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  1. My guess is that it's strictly a TV thing, just to have the cast dress up in costumes, sometimes inappropriately. Of course for what they pay for charters, a crew might be wiling to do anything for tips. But is the crew out to run the yacht or to entertain?
  2. Anyone remember what happened to his book money? He had to defend himself for the trial but didn't Helen pay for a big time lawyer? With this movie, he should be getting some money right? At least he's not in that squalid place where he got stabbed while washing dishes. Or whatever that turned out to be. But he's driving a Hyundai in LA so ... Did he ever had to pay child support?
  3. Again did the clients really ask for white dinner party or something the producers came up with? These guests looked like regular people, who’d have no reason to want quaint old traditions on a boat which has gone through some rough seas. Fine dining is still a niche which is around but the restaurants which require people to dress formally, like men putting on jackets and ties, are fairly rare these days. But we’ve seen on both BD shows that they have much less formal themes for dinners, like togas and such. So the crews on both BD shows are not unlike maybe the wait staff at places like Hooters or TGI Friday’s which may sing happy birthday for guests. This call for elegant table settings and dressed-up servers seems inconsistent. If the next charter guests call for them to be dressed like amusement park characters in hot, stuffy costumes, won’t they do it for “good TV?” So much for “5 star service” then.
  4. I don't recall any complaints about the interior other than June not listening to the radio before this episode. What there was other friction between Hanna and Sandy and Hanna and Ben but Bravo didn't bother to air it in the previous episodes? Don't recall any complaint about the girls getting too much sleep. The gf proposal was cheesy but everyone else was all "Awwww ..." They seem to be popular with the rest of the crew, even if they come across as gross at times on the show. Not sure the white gloves was a thing. But Sandy got to chew out Hanna in front of the whole crew so Bravo is happy. Sandy hovering may also be a TV thing. She has nothing to do with the bookings so what does she care if these fake charter guests really think they've had a "5-star experience." Bravo might as well just be honest with its intentions and have a season where all the charter guests are D-list celebrities or social media stars like The Amazing Race has done a couple of times.
  5. So without Fiona, I can only hope they'll have better stories to tell than The Affair has without its main female lead. I'm doubtful though ...
  6. I think Nan has fears that Logan will just absorb the PGM properties into Waystar and make it a part of ATN or like ATN, which represents the most horrific part of media for her. She is of course right to be fearful. She could just take the money and run but she does seem to hew to what she believes is principle. The rest of the Pierces too, as they let her decide for them, which is kind of incredible as it's a huge sum for each of them. Though maybe they already have more than they know what to do with, so they don't care if they keep PGM and it continues to lose money.
  7. Looks like the endgame for Noah and Helen is whether they reconcile. Have a sneaky feeling they're going there, though the previews for next episode has Helen saying "I'm not in love with you any more" to Noah. Whether they do or not, who cares at this point. They've alternated between hooking up and then wanting to be rid of each other more than once. So wherever they are at the end of the series, they could keep doing this back and forth thing again and again the rest of their lives. They made a big part of this final season about Noah and Helen's relationship, which just goes to show you they didn't have many ideas for continuing after Ruth Wilson left the show. Probably Showtime offered them money to do one more season and they accepted even though they didn't have very good ideas. For Joanie, maybe they will wrap up the present story line and the last few episodes will have longer Joanie POV segments. In any event, surprised she went for the car first rather than go with the bike first. Or maybe they had one of the electric scooters laying around the garage. She's getting settled in there, rather than worrying about her job or her family back home. So she didn't go to Montauk with plans of investigating her mother's death apparently. She's taking her time getting comfortable there rather than play detective.
  8. She's suppose to know art. Yet she took up with Furkat, who is suppose to be a fraud with his vagina photos. At the tender age of 24, her dream is to champion new young artists.
  9. It's not impossible that she would grow up. But they haven't shown why she would. Now if she felt alienated from the way her mother depended financially on her parents all those years, I can see her willing to be a martyr and sticking it out with the artist-with-integrity boyfriend. But we've seen her as spoiled throughout the series until this season. Why wouldn't she jump as soon as Furkat the successful artist came? Well she did succumb didn't she? Then she has that little sordid scene with the guy watching -- he's rich, he could hire people to do that in front of him all the time, without buying anyone a gallery -- and then crawls back in bed with Colin without showering? If you thought Helen making sandwiches without washing her hands after sneaking around with Vik in the basement was bad, then what was that about? Was that an act of affection towards Colin or an act of hate or spite? In any event, they must not have enough material to fill Noah and Helen's stories or Joanie's so they first interject Janelle's little arc and now Whitney, who's never had her own POV segment before, AFAIK.
  10. Not much laughs in this episode. More dramatic though, the resentments between Eli and Baby Billy. Wonder what became of Mason.
  11. Maybe Ryan has watched too many of those mom-daughter threesome porns.
  12. OK so it's similar to HOAs for condos in other states then. Though NYC coops seem to have more power than just requiring people to contribute to maintenance of common areas and amenities, since they get to approve new owners before a sale can go through. Thing is, isn't there a large spread in maintenance fees? So it's not necessarily reflective of actual operating costs? Remember Luis had problems selling that one property which had high maintenance but no building amenities. So the board running those buildings may decide to keep a huge reserve for whatever reason, even if there are no immediate costs needs to justify the maintenance fees. I think some of the low-end apts. like those which go between $1-2.5 million are not so out of line with other areas of the country. But if they charge say $3000 or more a month in maintenance, that is like an additional $400k of mortgage or more at 4% rate.
  13. S02E06: Argestes: “It’s difficult? Oh I’m sorry buddy, would you like a handjob and an Advil? Fuck off, then.” “Send out the two cover stars for Toxic Male Monthly, and why don’t we get Ted Bundy up there and make it a threeway?” We've been circling for a fuckin' hour. TELL THEM WE'RE RUNNING OUT OF GAS! You don't really hear much about syphilis these days. Very much the, uh, the MySpace of STDs. Is there an angle here for a team-up? Like me, kind of like a Jagger/Tarzan fronting things up and swingin' through the trees with my little dick singin', killin' shit, and you back home cookin' us soup and makin' sure the numbers are right. Hmm? Rockstar and the mole woman? Wow, someone thinks they're Beyonce.
  14. Interview with Brian Cox, who says Logan was originally suppose to die at the end of season 1. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/succession-argestes-interview-brian-cox-1239650 But he has interesting takes on the stories, particularly the Roy kids.
  15. So in the first season, Logan also hits Kendall's son in the face. I think Kendall reacts more strongly in this one, not so much because he cares about Roman so much, but maybe it's become a trigger for him or after Logan hit his son in the face, he's more sensitive to it. I mean, Roman is kind of punchable, the snark he always spews out. But Logan was complaining about Shiv's "dinosaur" comment and then Roman was making some joke and Logan let him have it. Looks like Kendall's Chappaquiddick will become public next week. We'll see if Logan is protective of Kendall. Or maybe Kendall becomes liberated from doing Logan's bidding, though when Logan gave him his marching orders, he yelled at the lawyers in the front of the plane, knocked over their snacks.
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