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  1. Yeah, me too. That was one of most horrific things I've seen on TV.
  2. I remember watching season 1 and 2, and never quite got used to Caitlin Todd. Unlike with Ziva, Tony's relationship with Kate always seemed like an antagoinistic brother-sister relationship, whereas Tony and Ziva had a spark to it almost from the beginning. Ziva, to me, seemed the most interesting when they showed her scared, vulnerable side. In "Hiatus", she started making jokes about Gibbs, and Abby lashed out at her, saying the way Ziva was reacting to Gibb's condition, it was as if she couldn't give a shit. And that accusation really got to her. Yes, she's a hard-ass (and had to be, for the job), but above all, she was human. And for the antagonistic things Tony would say/do to her, every now and then he would do something that showed he really cared about her well-being. I remember the episode where he found out she was upset she couldn't get a ticket to go see an opera she used to see with her late sister, and Tony pumped up the sound system to play the same opera, and told her to sit there and pretend she was at the opera with her sister. That was a really kind-hearted gesture for Tony to do....
  3. Well, that was better than what last week's episode seemed to foreshawdow. Picard is now an android-pretty much saw that coming when they were talking about downloading consciousness into a synth last week. Yes, where did Narek go? What of the xb's and the Borg ship? I suppose next season we'll find out. I liked when Riker showed up.
  4. Indeed, shit blew up real good. No turning back from that. I wonder how things will be like next season. Are we going to see the aftermath right away, or is time gonna pass before we pick up again? One plotline I wouldn't be surprised to see happen is Hannah's family filing a lawsuit against the network. Going on live TV and more or less saying the culture of your network, which no one really tried to stop, left your daughter unable to cope, well, that's probably not going to sit well for the family.......
  5. Well, that was pretty intense. The big surprise was that big coup, getting Mitch on the air for an interview, did not in fact, happen. Mitch wanted to be part of the takedown, but in the end, it happened without him. Poor Hannah. I had an inkling that something would happen to her-it would appear that she didn't intend to kill herself, but self-medicated a little bit too much-and as we know from Ep 6, she's been doing that for some time now. Another little surprise was the fact that Alex was the one to initiate dropping the truth bomb on the unsuspecting audience. The revealation of Mitch's actions with Hannah, and how that contribued to her death, was really the last straw for her, and she just coudln't pretend anymore. The ending, with Alex and Bradley being cut off to a test patten, then the zoom-out of Mitch alone in his house, perhaps for the first time ever, having it dawn on him what his actions have caused. He's truly on his own now, with no way to salvage his reputation. He had chances to redeem himself, or at least own up to what he'd done, but played the vicim card until the very end. Now it's far too late. I actually hope this is the last we see Mitch, because it would seem to me that his arc has come to an end. So, things blew up pretty good at TMS. It'll be interesting to see what the fallout is like.
  6. Of course, we're assuming Alex is actually aligning heself with Fred, or just making Fred think so. Something tells me things arent' what they seem there.
  7. Wow. Mitch is seriously deluded about how he's not the bad guy. I give credit to Steve Carroll for making Mitch both likeable and deplorable all at once. Alex's story to Mitch about waking up in his bed-I'm not quite sure if that is a true recollection, or Alex threatening to smear Mitch a little more with a false story. If it's in fact bullshit, in this story of legitimate claims against Mitch, having Alex, a woman in power, making up a story to shut Mitch up is a little disturbing Speaking of disturbing, that conversation between Alex and Fred, was hard to sit through, because 100 per cent of what came out of both of their mouths was utter horseshit. Although to Alex's credit, she didn't seem too happy about having to throw Chip under the bus. But Chip now knows what she's up to. I like the Maggie character. She sees completely through everybody. Cory remains the most entertaining character on the show-I can never predict how he's going to react any given moment. I'm really curious about how this interview will go. I don't know how it goes down without taking both Alex and Fred with it.
  8. I'm usually skeptical about flashback episodes, but this one worked. Up untiil now, there's been enough doubt placed about Mitch-was he really the predator that his accusers made him out to be?. That gets answered loud and clear this episode. Technically, what he does to Hannah isn't rape, it's grossly inappropriate. I can imagine how hard that scene was to watch for a lot of people. Hannah's reaction to the rape victim interview in ep 4, and her little drug bender in ep 7 makes complete sense in retrospect. Also here is where we can see very clearly how much presented himself as a likeable guy, and you can see how people would let their guard down around him. He's not an obvious bad guy, but got to do a lot of horrible things to women and the network let him get away with it. He would have every right to think that he could keep doing so indefinitely. In light of what we've seen here, I wonder how exactly Mitch thinks Hannah is going to help him out. I can't believe there's only two eps left.
  9. Just when you think Alex can't go any further down the rabbit hole, she has that conversation with her daughter. She's running out of fucks to give. Hubby's really gonna love to hear about that speech. Everyone is pretty much at the end of their rope. Chip is just itching to do something to start bringing Fred down. I did like that he stuck up for Mia by firing the young dickhead, although Mia was right about that not helping a thing. I didn't expect her to go full on confessional to the staff about her thing with Mitch-and I'm surprised she'd still have a job after that outburst. With all the talk about Mia being with Mitch, ahd using that to further her career, I thought it was a nice fakeout for Hannah being revealed as the one her used Mitch to do that. Regarding the Yanko/Claire thing-it always amuses me how people start relationships with people at work and think that (a) they won't be found out, and (b) that is couldn't possibly fuck things up at work for both of them. Nice to see the softer relationship between Alex and Bradley and them being friends-I think things work better when they're not at odds with each other-of course, that will probably change when Bradley takes up Mitch's offer.
  10. I was impressed with Chloe revealing that the reason she even thought about working with the priest to send him back to Hell, was because it's terrifying for her to know she's actually dealing with the actual devil. So she's far from being OK with him, even after refusing to work with the priest against him.Lucifer proved his point when he asked Chloe if she could look at him with his devil face, and she could barely do so.
  11. So Chloe now knows that it's her proximity to Lucifer that makes him vunerable. Had she really wanted to get rid of Lucifer she simply could have killed him with that axe. Or any time she's with him. Very trusting of Lucifer to willingly allow himself to be around someone that could do what no other human can do. Too bad the priest comes along and helps ruin that trust.
  12. Thank heaven this show got saved by Netflix. It would have been infuriating to have ended the series where season three left off. I liked seeing Lucifer get cuf off from saying WTF just as the opening credits rolled. Nice wink about being on Netflix now. I figured Chloe was not as fine with Lucifier as she kept saying she was. It wouldn't really have made sense for her to be "oh I've been working with the actual devil, that's cool". Having Chloe out of the know for so long was frustrating, but it's good that we can now see how she reacted to that revelation. The last scene would seem to suggest she's in favour of operating against Lucifer, but I think you can already see how conflicted she is about him.
  13. Got into this series very recently on Netflix-not sure why it took me so long, but I did. I agree with people that season 3 as a whole was rather inconsistent, although whether that's due to parsing plots out during a full season, or network interference, or both is unknown I guess. I would also agree this was the first of a great one-two punch to end the season though. A rather tragic end for the Charlotte . They did a good job of the same person playing two different personalities. The scene where Amen takes her to heaven was sad and haunting. (As pointed out by others, the show knows how to make good use of its music for maximum effect.
  14. That was because when she crossed over, death had no meaning, so depite the face she was mortally injurered, she could be her badass self. As soon as she got back, she (almost) succumbed to her injury.
  15. I guess in the U.S.-it's not in Canada...
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