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  1. If you go back and watch Kam’s talking head footage from the Thai “ping-pong” episode, she specifically discusses how bossy the sex workers were and that they shot little darts at her when she stood up to leave. Kam absolutely was referring to the Thai sex workers when she made the comparison to Tiffany. She and likely Court knew she’d stepped in it and tried to gloss over it with saying she meant the other ladies. She also got a huge pass when it wasn’t brought up at the reunion because the footage that contradicts her is very easy to locate.
  2. I understand that episode 5 has a shocking moment. I’m guessing Zabel gets killed, but it’s just a guess.
  3. I love Tami Taylor, but yeah, the notion that she was always sacrificing for Coach just wasn’t what we witnessed. This show has too damn many great moments to count. The whole story arch with Coach and Vince is pretty darn hard to beat (when Coach tells Vince how proud he is and Vince says that Coach changed his life....just perfection). I loved how Smash exited. The scene with Coach and Street in Season 2 where he tells Street that he’s the one that made him went to Coach...gets me every damn time. I guess the Tami storyline just annoyed me because it kind of undermined the fac
  4. I really wasn’t sure what to expect from Julie because she just completely dropped off the radar. She was so reserved in her first episode but I don’t think she could stay that way for long with Heather around. Their relationship is just the best thing to come out of the Real World and it so easily could never have happened, but for Heather giving Julie a chance after the beeper/drug dealer conversation. There is no way that Kevin from 30 years ago would’ve been able to hold back in the conversation with Becky in this past episode, Becky still shows she doesn’t get it. And she’s not goi
  5. Julie is on IG and responds to pretty much every post. She indicated that the conversation was edited down between Kevin/Becky, but she also agreed that Becky was talking over Kevin.
  6. Andre’s mannerisms are so gentle and quiet. I admit, when I was 14, Eric was smokin; however seeing Andre in those flashbacks...what was I thinking! Andre was gorgeous. I’m from the Pacific Northwest and and it was probably another year after the airing of RW, that Nirvana and Pearl Jam took over our lives. Had that occurred at the time of the original airing of RW, I’d likely have paid more attention to Andre. I would not have recognized Kevin in a million years. He looks so different to me. Julie is definitely more reserved than she was back then. She’s still very prett
  7. Hannah discussed Luke ejaculating in her mouth on WWHL and for once Andy actually looked kind of grossed out and not thrilled by her disclosure. She was oblivious to his reaction. I do not get the attraction to Hannah. She just looks dirty to me. Of course, I don’t think Luke is all that either. Kyle and Amanda were actually very cute on WWHL last night. I’m rooting for Carl. I recently took a step back from alcohol. I wasn’t a belligerent drunk, but it had definitely become far too important in my life. My goal was to step away and see if I could only drink occasionally
  8. I actually do buy that Missy left because of Covid. She stayed with her in-laws when filming in CA (her father-in-law just died). Financially, I think she is in a pretty good position to have made that decision. I’m hoping that she is coming back. While she clearly ticked off some of her cast mates with her social media “likes” (which she continues to do), she appears to be on good terms with the people she primarily films with. I thought Cady did a good job, but I will always prefer Missy as Jennifer.
  9. This particular reunion was not the first reference I’ve heard by Austin about her profession. I get that Madison sucks, but I just don’t see Austin as much better. And Austin didn’t open open up a whole new world for Madison. Bravo did and she is storming thru it. And while Craig is apparently doing well now, we watched him do virtually nothing for multiple seasons.
  10. Madison is just plain old mean, but I hate it when I see or hear Austin/Craig mock her for being a hair stylist. To me that just reeks of bullshit classism.
  11. If she wasn’t thinking it before, she should be now.....Kathryn has major competition in the drama department. Madison brings the drama and her delivery, while mean as hell, is a hell of a lot more coherent than Kathryn. Not sure Kathryn has job security. I’m still cracking up about “muppet mouth” from last week.
  12. There is definitely more to the story of Cam leaving because Naomi and Chelsea were vocal about how they decided to leave and Naomi specifically called out Kathryn. I follow Cam on Instagram and she definitely still socializes with Shep, Whitney and Patricia. I think it’s funny that Craig speaks as though he’s in the know about her feelings when he acknowledges that they don’t talk. Personally, I think that when Kathryn brought up the rumor on camera, Cam called it a day. She has a daughter and her husband’s got a real job. Unlike, Kathryn and Thomas, I don’t think she relished the
  13. I’m not a fan of Kathryn at all and I sincerely think she decided to channel her inner “vicious beast” (not a kind loving pit bull), at the reunion when she looked around and realized that Leva and Madison were fully capable of filling any void left by Kathryn no longer being on the show. Just looking at Kathryn’s current living situation, I have zero doubt that she needs this show financially more than any other member on the show. I think her latest pregnancy test was likely a contrived storyline. Madison is horrible, but Madison is bringing drama galore and is tight with Patricia; hence
  14. Andy has been rumored to use coke. Personally, I think that Bravo could be concerned about legal implications since a minor was involved. He flew thru that segment.
  15. I know. I actually like both of Vicki’s kids. Had someone offered a drug hook-up to either of her kids; particularly in high school, Vicky would’ve gone insane and rightly so. I know Andy is rumored to enjoy certain drugs, beyond weed. To him, this could’ve been no big deal. Kudos to Gina for addressing the domestic abuse and being “wtf” about it being glossed over.
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