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  1. scrb

    Jersey Shore

    Sitch is really able to be reliably good natured, minimal drama for the cast. Or he needs that MTV money after all the legal trouble he’s had. Several cast members worried for him. He’s mature now so it shouldn’t be like the Night Of where guys go into prison, comes out hardened. Ronaldo thinks he has a good thing going, want to have more kids with the baby momma. He needs to explore why he thinks that’s a good idea. Jenny was all agape at the news. She enjoys gossip about others but not going to put her stuff out there. She may have good reasons, legal reasons or maybe so her kid(s?) won’t read about it some day. Then again, if it’s all over the tabloids, MTV is going to try to get the cast to prod and prick, see if they can make her crack. Kind of tough, because the other cast members either don’t have relationship drama or relationships, so they don’t have to put their personal life on display for the show. Otherwise the whole season is going to be mostly about guido antics, like not being able to fish or overreacting on a boat. They were relentlessly mocking Ron about Seacaucus, which I take isn’t a rough area where people get mugged or attacked for jewelry.
  2. scrb

    Fargo In The Media

    Hmm didn't realize the distances were so similar. But if they involved the Chicago mob, it would change the nature of the show and make it more of a story about the mob, rather than what happened when organized crime tried to infiltrate the frozen hinterlands of the country..
  3. scrb

    Top Gun: Maverick (2020)

    Nostalgia factor among people in their mid 40s and older seems pretty powerful factor in popular culture. Thats why you have all these movie reboots and people happily dole out hundreds of dollars to see musicians in their sixties and seventies on tour. I can understand the fondness for shows, movies and music we associate with our coming of age but no reason not to have some critical standards. Artists who were on the rise decades ago were driven, more hungry. Now they’re trading on name and nostalgia. Now their fans have more money but are much more lenient because of. nostalgia
  4. scrb

    Fargo In The Media

    Hmm Kansas City? A long way from the Dakotas or Minnesota? If large mob syndicates from big cities are going to influence the area, you'd think it would be from more nearby places like Chicago? Or does Hawley prefer KC because it's more under the radar?
  5. scrb

    S06.E10: Rocky Mountain High Part 1

    I know people like water views and also to be in sparsely populated areas but that just seemed like swamp or marsh land. Doesn't seem to have expansive views. He said 18 minutes drive to dinner? So maybe he'll build condos or some big home and flip them?
  6. scrb

    S06.E10: Rocky Mountain High Part 1

    Someone said 7 hours, which would be kind of ridiculous not to take a flight. But then someone else said 4 hours for the bus trip. At the end, they said 14 hours of traveling. But if there are no direct flights between Charlotte and Denver, I can see it being a long flight. I think the fight over the bus was staged. It seemed to be prearranged by producers so that they could stop and have a little photo op at the dispensary and also to film them inside, which they couldn't do on flights. Though they mocked Whitney for being spoiled after having inherited $100 million. He's eating healthy, won't partake of the weed. So he wants to live healthy and a long life for that money? So maybe he would want to avoid getting involved with the crazy. They're going to keep pretending that Austen and Craig are still pursuing their entrepreneurial projects. Not sure what I would care to see less, these fake businesses or Austen's dumb sex tape, which they showed again after a respite for a few episodes.
  7. scrb


    They made Robert out to be a real douche though. Telling thing was Frances said that when she came home and saw Robert's truck in the driveway, her heart sank. He was preoccupied with going fishing for special salmon for Christmas by himself and so on. The way he reacted to finding out about the cheating made him look awful. Not that anything should have justified Frances' cheating, especially with Germaine who also turned out to be a douche -- though to his credit he'd create a great campy sitcom about vampires. SJP really wanted THC in the role and must have had in mind his ability to come across unsympathetic, despite being the victim of infidelity. But they did turn around the character. Season 1 Robert wouldn't have misgivings about being a father again after seeing his graying image in the mirror.
  8. scrb

    Top Gun: Maverick (2020)

