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  1. This is such a good post! That’s exactly what I think about Cole’s parents. They probably wish he had done better (not financially, but character wise), but now that it’s a done deal, they appreciate the grandchildren / the fact cole is happy (although he seems miserable to me lol, but he would absolutely claim to be happy!). Part of me also wonders if the move was partially to get Cole away from his family, or the family away from them. I thought it was interesting when Cole so casually said, “they’re devastated.” If my parents were devastated that I was moving, and I didn’t HAVE to
  2. Very true, but he brags about everything else! 😂 Chelsea would waste no opportunity to point out that her perfect husband was college educated. if she didn’t value education enough to care, Randy would brag that cole did things the “right” way and got a college degree.
  3. I’ve always wondered if cole played soccer for college, but didn’t graduate. I feel like Chelsea would have bragged about him being a college graduate, or at least randy (because Randy would have some appreciation for how hard college is). I’m just not sure I see him being a graduate, with his vocabulary especially. Can you imagine his term papers? “Romeo thot Juliette was hot and she was a Smoke Show he was like Dam! My mind created these Gifts for Juliette. If her Nurse wants Juliette to stop seeing me I’m gonna get up off the toilet and the old lady is gonna wish she’d never messed with me!
  4. Very well said! You put it into such good words about the difference between a normal professional’s reaction to being on Teen Mom, vs something like marrying someone of a different race or religion. That is spot on! My parents definitely don’t care about judgment either if something fits their values (which being on a trashy MTV show never would!). That is such a good point! Now I am really curious to learn more about randy! It would be so interesting to see how he got interested in dentistry, and who encouraged him to pursue it.
  5. He is sooooo much like cole! Both of them really get their kicks from people writing them about how great they are as husbands and dads. They probably are so much in that little world that judgmental comments from community members just go unnoticed! If 63927493 people on social media are fawning over you, while 20 you know in real life are judging you, I could see how you could ignore the “haters!”
  6. I agree with every word of this so much! Randy is definitely a fame whore, and loves being on TV. We don’t know much about his background. Who knows? Maybe he wanted to be a movie star, or some other kind of entertainer, but decided doing something academic was more realistic? Maybe his parents were in the circus, or were stand up comics. Perhaps he came from a family where ignorance was celebrated, and crudeness wasn’t shunned. It’s very possible that he didn’t grow up in a “classy” environment, and perhaps grew up in an environment where fame was considered the best thing ever. His being a d
  7. I couldn’t be attracted to someone so full of himself either! I work with a guy kind of like cole, and it’s super annoying. He skips no chance to brag! It would suck if everything your husband did was for an Instagram audience of sad women who swoon over him. He’s totally the type to swoop in and load the dishwasher when you’ve been doing chores for 3 hours, and make a big deal about posting it online. I couldn’t be with someone who needed all that validation!
  8. This is really good insight! I think it does depend on community, as well as your own professional aspirations, like you mentioned. I grew up in a small town in the South, but not a rural area where everyone got married young, etc. Most people in my small town aspired to a professional job, and being a doctor, dentist, lawyer, or banker in my town was the ideal. You are also soooo right in that children of these kinds of professionals who didn’t attend college were considered “losers,” and it was better to scrape by and barely graduate with a degree in underwater basket weaving than not go to
  9. For a girl with an involved, loving father, Chelsea always shocks me. I would never publicly say something like that (even if I had the urge to, which I absolutely do not lol!) because of how it would reflect on my family, and how grossed out they would be! As a dentist, my dad has a reputation to uphold in the community, and my family would be so mortified if I put such trashy business out there, and they had to face their peers who had heard it. I’m not saying that if you’re not upper middle class that you’re trashy, or that people expect you to be trashy...but it’s just so weird to me. I ha
  10. I agree! I cannot imagine, in any universe, my parents putting up with that. And I can even less imagine them letting me move my loser boyfriend into the home they’re paying for! My parents have always been generous, but also expected me to uphold my end of the bargain. I have always really wondered what Chelsea’s life would have looked like without aubree, and I literally can’t imagine it. Without aubree, she couldn’t have lazed around and played house when Adam, because instead of a single mom, she would have been a bum. I wonder if she would have scraped into the college with the
  11. It was actually junior year! Remember in her 16 and pregnant when she started the school year, and randy told her he wanted her to graduate with her class? She turned 18 in September, but for whatever reason was just a senior then. She had aubree early in the year, and then ended up dropping out. Remember when she went to that homecoming event with her friends and Adam got mad? That’s why it took her 73927493 years to get her GED, since she dropped out during senior year. She was supposed to go back after having aubree, but just never could get it together.
  12. Yes!!! I find the timing so suspicious, getting pregnant midway through junior year. Second semester junior year is intense, because it’s when most people are taking the SAT and applying to colleges. I could definitely see Chelsea panicking because she didn’t have the grades, didn’t want to disappoint randy, and didn’t want to figure out a plan. If she could just graduate, marry Adam, and stay home and raise aubree, then she would have a legitimate option that didn’t involve furthering her education, OR losing face by being the only dud in her friend group.
  13. Awwww thank you!!! Yep, still around, but just swamped! My school started out virtually, which was crazy enough, and now we have been sent back at 100% capacity! I’ve absolutely never felt this swamped. I heard Chelsea quit the show, so I had to come see what the boards were saying, lol! I hope I can relax a little at Christmas and reconnect with everybody! I love and miss you guys! 💕 here’s to the craziest year of teaching ever!
  14. I feel this! My Adam was not outwardly a “bad boy,” but I didn’t realize that a guy could look wholesome, come from a good family, be a good student, and still be a complete asshole. He was a total “bad boy” at heart, soooo similar to Adam! It makes me wonder if maybe Adam wasn’t quite as bad at first. Grandma Donna seems like a normal middle-class person, and his brothers all turn out okay. Maybe Adam appeared more normal at first, before he made his transition to total douche!
  15. I absolutely love your description of her rocking in the fetal position because she gained 3 pounds or grandma Donna wanted to talk! Hilarious and spot on! 😂😂😂 Yes!!! I love that you mention cole being willing to take all that on so young. It would have been different if he were 40. However, some people love to insist that Chelsea waited an eternity to meet and be “saved by” cole! I just turned 33, and I’m single, so it makes me laugh that people consider Chelsea meeting cole at 22 to be “late in life.”
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