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  1. Tinsley is bumming me out this season. She looks miserable and she usually has a bit of lightness around her. That lady could get a number of decent guys to settle down with her. It’s not fun to see someone in a relationship that is clearly not healthy for them. I was on the fence about Barbara until last week when she got snotty about the fish room. I was happy to see Luanne be caring towards Tinsley over the alcoholism. Now if only she could get over herself. I would have liked to see more of Bethenny’s new place. So far I like the last one better.
  2. AttackTurtle

    S09.E10: A Supreme Snub

    Anyone who thinks LVP hasn’t stuck up for Kyle needs to rewatch the series. She’s come to her defense over and over again. In Kyle’s nastiest feud with Kim, Lisa repeatedly defended her throughout the season and even more so at the reunion (the dog bite reunion). Kyle does not outright defend Lisa...there is always a “but” involved. Kyle has always found s new shiny friend to replace Lisa and then calls Lisa “jelly”. That whole shower was completely contrived by production last minute to try to get them all together. No way do I believe Kyle would normally text an invitation. I just saw photos from the shower she threw for Kim’s daughter’s second baby and it was over the top. Lois (Oregon thanks you for being lovely as your daughter is doing us no favors) is lovely despite having a horrible daughter and I’m just shocked it took this many seasons for the story of her mom’s attack to come out. LVP sounds pretty “done” in that blog.
  3. AttackTurtle

    S08.E01: Winterfell

    The dragon flight scene was a bit of wasted time for me, but I’m hoping that it was to foreshadow John riding one in battle soon and they want us to know he can ride one. Bran was creeping me/annoying me until I realized that the “old friend” he was waiting for was Jaime. speaking of Bran shouldn’t someone be constantly inquiring of him about the whereabouts of the AOTD? Sam did not seem worked over his dad, but his brother being scorched seemed to be what sent him over. I give credit to Dany for telling him straight out about it.
  4. Honestly BH really has to dwell on petty shit because they don’t have a whole lot else to complain about. Dorit is not going to cop to her major financial issues. The only real drama on BH so far (Camilles house still has to burn down) is the fact that LVP’s brother recently killed himself, which is why the decision to go for her feels really gross to many. NY has some genuine issues and they don’t hide them. Luanne was in rehab, Bethenny’s on/off died, Sonja is still delusional about her current social standing, Tinsley’s desire to have a baby seems to be more and more unlikely, etc... Meanwhile on BH, we have puppygate....a storyline in which someone did something terrible to an animal and a “friend” and yet somehow is a “victim@.
  5. I didn’t feel that Bethenny was confirming that they plotted the takedown (which sorry B, it is absolutely a takedown. And I do believe Rinna and Erika have been dying for an opportunity)but I do think that since the episodes have aired, that Bethenny is aware, like everyone, that the cast is doubling down on their attacks on LVP. Bethenny knows from her experience with Jill just how much these feuds (takedowns) can backfire. Jill only made it to Season 4 because B skipped it. And as much as I like Bethenny, I think LVP’s fan base is bigger than B’s. I think Rinna, Dorit, and Teddi are all very expendable. Personally, I think Teddy is handling the social media attacks the worst and I can see her quitting. Erika will stay.
  6. Love her or hate her, Bethenny on WWHL in her way summed up how dumb this take down of LVP is. She claims that she’s texted Rinna and Kyle about the LVP feud and she told Rinna, if you’re going to do this, you better make sure “she’s dead...like nothing moving” and then she said, “and she ain’t dead.” Basically, don’t risk losing your job to do this, because if you fail, it’s not going to end well for you. I think Andy favors Kyle as well, but favoring Kyle doesn’t mean he believes the show works without LVP. Kyle brings house porn, a beautiful family, but she’s not smart/witty/funny and does not have the following of LVP. He wants them both and I think he’s going to bend over backwards to get them to make nice. NY could lose a person and it would survive (the fact that Ramona has always been on the show is just incredible...the one constant). I’m already checked out of BH, knowing LVP is not going to be involved.
  7. On WWHL, Andy was very determined to get LVP to see that Kyle was caught in the middle up until the confrontation. I disagree with Andy as I think Kyle played a big role in this from the beginning....only her original target was Dorit. Once Rinna and Erika got involved, they saw an opportunity to finally get rid of LVP. I do think Andy realizes that he has a problem and views Kyle and LVP as the cornerstones of BH. Rinna is an asshole, but I’ve long felt that to her this show is just an extension of her soap opera career and her actions have no real life effect.....with the exception of promoting her bobble head daughters. It was nice to see Mohammad at LVP’s party. Not sure how Kyle couldn’t understand why it wasn’t just her that was not invited to her party. Does Kyle not recall saying that “everyone” thinks Lisa was behind the Radar story? Camille is already apologizing in Twitter. If LVP comes back, LVP and Camille are going to be aligned. Based on next week’s previews, Camille is still holding on to some major resentment from a Season one.
  8. AttackTurtle

