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  1. Got into the game late and I'm only part way through the first season. I'm not a 20-something, mid-century Jewish woman, but I am shocked at how much I can relate to her as a 40 year old Catholic woman of Chinese heritage. I suppose I grew up socio-econonmically similar to Miriam/Midge (i.e. comfortable, probably more than just that to some people) and have very over-protective parents. My mom isn't completely silent like hers nor is my dad controlling, but there IS a sense of them having MORE pressure on my life (including how I should be raising my son) than they should. Like, a few months ago, my mom asked me why I wasn't considering a certain school for my son (my son is one, but you have to start thinking about pre-school as soon as they're born). I hesitantly added his name to a school they wanted ME to go to when I was little (but didn't get into because I was already 2 when they contacted the place and most families call shortly after their kid is born). They also criticized some of my Instagram posts, and have asked me to delete some more than once. I didn't, of course. I don't delete posts unless *I* feel it needs to go down. If comments get out of hand (and people don't generally comment on my posts - it's not like I'm some sort of famous influencer or anything) I'll just close that. Question: It seems that Abe didn't want Miriam at Bryn Mawr. Was it because she'd be away? That they'd have to pay? I assume she'd go free or at least with lower tuition at Barnard (since Abe teaches at Columbia)?
  2. Something just occurred to me. Is it possible that Kevin's fiance is pregnant with a child that ISN'T Kevin's? The writers, after all, love to throw curveballs.
  3. It's most definitely on Netflix. My husband saw it over the weekend. I think it played in, like ONE THEATRE in Toronto for a day or something like that (not sure).
  4. 100 g of tempeh has more calories than 100 of skinless chicken breast, so Toby's probably more about eating clean than rapid weight loss through both diet and exercise. I wonder if we're heading to a storyline of male eating disorders.
  5. I wonder if all those articles really mean a regency after QEII turns 95? My grandmother is the same age and in just as good health. She doesn’t travel anymore though and has not met her great-grandson (my son). I haven’t seen her since 2016 when she came for a family wedding. That said, I told several of my friends that I think the abdication thing is fake news, but they refute by saying it comes from credible sources.
  6. I'm so sorry. Some parents are just ignorant. What was your focus? Was it a general business degree or did you concentrate on a specific area (finance or marketing, for example)? Or would she not understand that, either? I regret not going into business (history and drama major, using the history part to learn more about my heritage (that's the only part I don't regret)), as I've only recently become interested in finance and investing (this is the area my dad works in). And my dad said he should have pushed me more into that area (of course, back in the day, I would have rebelled even if I DID go into business. I was more of a marketing/PR type back then. I did do a PR program for people with undergrad degrees later and worked briefly in the area (before my parents tried to get me a job in other areas. My mom, who worked in IT totally didn't understand the PR world and my dad thought it wasn't a "good fit" for me. #whatever). It's never too late and me going into investing, even at age 40, might be a good thing. Women are far less likely to get funding than men (since most VC-ers are guys) and I might be able to give a different (i.e. more female, especially for projects that ARE female focused (cosmetics, comfortable bras, period panties, etc) perspective.
  7. Is your mom an alumna of your brother’s school? Did you “rebel” by going to a rival school?
  8. I just finished the episode and wanted to give Charles a big hug (as I did when he was sent to that gawd-awful school (for him, anyway)).
  9. Hahahahahaha on the Toby Cake. And Toby Cake might be keto too. But keto wouldn’t have sweet potatoes.
  10. Actually, some pediatricians now reccomend kids start with vegetables and fruits rather than cereals. My guy started with mushy zucchini and carrots.
  11. Plus shrimp isn't super-high in mercury, so for pregnancy, it's fine in moderation. And the older one could be part of the "they" coming with Jack.
  12. Could be a second child. Kevin said he wanted to be married and have a family, correct?
  13. True, but I think it might be more of a "having her on the property bugs me, considering what happened when I was a kid" sort of thing. And the fact that he felt she never loved him like moms should love their kids. She very much loved him. Consequences and how women were treated at that time led to the distancing. Little Philip really needed hugs and kisses. He never got any.
  14. Lucy's pregnant. Many pregnant women like weird things anyway, so you never know. ETA: In reference to the flash forward scene, of course. 🙂
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