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  1. Ahhh Matthew Ashford during the first round of Jack and Jennifer was amazing, but he also had far superior material to work with back then. He could do rage really really good even with Jennifer, but then play completely vulnerable in the next moments. He also brought out a lot more in Missy Reeves. His scenes with Steve, Jo, Vern, IsBella, etc...were all great.
  2. Luanne did not look happy with Dorinda and she wasn’t buying a word of her apology. Good for Luanne. Dorinda is so fucking manipulative. She went for Ramona because she knew she’d get some help. Ramona has always been shown celebrating large birthdays and does truly seem to have a pretty large group of girlfriends. I don’t understand why this is an issue. What exactly did Ramona do you Dorinda other than call out the fact that Dorinda is a beast when she drinks. Sonja truly must suffer from memory loss because she was Dorinda’s target for two years! And yes, I understand she is siding with Dorinda because Dorinda has put a roof over Sonja’s head. Leah, if she can cut the booze, could be good. I love a good foil for Ramona so long as it makes sense. Dorinda/Sonja went way overboard.
  3. What the fuck with Dorinda’s harping on Tinsley about not having financial security in her relationship with Scott. The fact that she chose to focus on $ tells me all I need to k ow about Dorinda. I’m sure that Tinsley will be signing a pretty tight prenup; however Tinsley isn’t exactly destitute. She got a pretty good settlement from her first marriage and she was born into a wealthy family. She’s also capable of making money on her own. Tinsley slayed this reunion and I was living for it. I do want to see Luanne drop the diplomatic attitude and let Dorinda have it. Dorinda took over the discussion when the subject came up last night and it was obvious Luanne wanted to say more.
  4. I f-ing love that after Carole waxed on about how “honest” Dorinda is, we get Dorinda lying repeatedly on full display courtesy of production. That was one of the best reunion moments I’ve ever seen. The fact that Tinsley just sat there and calmly stated the facts, likely knowing production had her back, was perfection. Dorinda must have been really bad over the years.
  5. Heather is tight with Carole (who clearly doesn't like Tinsley) and she uses Dorinda's pool in the Berkshires. No way was Heather going to critique Dorinda. Never mind the fact that Heather was the first recipient of one of Dorinda's tirades.
  6. The rumors that were going around to explain Dorinda's hatred of Tinsley were really far off. That was probably one of the biggest mic drops I've ever seen on a reunion and I think Tinsley 100% knew that production was going to have her back when she dropped that information about Scott/John. Go Tinsley. Dorinda was 100% committed to continuing on with her abuse of Tinsley. I can't wait to see how the rest of the reunion goes.
  7. Maybe her attacks became more frequent, but Dorinda has been having pretty vicious outbursts since her first season (Heather was on the receiving end of the first one for something incredibly stupid....like not waiting up for them before going into a restaurant). Then she decided to go in on Sonja for a couple seasons. Then it was Luanne’s turn. They were all cringeworthy. The stuff with Tinsley was bad, but her attacks on Luanne really bugged me. Luanne was a legit friend of Dorinda’s from before the show. She gave zero fucks about hurting her.....and she’s done it repeatedly.
  8. That was the most low key finale since the first OC finale that I’ve seen....until the last two minutes. I kept waiting for the meltdown and was wondering if they’d cut it, but the “WOW”! That shit just came out of nowhere. At some point, Dorinda decided that she is the head honcho of the show. There were some shades of “Vicki” entitlement in that speech about Tinsley breaching her contract and ruining the show. She should be thanking Tinsley for leaving as she saved Dorinda from a good ten more embarrassing attacks on Tinsley. I can only imagine the scenes that John and Hannah have experienced with Dorinda. She doubled down on her behavior on social media; hence I’m dying to see what transpired on the reunion. Dorinda has some good moments, but I could never fully endorse the Dorinda love. The nasty outburst against Heather in her first season set off alarm bells. Dorinda needs to come to terms with the alcohol. Her M.O. is to always deflect (Luanne’s arrest, Ramona going out...) to others. I know she’s hanging with Bethenny and I sincerely hope that Bethenny is addressing the issue with her behind closed doors. I don’t need to see Dorinda on my screen anytime soon. And I don’t want them to drop Ramona, Luanne or Sonja. I know Ramona gets on people’s last nerve, but I love that she’s the longest running howives and not Vicky. Sonja’s last couple episodes have been good. It could be fun to add a couple of younger girls to mix it up between older/younger.
  9. Im new to this show, but knew Chrishell from Days (she plays “crazy” quite well). I thought that Christine was going to be the worst, but Davina is just terrible. Christine seems to have a personality. And I actually kind of dug her wedding (minus Davina). I really like Mary, but if she’s as good as they have depicted on the show, I wonder why she stays at that brokerage. Regardless, she seems like she is the most loyal and down to earth of this group. I can’t get over Heather and how much she looks like Tarek’s ex, Christina. Heather is cute, but I always thought Tarek was a bit of a tool. I love his ex though.
  10. Richard died of liver failure. Many have speculated that alcohol has always been a factor for Dorinda even prior to Richard’s death.
  11. Of course there is no expiration date on grieving the loss of a spouse. My father died when I was six...over 30 years ago. My mom still grieves him; however she had way to many responsibilities to wallow in her grief for very long. She also never used it to “one-up” other people. A divorce can be a terrible thing. Ramona was married to Mario for many more years than Dorinda was to Richard; however Dorinda would have Ramona’s head off Had she tried to compare the two losses (personally, I think the losses are both pretty teagic). I, can say honestly, that for all of her warts, Ramona has done a pretty damn good job of keeping her head up.
  12. And in the case of Heather, Like with Luanne, she seemed to think by doing something for Heather (allowing her the use of her pool in the Berkshires), that she was free to abuse Heather. Besides her ridiculous freak out on Heather, I remember the scene, because I adored Heather’s dress in those scenes. But, again, she went way off the rails on Heather. She’s done it every season, it’s just that number of times she did it increased with each season.
  13. Nene had one good season...the first one. And then her head blew up. I’m amazed they have kept her on. Rinna seems to love being the pot stirrer; however she can’t take it. I cut way back on BH, but someone needs to come for her. Garcelle took a couple shots and I was literally applauding. There have already been leaks that Dorinda was especially terrible to production. Someone even refused to work with her again.
  14. Dorinda has had nasty moments since her first season. She went off on Heather out of the blue her first season. She set her sights on Sonja and that went on for a couple seasons. She only decided to become Sonja’s champion this year to cause a rift between Sonja and Ramona. She then went after Luanne and that was nasty. Finally, the attack on Tinsley. Tinsley didn’t do shit to Dorinda; of course Heather, Sonja, and Luanne didn’t either. She has always used Richard’s death as her “out” for her behavior. I don’t buy that her behavior is entirely linked to his death. The man died of liver failure. I think alcohol has played a role in Dorinda’s life for some time. None of the other ladies would bring that up, but honestly I don’t think Dorinda would’ve extended the same courtesy to any of them. A few other housewives from other shows have been pretty nasty...Tamara, Nene, Vicki, Rinna, Brandi, Leanne, etc... but I’m hard pressed to find one as unapologetically nasty as Dorinda (maybe Rinna or Brandi).
  15. I agree that she was great that season. Oddly, Ramona did her best to heal the rift between Bethenny and Jill (Luanne got in the way) that season.
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