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  1. StarBrand

    S06.E09: Collision Course (Part II)

    I liked this. Had me guessing exactly how the shield crew were going to get out of this mess. I thought that perhaps Deke was going to pull out a last-minute miracle to disarb the bomb. Good thing Daisy's around. Speaking of Daisy, I like when the show remembers she can do a lot more with her powers than just break down doors, and propel peaple into walls. First, the whole stabalizing of the bomb so that it wouldn't go off, then demolishing the shrek(?) in one fell swoop. That was a nice shot. I liked Snowflake's wonderment about how all women on this planet are so powerful, and May's smirk when she said "yes, they are." While I can see how Isreal caught a ride in someone's body, I don't think she was in control of May when she shot Sarge. May was just talking with Yo'-Yo about how she should have killed him when she had the chance to, and how she kept thinking this man was anything like Coulsen. So I think shooting him was completly her idea.
  2. StarBrand

    S06.E08: Collision Course (Part 1)

    Fitz is jealous of his future self? Gemma should remind him that his other self had a psychic break and forcibly performed surgury on Daisy. That'll stop his jealously right in its tracks. Figures that Snowflake took a liking to Deke. So, the Sarge crew knows now that both Daisy and Yo-yo are not your average humans. Not sure if that's a good thing. I like the fact that these characters are still around having new adventures, but part of me wonders if it would have been best for the series to end last season. It would have served as a pretty good coda.
  3. StarBrand

    S06.E04: Code Yellow

    It's too bad about Yo'-yo's boyfriend-I figured he had hung around long enough to not die this quickly. I liked his character. Of course, he was staning in the way of Yo-yo and Mack's eventual reunion of course. What exactly would have happened if she hadn't mercifully killed him? I'm really curious to find out what the deal is with Sarge's crew, what their motives are, and why exactly we have essentially a Coulsen clone walking around. What does he want with May? I wasn't that thrilled to see Deke show up, but it was worth it to lead to Mack's expression upon finding out about Deke's framework thing, and the all-sexed up Daisy.
  4. Daisy and Jemma tripping out-I could watch just that for an episode. Jenna commenting on Daily's "big hair" and "fartmobile". Daisy countering with "'big......geek face".
  5. StarBrand

    S08.E05: The Bells

    Totally this.
  6. StarBrand

    S08.E05: The Bells

    I'm not sure what to think of all that. It's rather disheartening to me to see Dany go full out nuts on the whole fucking city. I did like CleaganeBowl. I did like the scene between Jamie and Tyrion. It was worth it to to see Ceresei scared shitless. But what's the point now? King's Landing is ashes, and if anyone is King/Queen, what are they Lords of? I
  7. StarBrand

    S08.E03: The Long Night

    I'm guessing it was because her "normal" self had now aged so far, that if she took the necklace off again, she'd pretty much die instantly.
  8. StarBrand

    S08.E01: Winterfell

    Perhaps. I just have the feeling this Dany-Jamie meeting will not quite go as we expect it might...
  9. StarBrand

    S08.E01: Winterfell

    I believe the first test of Dany's character, at least in the eyes of the skeptical northerners, would be how she deals with Jamie Lannister. If she were to say something to him along the lines of"you killed my father-and that was actually the right thing to do. You ended a reign of tyranny. You should have been praised for your bravery, not given the Kingslayer label". That would make people believe this Targareon is, in fact, not her father. That kind of response would floor Jamie (which might account for how his look goes from afraid to puzzled during the promo.)
  10. StarBrand

    S08.E01: Winterfell

    I figured this would be more of a "set-up" episode, which it was. I really didn't care, because it was so nice to see new stuff. I can buy the northerners being a bit miffed. Jon said as king of the north he would get allies for the battles to come. They did not expect him to relinquish his crown, and bring back a Queen. I'm also glad they did not drag out Jon knowing about his true parentage. How long will it be before Dany knows? I don't think Dany is being arrogant or throwing her weight around. Not yet, anyway. As Jon said, the Northerners have no idea who she is. And right now, she's this unknown, scary strangers, with dragons, to boot. She says she's not like her father-she needs to show these (and us) that. Tyrion seems to be losing his strategic touch the last couple of seasons. Trusting Cersei to keep her word just being the latest. I don't think he believed that, even after being confronted with the evidence of the White Walkers, that she'd be stubborn enough to sit things out. But alas, Cersei is nuts. A calm before the storm, this was, presumably before next week, when shit starts hitting the fans.
  11. StarBrand

