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  1. PRgal


    LOL! Scientifically speaking, one will still need to find a way to extract eggs without having to deal with needles that women doing IVF have to go through!
  2. PRgal


    This can be difficult sometimes. I get a lot of people who speak my ancestral language, Cantonese (which I speak a limited amount of. I understand fairly well, but speaking is just "okay" and I'm illiterate in Chinese). One lady from an alterations place FINALLY found out I understood when I pointed out a dress the shop altered was mine. She made comments about thinking I was Filipina (why do people think I'm Filipina, Vietnamese or Thai, but not with ancestry from another Asian country?) and that I should just be patient/take my time when it comes to speaking Cantonese. Well, ma'am, it's
  3. PRgal


    Sounds like the school I went to for my middle and high school years. My school was and still is historically Anglican and the kids go to regular chapel services. But they don't proselytize and students from many faiths attend (when I was there, several students were Muslim and wore head coverings).
  4. What happened to him, anyway? My son turned 3 yesterday! He has a well toddler/child check-up next week and unlike the past, he's passed his milestones based on the pre-visit survey I had to fill in. YAY!!!
  5. PRgal


    Your parents probably sent you to Catholic school because of family tradition and no reason other than that. Question is, do YOU believe in God? Do/did your kids go to a Catholic school?
  6. Yesterday was our Thanksgiving dinner. Most of the fixings, and as usual, we had most of it catered. The mashed sweet and apple pie (husband hates pumpkin) came from the grocery store we've been shopping from since the pandemic began while the turkey (pre-cooked, sliced breast - same as what we do for Christmas. The good thing about ordering this is the fact that we won't be living on leftover turkey for days) and stuffing came from a neighbourhood gourmet store. I made cornbread. Let's just say that my cornbread this year was a massive fail (either because I overcooked it or because I di
  7. Went out for last minute Thanksgiving groceries and while crossing the street, heard bits and pieces of a young woman’s phone call. And it wasn’t just her. She had her phone on speaker, no headphones!! Whhhyyyyyy???!!!
  8. PRgal

    The Royals

    Victoria was also fairly small-framed. Since she was only 18 when she became queen, she must have looked 12! Actually, it’s God Save THE Queen.
  9. I don't think I've ever seen this either! While many people know that I almost went to a Swiss finishing school in 2002 (only didn't because I developed a fear of flying post 9/11), I'm not sure whether many know I kind of begged to be....presented...if you know what I mean. My parents said they didn't know enough people and even wondered where on Earth I got the idea. I continued to want to be "very proper" in the old fashioned sense and though I've mellowed now that I'm in my early 40s, I continue to be more "proper" than most people my age. And I've been shamed/heavily criticized for th
  10. Better choice than Britney. What's happened to Christina?
  11. Maybe the kids lost their accents from watching too much TV.
  12. They managed to "de-age" Madonna for Evita. But it's easier (even in the mid-90s) to make a then-late 30s Madonna look 20-something to early 30s (I believe Eva Peron was 33 when she died) than a 70-something look 50-something - even with today's technology. You know what? Maybe they'd wait 15-20 years and cast Gaga in the lead. Who knows? She's 35 now.
  13. My mom told me how babies were made when I was five (circa 1985)...well, the scientific part, anyway. I didn't exactly know HOW they were made until I was 10 when a girl asked me whether "mommies and daddies wore clothes to make babies." I said yes and she shook her head. If you REALLY think about it, we're both right.....She didn't specifically say pants!!! Okay, TMI. I'll stop now. p.s. as for periods, mom showed me her pads. I found out about tampons at school.
  14. Honestly, if TWY were to keep the same 20 year difference today as it did with the OG version, then the show should take place in 2001. Yikes! A millennial Kevin and Wayne character!!! The Karen equivalent would be an Xennial, I suppose. ETA: I mentioned this earlier, I think in a different thread for this show.
  15. PRgal


    Alberta and Saskatchewan are the lowest vaxxed provinces in Canada and some think those who ARE unvaxxed might want a single dose vaccine. However there's ZERO J&J vaccines here - they were all donated to lower-income countries after the vaccine council said mRNAs were the preferred ones. Some people think one and done might convince the unvaxxed to get vaccinated, despite its side effects. I don't know - many of those who haven't taken the jab don't even believe that the pandemic is raging!
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