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  1. I think I will forever love Sonja for schooling Ramona not to "reply all" on an email and to Google basic shit, like what "sparkly" means. The number of times I want to respond to an email with LMGTFY is in the millions by now. LOL! With the Tinsley/Scott situation, I get that a normal person would not want to call up her boyfriend and give him an ultimatum in front of a national audience and her castmates because it would be embarrassing for both her and him. But Tins also said Scott has a problem with her being in the "limelight" which I took to mean he has a problem with her being on the show and, possibly, her raising her profile doing these hosting gigs (the dog thing, the upcoming circus thing). First, as for the show, he certainly didn't shy away from using the show for two seasons to make commercials for his coupon enterprise, so he should just suck it up on her participation in RHONY. Second, if he does have a problem with her hosting charity events, he's a even bigger asshat. Either way, him having a problem with how she makes her living and what she enjoys doing is super controlling if it elicits such a strong freak-out reaction in her. I'm glad they ended things because no one needs that kind of bullshit in their lives. I was so relieved to see Sonja's extensions gone in that blow-out scene.
  2. Lizzing

    S09.E10: A Supreme Snub

    Denise said that she'd only been in the Malibu house for about a month (at the time of the Dorit visit), so she's pretty much admitting she rented the place for filming. I kinda like her so far, but she's now on the same list as Kim, Brandi, and Dorit for renting places appropriate for filming this show. I echo the WTF? thinking on Kyle's one-shoulder dress at Lois' dinner. Look, we all know she's slimmed down and is toned. We've seen her in a bikini. But that one shoulder deal made her look super stout and like she had my matronly upper arms. I get she has no friends that will tell her the truth, but surely one of the 4 daughters can step up! We're gonna have to watch closely at Erika's show performance to see if that dancer who booted her in the head makes it out on tour or if he's now chained up in Boy George's basement.
  3. Lizzing

    General True Crime Shows

    I had to rewind to make sure I heard right that he was 35 and then verify it through articles on line. That guy looked closer to 50 when he was 35. Talk about evil being aging!
  4. Lizzing

    S11.E05: Shark Bait

    I know Ramona & Sonja were rude as hell laughing their heads off about LuAnn getting the fish room at dinner, but I do enjoy them when they get along. They were also fun sitting on the park bench discussing Ramona's blind date. Those two kooky broads are the best when they get along and have fun. I've not always liked Lu, but I've always liked her for the show--like if she wasn't there, there would be a part of the fabric of the show missing. But now her haughty hubris is very grating, and makes Ramona at Heather's house seem like the paragon of manners. I wish she'd been forced to sit out this year for her no-show at the reunion. (I don't believe for a nanosecond that her rehab stint was anything but strategically timed to avoid questions about the kids' law suit against her.) And while I hated Bethenny's tirade against her 3 seasons back, I'm kinda now excited for Bethenny to go in on her. Something truly is wrong in the world if I'm looking forward to a Bethenny take-down. Why in the hell does Dale have THs? Totally unnecessary--she's no Patricia; hell, she's not even Dee or Elsa! I wish I could remember where I read it, but IIRC, Scott has been cheating on Tinsley in Chicago since they started dating, or so the rumor went. That could be why they didn't work out, in addition to her being a bottomless pit of need. I could see her not wanting to bring that up at the boat lunch. Bethenny needs to get her story straight on her relationship with Dennis though. It's all over the damn map.
  5. Lizzing

