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  1. He also looks at least 5 years older than the Big 3. The actor himself is close to 50 so I imagine the doctor is too.
  2. Just because I can’t go to the physical store doesn’t mean I can’t get Sephora retail therapy..... just splurged.
  3. I'm ordering most of my groceries online now and am either shopping from a store where they have in-house staff who do the picking or from a third party service. The former tend to be amazing, but the latter? Hit and miss. Last night, I received an item which expires THAT DAY. I could have eaten it had it come earlier, but the delivery arrived at 9 PM. Kinda moot, no? Dude could have at least LOOKED? Also, I'm staying away from social media (especially Facebook) when I can (can't always do this since I'm supposed to help promote a podcast I co-host). I don't even know what's fake news and what's not anymore. I'm only getting my COVID updates from news alerts on my phone.
  4. Which means these kids could still be from Sophie. At her age, IVF wouldn’t be surprising. Though these days, clinics like to do single transfers.
  5. It was in the 20s episode. It was very obviously 2008 with vote Obama stuff all over the house.
  6. And even air travel is fluid. Sometimes, it seems like a flight from PA or NJ to California is...1 hour. And there’s no time difference in their works. Or a proper northeast winter.
  7. So now we can guess that the “they” Toby mentioned includes Jack as well as Hailey. But since they’d still be kids, there has to be an adult there too. By process of elimination, we can guess it could be the following: Kate, Madison, Annie or Déjà. And maybe Malik (if Deja is still involved with him).
  8. I think some people upthread or in another episode mentioned that Kevin looks old because of his beard. Hmmmm...maybe it’s for a role? Do we know if he’s still acting in the future?
  9. Yep. This looks like a public adoption program to me.
  10. They like to age kids on TV sometimes and the actress who plays Tess is 14 or 15 now. So she could very well have aged be the same as the actress. But IMHO, it’s kind of pushing the whole “Tess Pearson, social worker for child services” a bit. Especially given the kind of experience she appears to have (someone concurrently working on a masters degree probably won’t be handling the kind of case she appeared to be working on).
  11. Not really. Domestic private adoptions are already rare and ones of kids already born (that aren’t family) are even more so. In both Canada and the US, adoptive parents are picked by the birthparents. These kids are likely part of a state site. Some jurisdictions offer these services once potential adoptive parents have gone through their home study. Of course, privacy is protected - you need to log in to view the profiles.
  12. To people who aren’t a fan of Hailey’s name: that could have been the name her birthmom gave her and Toby and Kate are respecting her wishes. Especially if she was adopted as an older child.
  13. Condoms were NEVER a thing on TV. As for Jack and Lucy’s daughter, Hope...that’s such a 1990s soap opera name!!! Homage to Uncle Kevin’s time as a soap actor (I wonder if Kevin did more than just the non-speaking role on Days...) ETA: “condone” is not a form of birth control.
  14. A lot of us will need to see therapists once this whole thing is over. I know I will...
  15. Ontario has ordered all non-essential services to shut by Tuesday at midnight. I had zero idea that stores that aren't grocery stores, pharmacies and take-out were still open. I'm mostly getting my groceries delivered these days. I'm trying to avoid going out but old habits of buying groceries near like 5x a week are difficult to change. I'm expecting a delivery today, tomorrow and another one later this week.
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