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  1. “Austin, we have a problem” 🤣
  2. It seems Bill isn’t familiar with what “nuance” means, because it was surprisingly lacking from his discussion with the scientists. Nuance isn’t just pushing whatever anti-mainstream view that Bill endorses. IMHO, the lab theory hasn’t just been dismissed due to politicization and knee-jerk reactions, it’s also the fact that some major figures pushing that theory are documented xenophobes who are short on actual evidence, yet they present the theory as fact and weave an entire narrative around it. If they wanted to discuss the issue with nuance, they should have at least paid lip service
  3. I’m just seeing this — never mind the Spanish is a living language and languages naturally change over time with societal changes. We’ll just have to agree to disagree, since there are plenty of Latinx who *do* believe there is a problem, which is why they are using their solution.
  4. I know the sample is supposed to be representative of Latinxs across the nation, but still — it’s only 508 people. And as it’s a relatively new term, it would be interesting to compare its rate of adoption to the term Latino. Most of the Latinx people I follow on social media (in the progressive spaces I frequent) use that term, so that’s what I use as well. Unlike Bill and his interaction with John Leguizamo, I wouldn’t cause a stir with someone just because they prefer to use a term that has not been widely adopted yet.
  5. Except (presumably) the ones he dates. He’s every old-man trope rolled into one. So much word to this quoted post, along with all the others who called out Bill’s tired schtick. He had a kernel of truth in New Rules that he blew way out of proportion. I thought I realized why when he brought up the “running speakers off college campuses” bit — of course he’s still salty about that, what a child. But I hadn’t known about the Rose McGowan allegation (thanks, @BrownBear2012 — he’s such a creep) so it now makes even more sense that this isn’t about him being resentful, it’s about his own self
  6. That’s the point that I was making — he did his usual thing where he mocked the assumed reaction of liberals, and said of course 3 white guys can discuss racism. Like, Bill, no one said they couldn’t; the only thing people object to is when it’s a panel of only white men, with no other perspectives.
  7. The show’s IG said it would be preempted, but the show somehow made its way to my DVR anyway and I’m watching it now! What a nice surprise. 😄 Don’t worry, I won’t spoil it for anyone else. 👻
  8. The fact that Bill doesn’t see the issue with having three white men discuss anti-black racism is part of the reason this show is no longer a must-watch for me. It’s not that three white men aren’t allowed to discuss racism, Bill —it’s that a discussion about racism shouldn’t only include white men. 🤦🏾‍♀️
  9. This is the first episode of Real Time I’ve watched in a while — I just got tired of Bill’s grumpy-old-man-decrying-modern-liberals schtick. However, I was bored and still have several hours until LWT, so figured I’d give it another shot. *Sigh* I should’ve stayed away. It was so annoying to watch Bill stroke Coleman’s ego because he’s sooo ~eDgY~, just like Bill. 🙄 Bakari Sellers was okay, but it sucked watching him have to argue his points against both Bill and Coleman; I feel there are other people that could have held their own a bit better. The montage was pointless and dumb.
  10. Congrats to Bob’s Burgers! It’s been renewed for a 12th AND 13th season ahead of the Season 11 premiere! 🍔
  11. How gross, if true. Also? How sad that I don’t doubt for one second that it’s true.
  12. Happy anniversary, Bob and Linda! 🍔❤️🍔
  13. Same! I thought that was super weird, but no one else said anything so I thought I was just oblivious to a special feature or something. It was funny to read the pro-Monique propaganda, though. I wish all Bravolebs would plead their case on PT like that! 😏😂
  14. Yeah, that just sounds like Jeff Lewis and his particular brand of humor. It was a fun Feud, though! I was just reading that DFR article from the Today show since I saw there is yet another week with no new episode. After waiting a month, the second half of the season better be pretty damn spectacular.
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