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  1. What HBO’s New Crime Show Gets Exactly Right From The Atlantic:
  2. Wikipedia: Parasocial interaction I think about this a lot, especially these days, and when I see people passionately referring to/defending their favorite celebs as though they are on a first-name basis with them. I have never experienced it myself, so I'm kind of on the outside scratching my head. I would never assume I know anything about what any celeb is really like as an actual person, plus the whole 'never meet your heroes' rule of thumb.
  3. What a lose/lose situation for so many involved. I only recently found out about the lack of vaccines in Japan—too much bad news to keep track of. I naively assumed they would be doing everything they could to ensure things happened safely. I’ve been watching the sport climbing US team qualifiers and some recent World Cup stuff. I got into watching it after stumbling on some mountaineering documentaries when I was sick a couple of years ago, and I was so excited that it would be part of the Olympics this year. My husband and I are not sports people, but we really love watching the ol
  4. I mean, there's this whole thing where you can sort of trace the 'Nordic Noir' DNA back to (I think) Forbrydelsen, which was the original/Danish version of The Killing. Then the US Killing, then Broadchurch (and the failed US Broadchurch) then a million tertiary shows like Marcella. "Troubled female detective battles crime and her own demons while grappling with motherhood, usually in a small town but not always." While it's part of that club, Happy Valley does have its own very specific thing, a lot of which mirrors the setting of MoE. But ... that's just based on the one episode for me
  5. ... and another Happy Valley parallel, except mom is dead and dad is in jail. Dad gets out of jail and wants to see his son, while grandma cop tries to keep him away. (Hollywood Reporter podcast also called out the Happy Valley parallels, so I guess I'm not ... never mind, probably still crazy regardless.)
  6. Tangent, but he’ll be on HBO himself next month on the new season of In Treatment.
  7. Caught Joel Kinnaman and Anthony Ramos in there. Ah, it looks like Joel K. will be playing her boyfriend. https://www.indiewire.com/2021/04/in-treatment-trailer-uzo-aduba-hbo-max-series-1234629776/
  8. Aw, I don't think there's much actual Hunter hate. I think the tap-dancing just put some of us into an unwanted Glee flashback. Maybe just me. :) I don't think the writers served the Hunter character particularly well (honestly, they kind of f'd up the whole love triangle). I like the actor, though. And I like some stuff we see from Hunter in later episodes. I feel this.
  9. Hmm. I have those gel ice pack thingies, they're kind of moldable. I suppose in my head I would be wasting food by semi defrosting it. (Or do you cook it later?) Anyway, this one seems to be busted as an 'only happens on tv' item.
  10. Wait a second, are we overlooking Mare's ... cousin? The priest in an early scene?
  11. I don't think that's what's happening, no. Mare's daughter Siobhan was there to intervene in Erin's beatfown (before she wandered off), and she had the same haircut and (I'm pretty sure) clothes as we had seen her wearing in earlier scenes, which were 'present day'.
  12. What if they decide to break rule number one and not introduce the killer in the first episode? Ok, you’re right, it’s probably Evan Peters. Edit: hold the phone. “The Night Of”, also HBO. Killer not introduced in first episode. IIRC.
  13. Ok, yeah, that was a lot of character setup, and slowly building dread once you realized poor Erin was a goner. If the formula for this kind of show holds, whoever killed Erin is the same person who killed the girl who has been missing for a year. That’s if we’re going serial killer. We might not be. I could see the show doing some trope busting. But I don’t see it being Erin’s father, or her noxious baby daddy and lowlife girlfriend. I do hope they get arrested, though. The Sheehan household’s dietary habits were something else. PB and Cheez Whiz for dinner. I mean, no judgement b
  14. Does anyone here actually use a bag of frozen food (peas, whatever) for injuries instead of, you know, putting some ice in a ziplock?
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