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  1. Yup, seems to be mostly rage and nihilism at the moment. Maybe she might have felt empathy when she found how oppressed humans are. Will she liberate them or destroy the big giant orb in order to trigger an extinction event?
  2. Actually I think Carrie has a satellite phone. Which probably eats battery like crazy. She must have packed a charger with the right plug for Pakistan. She may need one for Russia too.
  3. You don't think she could find a way to get more manufactured? She controls Delos so she can have them made and transfer her restores over to them like people transfer all the stuff they had on their old iPhones to a new one. In any event, this is sci fi so it would be strange to impose such a constraint.
  4. Cuz Russia wants to see US have some big war, get mired in Afghanistan indefinitely like the USSR did? Who knows, they might as well have faked all the country names, because the way the agents of these countries act has little relation to the real world countries.
  5. I guess our minds are suppose to be blown, there's an army of Doloreses! Why bother to recruit Caleb then? She can scale herself up to as many killer bots as possible. At least they didn't try to drag out the dumb shell game the whole season. She kept the farmer's daughter copy of herself to taunt MIB in the asylum. It's a special kind of sadism. She is like humans after all!
  6. scrb

    Run In The Media

    A few reviews so far. Should be more this week. http://www.bbc.com/culture/story/20200330-hbos-run-is-a-superb-comedy-thriller-about-texting-your-ex
  7. scrb

    Rake (Australia)

    A lot of the cases they have are sensational, ripped from the tabloid headlines. The very first case was about a cannibal. I guess it's part of the satire, how corrupt the system is that Cleave gets these cases yet is buddy-buddy with the prosecutors and politicians in Sydney. But Cleave seems to win most of his cases, even though he's poor. In one of the episodes they estimate he earned about $238k in a year. But he's blown it all on gambling and drugs and hasn't paid taxes, which is why he's in trouble with the tax authorities. I'm in season 3. Just about every big Aussie star, known to US and foreign audiences, have had a guest or cameo role. For instance Cate Blanchett. I've never seen the main cast in anything else though. The guy who plays Cleave is great, perfect for the character.
  8. Yeah that was Carrie's play, to try to sex up Oleg so that he doesn't take over the flight recorder? Look all she had to do was copy the files off the flight recorder onto her laptop and send that to Saul, the CIA, the POTUS, etc. Instead she's trying to pack up the red black box and is easily subdued? Carrie just trashed Jenna's career, probably got those American soldiers arrested or worse in Pakistan. Um Tasneem, she's a powerful minister in govt. but she goes alone and lets herself be taken hooded to see Jalal who's in her own country? And Pakistan would rather roll out tactical nukes to fight Americans rather than take out a bunch of Taliban peasants with rifles? Yes I can understand Pakistan has greater sympathies to the Taliban than America and Haqqani have served their purposes in the past. But they'd rather fight Americans than a bunch of goat herders and poppy farmers? GMAFB! It's ridiculous, US gives billions in aid to Afghanistan and Pakistan and they're repeatedly telling the US to get bent. When US Special Forces went into Pakistan and took out Osama Bin Laden, the Pakistanis weren't happy about it but they didn't do anything after the fact. Now if they had captured the Special Forces soldiers it might have been a sticky situation. But Pakistan knows where their bread is buttered. They can't tell US to get lost with the foreign aid nor risk driving the US and India closer together. Homeland writers apparently think viewers are ignorant of global politics. Why didn't they make up fake countries if they were going to make up completely fictitious real politik?
  9. I believe South Carolina is one of 8 states which does not have a stay at home order. OK, Cam was right to speak out but she should do a spell check first, especially on capitalized words like "INSENSED"
  10. Ilana the niece seemed kind of judgey making a couple of cracks about the Guy and pot. He actually sounded a bit defensive saying there’s nothing wrong with his life. First time I can recall a slight crack in his stoner zen facade.
  11. scrb

    Captain Marvel (2019)

    Doesn't it take a couple of years of pre-production, production/filming, post production, to make one of these big superhero movies? That schedule seems to imply they will start work on it some time this year.
  12. Yeah that harsh sun didn't look too good. I think it would be tough for a panel to interact with each other remotely, as much as I missed it
  13. Too bad they can’t have some kind of panel. It was okay but a set of one on one interviews just seemed repetitive.
  14. Generally in red states, especially in the South, they've been minimizing the seriousness of the virus. We've seen videos and pictures of spring break in FL, which just this week issued a stay at home order but with significant loopholes for big churches to hold services with hundreds or even thousands of people. So Kathryn may have bought into this tendency not to take the threat seriously. Also some younger people believe the virus won't affect them as severely.
  15. Views were great but all those homes were way above the towns, through winding roads. Would hate to have to drive all the way down every time you needed to go to the store or whatever. Especially in bad weather. At least the roads were paved though. But in the Caribbean, one big storm could cause havoc. How reliable is the power up there, for instance?
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