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  1. If he had worded it like this, it would be profound! He’s just not smart enough to think of that. I’m 100% sure jeremy was the kid in English class who claimed to see symbolism / deeper meaning in texts where it wasn’t really there. He certainly was the insufferable asshole who always tried to correct the professor.
  2. YES, Jeremy! Yes, we can comprehend it! This is one of those cut and dry things that shouldn’t be made into some sort of sermon, or “thoughtful” Instagram post. He’s literally saying that felicity is going to be a big sister in the first paragraph. That’s literally it. Yes, we can comprehend it. he is SO insufferable! He has to make everything he says sound so profound, but not everything is profound.
  3. Ohhhhh, they were sooooo slick using those stock photos from 2-3 photo shoots. We definitely thought all those pictures were taken on the day they were posted, lol. They sure fooled us!
  4. LOL that was actually on fb! They had an article about malls reopening, and some dummy actually made that comment. It was hilarious, because everyone replies, “how are you going to get sunshine and fresh air in the mall?! Nothing is stopping you from going on a walk outside right now!”
  5. I agree! My state loosened restrictions on Friday, and cases in our county have gone WAY up this week. It’s ridiculous how hateful the “my rights!” crowd always is, too. They love to write things on Facebook like, “u can stay locked up inside but I ain’t stupid r we gonna stay inside 4 the flu n what about H1N1? R we gonna just hide from everything? No I ain’t got time to stay locked up u can if u r gonna let fear rule ur life u do u but don’t ruin it 4 the rest of us. How many people have 2 loose they’re jobs 2 make u feel safe? If a few people die who cares people die from the flu every year n probably more people died during wwii. I need sum sunshine n fresh air n I will go to the damn mall to get it! I ain’t wearin no mask either I could suffocate n die if u think a mask is helping u then u r dumb.”
  6. That is so unfair! It boggles my mind how the #reopen people keep repeating, “if you’re so scared, stay home!” without thinking of the employees who will be forced to serve them if things open back up. I wish these loud complainers could staff all the businesses until things return to normal! Exactly! I just feel like they’ll have to close the dressing room. People touch clothing with their faces, and there’s no way it can be sanitized besides washing. Then, someone will get the virus, and blame the store for not doing everything they could to sanitize the place. It’s a lawsuit waiting to happen!
  7. Omg. I got in a Facebook argument last night with this yahoo who said that if you’re saved, it doesn’t matter if you die from Coronavirus anyway. However, he is absolutely not wearing a mask because freedom! Murca! I asked him how God was going to feel about him risking the lives of other people because he didn’t feel like wearing a mask, and he deleted his whole comment! People and their selfishness disgust me. I made a comment about concord mills mall opening, simply asking how they’re going to sanitize clothes that have been tried on, and I’m still getting daily hateful replies on there. Why do all the people who want to reopen everything always have to be so rude? On a lighter note, I saw this ad on Facebook and absolutely died laughing! This must be Duggar lingerie! It completely looks like kendra’s dresses where she adds a super obvious modesty panel. Duggar approved VS lingerie!
  8. I’m really happy for you!!! I had to do the same thing two years ago. When I got my new job, I was so excited to start working with a boss who was enthusiastic and really liked me. I am proof that you can find something so much better! I’m glad you chose to leave a situation where you weren’t being treated well. I can’t wait until you find the right job!
  9. “Marriage is a beautiful reality, now that I’ve changed to be exactly the preppy short-haired blonde that he’s always wanted!”
  10. Thanks so much to everyone who prayed for my friend! It’s been a tough week, and I’m glad she was able to have a visitation for her dad on Friday. It was so nice to see her in person! Her emotional state is definitely improving, so I appreciate anyone who sent good vibes her way.
  11. I am feeling down today too. My best friend’s dad died yesterday. If you are the praying type, I’m sure she would appreciate any prayers. Her dad was 82, but got Alzheimer’s at 70. He has been basically incapacitated for several years. She has no family support except for her husband, and I just feel horrible for her. Her dad was a legend in our community, coaching all kinds of sports, especially football. At one time he was considered one of the best football coaches in the state! He also was a PE teacher and taught driver’s ed. So many people in our hometown are mourning, but I just feel horrible for her!
  12. This is actually SUCH a good point!!! I feel like she could still do it while: —looking pretty, but like herself, and... —not trashing her family. she could say stuff like, “I grew up eating tater tot casserole because my parents were on a budget with nineteen children! Now, in LA with a family of three, it’s so awesome that I can afford to buy X, and that it’s available. I’m excited to make Y for the first time!” I’d also be more interested in seeing her photography. If she loooooves photography so much, LA is a great place to take pictures! Let’s see some, Jinge! I think this is so right, ESPECIALLY about Jessa! I think most of the others, like joy and Kendra, are deciding to share less because they don’t have what it takes to be an influencer and know it, and want to avoid the criticism the others get. Lauren tries to be an influencer, but she’s what, 19? I give her more of a pass than Jinger. This is so true! I started feeling comfortable in my own skin when I turned 30. It was literally like magic! It was like one day I was insecure, and the next day I was suddenly wise and self accepting.
  13. I’ll admit, I still prefer will. 😂😂😂 I’m a sucker for the straight laced ones. Harry is quite attractive, though! Another thing Meghan has on Jinger...she was willing to wait, and find the right person, before she had babieeeezzzz! I guarantee Jinger only waited a year because jeremy made some rule about it. I also think she didn’t want to be a young mother, but felt she had to because of JB.
  14. I saw this picture and came straight here. First, they look really pretentious. Secondly...and I don’t mean this in a mean way, because they are in the RAIN...but Jinger does not look coiffed enough for jeremy’s standards, IMO! Her hair is so messy and blah, where is was striking, neat, and pretty when dark. I loved when she had highlights and it looked healthy, when she chopped a few inches off the bottom. Now, it’s just a blah (and try hard) color, a blah length, a blah style, with roots, and messy. I wouldn’t think anything of it if she was just a normal person on the street, but it seems like Jeremy has high standards about his wife being the most beautiful, coiffed person in the room. I just don’t see it with this new “look.” It reminds me of a teenager’s hair when their parents are making them go to a funeral or something, and they just don’t care to neaten up. I feel like jeremy is probably dictating everything: jinger’s hair color, clothes, etc, but doesn’t know how to actually style hair, and Jinger doesn’t know how to style her new hair either. I would feel differently if I felt Jinger really desired this hairstyle, and Jeremy was the typical indifferent husband, but it just seems like a try hard look that has failed to me.
  15. I hear ya, but can you *ever* see Jessa taking food in its raw form, seasoning it, and putting other ingredients with it and modifying them? Especially newlywed Jessa? Plus when the Duggars dump a couple cans of soup and some cheese in a crock pot, they consider it the most magnificent gourmet meal ever. It seems like Bin *has* probably taken over, which is a good thing for everybody. He seems to know how to cook decent, healthy food, and knows it’s either that or starving. But can you imagine marrying one of these girls? You go into it thinking they’re Susie Homemaker, and then they likely can’t even scramble an egg (as we saw Bin making eggs while Jessa curled her hair). More power to them for letting Bin do a “womanly” chore, though!
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