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  1. Well Lena could be back after her rebooted show ends. But Bridget probably has nostalgia since she grew up there. She could go back hooking up with Ken Cosgrove since Smitty is dead. Someone noted that Hawkeye played the same tune on the piano that was in the MASH series finale, so it's suppose to be a tipoff that it's the end. However, Liev said on his Instagram (see media thread) that the fans should let Showtime know that they want the show to continue.
  2. I believe the tip meetings are in the lounge, which has a bigger table than the crew mess which is adjoining the kitchen.
  3. They may milk that as a season-long story line, about how Robbie is a user and how he gaslights Juliette and others. But it's bizarre. Why would you take someone's phone? Maybe if it's someone you want to spy on. Maybe they will have some event where he found some personal info from her phone and then uses it against Amanda, though why would he bother? Don't people lock their phones and use Find My iPhone these days? You'd think a phone would be pretty much useless to anyone else these days, which is why this "story" is bizarre, unless it's to set up some plot or incident later on.
  4. I mean the sad truth is, all his father has to do is buy him nice cars and clothes and young women will hang all over him, regardless of looks or personality. Or they could arrange a marriage to the daughter of a business associate or some other rich family. He doesn't need this show to get casual hookups. I don't know if the show is that popular but someone said Juliette had some big social media following so maybe the cast is able to make money from touting bullshit products on IG. But at least being on TV, he probably gets some groupies or girls wanting to at least take selfies with him.
  5. I think at this point, it wouldn't be surprising if he goes back to some previous formulas. I didn't think the selfie stick or the scooters were big plot points, just quick visual gags that might strike a chord with some viewers. The early seasons were great though I don't remember a lot of those episodes. Going to have to rewatch. But season 8 had some brilliant episodes like Palestinian Chicken. But that was almost 10 years ago! And the series started 20 years ago. It's hard to expect that the show would have the same energy of even 10 years ago. Still, I think Season 9 had some great moments and I would expect season 10 to have as well. He may not explore new ground. He has the same attitudes as Seinfeld, no hugs, no learning. In fact you can say CYE was a more profane, updated Seinfeld, with very few network censor constraints. But I'm fine with that, will keep watching as long as he makes them.
  6. It is but if they're so rich, Bentleys and private jets for the son who doesn't work, then why are they chasing fame and fortune for him? Is this show going to get him on other shows? Maybe, with MTV, they will put him on Are you the One. Or maybe he gets on Bachelor. Or whatever. Or maybe they think he can have a movie career. 😂 Or he's not as rich as they try to portray on the show but they want to get his TV career started.
  7. Alex coming off private jet back from Europe. No more law school? If his father is funding that kind of lifestyle, why bother with law school? Why bother with this show? Would MTV shell out to lease a private jet? Maybe one of those private jet sharing services. Noticed Juliette is driving a Benz convertible. OK, she has a job just out of college? But MTV can't be paying that much, so they leased a car for her. I guess reality shows these days are about showcasing a baller lifestyle. I've been watching the early seasons of Vanderpump Rules and the cast drive normal beater cars and live in "crappy" apartments. Not that that show has a lot of reality going on either.
  8. I really wonder about how South African whites and blacks get along outside of SA. There may be some hard feelings, because the whites had to give up lands. But of course, blacks who lived there under apartheid would remember the horrible treatment that they endured. Average South African wouldn't be culpable for the former apartheid regime or any of the abuses of the black rule which followed. However, it can't be an easy situation.
  9. Liev encourages fans of the show to let Showtime know they want the show back. https://deadline.com/2020/01/liev-schreiber-ray-donovan-season-8-fans-showtime-1202837095/ I suspect the reason they haven't decided to renew is that the cast and producers want more money from Showtime and Showtime is balking.
  10. Speculating but it could be that the stars and the producers are holding out for more money. Maybe Clair Danes money. That's why Showtime hasn't committed yet. With Showtime losing several of it's older series this year, they may be testing how much they are willing to keep a proven show in their lineup.
  11. So now Courtney and Simone are also complicit in the martyrdom of Saint Rhylee? Kate too right, since she told Rhylee to be quiet after she raised a ruckus at the market? And Lee told her to respect the chain of command, how dare he! Everyone on the boat are all assholes except Rhylee! Tanner did get up. Said something about needing more room, just so he would open up room for Rhylee. These basic facts aren't in dispute, or shouldn't be.
  12. FYI, some guys will react to having a finger in their face badly, like go to fisticuffs. Obviously Rhylee gets away with it because of her gender but also on this show, the cast must expect dramatic, in-your-face confrontations. It's not a good look for men and women to yell at each other but on Bravo, it must be par for the course.
  13. But it is a trope with CYE, like the early episode, may have even been the pilot, where some little girl told her parents that Larry had something hard in his pants or something like that. So long before #MeToo, he was mining this topic, about sexual misunderstandings, where he's usually innocent but ends up in a situation like he's a sexual creep.
  14. Just her personality and upbringing. She admitted that her father was also antisocial, like when the delivery guy came around Christmas with packages, he'd go out there to accost him with his gun. So maybe she learned to take everything to DEFCON 1 rather than de-escalate.
  15. No, the post was responding to the crew mess thing, about a specific incident with a specific person. They can impose any kind of penalties on Ashton that they want. He wasn't likely to get another season anyways, it's only the captain and Kate who are in each season. Or he can have problems getting real yachting jobs for all I care. None of that changes Rhylee's despicable behavior and the consequences she has suffered for it.
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