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  1. Oh God....Leanne just sucks the fun out of everything. And I'm even more convinced that she has something on Cam because her need for "control" in that relationship is just beyond and so different than Cam's other relationships. Leanne did mock Kary's jewelry in front of the group (she called them anal beads). I hate having my feet touched, but if I was able to sit in a little air conditioned box for a bit, I would've been all over those massages. I love Deandra's willingness to embrace the food and culture. And Brandi's sleeping pill episode was just great t.v.... I've pretty much given up on the other HOWIVE shows (except NY), but I"m loving Dallas. I can't stand Leanne and can only really only be bemused by Cam, but that dynamic fascinates me. I'm very curious to see when the Leanne is a "racist" storyline really blows up (its overdue at this point).
  2. This was everything! Keep Emily. Ditch the rest of these idiots. Kelly’s ability to take something to 100 as quick as does is really incredible. I have a temper, but damn I’m actually kind of impressed by hers (and petrified).
  3. No words for how much I hate Delilah. I watch this show solely for Catherine.
  4. I thought the mid life crisis costumes were pretty on point...with the exception of Leanne's. Travis's head to toe Gucci label would've only been better had it been like head to toe Porche or something. I think Brian absolutely hates being on camera and its only bearable when his bestie, Travis, is there too. In Deandra's defense, the Real Housewives is probably the best promotional tool that Mama Dee's business will ever have. Whether they fully take advantage of the exposure remains to be seen. I'd be saying the name of the company over and over again.
  5. Can Delilah be the death in the preview? Seriously, she is the worst. I’m glad that Regina is coming around to seeing things from Catherine’s point of view. Not only is she depriving Toby of his sister, but she’s depriving Charlie of her father. One would think she’d understand the huge loss that is given her other kids lost their dad. My dad passed away when I was six years old. I dated an ass-hat, who once claimed that I was lucky he died as opposed to having my parents divorce (as was his case). Mind you, this kid had a very good relationship with both of his “living” parents. To me the choice between having a dad vs. not having a dad is kind of a no-brainer (not including really abusive horrible fathers in this). I dated that 20 years ago and I still pity the poor girl who he ended up marrying.
  6. I've experienced a burn out on reality tv shows; particularly the Real Housewives. It would be great if Days could recapture what it once was, because I can't help but think that I'm not alone in wanting escape t.v. that is not reality television. Downtown Abby was a soap opera at its core and it did wonderful. There were some good moments today. The Princess Gina stuff is ridiculously stupid. JJ has potential but the Hailey character is just plain blah.
  7. As a longtime hopeless Jack and Jennifer fan, I really liked the Loretta rings and how Jack got choked up. Its too bad the writing is so bad these days, because both Matt Ashford and Missy Reeves are wonderful actors (just re-watched the rape slap/follow up scenes from '91 and they were both incredible). Charlotte Ross will always be Eve to me, but this version of Eve was quite good today. I did love when JJ said, "you're too old".
  8. Meghan reminds me of Katherine from Southern Charm a bit. We empathize with the treatment they receive from the dirt bags they choose to become involved with, but that doesn't change the fact that both Meghan and Katherine are both narcissistic pains in the ass. And I emphasize "choose" because both Jim Edmonds and Thomas Ravenel had reputations that preceded them.....for some reason both Katherine and Meghan thought they were going to be the exception.
  9. I was always on the fence with Meghan and still am to this day. I have empathy for her for what she is going thru with her son. I've never been able to forget how she behaved in her first season. We credit her for uncovering the cancer scam (although I think that was completely producer driven), but at the end of the day, the shit was none of her business. I hated how she treated Shannon, who was clearly in a horrible spot after David's adultery disclosure. I always felt that she latched on to his first wife's cancer for a storyline and to make herself look saintly. She used Jim's daughter to further that storyline. Given Meghan's behavior in first season, I can't help but think she is the last person you'd want on the other side of a divorce.....especially if she feels she's been done dirty. Jim is a complete dirtbag for the texting (but come on, it definitely went beyond texting), but she's an idiot for sticking with him. A few weeks ago when Meghan showed off the house, complete with bowling alley, I couldn't help but think that this girl has learned nothing over the past few months. I feel for those three babies....not sure how much I feel for Meghan at this point.
