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  1. scrb

    S03.E01: Chapter 20

    This is really an affectation. They show some fusion of retro industrial design or devices which have capabilities way beyond what's possible now. So there are things which look like they're from the '60s but can do things which no technology from our present can do. I'm thinking especially of a lot of the things in Cary's lab. But this Chinese girl would FaceTime with her father on these big hulking CRT TVs which they'd have to wheel in and out. Quaint but nonsensical. If you use analog transmission technology to send video signals back and forth, it would be prohibitively expensive. You'd need TV stations at both ends essentially. And if they're hundreds of miles or more apart, they'd need to uplink them to a satellite and back down. Using video chat apps. but sending the signals to old TVs would be possible but there would have to be digital to analog converters which output these old TV transmission signal formats, which I don't know if they were ever made. Of course Legion takes place in a world that resembles ours but isn't really. However when she was following the breadcrumbs, in one shot, it showed in the background the Hong Kong skyline, so it's our world but maybe in some alternate timeline.
  2. scrb

    S03.E01: Chapter 20

    Yeah I would assume there will be blanks for them to fill in about how it reached the point where his former enemies and allies banded together to decide David must be ended, with extreme prejudice, no capturing or anything, And it looked like in the rewind scenes, in other parts of the commune the soldiers are taking liberties, like didn't some of the girls get dragged into a room? And yes, season 2 really didn't go too far plot-wise. Just seemed like the same primal struggle with David and the Shadow King, told repeatedly in different visual styles. Some of the imagery is striking, like the big-headed monsters of season 1. But I kind of suspect that after this show is over, it will be images and idiosyncratic visual design which remain with those who watch the series, not so much the story elements or the characters.
  3. Remember, it's always a TV show. Hell those scenes of them hugging, they probably did blocking for the cameras and the lights in preparation and they rehearsed or did more than one take. So it's suppose to be a spontaneous, genuine hug, when it's likely not. We can't conclude that the way she runs a ship IRL would be the same as on the show. BTW, do either Sandy or Lee run other charters during the year, in between filming for the show, doing promotions, etc.? Maybe their income from the show allows them to take fewer or no charters outside the show.
  4. scrb

    The Hills

    There are pictures of Pamela Anderson when she was young, before any of the cosmetic surgeries. Beautiful back then, not sure what possessed her to really mess around, especially her face. Another LH cast member I wouldn't have minded seeing again is Lo, though she seemed to concentrate on school more and didn't get swept up into The Hills and the rest.
  5. scrb

    The Hills

    You would think she's grown a bit in 10 years. But sounds like she went through some rough times with her marriage. Her attempt at a career as a TV personality didn't go anywhere either. So maybe she's feeling humbled. Would she really choose to hang around with Justin Bobby (not going to call him just Justin, like they're doing on the show) or is this another show contrivance?
  6. scrb

    S02.E03: The End of the World

    Maybe production wanted to use that apt. again because it's scenic. Maybe also great logistics for the crew to film there, as opposed to some real modest place far away from all the oceanfront mansions for the other characters. Remeber, TV homes have no correspondence to reality or how supposedly lower class people live. In any event, I thought they filmed more in Malibu, not actually Monterey?
  7. So it could be a pattern, Kasey, Caroline, Mila. If the next season of BD has another crew member who's incompetent and that person's incompetence is driving a lot of the drama, we know Bravo likes this template of putting someone who shouldn't be on the yacht to cause tensions and stress with the rest of the cast.
  8. scrb

    The Hills

    Remember what some of these people were like. Spencer boasted that he and Brody would get on The Hills, which was already a big hit, and take over. He'd make Brody a big star. Then he talked all kinds of trash about Lauren cheating or something like that. This was LONG before social media so I don't recall how they disseminated this trash talk. Maybe some trashy sites quoted them or something. Lauren could only say she wouldn't have anything to do with Spencer, whom she called "sucky." But yeah he bullied her and got on the show.
  9. scrb

