dorinda did.
  4. @BusyOctober: I LOVE the nickname “Red Robin,” LOL.
  5. It bothers me a lot more than it should that Gritty is a mascot. I don’t know what emotion it is meant to evoke, other than a general sense of unease.
  6. My heart broke for Gloria. She was in the hole right from the start of this scheme, and right through to the end — she never even got to enjoy the (stolen) money. I believe her when she said she had to go through with it because “she knew too much.” And I’m not surprised her guard was up at the “interview,” it did feel like an interrogation at some points. Wow, what a surprise ending to this episode. Although, Robin can miss me with single-glistening-tear-rolling-down-the-cheek business. She and Doug sure know how to play up a story in the retelling. 😒
  7. She looked great! Congrats to her for landing a part in such a big movie (even if the movie itself was awful).
  8. Co-sign 100%. Something about her permanent cheshire grin rings false to me.
  9. Stupid is as stupid does. Cynthia KNOWS the damn cycle, but her dumb ass STILL chased after Nene, who was outside, prepping her cry face. WHYYYY, Cynthia?! I got so mad at both of them for that nonsense, Nene will never change. LOL, it was mean of Porsha to shade Nene’s friends, but I still giggled. Um, Kandi, do you think that was enough electric blue in your TH?
  10. Shallow side note: I am not a Kandi fan, but she looks gorgeous in that picture.
  11. Oh, maybe — I have a terrible memory, LOL. At about 1:43 in the Season 12 teaser, she is sitting onstage somewhere and says, “I never fucked the pirate!” But it could be a set-up for a joke she’s about to say or something, hard to tell with these teaser clips.
  12. For years, I had no idea what that line meant because I thought Blanche was saying “your ‘I Lost My ”Ock” in Vegas’ cup” 🥴
  13. I came here last night to see if anyone else saw that! Good thing Lu is not the type to let something like this go to her head, LOL. The million-dollar question is: Who’s the more cringe-inducing conquest*, Pimento or the pirate? 😂 *Not sure I buy she didn’t shiver the pirate’s timbers, but it’s “whatever” either way.
  14. I think I’m missing something with the monogrammed coasters. They just have the letter ‘B’ on them, right? Not her full monogram, just the ‘B’? Like anyone can get at Bed Bath & Beyond? To my eyes, it’s only a step up from the people who use a mug with their initial on it (I was gifted one by a boss last year, LOL).
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