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  1. Yeah like Jenni said, Angelina and Chris may not last. If she really grabbed Vinny’s junk in front of Chris, why is she marrying someone whom she’s willing to humiliate on TV? You can tell Pauly isn’t interested in Jenni, while Nicole keeps teasing her about Pauly. Good that he’s not leading her on any more. Sounds like Angelina and Chris had no concrete plans last year at Mike’s wedding but MTV dangled a big bridezilla bash and probably extra money for them. This whole season is more or less planned around this wedding and they’re going to milk it for 2 more weeks and probably have it as a finale? Is that going to be the cliffhanger, that the women are alienated from each other and won’t appear on the show together again? No of course that will be up to MTV and they’re all going to keep getting that TV money as long as they can.
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    Looked like Zainab was going to smother him with the pillow when Ramey told her that he had sex with his hot cousin before their wedding night and that he wanted to take Amani as his second wife. Now is Ramy acting up because he’s a POS or Ramy the writer/performer wrote his character this way for comic effect? BTW, how do the Egyptian cousins speak perfect English? Naseem episode was well written and acted. I don’t recall if that character got an episode last year? The things he say, again I thought it was for comic effect, because he says outrageous shit. But it turns out to be a front because he’s a self-loathing gay man who can’t come out or live the way he wants. Though why not? Doesn’t seem to have family outside of Maysa and her family.
  3. They really tried to hype it up, probably prodded everyone else to do talking heads about how great it would be, etc. It was mostly luck of the draw, though it looked like Wes may have missed a battery in one of the holes he punched. I can see why he wanted to see if he got a better draw. But if the Final had a big swimming section, he might regret it. How can grown up people be that thrilled about BK? Guess they're a sponsor and playing along. But the other challengers got into the leftovers so maybe they just give them shitty snack foods. The $5000 prizes were nice. Guess the fees they get for being on each week aren't all that.
  4. She could have been fake and say how bygones are bygones. That's typically how reality shows end, with the cast going out on a high note, even if they'd been at each other's throats all season. She could have hugged it out with Jenna when departing and then say she's fine with Jenna now. Would that be better?
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    Maysa’s episode was funny, the way she was motivated to finally get citizenship. Dena’s episode was serious too, especially the way it ended.
  6. Things that I remember mainly about this episode is that they got to shoot inside Royal Albert Hall and on the Tower Bridge. And a Tube station. They’re setting up V. trying to get out next season, but probably not allowed? Still doesn’t seem like V. will have a normal life, even if she looked wistfully at that old couple in the dance hall. By now, if not many episodes ago, Eve/Sandra Oh is way eclipsed by V./JC. In fact I’d say I like seeing Constantin and Carolyn more than Eve. Not a strong season for that character.
  7. They start with the antagonism early, Hanna vs. Lara and Malia vs. Pete. It's something the producers have done before, with second in command challenging the chief stew and bosun. Like every other season of a BD show and like every other Bravo show, there will always be conflict, confrontations. So we shouldn't be surprised, though they usually don't start it until a couple of episodes into a season. And of course, Sandy is going to throw out the warning about being fired. Again, do real-life charter boats turn over the crew? Unless they have a lot of time in between charters, probably not? So I'm thinking this is a BD thing, not a real life charter industry thing. Now they made it a thing for Sandy to check on the food in every damn meal, run back and forth between the dining room and the galley. She probably cares in a general sense if the "guests" are enjoying their meals but she doesn't care that much to be running back and forth. The producers don't even try to hide their moves any more. Oh well, looking forward to seeing a lot of Mallorca. Will see how the season unfolds but it appears Malia went and got a lot of experience. Sounds like they got actual yachties among the new faces, not stunt casting for TV show. This yacht is bigger but the crew cabins are actually smaller?
  8. Can see Jenna willing to do more BD, same for Madison, same for Paget and Chiara, and Glen. Probably Adam too. Hanna is back on BDM again so Bravo will decide.
  9. Thing is, the money he gives to his mother is NOTHING to him. She lives in Yonkers, not Central Park West overlooking the Park. Even though that was a McMansion, it could be in his name or she's going to leave it to him or other family members if she passes. Maybe there's housekeeping, maybe someone comes and cooks for her. And when she needs help when she's older, he could hire some nurse to help her or move her into a fancy retirement home. All that cost is probably not even 1% of his annual income for a "deca." OK so he's going to cut her off, go to some retirement home for people on Medicaid? You know, the nursing homes which are raging with the corona virus thees days? He was worried about adverse publicity from not showing up for that Yonkers dinner, how is it going to look when stories come out that "deca" Bobby Axelrod put his mother out on the streets? Now maybe she's given his father money in the past. He was probably suspicious when he didn't see the car he bought her in the driveway. But what's at issue is not money. He barely notices it going to his mother and who cares if she gives some of it to his father? She probably figures it's nothing to Axe and sees no reason her ex has to deal with buses. For Bobby, it's about punishing him and then if she doesn't bend to his will, punishing her too, though I think it wouldn't be too long before Wendy points out it's not a smart PR move, especially when he's trying to get a bank which requires govt. agencies approving. That's why he yelled at her, because he's a petulant prick who was threatening to take his ball and go home when things don't go his way. You can take the boy out of Yonkers but you can't take Yonkers out of the boy.
  10. Pretty sure he yelled at his mother. Nothing calm about the way he confronted her.
  11. It's not about being comfortable giving money to his mother because she might give some to the father. It's more about bullying, which he enjoys, as we've seen when he bullied the headmaster and in other instances during the run of the series. From season 1, he revels in saying "what good is having fuck you money if you can't say fuck you" or something like that. He enjoys punching down, including even his own, elderly mother. But he still can't confront his father. There's a reason he doesn't go after someone who has a lot more money than him, because he doesn't punch up.
  12. Way they explained it in the Wine Down, he was being polite not to completely shut off Condola. Issa decided she was going to seize the moment, not let Lawrence meet up with Condola that night. And he decided that he wanted her to stay. Guess they still have a thing for each other, because he brought up Daniel but not in a way which showed he was still stung by it. TSA Bae made him laugh, as he realized how embarrassed Issa was. She noticed finally that Condola was trying to reach him. So at the dinner or at the art walk she says something like she has to search for what makes her happy and then happiness is a abstract — or maybe she was just referring to the painting by that name. But in Lawrence’s apt. she tells him that he makes her happy, to close the deal. I guess it’s suppose to be maturation for both of them.
  13. scrb


