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  1. link417

    Unpopular Opinions

    @islandgal140 — I am DED at “sounds painful and dangerous.” 🤣 I thought I was the only person who felt that way about large penises!
  2. I NEVER thought I would say this, but: I’m Team Katie! And kudos to Katie for giving a proper social media read, not that half-assed, “out of my peace bubble” BS Ashley tweeted, LOL. Can’t wait for this reunion!
  3. link417

    Unpopular Opinions

    My first UO is that Michael Jackson conspiracy theories should go in an off-topic thread. My next UO is that I like when the women get all drunk and silly, I find it hilarious. I like when they try to dance — also hilarious. I like when they’re a little (a little) mean; having everyone eat rainbows and shit butterflies 100% of the time is boring. My super UO is that I wouldn’t mind never seeing any of the cast’s dogs onscreen ever again.
  4. LOL, I can totally see him doing that. Can’t ruin the illusion! And let’s be real: They would have typed “your,” not “you’re.” 😆
  5. AJC says they’re filming Season 8 now: https://www.ajc.com/blog/radiotvtalk/kim-zolciak-biermann-cruises-into-season-bravo-spin-off-don-tardy/Lpc7sG7dq2TcDoGsyGewkJ/
  6. I had to see it for myself, I still can’t believe he’s making light of it.
  7. link417

    S09.E21: Hurricane Camille

    I’ve seen this posted 2x on this thread so I felt the need to clarify: “YAAAAS, queen!” is a common catchphrase in certain communities. I, myself, say it often, without any allusion to anyone jostling for a crown or HBIC designation. It’s a phrase of approval or recognition, like, “Bitch, you betta WERK!” To the poster who said Camille’s husband reminds them of David Foster — SAME.
  8. While I am sorry for the losses that Lisa had had to go through recently, I am glad I won’t have to watch her on RHOBH anymore. She had a few funny moments but really wasn’t any fun, I couldn’t relate to her on any level, and I had never heard of her before RHOBH. The last half of the season with no LVP was much better than the first half, so I’m looking forward to the next season without her. Although, with my RH luck, she probably will return sometime down the road.
  9. link417

    Kenya Moore: Twirl! Twirl!

    Im not a Kenya fan, but I did welcome the news that she’s returning. I hope she and Porsha have come to a genuinely good place after bonding over their pregnancies. Then the news that Kim is returning...UGH. What did I do to deserve her returning to my screen, time and time again? I don’t watch her show, I don’t follow her on social media, I have done all I can to excise that mass of inorganic matter from my life. But @cooksdelight‘s reminder that Nene will not be happy...gotta love those silver linings.
  10. link417

    Kenya Moore: Twirl! Twirl!

    Please post a review here whenever you get to it. I’m a Shea Moisture gal myself, and a no-heat natural, but I’d be willing to give Kenya’s line a try...after someone else does, LOL.
  11. link417

    Basketball Wives LA

    Jackie is so annoying, she will go-along-to-get-along in the moment and then however many days later, will decide that what someone said made her mad. Not a fan of Evelyn this year or her Cardi-wanna-B friend but if wanna-B is coming for awful OG, I’m all for it. CeCe comes across like she is desperate to marry Byron, at all costs. Shareef’s hand was shaking uncontrollably in several shots when he’s helping Shaunie unpack at the new house, is that somehow related to his heart issue? Tami knows she’s a damn lie — no way in hell did she think bringing all the women together to discuss their issues would bring about peace.
  12. I haven’t logged on to this forum in ages (new job, new round of school, car accident) and came back just to complain about Bill complaining about his OWN DAMN AUDIENCE. Like, DUDE! They came here to see “Real Time with BILL MAHER, and you’re freaking Bill Maher! If they’re not laughing at the joke, then the joke must not have been good. Period. Quit throwing a hissy fit. And when the audience groaned at the R. Kelly/Toys r Us joke, he whined that they were showing sympathy for R. Kelly. To me, the audience’s groan read as disgust, not sympathy. You’re telling me Bill is so sensitive and has such a big ego, he can’t bother to distinguish between the two?
  13. I can’t stand Dorit, but this thread is making me feel a bit of sympathy for her. She said she’s gotten death threats due to the whole Lucy situation, and knowing how crazy people can get online, I believe her. In light of that, the jokes about committing murder here, even though I realize it is “just” joking from perfectly reasonable people, is not a good look, IMO.
  14. link417

    Golden Girls Alphabet Game

    S is for St. Gustaf, sister city to St. Olaf.
  15. link417

    Golden Girls Alphabet Game

    R is for the three R’s: “Reading, ‘riting, and running around the bed”