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  1. Larissa has confirmed that she has two kids: https://www.intouchweekly.com/posts/90-day-fiance-why-did-larissa-leave-her-kids-in-brazil-find-out/ She left both in Brazil when she came to the US. Her son was adopted by Larissa’s ex-boyfriend’s sister. Her daughter, from another relationship, is with Larissa’s father, Larissa hopes to bring her to the US when she’s ready. She may even have a third child: https://realityblurb.com/2018/11/14/90-day-fiance-star-larissa-admits-she-has-multiple-kids-after-shes-blasted-online-by-her-ex-boyfriend/
  2. One of my favorite parts was when, Chandler is woken from a nap, or whatever, to hear that the guests are stranded at the shark excursion without drinks or towels. Chandler then races off in the tender, on his own to rescue them, except he can’t figure out how to get to them. Instead, Chandler ends up circling around them, causing the guests to wonder if it is perhaps his first day on the job. Chandler eventually gives up, motors over to Ross, and asks him to take over. Of course, I couldn’t understand why between Ross, Aston and Rhylee, that not a one of them thought to bring the
  3. I feel for Larissa. She doesn’t seem to understand that while the show is airing that she and Colt are not supposed to post anything on social media that may spoil the outcome of the show. Rather, she seems to think that Colt wants to keep their relationship a secret for nefarious reasons. And then, Colt doesn’t help her understand about not spoiling the show. Instead, he takes her phone away which just escalated the situation and led to a domestic violence charge. The whole thing could have been avoided with better communication.
  4. Kameron is at a Michelin-starred restaurant, in Copenhagen, and she wishes she could order a quesadilla?! (Nothing against quesadillas, they are delicious) I did enjoy Xanax Kam and watching her try to wrangle her luggage as well. Also, those pink packing cubes, loved those, I may need to get some.
  5. Larissa recently posted on Instagram that she and Colt are still together, InTouch picked up the story: https://www.intouchweekly.com/posts/90-day-fiance-star-larissa-confirms-shes-still-together-with-colt/ Also, Colt used to have long hair: https://www.intouchweekly.com/posts/90-day-fiance-colt-long-hair/
  6. Yes, I love Chunk! What a cute name for a cute dog. Also, I couldn’t help but notice, when Kam’s husband, Court, sat down on the bedroom floor to play with Chunk, that Court and Chunk appeared to be the same size. (So, perhaps Kameron has a type?)
  7. I really enjoyed, that before charter, they showed Captain Lee totally kicked back with his headphones, that spectacular view, and all those pillows, relaxing on the “Crows Nest.” He seemed to be having a great time, as he should.
  8. In the kitchen of Kalani’s AirBnB, The Disney Princess Cookbook is displayed on the counter. It was Kalani’s birthday, so maybe it was a present. It would be fitting, as Kalani, with her glorious head of hair, resembles a Disney Princess. Also, I’m now wondering what sort of recipes are in The Disney Princess Cookbook. I may have to get a copy in order to find out.
  9. At the restaurant on the beach, I liked Emily’s pina colada with the red, yellow and green layers. It looked yummy, I wanted one.
  10. I liked the pillow at Marion’s house that read: ”Press button for maid service (•) If no one answers, do it yourself” I need a pillow like that.
  11. Kameron doesn’t know how to pronounce “Steak Frites”? How is this possible?! I suppose they don’t ever have it on the menu on her private plane.
  12. Yes! The scene with Angela and Micheal and the cake was my favorite. Angela: That’s what’s been wrong with me. I missed my cake! (Takes a big bite.) Micheal: (wipes frosting from her face and hair) Angela (in her TH): I forgive Micheal at the end of the day ‘cause I love him. And seeing Micheal “apologenic” and sorry is the Micheal I fell in love with. Angela’s invention of words such as “apologenic” rather than apologetic is too funny. I couldn’t help but laugh.
  13. There is an interview with Paul on today’s episode of the Pink Shade with Erin Martin podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/pink-shade-with-erin-martin/id1318549651?mt=2&i=1000420017708 Paul explains the whole Karine’s brother and friends eating all the food situation. Apparently, it happened multiple times. Paul would stock the refrigerator for the week and then Karine, her brother and friends would use everything to make one big meal. A lot of the food was wasted and ended up in the trash. (Not sure why leftovers weren’t saved, he didn’t say). And, then Karine, br
  14. I’ve been a fan of Joe from the start and was fine seeing that he is back together with Kendall and will be on DWTS. I do however believe that Bachelor production had a hand in it all. Here is how I imagine a conversation between Joe and Bachelor producers went down: Bachelor Producers: So, Joe, you’ve become quite popular on social media. America loves you! Joe (blushing): Aww, shucks... BP: So, Joe, we need to capitalize on your popularity. Is this thing with Kendall for real? Or would you consider being the Bachelor? Joe: Well, I do like Kendall. There
  15. Yes! Surely Angela must realize all of this. I want to like Angela, but the more I watch her on the show, the more difficult it becomes. Micheal, on the other hand, is very easy to like. I enjoyed the scene where Angela and Micheal are strolling through a village and are looking for a place to sit. They spy a couple of benches: Angela: I don’t like stools! Micheal (smiling, nicely): It’s fine. It’s not gonna break. Ha! I couldn’t help but laugh. Micheal is smart and has a great sense of humor. He was gently poking fun at Angela, but she seemed to have mi
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