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  1. PRgal

    What Did We Eat Today?

    Since yesterday was Father’s Day, my husband got to decide what to have for dinner. He wanted pizza, so we ordered from a place we never ordered from before. But I got to pick the pizza. Decided on something vegetarian: spinach and ricotta with cherry tomatoes. The pizza was more of a flatbread than the typical Neapolitan style that people around here like. It was pretty good and we’ll definitely try the place again. Also, our 2 1/2 year old, expressively delayed toddler said “pizza” for the first time. His vocabulary has grown immensely in theist two months, though not quite at the le
  2. I’m not doing in-person shopping at clothing stores yet. I’m just not ready. But apparently some people are. The H&M and Aritzia near me both had loooonnnng lines. It’s as if they were having a designer collab and people were waiting to grab them while they can (and hopefully sell them at jacked up prices online). You can buy online people!!
  3. PRgal

    The Royals

    Same here. I don't think I've really seen pictures of Charles that happy. As an adult OR as a child.
  4. Again, putting myself in Ellen's shoes: I see her as some insecure type who worried that he would leave her, especially when she realized that he was in love with Kim as much as she was in love with him. I don't think Ellen is all that mature, either. And to be honest, if she's, like, 25 or so, then yeah. I was a bit insecure at 25 too.
  5. Same here. First dose was April 8 and I got my second June 10. In fact, I almost missed my notification as the email went to my spam box. My arm was sore for about a day and a half the first time around, but only overnight the second. I was more tired the second time around though. I'm still cautious, still double masking outside (despite not living in a "hot zone").
  6. PRgal

    Recipes for lazy cooks

    Easiest meal in the world: Kitchen sink scramble: Beat two eggs with some cream cheese and a splash of milk. Throw in whatever vegetables you have in the fridge (easier with frozen vegetables). Serve with toast.
  7. So what were they supposed to do? And I can't help but wonder how guilty ELLEN must feel, being forced to adopt a child that the husband was "responsible" (genetically) for. It's different from being just another stepmom who knows she's coming into an already-created family. )
  8. Chris isn’t that big of an a-hole either. He looked for her for a year (not long, but it’s never said they were dating before. She could have been an ex and they got back together, but they never said that, either). Chris is no Pinkerton who had a Plan with a capital P.
  9. I recently found a flash mob promo for a Japanese production of Les Mis shot at a mall a few years back. love how Valjean walks out of a bakery with (duh) bread and Javert was at a sushi bar (unless there’s more to sushi than where Javert ends up, like, for example, cops are to sushi in Japan the way they are to donuts here).
  10. PRgal


    Good GAWD, I can't wait for salons to open up in Ontario. I DESPERATELY need a haircut. I also need a manicures and pedicure, but not as badly as a haircut. I'm okay skipping another summer of mani/pedis. Since my husband isn't fully vaxxed, we have not dined out yet. Just waiting for THAT. :)
  11. PRgal


    I've started a podcast as a form of therapy or myself. I'm more or less no longer (that) involved with the show about living with invisible disabilities and am glad that I'm free to do whatever I want with my new one. It's been good. The first episode dropped on June 15 and I'll have a Canada Day special coming on June 30th or July 1. I don't have to be crazy PC and can be the slightly conservative Cynthia that I am. I'm also really happy that I'm now fully vaxxed (Pfizer, if anyone wants to know).
  12. Same here! “I can see that there” comes out as “I kin see that there” in my Torontonian-speak while “a can of soup” sounds different.
  13. Peeve: the term "indigenous." Okay, use it all you want to refer to native communities of, say, North America, but other cultures? Someone says everyone is "indigenous" to somewhere. But many of us are mixed. And come from civilizations that are thousands of years old. How am I supposed to define where I'm "indigenous" to? Chinese civilization is thousands of years old. Are we talking about going waaaay back to the bronze age? Pre-imperial China? It's not something I understand at all. This usually comes from people who're trying to be really politically correct.
  14. I wonder if those girls, now 70-ish still, have those accents. My parents never taught me English because they didn’t want me to sound like a Hong Konger when I started school. I learned English from the other kids in my class and from TV.
  15. My husband is probably on #teambasketball during the playoffs…lol…at least it’s June and most shows are done for the season? Sports = the reason why we still have cable.
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