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  1. That's so interesting! I could definitely see it being a little bit of both. Derick probably saw it as an easy way to get fame and money, which was obviously misguided on his part. He was probably also a lot like many average guys...not attractive but not hideous (then), and just normal...who had trouble getting laid, because they just have zero game. And then once the duggars got their claws into him, they did manipulate him. It was unfortunate from all sides, and I think everyone has buyer's remorse now. I've been thinking about what WOULD make them happy. Derick seems hard to please, so it's difficult to decide what would make the perfect wife for him. First of all, I think he should have gotten his career path 100% locked down before he even thought about marriage. Honestly, having a few flings wouldn't have hurt him, either. He could see what kind of girl he liked, and get people skills. I can't see him with some edgy rebel, or a girl more accomplished than him, but there's a LOT of gray area between a rebel / careerwoman and Jill. He might have liked a woman who had a career like nursing or teaching, like he THOUGHT Jill was capable of doing. He might also have enjoyed having a SAHM, since he would have a stable career, but one who is capable and organized. He definitely does not do well with a stage five clinger. I think he for sure needed someone who wanted to wait a few years on kids, and who didn't have an extremely intrusive family. Maybe he would have liked not having kids at all, but he for sure should have not had a honeymoon baby. He could even have gone on a long term mission with a competent wife, had fun doing that for a few years, and then come home, settled down, and worked at Walmart as they started their family. A lot of women wouldn't tolerate his career flip flopping, and maybe he needed a wife who would whip his butt into gear if he waffled around. If his wife was paying all the ills on a teacher's salary, she would have been more motivated to insist he have a career. Having someone who blindly adores him doesn't seem to be a good choice for him. Maybe Derick would enjoy children more who were raised by a more intelligent mother, who gave them routines and structure. Of course, this is also on him, but obviously Jill has more control over the kids' daily lives as a SAHM. If the boys had routine and structure, plus he wasn't living in a depressing, beige environment with unappetizing food, he might thrive a little better. Plus, he might not have had his jaw surgery without being on TV, and if he had a more intelligent wife, she probably would have helped him with the aftercare / notice if he had a problem with any pills he was prescribed. As for Jill...I really don't know. The only type of guy I could see her happy with is someone who constantly, constantly babies her and makes his life all about her needs. Derick was sort of like this during the honeymoon period, but few guys can keep this up forever. I would also worry about a guy who *was* like this, because he would probably eventually snap. Jill seems so anxious, and definitely needs therapy before she can be in a happy relationship. It makes me sad how her parents have made her forever thirteen. She needs coping skills, confidence, and self-worth in order to thrive in any relationship. She also needs the self-awareness to realize she doesn't need 749274 kids with her temperament, and that she needs to change how she is raising the kids she has. In a normal world, where she could have been a nurse, and developed some independence, she and Derick might have been a much better match. If she had gone to a real high school and college, and was less clingy / more self aware, she might actually have been a wife who would have meshed well with his personality! It's kind of funny, because I believe that Derick is a much worse partner (in this marriage) than Jill, but he would have potentially thrived with another partner, if he had stayed single longer, and put off having kids. Jill, who seems to have good intentions, and seems to try harder than Derick to be a good partner, really needs therapy before being with anyone!
  2. That's super interesting! I could definitely see him being a somewhat awkward, but pleasant, band geek. And something has for sure changed since he got on the show. Like you said, he's probably always been an asshole, but had some humanity in him at one point. Now, he just seems mean and pissed off all the time!
  3. Can you imagine?! "I'm pregnant with your baby. Now, can you stand behind me so we can do a cutesy picture for Instagram?" "hell yeah! Wow, I'm so excited to be a dad!" no way would that ever happen. I'm thinking he got a whiff of Leah's fame and money.
  4. This. I always wonder how Aubree will feel when she grows up and has to work, and realizes that her whole childhood was exploited so her mother wouldn't have to do the same. Of course, they all could ask this question, but Briana works, Jenelle never would have (she would have been on welfare), and poor Leah is so, so incompetent. Isaac and Aubree will be asking this question, though!
  5. Even though this is objectively ugly, this is the best (IMO) of the citrus and lemon clothes, and the best quality picture!
  6. I definitely do think there might have been a "it's time to grow up, and I'm tired of spending money on you" speech, but I do agree that he thinks he's some big shot!
  7. Awwww thanks, barb, and everyone else who has been so sweet!!! I truly do believe that I was meant to have this job!!! I am so happy, but soooo ooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooo ooooo oooooooooooooooooo tired. 😂 I've been going to bed between 8 and 9, because I have to get up so early, and I really want to feel rested! This school starts at 7:15 am. I know I will get used to the schedule, though! This is our third week of classes, and everything has been amazing! I even got a positive shout out in a faculty meeting. That would NEVER have happened before!!!! I also feel like I can make mistakes, and they'll help me, not degrade me! The admin is so positive when they interact with us, and the other teachers are also just wonderful! We went out on Saturday to celebrate one of the teacher's birthdays, and had such a good time! We actually have to do more work at a charter school than a public school, but I don't mind doing it at all. It's a small price to pay for working in a good environment! i really believe that I had to wait so long to find a job because this was the right one! I'm so glad now that I didn't find a guy to come rescue me, so I didn't have to work. If that had happened, I always would have felt like a failure in the working world, and scared at the thought of earning my own living! Now, even if I do one day stay home with my children, I will feel confident and positive about my career! I might even feel like I could raise kids while working, since this job doesn't suck every tiny bit of energy and happiness out of me! I have seen that I can have a career that adds to my life, instead of drain it. It's crazy that ONE person made my last job so miserable, but there are good workplaces out there, away from him! And now that this good thing has happened, I feel more positive that things will happen as they're meant to. I'm feeling more confident that the right guy will come along, but there's a reason he isn't here now (and no, it's not like my mom says, that God doesn't think I'm ready!). God (or the universe) is waiting for the right guy to be free, and in the right mindset. This job wasn't open a year ago, and I had to wait until the teacher was in the right mindset to leave, and found another job. The right guy could be in a terrible relationship right now, but eventually, he will have the courage to leave, and then he will heal! just some semi-coherent, super tired ramblings. But I sooooo appreciate all of the prayers and good vibes you all sent my way! They definitely worked. I'm loving my job, but the day when I'm used to the schedule can't come too soon! It's 7:45 pm, and I'm about to nod off. Good night! 😜
  8. I saw this pic on insta, and my first thought was that she looks so skinny except for the bump! She reminds me of an actress on TV with just the bump, because she's obviously not really pregnant. I'm sure Kendra is eating a decent diet though. I don't see her being ignorant about cooking like the duggar girls are, so she's staying in decent shape. And about the kissing...how does that adhere to their beliefs? Unmarried people might see it! Jana has Instagram, for goodness sakes. What if she saw it and felt totally defrauded?!