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    JFC, that O'Connell guy was a stone-cold idiot. For half of his interview, his responses consisted of just parroting back whatever Josh said last. His theory of the crime against the 3 or 4 incorrectly accused people didn't even make sense. He had a witness that said she saw the car drive into the apartment's lot, and the driver run away. Why in the hell would "drug dealers" in a "deal gone wrong" kill someone, put the body in the victim's car, drive it to their own apartment complex, run away and then, what?....circle back to their own apartment feet from the body/car? It makes no sense! Whenever he gets out of jail, I hope he doesn't get back that managerial job at McDonald's; he's too stupid to work the soda fountain! I'm glad that new cops came in and got the case solved though. And at least someone in the ME's office thought to collect DNA...since the sheriff was on drugs, and the detective couldn't find his own ass with a map and a Eagle Scout troop, it was a damn miracle that anyone did anything right at the outset.
  6. LVP's kitchen reno is the only compelling storyline this show has going. Denise's "wedding" to a starfucker was just a set piece to get all the wives in one space, as evidenced by the other starfucker, the fat kid from Stand By Me, in attendance. None of the women were dressed all that great; Denise's gown looked like an 80s teenager's idea of a wedding dress, Camille took my sister's 90s vest and turned it into a dress, and Rinna cobbled together some Holly Hobbie shit and made it into something. It was nice that EJ finally matched the petroleum product that passes for hair with her jumpsuit, though. On second thought, maybe that was too matchy-matchy. Dog dumpers need to be outed as such, so I don't care who sold the story to ROL, though my money is on Rinna (always hustlin') or PK (need to pay those Vegas guys before his kneecaps are in pieces). And a certain Deputy might just have an issue with the notion that "nip" is a Britishism.
  7. Lu seems to be more insufferable and smug than she's ever been before: more than "address me as Mrs. DeLesseps in front of the driver", more than "How dare Carol schtupp the help", and even more than those hilariously cringe-inducing attempts at charity work in the first couple of seasons. Or maybe she's the same level, but not balanced out with any humor. She can be funny (intentional or not), and it just isn't coming thru this season yet. And I'm also thinking she doesn't want unpredictable Ramona or drunk Dorinda coming around her for fear that either one of them will bring up the real nature of Lu's kids' lawsuit against her. I didn't really care if the blondes took food to Dorinda; Barbara said it was fine and she said last week she over-ordered food for the party. I also don't really care if Bethenny is out dating a gaggle of men after Dennis' death, but wearing that ring and calling attention to it just smacks of Gretchen wearing Jeff's ring for attention in the limo to wedding dress shop with Tamra. NO ONE EVER should aspire to be Gretchen. It was shocking that Sonja was in a real, legit magazine. Anyone see it? Was she just a model for that guy's handbag line, or was it for something else?
  8. I may be remembering this entirely inaccurately, but didn't one of LVP's long time female friends marry Ken's son (not Max--an older son from a previous relationship)? I think we saw them all visiting together on an European vacation several seasons back. LVP's friend is about her age, and Ken's not-Max son is much younger, IIRC.
  9. I was as shocked to learn Camille was only 50 as I was learning PK was only 50 last year. I would have believed she was 50 in S1, so it isn't the divorce/cancer/abusive ex that has aged her. Maybe living with Kelsey or being Jesus did it. (I still cannot stand the woman, but she's right about Dorit.) As for all this "LVP made me do it" bullshit....JFC, watch the show you are on so you know the players and their games. If Teddi is that guillable, then someone get me her phone number and I'll call her to tell her she needs to pay off an IRS debt with iTunes giftcards ASAP. So LVP drops out sometime shortly after Denise's wedding, right? If they all do stop talking about her, what the hell are they going to talk about? Drop LLAJ/LVP out of the story, and all we have is a handful of photoshoots and an infomercial for The Agency. Oh, and Dirty Aaron's dick size. (I think he's a scammer, but he did have the best line of the night when Denise went to get the other women to come back in to celebrate Camille's bd: "I think I'll go hide" or similar.)
  10. I've had enough of Barbara's talking heads and nude lipsticks. And if they want to add someone in the Hamptons who goes to quaint small grocery shops to buy stuff for parties, have one of the cast make friends with Ina & Jeffrey. I am enjoying that this season started earlier in the year, with all the Hamptons houses getting featured. Feels like a real throw-back to the early seasons.
  11. Lizzing

