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  1. Leaving aside the issue of propriety, is that an aphrodisiac among twentysomethings, to brag about one's exploits, as a way to entice another young woman he's trying to conquer?
  2. Well, the tip may be part of the fiction anyways. Probably didn't help that they couldn't get out of harbor.
  3. No way anything would happen between them after she pointed at his package and laughed. Malia was there to witness it. You know with social media, it's surprising that they wouldn't even tip $20k, just $3k more. Not surprising that Kiko pulled it off. They wanted to build it up as some great obstacle for Kiko and the whole crew.
  4. First half of the episode Arabella seemed like in denial when she found out about the Reddit postings. She was all smiles at the police station and then at the sit down meeting and even afterwards when she was with Zain. Then she pounced, maybe the rage built up. However, she wasn't hysterical in tone, though she might have been considering what's happened to her. She was matter of fact and unrelenting in the recitation of what Zain did. She could not be refuted. The only down side may be that she's going to be famous before her work was evaluated by the public at large. It will overshadow her work but that may be alright. Kwame has a bit of PTSD and is doing the right thing but he's in a no-win situation.
  5. Was shocked when they said a rape conviction may only carry a 30 or 90 day sentence back in the '70s. Or maybe attempted rape carried a light sentence? No wonder rapes were rampant. They also showed the sequence of rape victims "asking for it" by dressing provocatively. Of course a couple of decades ago, there was also the "she says no but she means yes" crap circulating in the popular culture. Then the interviews with the rapists, with a couple of them proclaiming proudly that the last victim of theirs who fought back got beaten up. I think what helped change the attitudes were a number of movies and shows about rapes, showing how the victims were often treated horribly by existing laws and the justice system at the time. There were a variety of rapes, like date rapes and then the famous movie with Jodie Foster which was based on a true story. I don't know if popular culture alone drove changes to rape laws but convicted rapists are beaten up or worse in prison now, kind of a crude version of justice by felons. You certainly wouldn't have rapists willing to speak up and have their faces filmed talking about their rapes.
  6. Not only that, Drake says the badge could let him kill Perry right then and there and get away with it. Would that scene, not just the slur but the threat, have been written after George Floyd and the protests, the general awakening we've had of racial issues? I'm not sure a black cop would get away with killing a white man in 1930s LA. Nor that cops are that well-paid in the Depression era, which Clara makes a big deal about, how he shouldn't oppose the LAPD establishment. Certainly what Drake did and will do goes against his family's interests. Risking a job in this period would be highly unusual, no matter his sense of right and wrong. So we see a black cop pursing justice against corrupt fellow police officers, kind of like the black cop in The Watchmen. Della saved the day to rescue Emily as those cops were about to torture her. But would her catching them in the act be sufficient? Why wouldn't she be in danger? Those cops murder and torture, are corrupt to the hilt. Seems like she'd have to be streaming it live from a 2020 smart phone. Some of the profanity in the dialogue seems out of place for the period. Not saying they didn't throw around the f-bomb but maybe it's more modern writers not bothering to try to render vulgar speech back then. The way Baggerly speaks seems more appropriate to the period. For instance, he blamed his youthful mistakes on "degenerate femininity" rather than calling the mother of his illegitimate son a whore or something else crude, the way Pete and other characters swear up a storm. Of course Baggerly is suppose to be religious and consciously trying to avoid vulgar language. Some other character referred to a female character as "gash" which may be something they might have said back then. But the overt crudeness isn't something that you associate with a period so long ago, only because even within our lifetime, casual swearing has increased over time.
  7. Sure these were violations. Doesn't seem like either Bella or Kwame will report their partners. Arabella should have been able to trust Zain, a coworker. But she had just met him, maybe spent a couple of hours with him at most. So while they're coworkers, he's still a stranger. How much trust can you place in someone you just met?
  8. scrb

