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  1. kieyra

    S02.E09: Life's a Beach

  2. It’s way more complicated and creepy and misogynistic than that, but yeah. (You’re “sealed” to your partner in the afterlife. For a long time, if a man was widowed and remarried, he got to be sealed to the new wife too and she would be part of his afterlife harem, but women couldn’t do the same. Just one example.) Obviously, gay couples cannot be sealed at all, so they don’t get to be part of their family in their afterlife.
  3. Ed Smart is the father of a woman who is known worldwide. He’s also a member of a multibillion dollar church that is actively hostile to the rights of the LGTBQ community. His coming out was going to be news no matter what. I’m finding the subtext of “but why is he shoving it in our faces” to be a little disheartening in and of itself. He’s had to live in the closet all his life, in a religious culture that told him he was broken and the worst kind of sinner. The guy deserves a few years of being himself, especially so late in life.
  4. kieyra

    S02.E09: Life's a Beach

    I don’t normally get heavily into discussing actors’ looks in any shows, other than innocuous stuff like hair color. But this conversation about passing has been interesting. I’ve never been sure why people call out Elektra—other than the height. Conversely, Angel has the most masculine face to me (square jaw and strong features), but that seems to be a minority opinion. But I would honestly not look twice at any of them in public. That’s not some weird virtue signaling, I think it’s a combo of being a longtime consumer of drag and trans entertainment (meaning, I’ve actively sought out shows with non-cis actors*, once RPDR caused me to become aware of LGTBQ culture in general), plus as everyone points out, all these actresses are stunning. (Plus makeup, hormones, procedures, etc.) To put it another way, I think my brain has been rewired a bit by pop culture, and I’m fine with it. (*Which means I have sat through multiple seasons of the Rich White Dudes Doin’ Crime circlejerk show that is Billions, just to watch the amazing Asia Kate Dillon.)
  5. kieyra

    S07.E13: Their Last Bow

    Zing! On the timing of that crack about Reichenbach avoiding having the government have him murdered in person. (A mostly throwaway line by NSA dude.)
  6. kieyra

    S02.E09: Life's a Beach

    If they’re following through with the Dorian Corey real-life storyline from Paris is Burning, the body is definitely staying there.
  7. kieyra

    Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    Re Nick and June ... I spent a little time on the show’s subreddit during S2. That was a mistake. It was all about the show being an epic Nick/June romance. I have my shipper moments, but this show does not need a romance arc. And Nick was about as bland and meh as Luke.
  8. kieyra

    The Crown In The Media

    I know very little about the modern Royal family (I’ve mentioned in another thread I’m a Tudor girl). But after watching the Crown I watched a house of Windsor documentary on Netflix. Ok, I just looked it up and it’s literally called “The Royal House of Windsor”. 2017. It does seem to insist that Charles was in love with Camilla early on but wasn’t permitted to marry her. I do get that the documentary could just be modern propaganda. Like I said, I don’t know much about what’s left of the monarchy.
  9. kieyra

    S03.E06: Season 3, Episode 6

    In no particular order, like the show ... I love the actress who plays Cherry and I want to see more work from her. I’m relieved Margaret is gone, but I didn’t need another episode of goodbyes. Agree Lucy always looks stunning. I could watch Nancy and Isabella forever, and I want them to move in together and become scandalous lady friends. I do loathe Blayne but I think we need him as the show’s, or season’s, final big bad. Lydia isn’t exactly on a redemption arc, but she’s not exactly not either. No idea what Kate is up to, but that’s better than her just having things done *to* her. This was the first episode where I stopped actively missing Charlotte. It’s still a shame, though. She was a fantastic character. I thought it was hilarious that everyone was all “DRAT! That Margaret Wells got away!” and then they cut to a shot of her in a rowboat five feet away.
  10. kieyra

    S03.E13: Mayday

    If you google Mazzy Star, I think it was their one hit song. Don’t know title off top of head. It gets used a LOT in movies and TV. It’s not quite Hallelujah but it’s not far off.
  11. kieyra

    Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    "Lawrence prays for a cure for his wife's mental illness; God doesn't answer, so he gets mad and helps overthrow civilization."
  12. kieyra

    S02.E09: Life's a Beach

    This happens for me every episode, but I still enjoy it for the fun/frothy show it is.
  13. kieyra

    Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    According to recent interviews with Miller, in season four I can't tell you how much I won't be watching that.
  14. kieyra

    S02.E09: Life's a Beach

    If you've never watched RuPaul's Drag Race, it might be worth checking out. A lot of their runway and other outfits are very skimpy. Some of the drag queens* there have better luck than others with their tucking. (*I am not suggesting that drag queens = trans, although there has been some overlap (where RPDR contestants do transition). Just saying tucking is involved in both cases.)
  15. kieyra

    S02.E09: Life's a Beach

    Literally the only thing I ever notice/"clock" about Blanca is what seems like a slight bit of strabismus. Which of course is irrelevant to gender. With Elektra it's usually just 'whoa, that bitch is tall'.