    S09.E05: The Proof Hurts

    This is, hands down, the most infuriating franchise on Bravo. It's bad enough when the cameras don't catch (or so we're led to believe) important exchanges, but now they're just flat-out ignoring salient details. Teddi's brother--the one who works at TomTom--is dating Hannah, the trainer at VPD. I'm not saying that Hannah & Hud filled Teddi in on the whole Lucy situation, but I'm saying it is plausible that she heard something from them prior to either one of the Johns or LVP. I have no clue, but for the entire cast to act like these people & connections don't exist is maddening. (For that matter, we should have seen Dorit be accosted by that woman at the resort as well.) I am certainly no Bethenny fan, but I so, so wish that LVP had handled this dumbass dog story like B handled Sonja's Tipsy Girl cheater brand: LVP should have sat Dorit & PK down in one of her swanky establishments, calmly and methodically laid out how dumping a VPD rescue dog was in violation of their contract and stood as a black mark against her rescue charity's reputation, made them cry for being so stupidly selfish, then banished them and stopped them from filming on trips, relegating Dorit to evergreen scenes of vag rejuv. Alas, that was not to be. And, as a side note, I listen to Ben & Ronny too much because when I saw that stuffed buffalo head on the wall of the restaurant where The Wigs Three had lunch, I instinctively said "Puppy!" in MKE's voice. Lol.
  12. Lizzing

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Devil's Bathtub was a repeat and was horribly reported. If you go back to page 67 of this thread, @Cupcake04 gives some excellent reporting on the story, including many things that Dateline left out, that help make more sense of the story. Regarding the Vanishing of Kelsey episode...clearly the boyfriend and his other girlfriend are guilty, but the plans were just so stupid. If someone you don't know shows up on your doorstep, claims to be a neighbor, and hands you your favorite Starbucks drink, wouldn't you get suspicious? No wonder Kelsey didn't actually drink it (nevermind if it wasn't actually poisoned...I kinda think it was tainted but the gf didn't want to admit it to the cops).
  13. Guac-a-mola, and she pondered whether to serve it or "saltza". I can't help but love that this show is back, even if this season is starting on a downer (death, alcoholism, tragic window treatments) note.
  14. Lizzing

    S09.E04: Bahama Drama

    I'm working on a theory that it's one of the OC bitches behind the scenes manipulating this dumb Dorit dog story. By comparison, the last OC season now looks positively chock full of riviting, edge-of-your-seat action. LOL! The baby flamingos were cute though.
  15. If you are wondering when things happened IRL in a clear timeline (and how things jibe up between VPR and BH), this person on Reddit put together a very comprehensive timeline. It's chock full of spoilers, but that's what this thread is for: https://www.reddit.com/r/BravoRealHousewives/comments/afcodu/i_created_a_detailed_timeline_for_season_9_of/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=mweb&_branch_match_id=624371975635763522
  16. Lizzing

    S09.E02: Eat Your Heart Out

    Erika's t-shirt dresses always remind me of oversized t-shirts that I'd sleep in as a nightgown when I was a kid. Except, then, they were of a decent length and I didn't wear four inch heels. But, I will always have a sliver of respect for her actually eating desserts. Dorit's fake curly hair on one side of her head is so bad 80s and it looks like it is not going away anytime soon. Kyle's eye thing is definitely a Botox side effect or someone hit a nerve when injecting filler. For what it's worth, LisaR said on WWHL that she didn't get a new boob job and hers are just perkier this season because of some new Victoria's Secret bra. I find that highly implausible, just because I don't see her shopping as down market as VS, unless she actually does go to the mall a la Celeste Talbert. Someone on Reddit posted a really detailed timeline of events/shooting days/etc that is VERY spoilery, so I won't link it here but will over in the spoilers for season 9 thread in this sub. I just wanted to mention it here, because there's been a discussion of the timeline of Lisa's brother's death, the opening of TomTom, and the Bahamas trip.
  17. The blow out with Ken/Lisa/Kyle that opened the episode was followed by the "Two Months Earlier" screen and then a dive into the action starting this season. It's like what they've done with the past 2 seasons of Southern Charm: tease the big throw-down of the season, then rewind to the start of filming. If this dog story is all that we're getting this season, a la pantygate & lategate, it is going to be painful to watch. So glad NYC is coming back in less than a month. And if that dog really did attack PK, that dog is a hero. Or maybe she was secretly working for all the loan sharks PK owes money to?
  18. Lizzing

    S06.E16: Au Revoir!