    The Chi

    Not too much new ground, though that trap house was horrific. Are they going to be looking for Keisha all season? It's been 7 days. With each passing week from here on out, the chances diminish of finding her. I think the revelation that Keisha was posting a lot of risqué pictures is kind of a revision of the character to fit the current story. She was a track athlete who was looking at an athletic scholarship but her peers knew she was taking some risks? I guess Emmet is trying to offer a 180-degree alternative to the old school soul food offered during the day. Are trendy food popups a thing in the hood? Don't they tend to be overpriced and try to target upscale clientele? Is he marketing only through social media and all those people showed up? It's a good thing the other kids and then Trig talked sense into Kevin about getting in the face of some armed gangster. BTW, wasn't it Kevin who was cultivating the relationship with Maisha? Now they paired her with Papa and Kevin is probably going to get paired with the new much slimmer girl?
  9. I looked up the band, Dirty Projectors, which I liked more than the last band they had on, the one with all the finger snapping Dirty Projectors have been around for awhile now, see some videos on their Youtube channel from almost 10 years ago. They seemed to have gotten the female musicians and singers only in the last couple of years. Around 7 years ago, they had other women. The lead guitarist seems to be the main writer and several years ago, he did most of the singing and their other songs have more guitar solo parts. Song they did on FF was more pop and the woman singing may bring them a broader audience than the guy singing.
  10. There is a setting that Amanda may not have enabled. Because if it's on, it shouldn't unlock when asleep. https://www.imore.com/face-id-everything-you-need-know Maybe she should learn to use her iPhone to search for answers like this.
  11. Just did a quick search, there is capital punishment in Korea. Not sure if his acts would get him executed but maybe that's what keeps him in that basement. I'm sure he ends up trapped there for the symbolism, at least in part. The previous housekeeper and her husband, when she goes down there, she gives him a baby bottle and he sucks whatever liquid is in there through the nipple. Of course if she brought a standard container, there wouldn't be the same symbolism. When he taps out the morse code with his forehead, he ends up bloodied before he attacks the garden party. I wonder if the blood patterns on his face and forehead, which makes him look scary, is part of some Korean folklore imagery. The Parks said there might be a ghost or the young kid thought he saw a ghost, which was likely that old man. Mrs. Park also referenced setting up the garden party tables in the lawn in some kind of pattern, as if the teepee as a Japanese warship and the tables are Korean ships surrounding it. Again, maybe a cultural thing but it doesn't seem like it would be a woman referencing some military history. Then of course "Jessica" spouted a lot of psychobabble as part of her grift, even claimed there was some structure to the childish drawings by the kid. Curious how that went over in Korea, the Parks are presumably well-educated but they're repeatedly gaslit or fooled by uneducated -- but streetsmart? -- grifters. I would presume academic and professional achievement are highly valued so to have what should be "superior" people have the wool pulled over their eyes may be controversial to an extent in that society.
  12. I don't know if it's the case in Korea but in HK, adopting English first names seemed to be fashionable, at least for a time. For instance, Bruce Lee took his English name but didn't speak English. Same with director John Woo. Mrs. Park peppered in English phrases and words in her conversations so maybe it's trendy with a certain class.
  13. I really wonder if that's typical. I don't know about Korea but in other Asian nations like HK and Singapore, the domestic help come from poorer nations like Indonesia and the Philipines. I don't think the foreigners are treated as well. If not overtly abusive, they certainly aren't that friendly to the hired help. Only other film of Bong that I've seen is Snowpiercer, where of course you had the overt class structure but it was more allegorical, not meant to depict some real society in literal terms. The Kims don't seem to be experienced grifters, except for Jessica. Kevin was at first reluctant to take over the job of his friend. Of course as soon as he saw an opportunity to get Jessica in, he jumped at it. It certainly didn't seem like there was a specific plan to get the whole family in on it. Jessica was the one who seems to be able to adjust on the fly, as she said she ad-libbed most of it. Did she plan to plant her panties in the car or was she ad-libbing? How well do they know how rich the Parks are or do they just assume they're able to hire all 4 of them? Park seemed to own a tech company. You'd think he'd have security people who would professionally vet them. In fact I wonder if domestic help is mostly contracted through companies, like the fake one they made up. So Mrs. Park hired the first 3 just on networking but the last one was through the fake company. It might be more realistic that they'd already know about companies which provide domestic help, especially from their friends. I'm going to check out those links posted in the thread to learn about their class structure, how much of a big deal inequality is.
  14. scrb

    The Chi

    She did ask to see his penis, which she said was like a third leg according to legend. A large penis leads to a woman making a major decision regarding her life/career. Good message.
  15. There might not be 30 TEs drafted but there may be almost that many signed in a given year. Many college players get signed as unsigned free agents or UDFAs and some of them do make teams or at least the practice squad. Corey and Zach also had football aspirations. Zach vs. Fessy could be quite a match in Hall Battle. Though if they're not weight training constantly, they lose muscle mass and maybe Zach doesn't want to lay out his body. In many of the Hall Battles, they're not trying to truck or run into then opponent at full speed, unless they have a big weigh advantage. Even then, most people aren't conditioned to running full speed into a mass, which would be at least 180 pounds.
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