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  1. kieyra

    Normal People

    I don't remember much of the book (I only skimmed it), but I only remember Marianne (and the mean boys at school) claiming she was ugly, and Connell telling her she wasn't, repeatedly. I don't remember if there was any reliable outside POV describing her as ugly, or just her own lack of self esteem. I thought the actress was very well-cast, either way, and convincingly mousy pre-university. Paul Mescal did look slightly too old in the high school (I think wrong term for Ireland) days. He's got a perma-frown line between his brows that doesn't help. But for me it wasn't really about the attractiveness of either actor--they just had incredible chemistry. Edited to add, unrelated to the above: I know one of the 'comic relief' videos was linked upthread, but I don't think this one was:
  2. Re: Miranda ... don’t forget we saw her inhale some of the “stupid idea” dust in Dumb Patrol.
  3. We’re basically on the same page here, except I have slightly more Larry interest. But man, between the pandemic and Dorothy, this season has it rough. I also wasn’t thrilled with the “terrible fathers” theme, especially when Kay/Jane’s metaphorical Well ... became a literal well. It was much scarier when Daddy was more of a shadowy, lurking presence than a run of the mill, abusive psychopath. (JMO) This past week, after much waffling, I got my husband to try the show. (I’m pretty choosy about which stuff I put in front of him, because I watch WAY too much tv and not all of it is top tier.) He got hooked from episode one, loves the characters ... until we got to Hair Patrol, an episode I realized I’d never even made it all the way through on my own because of the grossness, and the Gentleman Adventurer Niles story that goes on forever. He found it boring. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that that episode spawns (literally) the worst part of S2. I’ll have to do a disclaimer before we get there.
  4. World champion gymnast Terin Humphrey alleges Larry Nassar sexually abused her
  5. World champion gymnast Terin Humphrey alleges Larry Nassar sexually abused her
  6. YES. For me I think it often comes down to some sort of chemistry mismatch between me and whoever did the casting. By all rights I should have loved the recent Gatiss/Moffat Dracula project, but every single actor was Zzzz to me. Their Dracula was like a vampire accountant. And not in a Colin Robinson kind of way. Looking at reviews now, it wasn't super well-received anyway, but I wouldn't have known because I found the actors so boring I gave up early. (BORING/uninteresting to watch, not 'unattractive'.) This has definitely happened to me with other shows, where I've been like "what I find interesting in a performer is exactly the opposite of whoever did this casting".
  7. Aha, I had a feeling she wasn't an actress by trade, so I just looked her up (MMA fighter). It's probably telling that my 'favorite' new SW movies are the less-popular ones (I loved Rogue One, and I enjoyed TLJ more than I was apparently supposed to).
  8. I just finally watched The Mandalorian. Woof. I seem to be immune to the Star Wars effect, but I’d gotten the sense this was a good tv show on its own merits. Found it cartoony, painfully clunky dialogue, improbable battles where the relative power of a given weapon didn’t make sense, bizarre character choices (I kept yelling at the Mando for his weird decisions), and overall extremely predictable. The painful dialogue didn’t do any of the actors any favors, but the actress playing Cara Dune was especially ... unconvincing. Here’s hoping Favreau lets someone else write the next seasons. Like maybe Taika Waititi.
  9. For anyone looking for new content, Doom Patrol’s second season is airing, I think it will be abbreviated due to the pandemic but for now it’s fresh content. One of my fave shows currently. First three episodes of season one may still be up for free on YouTube, otherwise DC Universe or HBO Max. A few other things that may have slipped under your radar during the pandemic: Feel Good - Netflix: A lovely, bingeable lesbian dramedy. Dropped in March. Cheer - Netflix docuseries, can’t say enough good about this. Got some Emmy noms. It dropped on Netflix before the pandemic, but not too long before. Normal People - Hulu: Miniseries, YA romance and takes itself quite seriously, but incredibly well-done, groundbreaking intimacy scenes, and the lead actor, who was a prior unknown, just got the Emmy nom. (Paul Mescal, you’ll probably be hearing his name more.) Dropped in April. The Great - Hulu: Historical satire on Catherine the Great. Elle Fanning and Nick Hoult. Harlots meets Another Period. Completely bananas, vulgar, hilarious, and heartfelt. Dropped in the middle of May.
  10. Airing Thursday, July 30, 2020
  11. Cheer's Monica Aldama Reveals Her Team's Reaction to Their 6 Emmy Nominations
  12. kieyra

    Normal People

    Wow: Paul Mescal got an Emmy nom. That’s pretty huge for how niche it seems this series was.
  13. Yearly rewatch. Still mad at myself for how hard I dragged the show during its first season.
  14. At one point Miranda mentions that 'everyone is acting weird including Flit'. But I could have sworn I saw Miranda inhale some of the purple. (Haven't rewatched to verify.)
  15. There was a lot to like about this episode, especially a much-needed break from Dorothy. I always enjoy “altered states” episodes, and this one didn’t disappoint. They’ve refined Cliff’s character to the point that just watching him stomp around screaming FUCK FUCK FUCK is entertaining. I could watch a whole show about Jane and the alters, but that would be a Tatianna Maslany level workload. (Who, to my mind, Diane Guerrero is beginning to approach in skill with this show.)
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