    Since this was the last regular episode, does anyone remember if the scene where the crew was flustered by a guest request to store breast milk in the galley ever was shown? I remember it from the season teaser, but other than the Master Pierson episodes (and those kids were clearly on regular food), I don't recall anyone with tiny kids being guests.
  19. Lizzing

    I Am the Night

    The writing is still pretty bad for the second episode. In the car ride to the lunch, Connie Nielsen's character just gives an info dump on George...musical genius, skilled doctor, art guy...it was like she was just reading off his Wikipedia page. There was a similar clunkiness to Dale Dickey's character (and she's a goddamned national treasure and should have had better writing to work with) describing her trip to the convent to give up her baby. The scripts are a whole lot of "tell, not show", which just gets basic storytelling assbackwards. On a nitpicky level, Chapstick was invented far before 1965 and Pat/Fauna should have had some. Does anyone know where that lunch took place/was filmed? It looked like, in the circular drive up, like a cemetery. Then it looked like a country club dining room attached to an art museum. Why someone would lunch at a private club/gallery/mausoleum with a young girl they just met is beyond me.
  20. Lizzing

    I Am the Night

    I liked it well enough to keep it on the record list for the second episode. I didn't find it to be slow, but more clunky. For example the scene where Pat/Fauna finds out her origin story from her mother: it was such an info dump it took me out of the scene, thinking, "what is up with this lecture-style exposition?", which a better crafted script should avoid. I like Chris Pine well enough, but I'm kinda over the hackneyed character of the substance-abusing reporter haunted by demons of war and other sundry tragedies. It was damn near a cliche with Jake Barnes, so 90+ years on, it's super unoriginal. However, I do love a good period piece set in LA and based on the MFM interview with Jefferson Mays, they filmed in the real Hodel house and I want to get my eyes on the inside of that place.
  21. Lizzing

    S06.E14: All That Glitters Isn't Gold

    Tyler, with his "Fresh tracks in the brand new peanut butter....sick!" to "Rhylee doesn't want me to tell anybody but, uh, we banged last night. It's pretty special to me." is the living embodiment of Liz Lemon's doofus boyfriend, Dennis Duffy, but somehow more simple-minded. I also felt bad for Josiah. It was uncomfortable when Bruno was the semi-naked platter for sushi, but he was far more comfortable showing off his body. Josiah's discomfort was palpable.
  22. Lizzing

    S06.E13 & E14: Tell-All

    I was surprised Asuelu made a crack about getting Larissa flowers when she arrived for the taping. It was the most wit and quick thinking he's ever shown. And what was up with that secondary studio room? The one with the faux brick wall where Ashley and Jay had their sidebar....it looked like the backdrop of a bad 90s comedy club. I was waiting for someone to break into some cheesy observational standup.
  23. Lizzing

    S16.E05: Restaurant Wars Part 2

    As dumb as it was to have RW this early in the season, and to hire rando temps off the street who don't know what spoons are, it still wasn't as bad for me as S3 and Madonna's dumbass brother. I hated that RW. But yep, I agree with the PYKAG result, but I do wish they'd hire people with actual food service experience and drop the added "drama" of hiring people who don't have a clue for service. Since I just caught up on last week's and this week's episode, I just gotta say those swan? fixtures in the hot tub/large bath are just too much. Also, every time they show the picture of the outside of the house, I very much expect the ghosts of Robert Guillaume and James Noble to pop up on screen.
  24. Lizzing

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    We have covenant marriage in Louisiana; it came in when I was in law school and was really pushed through the legislature by super conservative Christians. It bothers me for many reasons, but basically it just means that the parties pledge--and then are obligated by the state--to have counseling pre-marriage and prior to divorce and the barriers to divorce are higher. Louisiana is a no-fault state for divorce in regular marriage, but if you want to get out of a covenant one, there has to be one of a limited number of causes. However, being convicted of a felony is one of those causes, as is adultery, so there's no reason that the killer's wife couldn't get a divorce under a covenant marriage regime (at least in LA and I suspect the other 2 jurisdictions as well). There must have been slim pickings in whatever town this murder went down in because I just don't see the level of attractiveness that justified either the killer or the victim pulling in that many women.
  25. I don't know why it didn't occur to me earlier, but these CO$ compounds would be the perfect place to set up a post-zombie apocalypse safe hold, especially the ones that house all enshrined copies of LRH doctrine. Adding such a setting in may bring me back to The Walking Dead. DeVocht said that one of the high-up dudes who used to run the SeaOrg ship knew Davie was nuts but he was waiting it out until LRH returns from the dead. Apparently a lot of the long-timers, possibly including Shelly, think LRH is going to return to run the cult. This had never occurred to Leah.