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  1. WalrusGirl

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Yeah, that was the first thing I thought when I saw it, and I was just popping in on this thread so have no other recent photos, etc as context. The picture alone screams “baby bump.” (Though I only wore an adorable empire waist tank once at 19 because I realized it completely looked maternity/baby bump, and I weighed 100 pounds even at the time. 🤷🏻‍♀️) If the cookies are just for them at home, who really cares? (I mean, yes, teach them about hand washing for cooking, etc, but in terms of germ sharing that ship has already sailed for the parents of toddlers. As an *aunt*, no, I never ate food the kids helped with unless I’d been the one cooking with them and personally supervised the use of soap, etc.
  2. WalrusGirl

    S09.E07: A Bachelor No More

    Also, Jeremy continues to make me like him. The vacuuming, and his relaying is this turn of events when asked and concern re the vacuum marks, and “wrong emotion, wrong emotion!” bouncing Felicity when she started to cry after Ben and Jessa told them they were expecting. (I’m not sure if that phrasing is coming naturally because I’ve just seen too much of this crap or because I would and will never refer to THEM as pregnant. “We’re pregnant” / “Ben and Jessa are pregnant” just doesn’t work for me at. all. 😛) Also thoroughly enjoyed Austin’s politic assessment of the first kiss (or was it re “sugar muffin” in Abbie’s vows? Probably both. “...Well that’s - unique.” 🤣) in his and Joy’s talking head, Joy’s reaction, Ben’s commentary, TLC’s choice of score as everyone waited for and made their entrances (“Faith Restored,” Anthony Dominic, Jake Schillingford, & Nicholas Evans), and how Abbie and her dad interacted as they waited to make their entrance - seemed NORMAL and natural. (Of course, the whole “transfer” of her to John David promptly took care of my warm and fuzzies, but wasn’t exactly unexpected. And didn’t catch any explicit “obey”s in the vows (she’ll follow where he leads, and he’ll lead, as I recall, but “following” feels quite a bit more voluntary than “obey”...), so there was that.) And that TLC wasn’t there filming Ben and Jessa’s telling Jinger and Jeremy; it was Ben filming on his phone, and Jing in leggings and Jeremy in what could have easily been PJ loungewear hanging at the Seawalds’. And Jana’s genuine interactions and goodbye with both Abbie and John.
  3. WalrusGirl

    S09.E07: A Bachelor No More

    They arrived at the church together that day to get ready for the wedding, and Abbie said not doing a first look was her idea - she’s big into anticipation and wanted the build-up to her and John seeing each other, her in her dress, with the music as she started down the aisle. Yeah, I’m thinking those factors plus whatever harsh hormonal drops/changes and some electrolyte issues/dehydration/lack of caloric intake from (very understandable) total lack of appetite, nausea, GI issues, lack of sleep, increased blood pressure (mine runs low and I feel just fine at 85/55 but dizzy and shakey at 115/75, let alone higher), etc. Some of which can speed up the resting heart rate for some (me) and cause some (totally benign but not great feeling) palpitations that easily lead to dizziness and near-fainting as well. All kinds of things were probably off, and her system is likely sensitive to it, but...it wasn’t due to massive blood loss, because they’d have gotten her to a hospital, and they certainly would have mentioned *that*. But she’s only 19 and assuming it was from “all the blood” is common enough without a doctor to have told her what it actually was. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  4. WalrusGirl

    10:09 Kody's Secret Plan

    Yeah, my assumption was that the drafting of the plans was just for plot. My brain always somehow skips the grammatical issues and jumps to mentally yelling “YOU WERE ELEVEN” [when Kody and Meri got married] at her through the screen. [Not that I take issue with their age difference when they met/married, but the idea of Robyn being with the family from the get-go seems so clueless of her. Like she doesn’t fully grasp that Kody had already been married for *20 years* before she joined the family, just like she hadn’t fully grasped their history of frequent moves that she missed. Except not ever having mentally computed one’s own age in relation to their SO’s first wedding being 20 years prior/in 1990 seems to require a whole other level of willful obliviousness.]
  5. WalrusGirl

    Kody Brown: Part-Time Father, Full-Time Asshat

    I kind of think I remember him blow-drying it back in the early seasons; I’m thinking the curl is actually natural.
  6. The second picture was taken in a mirror, so reversed - it’s her other arm. 🙂 (She wears her watch on the tattooed arm.)
  7. WalrusGirl

    S09.E00: John David's Wedding

    I fast-forwarded through the DVRed episode and didn’t catch anything that I didn’t remember from the two TLC GO 10-min wedding episodes. I think you’re good. 😊
  8. WalrusGirl

    JD and Abbie: Captured Before the Rapture

    In the shots as the wedding was about to start, it was (L-R) Jessa, Spurge, Ben, Jeremy (holding Felicity), Jinger (Jing at the aisle, Henry presumably on Jessa’s other side, with a sitter, etc). I didn’t catch Jessa right next to Jeremy later, but my guess is Ben slipped out with one/both of the kids, which would have left her with Jeremy next then Jinger. I actually took more note of the fact that Ben and Jeremy were next to each other with the girls on their opposite sides, rather than vice versa, but if Jing is exclusively breastfeeding she may have wanted the aisle to slip out easily if Felicity started wailing. Sounds like Spurge/Henry were the ones who didn’t make it through the ceremony, but they’re also old enough to have gotten rowdy or chatty and effectively shushed until they were out, as opposed to an infant’s no-negotiations fussing/wailing. *shrugs* From the last IG photo in the album from the wedding guest who sang early (which was actually a video), it was lower res, but I wondered if it was Josh at the end of the inside-line of groomsmen?
  9. WalrusGirl

    S15.E07: Anybody Have a Map?

