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  1. Did I miss something ?How did Dolores get her brainball into her Dolores body? At the end of S2 she left the park as Charlotte and when she brought Bernard back she was back in her Dolores body in a black dress. In this episode it seemed to me that Dolores made a Charlotte body and put someone in it. Why did she need a new Charlotte body if she had the old Charlotte body she used to escape? This season is confusing me.
  2. I don't watch every season of Survivor so I don't know all the rules. Who gets to keep the chickens that were won in the challenge if the tribes switch?
  3. I am so sure that the banana is Bret Michaels I told my mother I would eat a banana peel if it wasn't. At the end of his song he spoke a word (hallelujah?) and said "woo". It was his voice. I am not proud, but I did watch his show on VH1 years ago and he always would stand with his hands crossed in front of him. He also would extend his arm out and gesture often, just like he did towards the panel.
  4. Banana Bret better make sure he staples his bandana hair piece to his head. I would be embarrassed for him if it falls off when he takes his mask off😉
  5. Yes ! I even said out loud, "I bet that's Michael Madsen." Oops, but it sounded like him to me.
  6. Someone on another forum solved the mystery of Nadja's photo. https://www.metmuseum.org/art/collection/search/437384
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