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  1. I promise this will be my last post on the topic, because I don’t want to be That Person, but man. I’m at the end of S3 where it turns out Fritz has been hiding his alcoholism. For me it’s only been like a week since I watched him lay into her for keeping it secret that she thought she might be pregnant. From a 2020/2021 standpoint, I feel like I’m watching an emotionally abusive relationship where Brenda (with, yes, issues of her own) feels like she’s always in the wrong because she’s trapped somewhere between these “old fashioned” ideals about womanhood that make her act like a little girl who needs approval from Daddy/Fritz/Pope, and her actual competence as a professional adult grown-ass woman. And Fritz leverages the former with everything he’s got. Side note, if I was a younger person with more energy and time, I’d make a supercut of all their scenes through S3 so far, because the majority feature Fritz outright, legit yelling at her and/or belittling her. And then she ends up apologizing most of the time. (My screen is paused around the time that he is mad at her for being mad that he lied about his alcoholism / DUIS. I’m sure she’s about to back down.) Oh, and he threw away her food at home without asking her. Because she’s not “allowed” to have sugar.
  2. A longtime friend of mine, with whom I almost never agree on the relative quality of a given TV show, is trying to convince me to watch this. The thread so far kinda gives me the impression we're going to disagree on this one too. 🙂
  3. I've always been a "Happy Valley yes, LTIH no" viewer, I think because I wanted the latter to be Caroline-centric and I hated that John continued to be in the show, much less Judith. (Celia has sort of slotted into an 'antagonist' role for me so I don't mind her so much.) I know I've posted before how exhausting I find the Gillian/Eddie/barn stuff, too. But ... I rewatched the whole thing on Netflix recently, in order, including the holiday specials, and somehow it's all hanging together a bit better for me now. Maybe it's all the xanax I had to take to get through 2020. I still hate that John is in the show, but I somehow found Judith's ridiculous rise to YA-novel fame to be a sort of of course that's what happens moment. I also found her sudden obsession with Caroline to be completely in (flaky) character for Judith and didn't take it as a serious "now I'm gay" reveal. Since the show is supposed to be semi-autobiographical for Sally Wainwright, I really wonder how many of these characters are pulled from her own life. We've seen 'woman running a sheep farm by herself' before in HV, so that's got to be a write-what-you-know thing. And I wonder if her own mother is that insufferable. Heh.
  4. It’s getting worse. I’m on the season 2 episode where Pope’s exwife bursts into the station and screams at Brenda about losing custody of her kids (in front of everyone), and accuses Brenda of wanting to bang Pope. So this is Pope’s wife’s fault, not Brenda’s. It’s not Brenda’s fault that Estelle lost custody of the kids, and Brenda is not sleeping with Pope. ... and yet, when she gets home, Fritz lays into her about the fact that Estelle pulled this stunt (!? again how is it Brenda’s fault that she acted like a crazy person) and blames Brenda for the whole thing. And is borderline verbally abusive about it. I swear there isn’t a scene where he isn’t nagging, belittling, or patronizing her. Refusing to let her borrow his “new” car after she’s had a bad day. (He yells “No!” at her like she’s a misbehaving dog.) I never liked the character and I’m sure I posed similar rants back in the day, but he’s just making my skin crawl now. It’s like he just exists to remind us of all of Brenda’s flaws. And to remind Brenda of them. Edit: a few episodes later, Brenda’s at home discussing a serious terrorism/murder case with various team members. Fritz shouts from another room: “Brenda, come to bed!”, with the tone of commanding an errant dog or child. Rather than, you know, a high-level professional trying to do her job. (In an earlier episode, he used the same tone to demand that Brenda hand him her phone while she was talking to her own mother.) Dude, I have no idea how this all got so sinister to me. I’ve probably been watching too many Sally Wainwright cop shows where a female detective would never let a love interest treat her like a child.
  5. I’m rewatching The Closer for the first time in years, on HBO Max. A lot of it hasn’t aged terribly well, but good lord I forgot how aggravating Fritz is, right from the the jump. Nagging, passive aggressive, no boundaries. Continually acts surprised that Brenda is dedicated to her job even though that’s who she was when they started dating. (Especially in the beginning, it’s just infuriating that he’s in LE but acts shocked that members of LE have to work long and unpredictable hours.) Gives her shit for not having immediately told him that she thought she might be pregnant. Inserts himself into her family dynamic against her wishes. Obviously Brenda has flaws. Obviously she shouldn’t have moved in with him so fast. (Keeping in mind I’m only in season 2.) But I can’t help feeling like he should have read the damned room and not asked in the first place.
  6. Thanks to those of you taking the hit so far. As a Pratchett fan of decades, I can't quite make myself click play yet. Looking forward to more observations, though.
  7. I guess I'd counter that the "Venus" look occurred in the midst of a much more protracted downward spiral, versus one night of partying. I do agree that she looked a little too perfect the morning after Clio (although we don't know how much time she spent getting ready). In my mind I handwave it to a certain extent, because that scene--which is also the very first scene of the show, in episode one--is part of what hooks the audience, and they needed to include Beth in one of her iconic looks.
  8. I hate to say it but I'm becoming somewhat more engaged.
  9. Ah, that's a whole little fantastic vignette I keep forgetting about, where it seems like the subtext is: Hotel guy: "So, eh, sorry about your Mom's death. We'll comp the room, but don't go blaming us because, you know, she drank a lot." Beth: "Yeah, she mentioned the shitty quality of the liquor, so maybe you did kill her?" Hotel guy: "Yeah so um we'll comp everything, call if you need help bye."
  10. I don't think so; and their metrics are super weird. e.g., if you watched at least x minutes of y episodes of a show it's considered a viewing, even when x and y are very small numbers.
  11. No. I think they both had a fair amount of ego invested in the speed chess matches.
  12. I think it was to show us how similar they were—equally aggressive, competitive and egotistical. Benny just had the upper hand.
  13. There’s a scene in episode 3 where Beth has come home from the teen girl party, slammed some pills, and is doing her thing of staring at her ceiling in the dark. While that “you’re the one that I love” song is still playing, the shadow/silhouette of a chess piece—also the queen—slowly rises up and engulfs her.
  14. kieyra

    S04.E10: War

    Props to the actor playing Charles, because I eventually had to start fast forwarding through his scenes. I couldn’t stand another second of his man-baby stinkface any time he had to be in a room with Diana or talk about her. I’ve never been particularly taken by the Diana mythos, but this portrayal certainly makes me feel for her.
  15. I guess Uptown Girl must have made an unusually large impact for an American pop song in the UK in the 1980s? This is the second time I’ve seen an English 80s period show throw it in along with all the actual homegrown tunes of the time. (The other show that comes to mind is Ashes to Ashes, which actually did a dream sequence of the music video. That show had a top notch soundtrack, but I can’t think of another American artist they included besides Cyndi Lauper.) (I know from googling now that Diana’s dance to the song really did happen.)
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