    Yeah. At least if she *wants* to be better at it - there are men (and women, but as Maggie’s straight) who would be ok with, and even need themselves, the less emotional relationship. If she doesn’t want to seek out that kind of compatible relationship, she’s gotta do some work to meet Jackson (or anyone) at some mutually agreeable midpoint. Or, now that she knows (the key to Jaskson’s wrongness), be ok with his filling those needs elsewhere, with either gender, if that’s also an acceptable compromise to him. I always hope they’ll remember she exists!! I remember Lexie once acknowledging that they hadn’t retconned Molly out of existence; she was abroad (Japan?) with her military spouse at the time.
  10. WalrusGirl

    S15.E07: Anybody Have a Map?

    From April’s perspective, sure, and even at face value, but...less so when Jackson flat out says he’s also grieving finding faith too late for him and April to work. (Not that that was the proximal cause of their split, but I get where he’s coming from. And while that’s *useful* and relevant information for his current significant other...ouch. I think he was pretty genuinely over April before her car accident with Matthew, but less so now with his own sudden faith and her marriage to someone who shares hers.) Yeah, that’s my thing. If he hasn’t tried to get deeper with her (beyond excited rambles that come off as sudden marriage proposals), AND hasn’t talked to her about how talking about this stuff is important to him, that’s on him. Instead he opted to let her think he and they were great from his perspective and to fill those other needs with other women without a conversation or heads up. She didn’t cover herself in glory when she got overwhelmed, and really fair enough if that’s a dealbreaker for Jackson, but he was still already in the wrong in dealbreaker territory too. ??‍♀️ It just confuses me if we’re actually supposed to be rooting for them. I’m not a Japril romantic shipper, because they kind of sucked to one another, and I wasn’t appalled at Jaggie, but he’s been lousy to her so far this season, and she’s pretty fundamentally unable to meet HIS needs, AND they don’t have the massive chemistry and moments to make up for it (like Mer/Der back in the early years, when at least Mer also had really good reasons for being limited that Derek understood).
  11. WalrusGirl

    S15.E07: Anybody Have a Map?

    I don’t think you missed it - if they (he) mentioned that prior to this episode, it was a throwaway phrase in a quick list of what he did (I remember the hike mention, since he brought in a patient he met hiking). I got the impression that that stop may have also been news to Maggie, given her stunned repeating/“wtf” of that part of his explanation. (I don’t think she was exactly overreacting to multiple texts on his lock screen from and unknown girl’s name culminating in “miss you! ❤️❤️❤️“, and while props to Jackson for actually encouraging her to read/scroll through them, I also agree with her major problem/dealbreaker of his confiding things he hasn’t ever told or mentioned to her. Coulda mentioned her along various people he met and friends he made who helped him sort through things if it was really emotionally innocent. Maggie did herself NO favors by bolting, after they seemed to be having a breakthrough and communicating, but that Jackson hadn’t really actually tried to talk to his serious girlfriend about it, or told her that their lack of emotional connection/sharing was a problem for him, did nevertheless put him into emotional affair territory for me. He can be in the wrong even if she followed up his explanation and attempt to rectify it with potential dealbreaker wrongness herself.)
  12. WalrusGirl

    S15.E07: Anybody Have a Map?

    When it all went to crap, Richard said she was in DIC (disseminated intravascular coagulation): https://www.merckmanuals.com/home/blood-disorders/bleeding-due-to-clotting-disorders/disseminated-intravascular-coagulation-dic
  13. WalrusGirl

    JD and Abbie: Captured Before the Rapture

    I had a friend who directed all of her photos be taken from above because of the distorted/“shrinking” perspective it gives the body. I think it looks ridiculous, but it’s a thing. Then my 6’5” relative takes a picture of me (5’2”) and his wife and it’s just as screwed up because that’s just where his hands naturally hold the phone/camera. ? So it can also happen when the person taking the shot is significantly taller than those in the shot!
  14. WalrusGirl

    JD and Abbie: Captured Before the Rapture

    I don’t remember if it was Jill, Jessa, or both, but I remember their being pissed that he’d JUST allowed them to go on national TV defending him/interviewing about the molestations and trying to move things past it when he obviously knew he was/had been cheating on his wife and was at high risk for another scandal anytime. And yeah - I have a friend who was raped by a family friend at a young age, and she’s extremely uncomfortable with having unexpectedly woken up with a catheter when a surgery ran hours longer than planned (someone touching her genitals to do so while she was out, and without her even knowing it would be done), or being knocked out during procedures anywhere near that region/with the area exposed. I DON’T know that she attributes it to the rape - it’s more “I’m really uncomfortable with that” and I think she thinks all/most women are, and while that isn’t the case for me she may not be wrong, maybe it’s much more common among those who haven’t been violated than I’d figured - but I definitely do and have it, unmentioned, as background context in my mind when it’s come up before and after various surgeries.
  15. WalrusGirl

    S08.E12: Josiah & Lauren's Prank-less Wedding?

    Woah. That foliage display had a D in it?! I thought it was just the banners. And I’m not colorblind. Ditto. And I didn’t even LIKE the V - I mean, it was well-done and nice looking, if it were just displayed in the reception area or something (by a guestbook or gift table, maybe), but I thought it was tacky and out of place up on the alter, and brought down the aesthetic they otherwise had in the sanctuary. So actually I guess I preferred the hidden D that just looked like a random rectangle of foliage up on the alter for Josiah and Lauren’s wedding, but had no idea there was a hidden D in there.