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  1. AttackTurtle

    S14.E02: (Not So Happy) Housewarming

    While her behavior is often repulsive, Tamara can look quite pretty. I thought her hair/attire looked great at the bbq. Shannon is still heavier than she was her first season, but she looks so much better. Smiling looks good on Shannon. I have taken and passed the MA Bar. When you prep for the Bar, you’re aware of how important it is to pass on the first go around. Statistically, your chances of passing decrease with each attempt. The odds are not in Shane’s favor, but it should be easy to look up if he took it in February. And while studying for the Bar is a drain, you can take a night off for your parents birthday. I really do not like the way he speaks to his wife and I would agree that it seems they’re already separated, but that is such a big no-no for Mormons. Gina, holy lack of self awareness! Don’t order Tito’s when people are still talking about your DUI. That bleach blond hair is not helping her. I don’t feel sorry for Vicki or Kelly. Both knew the score when they were BFF’s. Vicki used Kelly because the cool girls were shunning her. As expected she dropped her as soon as Tamara and Shannon gave her an opening. Kelly has to Know this from the get go. It does seem that they all couldn’t get away from Vicki fast enough. Vicki reiterating the coke story about Kelly and claiming to know people that have done coke with Kelly really doesn’t speak well of Vicki or Kelly. So Vicky hangs out with other people who do coke? Good to know. This episode confirmed my feeling that I don’t miss Vicki at all. *can’t tell if he passed the CA Bar, but he passed Utah’s Bar several years ago.
  2. AttackTurtle

    S04.E11: Monte Car-loco

    I'm torn on who to side with regarding Jwow and Aesha. On the one hand, he has no business calling her a prostitute; however her behavior is pretty embarrasing in public. Travis on the other hand should have been fired. He made everyone look bad with his behavior. He was at that dinner courtesy of the boat's owner (allegedly) and he was a complete shit. And for him to then lecture Jwow for his treatment of Aesha the next day (for events that he has no recollection because he was drunk and passed out) was not cool. And I also say not cool on Aesha's part as it seemed as though she and Jwow had some resolution in which both were satisfied and then she needed to go stir the pot up again later with the two nitwit deckhands. I fully expect that Captain Sandy is going to handle the situation with Anastasia poorly. She created the situation (or at least production did) and Anastasi is going to get hurt. To JWOW and Hannah's credit, they both saw what has transpired a mile away. She wants to be in the galley because it makes her feel superior; whereas to go back to being a third stew will mean that she is back on the bottom. I'm all for being competitive and ambitious, but her ego is going to end up costing the other crew tip money.
  3. AttackTurtle

    S02.E10: Second Time's the Southern Charm

    I actually thought the wedding ceremony was really cool (sans Reece's vows). The neon sign was tacky, but I think it was more about Reece's feeling than Regan's. I did not like Regan's dress at all. How long has Justin been dating his girlfriend? I was with my husband a year and a half when he told me that he was planning to propose on our two year anniversary. Honestly, it was never even a thing for me prior to him telling me. I think the more she fixates on it and gives him ultimatums, she's putting the nail in their relationship coffin.
  4. AttackTurtle

    S06.E13 Outfoxed

    Shep and Austin are always together on Instagram. Both of them have fully taken advantage of the finer perks of being a bravoleb. Craig is often pictured with them too, but I kind of loved how Craig took refuge in the Carribean last year after his break up. He seemed to fully enjoy the island life. I just can't fully embrace Kathryn. I don't think she wants to have her kids full time and likely does rely on her parents for a lot of help in the child care department when she does have them. I did think it was interesting to see her feeling genuinely giddy about meeting someone and someone "age appropriate" to boot. I love Chelsea and her dad. What a sweet relationship. The Ashley storyline is such an obvious producer driven plot. The woman is desperate to be on t.v. and would likely say and/or do anything to be on t.v.. In some ways, I feel the same way about Naomi, but I actually think Naomi was looking for a way to market her various businesses whether it be the family restaurant or the on-line retail. She's not stupid. I see her on-line store on Instagram all the time and she is its main model.
  5. AttackTurtle

    S14.E01: New Friend, New Flames

    Vicky's status put every housewife on notice that no one is safe. Andy dropped a line last night on WWHL that there may be more than "one" housewife role to fill on BH. He then backtracked and said he was joking, but something tells me someone is getting the ax on BH. I actually really like the new housewife so far. She looked much prettier without all the makeup, but her attitude in general seemed pretty good. When I saw that she has a seemingly happy family, I wanted to yell, "get off this show now!" Ryan is gross. I don't want to watch politics on the show; however, Ryan posted some pretty rancid comments on social media and I'm team Spencer. Tamara is not a Trump supporter. She's made some offhand comments about him on WWHL that made this clear. I think most of the other OC ladies have always leaned very right. I suspect Kelly is the other exception.
  6. AttackTurtle

