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  1. Sounds like me and eggs Florentine. No hollandaise, please. Ewwww
  2. Not just celiac, but some people are keto for medical reasons (e.g. epilepsy). However, those people are also off other items, including many gluten-free subs. I'm sick of food shaming - people who look at you because you're not gluten-free/keto/vegan/whatever. I've also been stared at for eating soy. It's not like I'm eating it DAILY or large portions. And to be honest, I've already (mostly) given up rice. Giving up something else that is part of my ancestry is, well, marking me as a sell-out (#kiddingnotkidding).
  3. Her being pregnant might be an issue too (there are people who want to have babies in Canada just so they could have citizenship). Especially since she's high risk with multiples. She has to be near her own doctor.
  4. Because she's not allowed into Canada right now, due to COVID border restrictions.
  5. Okay, this reminds me of the Sweet Valley Saga. Some ancestor on the twins' dad's side met an ancestor on their mom's side on their way to America. And they cross paths each generation (!!!) until they got to the twins' parents. I can't believe I remember the plot. I read that book 30 years ago.
  6. I had trouble watching that scene. It was really creepy. As for being rude to Hai: I wonder if he was thinking "Hai only wanted to be with my birthmom for citizenship reasons." Even though they were genuinely in love. Of course, neither sets of parents would have seen it as being "appropriate," considering the times and culture.
  7. Unless somehow, Daddy Dubois was able to get hold of him and raise his grandchild. Then he would have grown up in an even more privileged environment than as a Pearson. He would likely have gone to an HCBU. He may or may not have the career he ended up having - in finance, anyway. He wouldn't have met and married Beth, though. I'm not even sure if Daddy Dubois would have approved of her.
  8. Or maybe the brother was kind of dumb. Then again, their dad would have had some sort of connections to get him in somewhere (are legacies a thing in HCBUs?).
  9. And since Nicky is back in the Pearsons’ lives, we may see more of that later this or maybe next season. The saga continues (cue music).
  10. The Duboises could have disowned her. I can see people like them doing that sort of thing.
  11. How was it? Are you in the medical profession? I don't think I'll be getting mine until summer (41, WFH, no health issues other than epilepsy (which doesn't really suppress my immune system)).
  12. Hai also said that he had to support his parents. Maybe it's just ingrained cultural influence from my roots (I'm of Chinese heritage, but it's my ancestral culture that influenced Hai's), but respect is really important. Hai and Laurel might be able to shack up, but Hai would likely be expected to marry a Vietnamese woman. And considering that Laurel's family was wealthy, well, Hai knew not to interfere.
  13. Perhaps Hai's family didn't want him to marry a black girl (there's a lot of honouring/respecting elders in Confucian-influenced cultures like Vietnamese. Even Canadian-born me has trouble sometimes. And there's a lot of pressure to do this or that from the older generation (and you don't want to disappoint them))? Language issues, maybe? Hai wasn't as fluent with English back then.
  14. In a normal family. Laurel and Marshall’s marriage was probably for business/financial reasons. Think Downton.
  15. Maybe I missed something, but how did Hai figure out that Randall is Laurel’s son from a viral video?
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