    Just watched the first two eps.of season 2. Wow really heavy. Ramy himself feels lost but he was going to try to help and guide Dennis who clearly has PTSD and other issues? Serious themes are good but so far not the snappy dialogue of the first season. I would assume the other characters will each get a dedicated episode again. Ramy admits he hooked up with his cousin in Egypt but would have been good to see the fallout from it, unless Ramy the writer just wanted to drop that story line and go on to something else.
  14. I don't think they will though. They probably think she's one of the best characters on the show. Koppelman boasted that NBA players wanted to get with Maggie Siff.
  15. They're playing up the million dollar prize so it's likely one winner takes all or takes most of the total prize money. That means it can't be really too much to do with strength, upper body. It can't be too much endurance with a lot of swimming or uphill climbs. So probably several puzzles and eating challenges.
  16. Don't recall previous mentions of Axe's abusive father. Vaguely recall his mother. But that's why Yonkers triggered him, bad memories? Axe doesn't seem like the type to dwell on negative things, or let them hold him back. Yet rather than confront his old man, he hires henchmen to smash the car his mother gave him and watch from a distance? So much for not letting anyone have power over him, though he did yell at his mother, threatening to cut her off. I guess the other part of this episode about his father is Chuck Sr. with the renal failure. Chuck is going to have to give him a kidney and then probably give up BDSM because of it. After having Cat land on his lap, willing to play along with his "modalities." Wendy finally kissed the fake Jackson Pollock who spends more time moussing up his hair than painting. Taylor thinks Wendy is top half of one percent. So they give her almost half of the new firm with the name Carbon in it, because they want to decarbonize the world? Why is Axe okay with this? Wendy works for him but now she will have a big chunk of Taylor's fund within a hedge fund? Seems like it would take a lot of her time and focus away from him. Bobby is foiled at another attempt to get a bank. All he accomplished was to ruin another bank, get Chuck punched in the face by Bryan Connerty, who didn't have a word of dialog, and get Jackie Connerty and Sacker laid.
  17. I thought some of Leno’s jokes were okay, sounds like he prepped. “Problem with HCQ is that it’s a gateway drug to Lysol.” Good ribbing between the two. Leno’s appearance a couple of weeks ago didn’t have the same energy. Zoom panel was okay. Definitely preferable to the one on one interviews. Looks like the production crew figured out the multi screen zoom group calls that other show figured out 2 months ago. I’m a sports fan and believe generally that outdoor is safer for becoming infected compared to indoors. But it’s not safe. One of the big spreading events in Italy and Spain is believed to be a soccer match in Milan in mid Feb between an Italian and a Spanish teams. Sporting events may be outdoors but the stands are partially covered and the fans are screaming, chanting and drinking, for several hours, no kind of distancing.
  18. scrb

