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  1. PRgal

    The Baking Topic

    Back on Saturday, I made mooncakes in preparation for the Mid-Autumn Festival (which is this Thursday, October 1). Since I don't "do" it the traditional way (I HATE lard) and really didn't feel like tweaking existing pancake or cupcake recipes, I decided to come up with my own version. Somewhat successful and I'll likely keep it for next year. If anyone is interested (and yes, this can be turned into squares, cupcakes or whatever. I just used mooncake moulds for it): https://www.cynthiacmintz.com/mooncakes-2020-pumpkin-puree-chickpea-flour-cornmeal/
  2. Oops, must be my crazy brain lately. Next month. Yikes!!
  3. Premiering THIS COMING TUESDAY!
  4. Nope, not just a guy thing. As an undergrad, I was told by a (female) prof that I had to "let others speak" because I was constantly dominating the conversation in a seminar class.
  5. @TattleTeeny: I want to scream too! Especially because I have yet to receive a Sephora order that I made nearly three weeks ago. It’s not like I purchased internationally. It was from the Canadian site. It’s still stuck in BC last I checked. I’m in Toronto.
  6. PRgal

    What Did We Eat Today?

    Brunch: hardboiled eggs and green salad w/ toast Dinner later tonight: Leftover middle eastern takeout (namely chicken skewers, chicken schwarma, tabule and reheated pita) from last night and maybe some seaweed salad. May or may not heat up some apple cake I made for Rosh Hashanah
  7. Covid is causing my Sephora order to be really delayed. I ordered over a week ago and it’s still not here. And I’m VIB Rouge!
  8. Shingles. Ugh. I'm totally NOT looking forward to getting older. I know it can happen any time, but as part of that 33% (or whatever the stats or for those of us who've had chickenpox)...my dad had it a few years ago and he said it wasn't comfortable. Question: If a family member had it, does it increase your chances? Or is it still 33%?
  9. Sorry about your friend's mom, @bookwoman56. I went grocery shopping earlier today and a woman (maybe in her mid-60s) was literally millimetres away from me in line. WTF, lady? You could have suggested that I move up a bit (there was room, but not much) or you could have moved back. I don't think you're at the point that you're too old to "get it." My mom is 71 and she gets it.
  10. She was kind of old - maybe in her mid-60s. But would a boomer-aged doctor suggest this sort of thing? She would have been in med school in the 70s.
  11. I had a doctor suggest that I eat ice cream to gain weight. I was ready to say "I know you probably LOVE ice cream, Lady, and you're super-jealous that I'm skinny, but you're a professional, and suggesting that I eat SUGAR rather than, say, hummus, is probably NOT a good idea."
  12. Probably so they'd have a white cake, even though the frosting inside is, say, chocolate. I don't get it either. And fondant is way, way worse than gum. You can chew gum. Fondant gets stuck on teeth.
  13. The only bad wedding cake I've tasted were ones with fondant. I hate fondant. Pet Peeve: Dieticians who just want to promote supplements which may or may not benefit the client. Or they recommend diets that's actually LESS healthy than what you're already eating/assume that you don't eat healthfully. I take medication which is known to spike one's cholesterol. The dietitian I spoke with suggested that I eat things I already do, and assumed that I didn't eat "well." I told her my normal eating plan and she seemed surprised. Then she suggested supplements. Ones which were sweetened. I asked her whether there were unsweetened versions and she thought I was crazy. UGH.
  14. I'm mostly southern Chinese (Guangdong region, with some northern roots) and rice is meh for me. I don't find my region's foods as interesting as that of the Mediterranean or India. In fact, I find plant-based meals from those areas much more palatable! I think it's about the flavour. And I LOVE cheese. The staple meat in most parts of China is pork (to the point that "yuk" (meat) is always pork and other types of (mammals, anyway) will specify the species (so beef would be gnau (cattle) yuk, for example)).
  15. Exactly. I don't think there are many women who are naturally size 22. Maybe if you're 6'5". But it's great that women who're currently bigger to have, say, athletic wear available. Hey, in order to take care of yourself, you're going to need, say, workout gear, right?
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