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  1. So true. They have not develop Cisco much beyond Starlab and they just keep rebooting/rewriting Caitlin every season.
  2. Anyway, at this point, it feels like the writers decided to just "erease" Caitlin and call it a day. At least for now, until they reboot her character again .
  3. We know they speak to each other but base on past episodes it was established that KF didn't have Caitline's medical/scientific knowledge. That they only know what the other "verbally" share. So in this episode, we should have been seeing Caitlin, not KF. She is the one who has the knowledge to help Barry. At least that is what the show established in 6A.
  4. DP actually answered this on Twitter, she said KF and Caitlin share information/knowledge. Which doesn't make sense base on what the show told us this season.
  5. Yeah, CW shows do better on streaming services than most popular shows on other network. That is why CW renew shows that do really bad in ratings.
  6. I think there are two factors, most people (including me) prefer to stream than to watch it live. Because I read some recent articles that Flash is doing really good in that area. The other factor is that the writers lost the audience trust. Those who left don't trust or believe the show is getting better because they have been fool more than once with this show. Some Iris fans are not watching because of the past few seasons and especially 6A. I'm one foot outside the door at this moment because of that lack of trust. It is easier for shows to build an audience than it is to bring back the audience.
  7. DP and TC have really good chemistry, I don't know why they don't have TC play a character that could pair well with Caitlin.
  8. So true about the office situation and Tom, lol
  9. I like that it seems like the writers are taking their time with this mirror iris arc and doing it in a way that doesn't make the characters look like complete fools. Because one of the biggest flaw that Flash has is in writing stories/arc like instant noodles. They don't take the time to let the story marinate long enough to make you feel anything.
  10. Earth 2 Iris didn't realize that our Barry wasn't really her Barry for while because Barry was just a different version of her Barry. So maybe MirrorIris is just another version of Iris, making it harder for Barry to see that this is not his Iris. Also, Iris argument with Barry was really manipulative by making him feel like he is the one in the wrong for not recognizing and accepting that life changed her. She made him feel guilty and bad for expecting her to still be the Iris he had always known after everything she has been through. So now, whenever she does something suspicious, he will forced himself to ignore it because to acknowledge it means Iris was right to be mad at him for not seeing and understanding that she couldn't keep being the Iris before everything that happened. I mean we saw Iris go through the Mirror last episode and some of us were doubting whether the Iris we were seeing was real Iris or mirror Iris. The Iris we were seeing was so much like the real Iris except for a few things that can easily be explain by the Crisis. So as of right now, I understand why Barry is being a fool and I don't fault him for it.
  11. And I think it was easier for Kevin to admit he needs professional help because he sees himself as a mess, and he believes people expect him to be a mess. So he has no perfection illusion about himself, and no false believe that he is strong enough to over-come his "weakness". People can't think less of you for getting help when they already think the worst of you. Randall on the other hand, spent his whole life believing that can be perfect if he just work hard at it. That he has the ability to be perfect, therefore, if he isn't, then it is because he is not trying hard enough/making the right decisions. This idea is reinforce/praise over and over again in different ways and levels by his parents/siblings/wife/others. To Randall, people telling him he needs help probably feels like people telling him he is failing/failure, therefore, the solution is not to listen and get help but to work harder at being perfect. What people say to you when you are mentally ill and what you hear them say are too very different things. So in order for someone like Randall to accept and knowledge he needs help, he needs to be knock down so hard that he can't get up, or think his way out off the hole he falls into. As long as he is functional and able to come up with reasonable ways to "fix" himself, he will continue to believe he can do it on his own. This is why I like to judge Kevin/Randall/Kate differently from each other because their weakness/strength are different, therefore, they are going to react to the same thing differently. Also, like to add that mental health as a serious medically issue and not a moral/personal failure is recent development that majority of people still don't really accept in themselves and others, even in the medical field where people should know and know better.
  12. I actually think the reason Randall refuses to get help is because he sees his anxiety/issues as a moral failure/leak of mental strength on his part. For someone who believes he needs to be perfect, the idea of exposing his moral failure to a stranger is probably a big fear off his. All the people Randall turn to when he is having trouble are people he involuntarily exposed himself to, and kept his secrets moral failure to themselves. So he feels safe going back to them. I hate it , it's wrong, and it is not fair to Beth and Kevin but it makes sense in the head of someone who believes they can be "perfect" if they work hard at doing everything right.
  13. This is why I have been hopping TC get an awesome offer to lead a show and leave the Flash. As long as he is part of the show, the writers will continue to do this because it seems like that is all they know when it comes to him.
  14. Agree. 6A makes me not even want to read his interviews. He is really good when it comes to interviews. He is a good salesman, but he doesn't deliver the actually good. This really disappoints me because I want to support him but I refuse to support bad writing.
  15. I get what you are saying. They used the wrong storyline arc for the cross-over. Since this is Oliver/Arrow's last season, Oliver deserved and should be the center of this cross-over. But the storyline should have come from Arrow's own arc/narrative. So the crisis arc shouldn't have been used because base on the Flash narrative, it is Barry's story. It is his biggest narrative. Watching any other character play a bigger part then him feels wrong narratively speaking. It feels force. They should have used a different vehicle for Oliver's send off. One where it would make totally sense for the main focus of the cross-over to be on him and the supporting characters on Arrow. It would have been a proper send off and keep it from feeling like they cheated him from putting his own final stamp on the Arrowverse and keep crisis for Barry's final season, where it would have made sense for Oliver to show up again. But this is not the first time these writers have used the wrong vehicle for their cross-over.
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