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  1. Jane the Virgin used to do the text pop-outs.
  2. I agree. I'd like to see each of the them manifest powers independent of the other.
  3. tvmom

    NYPD Blue

    NYPD Blue is available on Hulu.
  4. tvmom

    NYPD Blue

    I wrote to the network to voice my objection, and this is the reply I received: Thank you for contacting Heroes & Icons. Thank you for your support of NYPD Blue. Our contract expired for the series, and while the series was one of quality, the ratings were never as good as we needed them to be to support the substantial license fee that the producers and distributors required us to pay. Perhaps in the future we can bring it back to the Network. Thank you again for watching Heroes & Icons and for contacting us with your thoughts.
  5. That sounds like a better plot than what we've seen onscreen so far. I know teens are dramatic, but the changes they made are not working for me.
  6. If any of you here watched Thirtysomething, the same technique was used when Nancy and Elliot went to therapy. We saw the two of them through the therapist's eyes in a few episodes. Since Ken Olin is an executive producer, I wasn't surprised to see it used here on TIU.
  7. No, you're not. I'm 53 and sporting a head of salt-and-pepper hair, as are most of my friends who have chosen to go with their natural hair color. 🙂
  8. Is Sophie living in Pennsylvania? Maybe Kevin built the house in PA because he and Sophie end up together, and that's where they’re based.
  9. He was also on NYPD Blue during the last season or two of the show.
  10. I enjoyed episode one more than I thought I would. I didn't know that Aaron Eckhart was fluent in French, so that was a nice surprise. I had a feeling he and the nurse's aid would end up together in the end. There were sparks between them from the first conversation (and I appreciated the subtlety in their growing relationship.) Since the sky turned purple at the very end as it did when her husband passed, are we to assume the matriarch passed away that evening? (Sorry to be describing people in general terms. I did not catch the characters' names upon first watch.) The story was well d
  11. I was bored with Nic and Conrad's back story. Maybe there were too many time jumps? How long were they supposed to be together before the big breakup? It seemed as if they met, had a date, Nic got pregnant, but miscarried, they broke up. I wasn't that invested in their story. The other storylines were more interesting.
  12. tvmom

    S05.E22: Missing

    "I admire you, Oliver. It takes a special kind of idiot to actually get dumber with time." - Malcom Merlyn Best. Line. Ever.
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