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  1. Except a la carte waffles don’t exist. That whole restaurant is a sin. I gave them a one star rating on Yelp. And to make matters worse, the restaurant’s name implied that it was healthier - those fries were greasier than diner fries and overall quality was worse. My husband’s meal was supposed to have bacon. Instead, it looked like deli ham (trust me, it wasn’t prosciutto).
  2. UberEats. They gave me a measly $5 credit for today's delay. Exactly! That's the only way either my husband or I eat sweet items at brunch. I've heard NOTHING from the restaurant. They don't seem to care. They seem to have a good rating on Yelp - I wonder how much of it came from them/their people. I wrote a review after yesterday's meal. Let's just say it wasn't too nice.
  3. So yesterday, my husband and I decided to try a new place for brunch. We placed an order online for delivery. The first order didn't go through - they ran out of avocado toast (!!!!) just as I placed the order, so I had to find a substitute. Fine. The order went. Just before the delivery, I get a notification that some items were not available, but it didn't say which ones. All the items I ordered were on the receipt. It wasn't until AFTER the delivery came that we found out what we didn't get: the restaurant gave us FRIES instead of salad (I hate potatoes, so this was NOT GOOD) and one dish, which was supposed to come with a side of waffles (yum!) came with a toasted bun. That's a BIG DIFFERENCE!!! I'm still trying to reach out to the restaurant. Nope, no luck. They should have called me (they have my number, so why not?) to ask. It's rude. Ugh..... Today wasn't great either, but it wasn't the food. The delivery guy had another drop-off going a DIFFERENT direction. He shouldn't be allowed to do that. Another drop-off is fine, but only if it's along the way! He was about half an hour late.
  4. But on the shoes-off thing: It isn't necessarily Asian. The girls live in Connecticut. It's cold. It snows. Shoes off wouldn't be THAT unusual in ANY household.
  5. Same here. I wonder what they’d be doing as adults!! Mallory would have gone into creative writing, for sure. And possibly Karen, too. With her crazy imagination and Watson’s connections, she could be writing for Hollywood.
  6. I often ordered BSC books with those Scholastic things. But I mostly bought them in stores.
  7. I always wondered where Claudia got the money to buy all that junk food prior to the BSC. I suppose she has an allowance, but what about her clothes? Does Mimi buy her stuff?
  8. I've always wondered about Watson. Are his parents still alive (but left the main house to him while they permanently live in Florida or something)? I think Elizabeth's parents (or at least one of them) are...I somehow remember a grandmother? I'm not a fan of how he wastes his money (and I don't think a 2019-2020 Charlie would even BE driving. Not every kid goes for their licence at 16 anymore). He doesn't seem to follow the "rules" of "old money" - not to be too showy, etc... (I guess his family's money isn't all that old, but it is definitely not new-new). But that's just me.
  9. What was everyone's first BSC book (if you can remember)? Mine was Claudia and Mean Janine. It was also the first book narrated by an Asian character I read. I don't have a mean older sister (only here), but like Claudia, I (probably) have an undiagnosed learning disability. My spelling is much better than hers, however. And I'm nowhere NEAR as artistic (or fashionable). I went backwards after that, starting from the beginning (my mom bought me a box set of the first four books). I read somewhere that AMM only intended to write four books, each featuring one of the original sitters. Have people read OTHER AMM books? I read Yours Turly, Shirley, but no other stand-alone novels.
  10. LOL-ing at being zit-free. Claudia is 12, going on 13 in the series. She might not get those zits until she’s 14 or 15. My skin was the worst between 14-17! And I was using medicated cleanser until I was 20! And recently, at 40, I got two “quarantine zits,” including one close to my eyes.
  11. Did anyone notice the Cher Horowitz shout-out outfit Claudia wore on episode 4??
  12. Just a question: Was Charlotte adopted in the books? I don't remember!
  13. Another thing: what was so great about BSC was not only their ethnically diverse characters long before diversity was a “thing,” but no one ever thought that they had to be of the same or similar cultural background as the character to relate to her. At least not at my school!! And they were also not stereotypical. I mean, Claudia was no Janine!!
  14. Re the shot thing: Better insulin than something illegal!!!! I like some of the updated storylines, though I am still upset that they didn't make Dawn blonde. Because that was part of her backstory. As I said upthread, Stacey didn't have to be white/blonde. She just had to be from NYC. They casted Kristy PERFECTLY! She's EXACTLY how I pictured her, even without the covers! I don't want them to do "Claudia and the Sad Goodbye." I love Mimi!!!
  15. I'm 40 and a mom, but still, not much older than most here. I LOVED Karen as well. I have to come clean - I was a closet Little Sister reader!!! I was a bit of everyone, though there was QUITE a bit of Mary Anne in me (shy...super-shy. I wish I had a group of girls like that for me to lean on...and have friends). There was Stacey in me too. I don't have Type 1, but epilepsy. There's no special diet for me, but I have to take meds 2x a day to stay seizure-free. Not much Claudia, other than not having the BEST grades and being Asian (LOL...people expected me to relate to her JUST FOR THAT!!!!!). Someone upthread mentioned that Claudia could be on spectrum. Perhaps. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised. I was never officially diagnosed, but I've been speculating for a long time (looking back at my grades and the difficulty I had making friends). They STILL don't diagnose girls as frequently as boys.
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