    The Hills

    They’re only calling him Justin. Half the fun was them mocking him for being called Justin Bobby. OK it’s shot like a prime time soap opera, especially Heidi in the bath tub. The original also did glam cinematography but not to this extent. The Brody and wife bickering seems entirely fake. Spencer said how they became rich and famous. They look all right but that home doesn’t scream rich. (Brody’s cottage is modest too and Audrina’s new home looks the best, but probably rented for the show by producers, since she was living at home and now suddenly has money for a nice home?) Supposedly this falling out between Brody and Spencer occurred since Brody’s marriage. But he got married just last year! Then they have this party and everyone arrives in limos, to a kind of red carpet situation. Talk about a fake event. Clearly these people don’t socialize but come together for scenes on the show and to fake events set up just to film for the show. Which is how all reality shows work these days, particularly those on Bravo. At least with the JS reboot, at least some of the cast socialized or talked to each other IRL, knew about what was going on in each other’s lives. On this Hills and other reality shows, you can tell the cast are only TV show “friends,” essentially pretending to socialize with each other.
  10. One of the guests talked about eating pineapples because of what it makes her vagina taste like. 🙄 These guests. Villefranche sur Mer is like next door to Nice. So they could easily stay in port though for privacy at night, they could anchor further away I guess. But they don't seem to be venturing further away, to like secluded beaches that can only be reached from the water, like in previous BD or BDM seasons. Just seems weird to take a "super yacht" just a few miles over. There are a lot of nice seaside towns and little coves and stuff. But I guess it's mostly a floating hotel and restaurant.
  11. scrb


    Hader mentioned that Berg also has to work on Silicon Valley and he needs down time before they can plan out new seasons. He also talked at length about how the feral animal child episode came about. He said Berg joked that it's Hader's solo album, kind of out of place with the rest of the season. Hader said it would not be a good intro to the series, just as watching Pine Barren would not be a good way to start watching The Sopranos.
  12. scrb

    Samantha Brown’s Places To Love

    Oregon RV episode feature Sam and her husband taking their two young children on an RV to different places in Oregon, mostly rural. She more or less maintained her chipper on camera persona, though the kids were running kind of wild at times. But a lot of the time she offloaded the kids with the husband while she talked to different local people. She cooked breakfast for her family in the RV and then took long sips of coffee. Do they have nannies, especially when she’s away filming the show? Does she look forward to getting away to do the shows?
  13. scrb

    S06.E06: A Salt and Battery

    Eh I get the feeling that Shep bullying Craig is yet another producer thing. Or at least they choose to film a lot of it and put it on the air. Maybe it started out as a genuine envy thing but now do they have any other stories? Remember how it started a couple of seasons ago. Craig wasn't finishing law school nor actually taking the bar exam. He wasted a lot of time going out every night, waking up late and wasted. Then he got with Naomi and he supposedly had his shit together. But eventually she got fed up with him not taking the bar, sewing instead and he got fed up that she wasn't his ride or die girl. Now, this is the third season of this and Craig has no responsibilities to anyone else. Yet when he's suppose to meet other cast members for his scenes, they're having to drag him out of bed. And then he pulled the pillow party thing too. So they have a reason to be annoyed with him. But I think it's for show, Craig is now the no good lazy slob character. Oh and notice that after the season premier, where he showed up with a date, he's not being reined in by a woman? So this whole Shep is jealous because Craig is young doesn't necessarily fly either. In any event, remember that some of these scenes are shot over and over with the cast repeating the same lines. So they're always putting on a show.
  14. scrb

    The Hills

    Yeah Whitney was well liked on The Hills, because she was Lauren's work friend and wasn't part of the big drama with the people she went to high school with, particularly Speidi. Of course, Audrina also got her own shots at starring in her own shows and that didn't fly either. They have to convince Justin Bobby to be back!
  15. scrb

    Big Little Lies in the Media

    Has anyone heard what the ratings are like? Maybe they'd be tempted to do a third season. Though Reese is doing a show for Apple too.