  9. I think all this could be true, and I'm convinced that law school was Cathy's ultimatum. When he was in Nepal, I'm sure she thought it was a nice thing to be doing, and acceptable for a young, single man out of college to pursue for a while. When he got engaged to Jill and started at Walmart, she probably thought he had it together, and would settle down into a "normal" life, working at Walmart for 40 years, and having some kids. She might have been slightly concerned about Jill's refusal / inability to work, and plans to have 20 kids, but she might have rightly figured that the plans would change when they figured out that wasn't practical. Or she thought the duggars made a lot more from the show than they actually do! i'm sure she was deeply disappointed when he got fired or quit from Walmart. It probably confirmed some of her deepest fears about her son that she had been avoiding: that he's lazy and entitled, not a hard worker, that he couldn't care less about providing for his family, etc. She probably realized that no matter how they parted ways, Derick could have done better at Walmart. Then came SOS. I could see Cathy at least being relieved that TLC was interested in their missioncation, and not as worried about their financial situation. She might have even thought the mission was explicitly for a more interesting storyline! Even though she believes in missions, I don't see her thinking this was a long term plan. Then derick came back here and floundered. He insisted on doing cross church, wasting a lot of someone's money (whether it was JB's, Jill's, or Cathy's is anyone's guess), and basically getting a useless certificate. It appears that Cathy funded a lot of things for them and their grandchildren then. I could see her telling derick that she would fund a SERIOUS graduate program, which would lead to a real career, or cut him off. Since he doesn't want to pursue accounting, and didn't major in anything that would help him with medicine, the only stereotypically high paid, respected career left is law. She probably figured he had a decent shot of getting in, with his varied background experiences, and no shot of getting into other well paying graduate programs. And then once he got in and didn't immediately flunk out, she decided he was on the right track and helped him pay for his new house.
  10. Me too! Maybe people from states that don't have so much warm weather find it odd? I never wear shoes outside unless it involves walking long distances. I trek into the backyard several times a day to bring things out to recycle, and never wear shoes, even if the grass is wet. I've also been known to wear flip flops to run a quick errand in the winter when I was too lazy to put on real shoes...especially if we've just had a warm spell, and I'm bitter that it's over.
  11. Hey guys! I am halfway through my first week with the students! I have been so busy I have forgotten to breathe this week, buuuut now I have dinner in the oven, and a chance to rest. I absolutely LOVE my new job!!! It's been an exhausting week so far, but it is wonderful. For one thing, the atmosphere of a small school is so much different, in a good way. The kids are overall more respectful than in a public school, even the eighth graders! I am really enjoying getting to know my coworkers, and I even have a friend who works there that I didn't even know about! We were friends in high school, and I had no clue that she worked there! Also, the vibe at the school is super positive!!! All of the principals are upbeat people, and they intentionally want us to be positive as we create the culture! It seems like everyone has a bad story or two in their past, and we're all so grateful and relieved to be in a better environment. I just about did a double take this morning when the AP started talking to me about random, funny stuff...I was almost like, "why are you talking to ME?" I'm so used to being unimportant and disliked by admin! Also, I made a small mistake yesterday in the car rider line, and the people in charge actually said, "no problem! It's so tough to learn this system! You're doing great!" I had been so scared, thinking making a mistake was the beginning of the end for me! I've also heard a lot about how the old music teacher had basically given up, and was hard to work with, so I feel like I have a good chance of doing well, as long as I work hard, like I always do! It's funny, but now I can see why some people enjoy having a career. I had always associated working with a horrible, tense environment, where you cried all the way there and ran a big risk of getting screamed at. It's soooo awesome to see there is another way! Of course, there are going to be bad days, but it's so awesome to not have a negative, mean-spirited vibe in the air.
  12. Thank god she didn't have kids with him! I do wonder, though, if she regrets how incredibly desperate she was to have a baby with Luis, and wishes she'd waited for John instead. He might have actually wanted the baby (or been open to it if an "oopsie" happened), and been involved in her life. It's so weird to me that she purposely let a one night stand impregnate her, but then managed to not get pregnant by a long-ish time boyfriend. She also managed to not get pregnant all that time between Nova and Stella. It makes me think even more that she thought Stella was her ticket onto the show.
  13. Why is Chelsea standing like that? She looks like she is trying to show us something on her shirt. I do think her hair is so much better short, though!
  14. I'm just wondering how Jeremy posted this without social media on his phone. Did Jinger send it to him while he was at school? Did he then take a screenshot of it, text it to her, and tell her to post it? I 100% believe Jeremy has Instagram on his phone, but preaches that OTHER men should not, lest they be tempted. (But he is above being tempted).
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