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  1. Same! I thought that was super weird, but no one else said anything so I thought I was just oblivious to a special feature or something. It was funny to read the pro-Monique propaganda, though. I wish all Bravolebs would plead their case on PT like that! 😏😂
  2. Yeah, that just sounds like Jeff Lewis and his particular brand of humor. It was a fun Feud, though! I was just reading that DFR article from the Today show since I saw there is yet another week with no new episode. After waiting a month, the second half of the season better be pretty damn spectacular.
  3. I keep telling y’all not to get my hopes up! 😫 (jk @SuprSuprElevated — thanks for keeping your ear to the streets!)
  4. I wish I could like these comments multiple times — I am not here for Molly (never really was, tbh), and there has been way too little Kelli.
  5. LMAO, this was hilarious! Her name always trips me up because I want to pronounce it CONdola (like “gondola”), but it’s conDOla, which just feels awkward.
  6. I’m disappointed that Corolla (™️ @rozen) is pregnant, but I’m glad it means Issa and Lawrence are not together anymore. Good for her for being straight-up with Lawrence about her not being able to deal with that. Lawrence needs to just go on to SF already. I would like to see Issa alone again for a good part of next season, but I do want her to eventually be with Nathan. Ugh, I can’t stand Tiffany OR Amanda Seales. I lost it when Amanda was going on about her acting in the Wine Down; when I was watching her scene at the hotel door, I was aghast at how awkward her “acting” was, it was just so bad. Umm, did Prentice attend the Tyler Perry actor’s studio or something? He was doing way too much, like “filmed in front of a live studio audience” too much. Sad the show is over, but excited for the next season. I love that “Looking for Latoya” has its own website and podcast, though. 😆
  7. I barely watched this episode. Why did Tinsley expect people to gush with emotion at the fact that she and Scott are back together? Didn’t Dorinda TMZ that shit last episode, and Tinsley pretended it wasn’t true? Ramona is so lame, being mean to Tinsley just because Dorinda told her to. Good riddance, Tinsley. May she never grace my TV again.
  8. Glad it wasn’t just me, then. It’s been a rough time, indeed.
  9. Words that have echoed since the advent of reality TV.
  10. Yup, I’ve remarked on that before re: Ramona and Kyle. Tamra from RHOC is another “Real Housewifes” offender.
  11. I am completely disgusted by Aaron’s aggressive, condescending behavior at the BBQ. And Denise just laughed. I get it, she was feeling piled up on, but she’s okay with the snake oil he sells so I guess she’s okay with his asshole-ish, domineering behavior as well. I’m glad they both will not be returning next season — and I was a big DFR fan. I wish the other women had told him off then and there for being such a prick. I can understand why they were stunned, though — Aaron is fucking “out there.” Good for Garcelle for standing up for DFR at multiple points in the argument. I thought the shade in her speech was a bit unnecessary, but it made for a funny moment so I don’t mind it. I liked that she shared the info about her oldest son and why her charity work meant so much to her, it was very touching. I love her so she better not pull a DFR on me!
  12. That was too damn cute! Loved it.
  13. Yup. 🙋🏾‍♀️ Me and lots of other people, apparently, or they likely wouldn’t keep making more. Some of my personal faves are merch from a place called Big Dick’s Halfway Inn. But they’re more tongue-in-cheek double entendres, not really as explicit as MTTM. (Sayings like, “Liquor — She’ll love it!”)
  14. Eh, I like some of her stuff. The left sweatshirt is empowering, and the one on the right is humorous. These are things I would wear on a casual day outing with friends, to lunch or shopping. I don’t think she would have any qualms with her daughter wearing her pieces, except the sexually explicit stuff.
  15. I LOL’d when Kandi said she didn’t know if Kenya’s stunt was fun but it was funny,because that is exactly what went through my mind when Andy asked the question.
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