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  1. Not to mention a defendant can plea his/her case out whenever they pretty much want. It’s really entirely in the defendant’s court.
  2. I thought the color of Sergio’s dress was pretty, but thought so much more could’ve been done for her. When I was pregnant, I actually didn’t like my belly just hanging loose under my clothes. I generally wore more clingy clothes ...felt more supportive. Plus Sergio just sucks and there are tons of beautiful maternity dresses as evidenced in the post above of Kerry Washington. I thought Marquis was a goner. His model was so cute but that dress was not good.
  3. I’ve been slowly drifting from the Bravo universe. Below Deck used to be must see for me. I quit watching the last two episodes of this season. In fact, I may just tune in only for Top Chef and Project Runway. The Bruh’s seemed to have orchestrated a game plan to deflect everything towards Kate/Captain Lee. Ashton’s questioning of Captain Lee’s professionalism was really messed up. I can’t imagine any of this cast coming back besides Captain Lee, but I’d be curious to tune in if Kelly came back and maybe another old stew such as Amy.
  4. I can’t stand Sergio, but I did like his dress. Geoffrey’s dress was gorgeous. I loved the orange accent. If this was truly based on what was shown that day, then Victoria would’ve been a goner. Alas, this is clearly not the case.
  5. I'm out. I think this show, more than any of the others, plays out so much in the media before it ever airs, that its nearly impossible to be fresh. Not to mention that none of them seem to have actual lives that exist outside of maintaining their status on the show …..If they do, then they are singled out by the pack. The first two or three seasons were great, but it become unwatchable for me.
  6. The primary even mentioned on WWHL that she was not aware of the events that had transpired prior to their arrival which may have affected Kate's behavior. Even Simone acknowledged on WWHL that the show fairly depicted the divide between the men and woman on the crew and that it was as bad as was shown; however I was not at all surprised to see Simone sitting there with the guys on WWHL. Brian has somewhat expressed regret on Twitter about the things that went down. I cannot stand Kevin at all. I'm not blind towards Kate's behavior, but I think that the woman were treated horribly this season and there is no justification for any of it.
  7. I’m down to only really watching Dallas and New York. If it turns out that Emily was asked back full time while Tamara and Vicki were not, I will be beyond happy and may just tune in for this fact alone.
  8. That house is what finally turned me off of Meghan for good. Just a few months after the cheating scandal, she could not wait to show the house, complete with "bowling alley" off on Instagram. I think it was just a matter of days later that the marriage finally imploded.
  9. Given the tenor between Jim and Meghan at this point, I suspect Jim isn't going to let her film with the kids. Meghan's storyline is not appealing to me. Further, its already playing out all over social media and neither her or Jim looks any better than the other. She is forever the martyr. The only thing that interests me at this point about Meghan is the backstory behind her first marriage and perhaps how Jim's second wife feels about her. Meghan was more than happy to trash her on the show. One rare occasion I liked Vicky was when she asked Tamara "why" when she learned that Meghan would be attending her birthday or something with them.
  10. I’m pretty shocked by Tamara leaving. Shannon is going to be very lost next season....if she stays. Gina may have wanted to rethink aligning with the tres amigas this year...if she even makes the cut.
  11. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Their home was in Missouri. If he objects to the kids bring in another state, she may have a hard time. I know they have a prenup. She’s going to get child support but Missouri $ is probably going to be substantially less than CA $. And she just really needs to zip it. The more she trashes him in the media the less sympathetic she looks. Nothing she is doing right now is in the best interest of the three kids.
  12. Something tells me that Jackie's kids friends, if given a choice, would prefer to visit Jackie's beach house at the Hamptons over a birthday party with a bounce house any day of the week. Jennifer doesn't have a beach house so she wouldn't know. Jennifer's jealousy is so obvious. Her house is tacky as hell and I had to laugh that she owned one of the least expensive houses shown on WWHL last night.
  13. I think I’m in the minority, but I like Melissa and while the Tarzan business is gross, Joe is awfully good to his nieces. Good for her pointing out the ridiculousness of the wasting money on birthday parties. Even Theresa knows that it’s tacky to drag someone over how much they spend on birthday parties, but she sticks by her little loyal soldier, Jen.
  14. This was truly stupid. Sandoval loves the idea of being an "owner" of the bar, but honestly does anyone believe that he is responsible for any part of the day to day operations? And never in a million years would an owner go off on someone hosting an event in a bar in which they're a very minority owner. If this wasn't all for a show, Stassi (the customer) would've been running to a whatever media outlet would listen and spill on the treatment she received from Sandoval. Usually a contract amongst restaurant partners will have clauses that will negate the contract if one of the parties does something to cause harm to the restaurant. I actually worked for Outback decades ago and the franchise holder lost his interest in the restaurant when he opted to have an affair with one of the waitresses (he was married/she was married). She could've had a fairly significant lawsuit against him as the affair resulted in her being treated incredibly cruelly by her coworkers. He had the power in the whole situation. At the end of the day, Lisa/Ken and the other couple (names I can't remember) are the real owners of Tom-Tom and the idea that Sandoval has any actual authority there is pretty laughable.
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