    Carol (2015)

    Saw this on Netflix , to see what the fuss was about. I liked it, although it's not "OMG Oscar worthy" (personally I coudln't give two shits about the Oscars validating a film's greatness, but I digress) I tend to like characters, who for one reason or another, can't, or won't, say out loud what they're feeling. This movie makes good use of glances, touches. This is lost on some people, who consider things like this "boring". The plot is pretty much predicable, as is the eventual romantic liason between Therese and Carol, although in a weird way, it's not. There are at least a couple of scenes where one might think the tryst is going to happen, so in the NYE scene, when it does, sort of does come at a suprise. And when it does, it's Threse that initiates it. And while there's nudity involved, it's only the one scene that is remotely explicit. It didn't have to be either, nor did I feel "cheated". I hate movies that have people bang up against walls, seemingly in a rush, and that's the only depiction of passion. Here it's slow building and romantic. At least I thought so. I've heard the quibbles about Rooney's acting here and elsewhere, but I would concede here it works. Her character is just a naturally introverted person, and it's only in the middle of the film, on her road trip with Carol, that she seems to open up. You see her close right up again when Carol meets with her after cutting off contact with her. I know this movie was notable for having a somewhat happy ending for a lesbian couple, although of course it's not without consequences for Carol. I liked the last scene where Therese scans the room for Carol, finds her, and their eyes meet-and Carol starts slowly smiling, before the scene cuts off.
  12. StarBrand


    I started re-watching after watching Anna Torv in "Secret City" (which you should also check out, BTW). The first season got better when it started introducing more of the mythos that would carry the series throughout its run, which was why I got very intrigued about it after "Ability". If I were to tell someone which episodes to watch to get the gist of the series, I would pick the following from the first season . 1. The Pilot-duh! Real freaky opening scene. If you're squimish about that, you might as well stop there. 2. The Arrival-introduces us to the Observers, and the episode that really gives Peter a reason to stay with Team Fringe. It also contains Walter's crucial recalling of a key event in fringe lore. 3. Ability-the one that reveals that Olivia might be capable of abilities of some sort, and that Olivia was experimented on as a child with a drug Cortexiphan. 4 Bad Dreams-This one revealed just how damanged some people were due to Bell and Walter's experiments. And first hinted at what Olivia could be capable of. 5. The Road Not Taken-This one features some weird sequences where Olivia starts a scene off in one place, and ends up in another. Wassupwithdat? It's the first that really gets into the whole multi universe mythology. 6. There's More Than One Of Everything-Notable especially for the dual revealations at the end-one of which is one of the series' best visual moments. Season Two-The first half is mainly stand-alone monster of the week stuff, with a smattering of mythology (mainly "Momentom Deferred" and "Grey Matters"). With Jacksonville, the series really, to me, started to get into another gear-which culminated in the excellent "Peter". Years later, I still remember how good that episode was. So, if at that point, a person is not converted, chances are they will never be.
  13. StarBrand

    Wynonna Earp

    I think Doc was driven insane with Angel blood lust. The implication, after he came back, was that Waverly did indeed heal him, hence he was no longer a vampire. And if that's true, then it's very interesting that Waverly did that NOT wearing her ring. The ring doesn't give people powers, it amplifies/unlocks abilities the user already has-it also appears to restore memories. I actually originally thought Charlie was Julian-turns out I was right. I'm OK with that, except I'm a bit iffy on how he didn't know who he was all this time-didn't he say Waverly crossing the GRT boundary make a light for him to find his way back to Purgatory. The curse appears to be lifted, so I'm curious as to how things proceed in season 4. They've given us a lot to chew over until then...
  14. StarBrand

    Wynonna Earp

    I don't think it's going to be as simple as Waverly turning to stone to save the world. Perhaps this is another test-the fact Waverly would be willing to die to save everyone proves without a doubt she's worthy, and she'll live. Possessed Nicole was funny as hell. So many balls up in the air right now 1. Doc possessed by Mauve 2. Why didn't Mauve move into Charlie. He was the perfect candidate. Unless of course Charlie isn't human. There has to be more to Charlie's existence than to become Wynonna's love interest, and then just die. 3. Through Mauve, we found out Nicole is, in fact, fully human. But Jeremy is not. 4. Peacemaker was once a sword. Hmm 5. Juan Carlo was apparently an angel as well. 6. The sun wasn't setting, in fact, seemed to be getting brighter. Is this signalling Julian's arrival? I have no idea how the finale is going to play out.