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  1. PRgal

    Pet Peeves

    11 am seems to be the "standard" for booze in many jurisdictions.
  2. PRgal

    This Is Our Spoiler and Speculation Topic

    Chrissy Metz: "It could be a new wife" (possible theory: Kate's a lesbian, divorces Toby and marries a woman (at least that's how I'm reading it)?)
  3. PRgal

    What Did We Eat Today?

    How long in the broiler and at what temperature? I have a Breville countertop/toaster oven too! Love it (though I've only used the air fryer mode once or twice)!
  4. PRgal

    What Did We Eat Today?

    Hardboiled egg whites x 2 plus kefir mixed with fibre powder and a bit of Ezekiel cereal (like 1/8 of a cup) for breakfast. Water and a latte to wash it all down. A bowl with kale, brown rice, chicken and other veggies for lunch (water and a plum afterwards) Dinner tonight? I plan to heat up a sweet potato and turkey shepherd's pie (I guess it's technically not a shepherd's pie in this case, but it's store bought and that's how it's labelled. Ummm, should it be called Thanksgiving leftovers pie? Even though we're nowhere NEAR Thanksgiving?).
  5. PRgal

    Queer Eye

    What happened to the Japan season?
  6. PRgal

    What Did We Eat Today?

    Brunch today: My husband and I shared a spelt waffle w/ maple syrup and berry compote and scrambled eggs, avocado and salad. Dinner tonight: We plan to order pizza (he asked for it, and since it's Father's Day, he's allowed. He's allowed to have pepperoni on it too. It's mostly his. I'm not in the mood for more carbs. I'm having fish and salad).
  7. PRgal

    Peanut Butter: Creamy or Crunchy?

    I don't do PB, but I eat almond butter. And I like it crunchy. Though I was like 39 (yes, THIS YEAR!) before I even HAD crunchy (I don't know why I was buying smooth my whole life)!
  8. PRgal

    Exercise: What's Your Workout?

    You might want to consider barre. Depending on the teacher and/or studio, the class might be more dance focused or more cardio (I've done both). Essentrics (inspired by dance and tai chi) would lower impact too.
  9. PRgal

    Unpopular Food Likes/Dislikes: Table for One

    Eight. They are: Liver, ranch (devil's work...though I made myself eat it on crudite platters before hummus became the range), peanut butter (not officially allergic, according to tests, but I've had issues while eating actual peanuts. No issues with tree nuts or even foods which may have come into contact with peanuts), oysters, shrimp (I'll eat it in fried rice only), grapefruit (lowers effectiveness of meds I'm on), mayonnaise (does it count if I'll eat chipotle mayo?) and snails.
  10. PRgal

    Queer Eye

    There's supposed to be a subseason featuring makeoverees in Japan, but it hasn't dropped.
  11. PRgal

    What Did We Eat Today?

    Dinner yesterday: Chicken breast a la Cynthia (Cynthia is my first name) - Chicken breasts, onions, apples (cut into bite sized pieces) roasted with a sauce made of apple butter, garlic, ginger and dried herbs. Quinoa and steamed veggies as a side (also a few pieces of broccoli cheddar tots I saw at the Whole Foods hot food bar). Tonight will be baked tofu with tomato sauce and buffalo mozzarella, zucchini (and MAYBE some asparagus - that's undecided) and bread.
  12. PRgal

    Beauty & Style Dislikes: What are YOURS?

    @RealHousewife: I agree with you re: shoes. Almost everything I see are either ugly or made for people my mom's age (I'm almost 40 (though I feel more like 30) and I don't need shoes worn by people who can get discounts). However, re: skinny jeans - they're godsend for those of us in cold, snowy climates. NO DIRTY PANTS!!
  13. PRgal

    The Crown In The Media

    What the heck is that supposed to mean, anyway? "Second half" could mean any time between July and December. So are we expecting it in the summer or fall?
  14. PRgal

    What Did We Eat Today?

    Ordered from a new(ish) pizza place tonight. Three pies - a pesto chicken, eggplant (red sauce) and one with speck, apples and walnuts and drizzled with honey. Apps as well. Unfortunately, the pizzas were kind of on the cold side and the crust was hard. We still ate it, since we were hungry but we aren't ordering from there again. 😞
  15. PRgal

    Family: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    @Suzy Rhapsody: So sorry to hear about your loss. 😞 I, too, think you need to stop all communication with your daughter. Speaking to her will only entice her more. And stopping, no matter how hard it is for you at first, will be good for YOUR mental well-being. Clear your head a bit. I'm A LOT older than your daughter (I guess I'm old enough to be her mom if I had a child while I was in undergrad), and while I don't have a teenaged child (he's only 7 months!), if my son were ever to rebel like that (and after I've tried my best to help him), I would purposely cut ties with him so he has to find his own way back to "reality." Parents aren't ATMs to adult kids and they need to figure out how to be responsible.