    S01.E10: The Toll

    Really surprised they killed off Del. Next Mexican heavy better be as good. He got his hands dirty so why wouldn’t the FBI have more on him? They walked into someone else’s home, gave up their weapons but obviously the Snells had their guns ready. How did Darlene hide a shotgun? I thought they rushed over Wendy and Marty changing their minds. The accident made them reassess? She alluded to their money problems or rather modest budget. Del was all sweet talk but as soon as Marty agreed, they kill the previous money launderer right in front of him. Del seemed to take pride in being able to assess people, pick up their tells. Well he missed on Darlene, deliberately provoking him.
  19. Listened to a discussion, sounded like more than a cameo as the two main characters go on the show and win it. Movie is not getting great reviews though.
  20. Haven't seen any of Issa's movies. I think she's mostly been in supporting roles? Heard a discussion of Lovebirds, which wasn't too kind. Guess the reviews haven't been great, says no chemistry between the leads. I like Kumail too. But they said the lead characters go on The Amazing Race, to try to rekindle their relationship. That might be fun. Sounded like it was originally suppose to be a theatric release but pandemic put them direct to Netflix.
  21. Bateman does a longer interview on The Bill Simmons podcast 5/29/90. Talks about the Ozark production company bringing him The Outsider, asking him if he wanted to try to do both that show and season 3 of Ozark. Said he executive produced meaning he hired producers, made casting decisions and directed the first two episodes and handed off some duties to a producer he knew from Ozark.
  22. Bateman does a longer interview on The Bill Simmons podcast 5/29/90. Talks about the Ozark production company bringing him The Outsider, asking him if he wanted to try to do both that show and season 3 of Ozark. Said he executive produced meaning he hired producers, made casting decisions and directed the first two episodes and handed off some duties to a producer he knew from Ozark.
  23. scrb

    Normal People

    Well that's just TV. I don't know if the books depict her as ugly. She said she was called flat-chested in high school, as if that was a reason why she was unpopular. Don't know if that was in the book or not but may have been a reason why this actress was cast, considering there's a lot of nude scenes featuring her. Another thing I wonder about the book is whether there were a lot of descriptive sex scenes or they chose to add a lot of them for the show. Both leads are likely to get many other roles based on this show. I think they were relatively unknown before.
  24. Pretty sure it was in sanitation.
  25. So the controversy about the girls busting Angelina’s chops at her wedding sounded like a contrived thing, producer-driven. But it looked like the girls were really coming up with the idea in that cafe. Still the strategy to roast the bride seems like a TV idea. Guess we will see how good the singers and putdowns are. Other thing is, they must all be getting paid well for the show, even if ratings are nothing like back during the OG run, when Snooki and others were getting on network late night talk shows and gettin huge exposure. Seemed like Vinny and Mike were salty that Nicole didn’t invite them to her wedding. She was making bank back then while Mike was persona non grata with the other cast mates and Nicole probably felt awkward since she slept with Vinny. For that matter she hooked up with Sitch too didn’t she? Money must be good. Mike bought a huge place, sounds like Vinny is upgrading and Angelina and Chris are spending. He was telling her “our money” in his Salvatore Ferragamos. Angelina must have quit her job and maybe Chris too? Hope the show stays on the air for several more years but they’ve done pretty much all. They can’t really go out to clubs and get drunk any more can they?
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