    S11 E21: Reunion Part I

    Fat shaming a woman, who is two weeks before her due date, is beyond fucked up. I had to laugh at Nene’s claim that she’s the “glue” in the cast was pretty funny considering she was at odds with nearly everyone there including the host...her boss.
  9. So I’m a Bethenny fan, but I get that she’s not not for everyone. Thanks to the power that is Hulu, I started watching from Season One and and am now on Season Three. Other than the gifts from the Gods that are the Scary Island episodes, I had not watched Season 3 since it originally aired. Besides Scary Islamd, I think of it as the season of the end of Jill and Bethenny. That being said, knowing how things ended, I look at Jason a whole lot differently. In seasons 1-2, Bethenny’s whole narrative was marriage/baby/business with a lot of emphasis on the first two. When you watch just thick Jadon lays it on in Seadon 3, it’s impossible not to question if he wasn’t a total con artist. She was gaga for him. He was telling her exactly what she wanted to hear: we need to move in together, but first I promise there will be a commitment, I love you, you’re right...Jill is no friend, etc... And throughout this, her business was on the verge of exploding. He was driving the car in the Hamptons with her logo on it. We know “he didn’t like Jill”. I don’t blame Jason for the demise of Jill and Bethenny, but Jill could be honest with Bethenny back then and may have had her take a step back. Just spit-balling. Had it not been for the shadow cast by the Bethenny/Jill feud and Scary Island, I think a bit more scrutiny would’ve been paid to Jason.
  10. AttackTurtle

    S09.E08: Showdown at Villa Rosa

    Kyle lost me when she posted the footage of the fight on Instagram. To quote Erika, "that's not friendship....that's bullshit.". Kyle has a gorgeous family and I truly believe she is a good mom, but damn she is as down and dirty as Tamara on OC (although I give Tamara an inch of forgiveness because she has to stir up shit to stay on the show and the show is her frickin livelihood.). This show is not Kyle's livelihood. It serves to feed her ego and her inner 14 year old self. We've seen shades of mean Kyle every year. Limo night, game night #1, Peanut butter and Jelly bullshit, the party in which Brandi came on the scene for the first time, etc... But going on social media and making light of an event that really upset someone that you supposedly cared about, is just really awful.
  11. AttackTurtle

    S11.E05: Shark Bait

    I just don’t get being ungracious in someone’s house. I also don’t really get why Luanne bought a house in upstate New York when she has a house on the water in the Hamptons. The house in upstate is beautiful, but I just don’t get it. Her moaning that she drove all the way from upstate is kind of strange as I dont think there is much difference between the distance between Manhattan and the Berkshires and upstate and the Berkshires. Upstate may be closer. (I live in western MA). But really, Luanne just torched whatever positive public sentiment she had when the season started. Tinsley was beyond gracious reagarding the bedroom situation; however I would’ve loved to see how Bethenny would have responded in that discussion. I’m surprised Ramona wasn’t more vocal as she’s pretty defensive of Dorinda.
  12. AttackTurtle

    S11.E05: Shark Bait

    Welp. Luanne took five episodes to be truly unbearable. Wow. Maybe she needs to start drinking again. Who the fuck asks a host to provide a yoga instructor/masseuse in their home? Damn. Didnt Luanne get annoyed when Sonja wanted a blender in the Hamptons? Way to hurt Dorinda’s feelings about the shark room. Team Dorinda.
  13. AttackTurtle

    S09.E08: Showdown at Villa Rosa

    I think Kyle genuinely thought/thinks she could make up with LVP. She has said, she wanted to work it out with Lisa at the show’s premier party. I don’t think that’s ever going to happen. I also think Kyle has never really considered Lisa a true friend. She is a “show” friend (Teddi should take note). Kyles real friends are in the Faye Resnic/Kris Jenner circle. Do you think Kyle would ever go into their homes and call them liars? Not a chance. I want LVP to come back just because I think it will be interesting to see how Kyle deals with the fact that she’s not getting back in with Lisa. Kyle, Dorit and Erika can comfort each other over the massive lawsuits their husbands are each facing.
  14. AttackTurtle

    S09.E08: Showdown at Villa Rosa

    Who has something to gain from the story being leaked? Hmmmmm ...PRODUCTION! The fact that they’re unwilling to consider anyone but Lisa as responsible is such a joke. Lisa seemed genuinely pissed off and I don’t see a friendship between Kyle and Lisa happening again. And I’m so over the “I/Dorit did nothing wrong” bullshit. Yes. You did do something wrong. I don’t have a dog, but even I know that their are strict rules when adopting a dog. Dorit didn’t follow the rules and regardless of where she ditched the dog, it was going to be discovered that it was from Vanderpump Dogs...which is a shit look for them. So yes Dorit, you did something wrong. And the fact that it was something that involved Lisa’s biggest cause is beyond shitty. I honestly don’t think this is the end for LVP on the show. I think Teddy is going to quit because she is not built for the backlash. I think Rinna could go because Rinna really brings nothing to the show. Camille was in Vegas for the opening of LVP’s new restaurant. And she reportedly got into it with Dorit at Andy Cohen’s baby shower. Erika will stay, Kyle will stay and Dorit will likely stay....but lose Rinna and Teddy and I could see LVP staying. Finally, I’m dying that LVP basically had Vegas bow down to her last weekend. Her businesses are riding a huge wave right now. This has got to kill the coven.
  15. AttackTurtle

    S03.E18: Her

    The part where the kids were freaked out by their mom being gone was a bit much, but it still got me. I had to go to the ER this morning for something and my little boy was a wreck as he has memories of me being away in the hospital for breast cancer. Kids freak out. The shocker I think was the brother being present at the end. I didn’t see that coming. I was happy for Randall & Beth; particularly after seeing their story last week. Wondering what the deal was with the kid games. I felt bad about Kevin and Zoey. The actress is gorgeous and they had nice chemistry. I hope the Kevin offspring isn’t Sophie’s. I want her happy with her Billy Joel loving guy. I’m usually meh about Kate.