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  1. Exercising and health awareness can be addictive. I had to get rid of my Fitbit (getting to a point where I was walking more than 2.5x as much as the so-called "recommendation" PLUS working out 5-6 times a week. Still work out 5-6x, but I no longer walk THAT MUCH) as part of being more mindful this year. I wasn't trying to lose weight (and didn't. I don't have to lose weight and shouldn't, actually), but it was a confidence thing - something Toby probably was striving for too - and leaning towards superiority/attempting to be superior to some.
  2. I’m wondering: was that intruder real? We all know Randall has mental health issues and can hallucinate.
  3. I wouldn't be able to draw that cube properly either. As for the clock, I guess they'll have to take it out down the road. It's less of an issue right now, though.
  4. The John Legend thing isn't a private concert, per se. I think they were sitting in on a rehearsal (as in John was going to be there anyway, and Kevin knows John (or Chrissy) and was able to make some sort of arrangement) - at least that's how I saw it. I mean, even if Kevin and John were BFFs, an actual private concert-private concert as in Kevin calling him up and asking for one, well, that's not gonna happen.
  5. Regarding memory tests. I had one of those executive checkups recently where you basically get EVERYTHING checked, including mental well-being. I took a test which included memory and attention where I DID NOT do well compared to other women my age. I just don’t do well in these tests to begin with (I joked about failing my LSAT before even taking it (flunked the logic section in a practice test)). I don’t think ADHD people do, period.
  6. I'm finally about to break up with my Fitbit. I've been too obsessed with stats - mostly related to calories burned, exercise minutes and resting heart rate. I already get beyond 10K steps even if I don't look at the thing, so why bother? And I work out 5-6 days a week. I'm underweight for my height as is and I have a very clean eating plan as is. 25K+ steps a day is INSANE. I don't need that.
  7. Dear balding men who think it's okay to grow their hair long: It's NOT attractive. It makes you look worse! Bald guys trying to do a man bun = CRINGEWORTHY.
  8. My husband hates cauliflower, so I've been using riced broccoli - unless I'm eating on my own. I'll eat quinoa and bulgur - I prefer that over rice.
  9. Other Asian people look at me funny when I tell them I don't like rice. I mean, I'll eat it, just not a lot. They (especially immigrant "aunties" (i.e. women over 60)) think I'm really weird.
  10. Trust me, being "cute" is the last thing we want to be. We don't want to be equated with...little girls.
  11. I shop at Sephora mostly because their salespeople don't seem to bug me. I guess I show up enough for them to see me as a familiar face and not bother. Upscale department stores sometimes give me the "Pretty Woman" treatment - especially Mandarin speaking clerks (they seem to become ruder to me once they realize I'm non-Mandarin speaking and ESPECIALLY because I'm an Anglophone of East Asian heritage. It's because we stereotypically don't spend as much and they would therefore get less commission. It's apparently something many non-Mandarin speaking East Asians have had to deal with. I don't seem to get that in the fashion department, but it's probably because I stick with contemporary rather than the super-lux sections).
  12. PRgal

    What Did We Eat Today?

    On Saturday, my husband and I decided to order in Mexican. I wanted to try a restaurant's vegan tacos and was unaware how spicy it was. Let's just say my mouth was MORE than on fire. Yesterday, we had the MOST DELICIOUS brunch at a fast casual place. The ricotta toast - ricotta topped with berry preserve and hazelnuts - WOW WOW WOW!!! Dinner, however, was leftovers thawed from the freezer and heated along with a fresh salad and roasted carrots. Today? More leftovers.
  13. Except when they vanity size, so you're sized out of a brand. And I have. In fact, my feet are too small for at least 50% of shoe lines. Maybe more. I'm actually 4.5 with Stuart Weitzman.
  14. I guess if they do a sequel, it would be about the crash. This could be detrimental to Tom and Henry’s dealership... anyway, I finally saw the movie. Someone upthread asked why they couldn’t have the Duke of York accompany the Prince of Wales on tour. Considering Bertie had a stuttering issue, maybe they didn’t want anything embarrassing to occur? Especially if anything were to be broadcast across the world? Anyway, it’s off topic so I’ll end it here.
  15. PRgal

    What Did We Eat Today?

    Last night: Our annual family holiday dinner. Turkey breast, brisket, latkes (we're an interfaith, intercultural family), stuffing, salad, truffle mac and cheese and vegetables. Lunch today: Okay, brunch. Spinach salad with scrambled eggs, sweet potatoes, smoked salmon and toast. Dinner: Leftover brisket and latkes (since it's the first night of Chanukah), salad, chicken fingers
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