  10. Am I correct in assuming that Greg gave Ken the documents he saved from Tom's mini bonfire? I'm not sure why he'd give up his "insurance" policy unless his grandfather's words about Logan being worse than "Hitler" finally sunk in. I knew that Ken was going to double cross Logan. Even in amidst his drug binges, he seemed to always be lurking and observing everything. Tom is/has been one of my favorites for a while now. Roman has also grown on me. I think Shiv is very smart, but I don't think she as as smart as she thinks she is. Logan is absolutely despicable, but the actor is nailing the whole performance so well. I only started watching a few days ago (I'm a binger), but I have a feeling that this is HBO's next big hit. It took a few episodes for me to be fully sold, but I'm in. Can't wait for Season 3. ETA: I totally forgot about Greg telling Ken about his "insurance" policy at Tom and Shiv's wedding.
  11. But for the "only one allowed to speak" part,, Kam has this in Leanne and vice versa.
  12. I can see inviting people to a bachelorette party and not the wedding, but no way would I do that with a shower. That is beyond tacky. Cam is just ridiculously exhausting. Stephanie did nothing wrong (does she ever). Stephanie does not defend Brandi on everything, but if she were going to be loyal unconditionally with anyone, it would be Brandi. I was a little annoyed with original Cary for not defending Stephanie when Cam was making her snarky comments about how she and Stephanie had talked out their issue. I like this season's Brandi. She seemed to be having a great time at the haunted house and she seems capable of moving on from things. I do think that she and Stephanie have the advantage of having that one person in their corner regardless of what is going on with everyone else. The Cam/Leanne is the strangest relationship on this show. After fast forwarding through an hour of cringe worthy behavior on the last episode of the OC, I'm continuing to find Dallas to be one the only HW shows I actually enjoy watching anymore. I did enjoy the editors flashing back to the scene of Rich saying he had forgiven Deandr, right after Leanne tells her that it was Rich who couldn't move on from it.
  13. I think that Stephanie has enough money now and is high enough in the social world for Cam to deem her worthy of friendship. She clearly doesn't understand that people don't want to be friends with someone that is constantly judging them. Leanne and Cam work because they never call the other to task. I was happy to see Cary back and her advice to Stephanie was spot on and is evidence of why I miss her on this show. And her "yoga" body is amazing. I agree that Stephanie's depression is alarming; particularly considering how far she goes to disguise it to everyone. On the flip side, its pretty brave for her to go on this show and put her difficulties out there and acknowledge what she is going through. She's very self aware of how other things, such as booze, can make her problems worse. We see women with substance abuse issues on these shows and either the issues are dealt with flippantly (Luanne) or not at all (Sonja). Good for Stephanie for putting herself out there.
  14. I know people here tend to give Travis the side eye, but I love following Stephanie on Instagram. They’re always going on great family vacations and often include her parents. They legit come off as great parents to their kids. I’m totally team Travis. Stephanie and Brandi continue to be the one legit friendship on all these shows. They seem very comfortable mixing up with the others, but always seem to check in with each other. Cam has some funny talking heads, but the girl can dish it out, but can’t take it ...at all. It must be exhausting to be friends with her.
  15. I really liked Eddie's approach towards Emily. And fitness/health is actually the one area that I would take advice from Tamra. For all of her evil ways, she's in great shape. A year ago, I was in Emily's shoes, but it took getting on the scale, being horrified and realizing that the reason my joints hurt so much , was due to my weight to get me off my ass. While diet is the key to losing weight, the fact that I was working my butt off at Orange Theory, made me want to watch my diet so I wasn't working out with no noticeable changes.
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