    Do they have fighter pilots over 50? Would they even have the female cast members back on? Or they're going to set him up with someone 25 years younger as the love interest?
  9. scrb

    Our Host - Christina

    Either her shows get high ratings or maybe the highest ratings on HGTV or some exec hopes that will happen. What a sad commentary on the culture.
  10. scrb

    Captain Marvel (2019)

    Watched the movie on a flight. Guess they plan to feature the character more in the future. Not sure why they need to have Captain Marvel do any physical combat, just blast the enemies away. Same could be said of Iron Man but I guess fight scenes are popular. Maybe because I’m a guy but the girl power and empowerment thing, especially with music from every alternative female artists featured, seemed a little heavy handed. Yeah I get it, Captain Marvel is the way she is because of the way Carol was, growing up aspiring to do things that a male-dominated culture tried to stop her from doing. She’s an inspiration to little girls, just as Wonder Woman is suppose to be. Seems like Marvel also wanted a piece of the inspiring and empowering girls market as well. But the reality is, the top gun fighter pilot training is a notoriously sexist culture. Some women fighter pilots have made it out but in the 90s, Carol and her friend would likely have been subject to hazing and harassment by mostly white male fighter trainees. I haven’t seen her other movies. Brie isn’t as physically imposing or appears to be as athletic as Gal Godot. But then again, Downey doesn’t fit the big, imposing action hero type either.
  11. scrb

    S03.E04: Chapter 23

    Most of the episode the time demons have their way and then David just blows one of them up with his thought. Why not do that earlier? They wanted to show one of them about to rape Syd? And Lenny has a vision of his future as a parent which puts her in a fetal position? Towards the end of the episode — it may have been during the previews for the next ep. — you have these two colorful membrane like fields separated by a black void. But then you have these tadpole or spermatozoa like things going from one colorful field to the other. What is that about?
  12. scrb


    Originally I think they were going to draw out the divorce process, make it kind of vicious. Robert was accusing her of having a gang bang in the pilot. But they rebooted at the start of season 2 and season 3. At this point I think they just want to provide some closure to these characters before bowing out. Nick and Diane were suppose to be a parallel couple going through a stormy marriage as well. But looks like they got rid of Nick for good and they didn't split and still have some relationship like Robert and Frances are apparently going to have.
  13. scrb

    The Hills

    $200k an episode seems high, though I know The Hills was very hot at one time. i think reality show cast members get about that for a season on the low end?
  14. scrb

    S04.E07: All Hail the Queen

    Thinking about it more, I really doubt the guests asked for a picnic on top of Eze. There are plenty of high end restaurants, with stupendous views, up there. So the producers wanted it, put it in their pref sheet. Maybe it was just the views or maybe to stress the crew having to take all that stuff up there, then of course forgetting cutlery. They could probably borrow or buy cutlery from a restaurant or a hotel up there. But they just want to take a shot of the guests at the table up there, probably don't care if they eat that picnic meal.
  15. scrb

    The Hills

    Brody talks repeatedly about his father, which I don’t think he did in the OG. I guess the father wasn’t as known for reality TV or this trans thing back in the original run of The Hills. So Bruce left his wife talking about transitioning but married another woman and had more kids, whom Brody doesn’t seem to see, before h came out to the world? Please tell me people aren’t dumb enough to buy those stupid healing crystals. They claim to be making a lot of money from that hippy dippy shit? Obviously they’re hoping free commercials on the show will get a lot of dumb impulse orders. Why not do one of those vanity tequilas or something. Spencer says they blew through $10 million in 2 years. The Hills were big but they were paid that much? Did thy do club appearances for big money back in the day? He talks about how the crystals make people feel better. Brody mocking him putting the crystals to the forehead is funny. But that party it was all about how they look, just IG photos of them as jewelry. They now want to play up some love triangle with Audrina, Justin Bobby and Heidi. How dumb, these people are in their 30s. They’re all supposedly single so why was that woman calling out Justin Bobby and Heidi for being shady? But the show is trying to make a big deal out of it.