    S14.E01: New Friend, New Flames

    The Doc on the Miami HW was like world reknowned. I think his name was Lenny and his resume was pretty outstanding. He also completed medical school very young. He never creeped me out because he wasn't a huge factor on the show. Most of the men on that show were kind of background. Kelly's guy is no where near Lenn's calibre or Dr. Dubrows or Dr. Nassif. I do think that Shannon looks great and that the work looks pretty natural.
  7. AttackTurtle

    S14.E01: New Friend, New Flames

    I don't think we've ever actually seen Shannon genuinely happy before. This will be refreshing and I say that as someone that actually really likes Shannon. Aside from Ramona (who has been crazy since day one), I don't think there is a more "real" howife than Shannon. She cannot disguise any of her feelings. I couldn't stand Gina last season and don't have a lot of hope for her this season. Her thirst to be "on" the show was just to obvious for me. I can stand Emily just because she seems like a genuinely "okay" person and she can shade Tamara (and Tamara doesn't bother me as much as she bothers most). Kelly is actually back with her boyfriend after a brief break-up, but she needs to run from that one. I think someone wants some RHOC publicity for his plastic surgery business. I don't think he's quite at Dr. Dubrow's level. Don't miss Vicky at all. Ryan needs to stay off of my screen. Only a mother could love that guy. I quit RHOBH this year, but I swear I just can't quit the original. I don't know why, but I have always enjoyed OC. Not as much as NY, but I do find some of the stuff on this show a bit more relatable than most.
  8. AttackTurtle

    S04.E10: Docked and Loaded

    I didn’t think the guests were all that demanding. Johnny’s wife was embarrassing, but I thought Johnny came off likable (as a Sox fan...I love him, regardless of the fact that he became a Yankee). Johnny Damon looks like he is is still in pretty good shape. I imagine he has a fairly healthy aperture. I work out an hour a day and no way would that Italian meal have held me over. I think it’s great that Ana cooks in her comfort zone, but the chef’s comfort should not be an issue in that environment. I, too, think Ben probably just wasn’t available earlier in the season. I can’t stand Sandy though and I really hope she doesn’t tear Ana down.
  9. AttackTurtle

    Million Dollar Listing NY

    Jeff Lewis made a comment about his surrogates pubic hair/grooming on national television. I know that he is known for being crass, but he lost me there. I want to believe that Jeff can be a great dad, but he has a way of driving a wedge between everyone that he cares for and whom has been shown to care for him.
  10. AttackTurtle

    Million Dollar Listing NY

    Jeff Lewis could learn a thing about how to treat a surrogate from Fredrik and Derek. I don’t think you have to maintain a relationship with your surrogate, but the fact that they have and that they understand what she did for them is really nice to see.
  11. AttackTurtle

    Million Dollar Listing NY

    Those kids are adored. Period. Go on Instagram and you see Derek holding Mila and Frederick holding little Freddy. The kids are gorgeous (I have always thought that Derek was the best looking guy on all of Bravo). They also lead a very fabulous life. Between the condo in Manhattan, the estate in CT, the new pad in CA, a slew of amazing vacations and tons of adoring family members and friends, those kids are going to have a spectacular life.
  12. AttackTurtle

    Million Dollar Listing NY

    I follow Frederic and Derek on Instagram and their children are absolutely gorgeous. They appear to be attached to both kids equally. The likeness between the boy and Derek is amazing. And if I could switch lives with a child it would be one of those two kids. They're already seriously well traveled. I loved seeing this group coming together at the end to celebrate their personal lives. I prefer this to the Josh vs. Josh buffoonery in LA. Although I like Flag. And I used to hate Luis, but then he opened up about his depression and I changed my tune.
  13. AttackTurtle

    S06.E12: Who Put the Mad in Madison?

    My original post clearly states that what Madison did was a low blow. I don’t condone it, but Danni has willingly engaged in multiple conflicts on this show; hence I’m not fully on the Dani’s a “victim” train.
  14. AttackTurtle

    S06.E12: Who Put the Mad in Madison?

    I remember her at his apartment, having dinner, while sitting on the floor. And whether they were on/off, he hung up on her when he called her about Dani’s boyfriend. It appeared there was legit hurt on both sides. We can agree to disagree on this one.
  15. AttackTurtle

    S06.E12: Who Put the Mad in Madison?

    I gotta be honest, I had to read that sentence a few times. My recollection was the two of them enjoying a romantic meal or two. Shortly thereafter, the boys told him Dani’s story and he pretty much dumped her on the phone. Kathryn should be a little nervous because I think SC has found a legit new minx. IMO Madison is gorgeous and doesn’t seem shy about confrontation. Furthermore, she doesn’t appear out of it on anti-depressants all the time. Kathryn can go scratch in her complaining about Shep. He’s repeatedly stood up for Kathryn and tried to include her. Not to mention she seems to like going back to his bed. But....Shep. Oh how you’ve fallen. Madison appears to have a pretty good little business, is a knockout, and is not bowled over by you. And calling anyone “white trash” is not cool, but a single mom to boot is just not “kind”. Remember when being kind was a thing for Shep?