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  1. I think she was just mad that Inept Assassin called her a sheep.
  2. Can I join you at this table? All I’ve ever asked of this show is to not sell me a reformed psychopath arc. Am I watching it wrong? Did I miss some new research saying that sociopaths can be cured, or can acquire or learn empathy? That they can have affection for people other than as favored objects? Someone point me to the papers if so. I understand the desire to create romance out of the idea of a person who can’t feel love or empathy suddenly figuring out how to be a real human being, but that doesn’t mean it should be done. Meh. Open to counter arguments but I want to see some research. (If the fanwank is that she wasn’t a “real” psychopath all along, then they fucked that up pretty badly in season one.) Meh, sorry for grouchiness. I love Gemma Whelan and she looked lovely throughout this show, but I don’t know why she was here, not even thematically. Rhian was also a dumb addition. Trained assassin, doesn’t even fight back, has no reflexes, no defenses, antagonizes another killer and then ultimately gives her about ten minutes to push her onto the train tracks? Never mind letting V get the upper hand at the ballroom. Worst alleged trained killer ever?
  3. COMPLETELY unhelpful local response: One TJ’s in my area has longer lines (Chapel Hill), and once inside, people are rude and self centered about social distancing, choke points, flow of traffic, etc. Another one, in Raleigh, is a larger store, has shorter or no lines, and people socially distance and are polite, wear masks, don’t crowd items. I don’t live in either city, and frankly would have expected opposite outcomes in terms of who was more likely to observe safety protocols (CH store is very close to UNC Chapel Hill, which is definitely seeing covid patients and is also doing front line research.) It’s a head scratcher, but reflects a larger trend in my area: it’s impossible to guess until you’re in a store. Shorter answer though, lines are way less crazy at both stores, and items like flour are back in stock.
  4. kieyra

    Normal People

    From my skim of the book, the sex scenes were fairly ... prosaic, and just a couple of sentences at most. Although I skipped the Jamie stuff. In the book, when Marianne talks about the school boys calling her ugly, Connell says the same thing he does in the show, that the guy calling her flat chested and ugly would totally get with her if he could. I like the actress and she’s quite pretty, but she doesn’t give me the same disbelief-suspending hotness level of someone like Maeve in Sex Education.
  5. On an unrelated note, I absolutely HAVE to stop the quarantine baking. Several meals this week have been ... chocolate babka. When the pandemic started, I had only baked with yeast successfully a handful of times. I don’t have the right metabolism for this level of carb intake. Which is also why I didn’t have much experience baking, I just knew better than to let the genie out of the bottle in the first place. And now I have fallen in love with enriched dough recipes.
  6. We had a similar poll at my office. I assume some companies are looking to bring down office costs and rent (although we just signed a very expensive lease on a brand new huge office ...) I’d lose my mind working from home.
  7. Had to pass a woman blocking a major choke point in the grocery store today while she stood with her cart and talked on the phone.
  8. Feel Good Current: Other Genre Television Correct: Other Comedies (I’ve watched it and it leans more comedy than drama, with short episodes. There are no genre (sci-fi fantasy etc) elements.)
  9. This was great and right up my alley. I’m surprised Netflix didn’t push it at me sooner. I suspect it really suffered from the timing of its launch and the pandemic. It was like a less-weighty Fleabag crossed with a less-weighty One Mississippi, and overall exactly what I needed right now. ❤️❤️
  10. kieyra

    Normal People

    ‘Normal People’ Producers Fire Warning Shot at Pornhub as Pirated Sex Scenes Spread Online
  11. kieyra

    The Great

    YES, so much this. I keep actually picturing Drew Barrymore if I’m idly thinking about the show. They don’t look as much alike as say, Margot Robbie and Jamie Pressley, but I think they might also have some mannerisms, expressions, acting choices in common. And the sunny demeanor reminds me of an (older) Drew Barrymore in Santa Clarita Diet.
  12. I put some candles in the windows tonight because we’ll probably pass 100k deaths in America in the next few hours, if we haven’t already. I couldn’t think of anything else to do. 😕
  13. Work underway to make sure Yorkshire TV series such as Gentleman Jack can resume
  14. Ditto on HACF (all four seasons, never noticed a thing, and I have an ear for accent slips). Same assumption with the 30s radio/stage affectation. I have no familiarity with any of the religious (revival? Is that the right word?) performance stuff from this era, but that’s what I assumed was happening.
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