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  1. Also a Hayley Atwell fan and still thought it was Billie Piper in the initial stills. At first I thought she was ever so slightly overacting during the early manic phase, but she relaxed into the role and was probably the only reason I made it through the whole episode. Pretty riveting performance. Which is good, because yeah, the story was super predictable. The back office stuff is bizarre and also boring. I feel like they’re trying to just do something different, but not committing to the characters. But maybe it all comes together in the final episode? Katherine Kelly’s wig (looks like a different wig this week) is still bugging me. If I find out the actress is in chemo I’m gonna feel like quite the jerk.
  2. Does anyone know why they have Katherine Kelly in a wig? It’s so distracting.
  3. I don’t know the source cases. Question about episode eight
  4. Hmm, party of one apparently, but I feel like this episode drags and drags. I thought the whole first half of the series was much more compelling, better paced, better plotted. The emphasis on the victims and the different detectives coming together kept things moving, then it all sort of collapses in the back half of the series. So many sequences of long, dead air in this episode especially, the muddled suspect issue with the brothers, and me wondering what Toni Collette did to anger the makeup people and make her face such a completely different color from the rest of her body. Merritt Weaver’s family storyline also gets dropped in the back half of the series (although I haven’t watched the final episode yet. No idea what the heck they’ll use that for.) There was a whole lot of emphasis on the family gun safe in earlier episodes. Edited to add: when this came up on Netflix, I saw the “inspired by true events” tag and assumed that meant it was 90% fiction based on a bunch of badly handled rape cases. I further assumed it was highly fictional once we got to the various scenes of law enforcement and detective teams that were made up entirely of women and minorities. I had no idea how closely the whole thing adhered to real events, even down to the mistaken identity of the brothers and whatnot. In other words, the parts that weren’t working for me as fiction/storytelling ... weren’t fiction. I didn’t realize it was more of a docudrama. Mea culpa. If you came in blind like me, see media thread for more details.
  5. https://forums.primetimer.com/followed/ = Error code: EX1052 I can totally understand if you guys don't particularly want to host forums anymore, but maybe just close it down instead of slowly crushing the life out of it? (Still salty about the lost threads in the last major change.)
  6. I’ve always had one nagging issue with the Woody Allen thing. Pedophiles usually don’t stop with one victim. As far as I know, there have never been any other allegations against him, even in the metoo era. (Or if there have been, I’m not aware of them—feel free to let me know if so.) Whereas Jackson’s accusers, for example, continued to emerge years later. Maybe if there are more victims they’ll speak up after he’s dead. Please don’t take offense at me pointing this out. I understand the need to believe victims, I know what’s going on with Epstein, etc. I know how reviled Allen is and I’m not trying to make anyone angry. He just doesn’t seem to fit the usual pedophile pattern regarding serial child victims.
  7. There used to be TV commercials for Dianetics. I had a friend who worked high up at a Scientology-run real estate title company in FL. The stories he told me were bananas. But a lot of money moved through that company.
  8. Nice season 3 write up. https://www.avclub.com/harlots-goes-for-broke-again-in-a-breathless-finale-1837669870
  9. What a fantastic finale. It was nice to see everyone get a win. Lucy and Lydia makes sense to me, and was also bizarrely satisfying. I think that if this was a series finale, they didn’t want to kill Lydia, but they wanted us to know that Lucy was set up to oppose her/dethrone her. I would almost be okay with the show ending now, because it got to end on an up note. I don’t want to see everyone plunged into even more misery, with even more vile versions of Hal and Blayne. And they’d have to up the stakes somehow. Don’t get me wrong, I’d watch a less intense, soapier version, because I’d watch this cast do anything in these costumes, but I don’t think they would go that route. And I don’t think they want to double down on figuring out the next rapey big bad serial killer. I hope to see all these performers again soon. There really wasn’t a dud in the bunch, aside from Knox’s loopy accent.
  10. So Mackenzie Davis walked right past me in the airport today. No idea what she was doing in my hometown. I was absolutely starstruck but didn’t approach her or anything, because she’d just gotten off a five hour flight and also I’m a dork. (I haven’t had very many encounters with celebrities, except for Alison Mack a long time ago, and obviously that’s a bit weird these days.)
  11. @DigitalCount, I’m sorry. Many of us went through this. I’ve stuck to my guns. No Netflix rewatches (so no streaming ratings for them), no recommendations to friends. I do miss the show’s world, but I don’t know else how to send the message. The world is shit right now. Yes, art is about reflecting the state of the world, and about creating an emotional impact. That impact shouldn’t be to celebrate suicide amongst a vulnerable viewership. It shouldn’t be to create something beautiful and then knock it over like a bully kicking a sandcastle. THIS IS NOT HARD TO UNDERSTAND, SHOWRUNNERS.
  12. I was disappointed they brought this character back at all. IIRC the actor has some other credits (writer/producer/etc) so it's one of those situations where, whenever he's on screen, I just sigh and assume he's someone's friend higher up in the show production. He just sucks the air of a room, in a way not even Alison Brie can save. And he looks like he should be standing on a street corner in that HBO show about the 1970s porn industry, not appearing as romantic interest in GLOW. That aesthetic alone takes me out of every goddamned scene he's in.
  13. I’m just letting Harlots run constantly on mute on my Hulu account to get those streaming numbers up.
  14. Wow, they’re NOT advertising this in the Hulu app at all, at least for me.
  15. @bourbon, thanks for taking the time to write this up. I was intrigued at first, although the reality show setup was a little annoying. (“And the diagnosis is ........”) I was really coming to post and ask if anyone has any idea why Angel (episode 1) had to go to another country for testing? I admittedly skimmed some of it, just find it hard to believe they couldn’t run the same labs in the US. And yes, her dad was the goddamned worst. But anyway, now that I’ve skimmed through your synopses and found out most don’t have a real resolution, mehhh. I was genuinely hoping this was going to be a show with some optimism, the upside of social media/crowdsourcing info in these dark times, and maybe some cool mystery-solving gratification. 😕
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