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  1. tvmom

    The Romanoffs

    I enjoyed episode one more than I thought I would. I didn't know that Aaron Eckhart was fluent in French, so that was a nice surprise. I had a feeling he and the nurse's aid would end up together in the end. There were sparks between them from the first conversation (and I appreciated the subtlety in their growing relationship.) Since the sky turned purple at the very end as it did when her husband passed, are we to assume the matriarch passed away that evening? (Sorry to be describing people in general terms. I did not catch the characters' names upon first watch.) The story was well done. I enjoyed it, and I look forward to watching the rest of the episodes.
  2. tvmom

    S02.E03: Three Words

    I was bored with Nic and Conrad's back story. Maybe there were too many time jumps? How long were they supposed to be together before the big breakup? It seemed as if they met, had a date, Nic got pregnant, but miscarried, they broke up. I wasn't that invested in their story. The other storylines were more interesting.
  3. tvmom

    S05.E22: Missing

    "I admire you, Oliver. It takes a special kind of idiot to actually get dumber with time." - Malcom Merlyn Best. Line. Ever.
  4. tvmom

    S14.E20: Judgment Day

    I watched the show with the captions on, and it said "sister-in-law," not "ex sister-in-law."
  5. tvmom

    S03.E09: NIM / S03.E10: NeXT

    I've enjoyed this show from the beginning. I'm glad it will have one more season to complete these characters' arcs.
  6. tvmom

    S03.E10: Two Graves

    What a mess this show has become.
  7. tvmom

    S12.E14: Odd Man Out

    I don't think Meredith's going to say yes. I hope she doesn't, to be honest. I see no chemistry between them whatsoever.
  8. tvmom

    S12.E11: Unbreak My Heart

  9. tvmom

    S12.E11: Unbreak My Heart

    Since their beginning, Jackson and April seemed to be an unlikely couple, but there was just enough weirdness in both of them to make you think it could work. But this episode showed a relationship that apparently has never worked, other than sexually. I felt very sorry for Jackson and completely fed up with April. I used to like both of them equally, but I don't see them having a future together, baby or no.
  10. tvmom

    S03.E08: The Other Girl in New Orleans

    I also love Cami and Klaus together.
  11. tvmom

    S03.E01: For the Next Millenium

    I laughed so hard when Elijah casually turned Hope's stroller around so that she wouldn't see the carnage he was about to inflict on the hunters. Such a doting uncle! :)
  12. I was expecting the body in the coffin to be Jo's, not Elena's. I was kind of shocked that there was no funeral for Jo.